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Kiriraya Okamikari (Teacher- Ready)

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1 Kiriraya Okamikari (Teacher- Ready) on Thu Sep 29, 2016 2:12 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Kiriraya 'Squall' Okamikari
Age: 24
Birthday: 7/18
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6'6
Weight: 203lbs
Face Claim: Squalo- Hitman Reborn

STR: 5
DEF: 4
RES: 2
Aura 60|240 HP

Major: Teaching Classes on Motivation, Self worth, Miscellaneous Subjects
Simpleness and normality
Cute girls
Cute things
A good book
The Nuclear Reactor powering Genesis's War-frame
Simpleminded individuals
People stepping on the good actions of others
Non simple things
A non attentive person
Fears: Genesis getting a virus and going on a rampage
Failed products
Broken partnerships
Encountering a brain dead student
Yanderes, creepers of the like. They are terrifying on their devotion of a single person.
Overall Personality:
Professor Squall is an outgoing individual who enjoys the simple things, though his personality is that of the bipolar side. He motivates others through destruction of their own physical and mental capabilities, a rather unorthodox way of creating motivation but he found that it typically works when insulting another's way of doing things, causing them to try and prove themselves to be the better thus unconsciously creating motivation.

He will cut down just about anyone doubting themselves in any means, going so far as to pick on them constantly and openly to try and get them to do better on their own accord. Squall can be polite, and can be unsettlingly rude for a teacher. He enjoys bringing someone out of their normality to be better, even if it makes himself look poor. He holds no hatred for anyone, he finds it a waste of time to hate and enjoys the good things about people that they may not see in themselves. He is intelligent and cocky, as someone in his profession needs to in order to get anything done.

You could be 4'0 short, or 10 feet tall and he wouldn't hold back if he had something he needed to say, because if someone didn't tell them who would? He finds incapabilities something to perfect, whether it be on his own or through the youth that he teaches, he is young with much to learn. He believes everyone has the capability to be better, whether they chose to believe it or not, as the only thing stopping someone is themselves, and death.

After his battle with cancer he finds death a joke, why worry about something as feeble as death when you can focus more on life and the time you have left, being optimistic as well as pessimistic he enjoys life and the beauty it brings.

Aura type: Aura Regeneration
Aura Color: Teal blue
Semblance: Eternal War: A Pyromancy semblance, fairly simple, though it can be condensed and focused to do more than a normal fireball. It can create a pillar of fire engulfing the host and 2 meters of range from the center, reducing oncoming damage by 20 for 20 aura. Damage is 20 aura for 20 damage for offensive attacks, which vary in form due to the user. Semblance visual is teal blue fire.
Item 1: Weeping Willow: A large mass of curved steel, sharpened and burned slightly. Nonflammable bandaging is wrapped around the handle for grip. The back of the blade is not sharpened, allowing for the gap in the blade to hook the neck of an opponent. Large curved sword.


Item 2: War: War is a suit of armor, made by Okamikari's company of his own warlord design, fitted to be compatible by Genesis. Physical damage reduction armor.


History and Sample
Kiriraya never had a poor life, even going as far to say he was spoiled in his daily adventures after he survived a long unruly battle with lung and throat cancer. Since a young age Kiriraya was designing armor, crafting armor, and putting out special requests for his families company to provide for his own medical expenses and daily necessities. He worked night after night, perfecting previous designs and crafting new ones to fit the endless needs of demand that came with supplying the military force with his protective, and rather mass produced armor to protect them during their duties.

Armor to withstand bullets, armor to withstand tank shells, armor for causing the wearer to go invisible, he worked constantly to try and be the person his family hoped he would be even against his own wishes of doing something better with his life. As he hit puberty he created Genesis, an artificial intelligence to help him manage his time, save notes, and build off other ideas, going to far as to be influenced by Genesis to pick up arms. Genesis was his daily companion on his nights of being alone, working all night by himself to perfect any flaws in her system in an attempt to have her run the company when he was long gone.

Eventually he thought what good was his armor if he himself didn't field test it, so he inherited the family blade, Weeping willow, a large curved sword built for taking on groups with sweeping attacks to further defend himself from radical stupidity from those who found his natural talent distasteful. First was the weapon, after learning how to use it, he decided to test his semblance. He set his original home on fire and burned it down in the time it took for the fire control to come put out the ashes, and ended up moving to Bellmuse to further continue his creativity.

Upon arrival there was nothing but business meetings, so much to the point that Kiri lost sleep night after night in order to meet the demands of his customers and be the spokes person for his family, but it wasn't interesting to him. He wanted to become a teacher, someone to motivate others in their field of practice so that they could be the best he thought they could be. He found Grimm hunters the ideal people, people who go out of their way to help others and protect people by cleaning up the disease that was the Grimm.

They were the real Heros, and that's what he aspired to teach. Upon enrolling into Syne Kiriraya built War, a gladiator style suit of armor that he'd use to protect himself on the field, and incorporated Genesis into the frame to give it life. A splendid idea, someone to constantly talk to and work with, he was never a lonely man as he could always talk to a human form, even if it was just an artificial intelligence in armor with a robotic voice.

The head spokeswoman, a lovely woman who worked consistently to provide for the company, had a daughter that took a liking to Kiriraya, and upon his enrollment to Syne she got bed struck with an incurable disease that slowed blood flow to her heart. She wanted to be like her mother, someone who provided for others, and upon her death Genesis took up her voice so that she may still help provide for others beyond death, even for something so simple as a voice.

Once she passed away Kiri went under some rather shady deals, implanting himself with a biotic skeleton, increasing his base strength for field use, and did it so that Genesis could be wired into his head for direct thought process and communication. He worked through classes, graduating Syne with honors and decided being a teacher there would be a lovely idea, instead of being a teacher anywhere else. He found Bellmuse home, a place where he didn't feel challenged unlike his original home that required constant effort.
RP Sample:
The white haired man had taken his time to get his class prepped, the typical motivation posters coating the walls. There was a wall not coated with such, but was coated with schematics for a suit of armor to displace the air around it to create an camouflage. The one beside it, one of Genesis's creations, was a built suit of power armor that reduced the oncoming damage of radiation. Basically a buffed hazmat suit to investigate the damaging affects of radiation on an area first hand, to recover samples to figure out how to remove the radiation from the area without harming the person collecting it.

Genesis stood in a corner, powered up as always with her own self-sustaining nuclear reactor.  She was hanging up more schematics for future projects, considering they'd be spending most their time in the class anyways. Squall looked over to see the moving suit of metal acting like a simple human, which was the intended end game. He was thankful the bot was under his guide, though figuring out how to properly apply human emotion, which ones to avoid, and which ones to follow was the difficult part. She had a self learning system, making it a bit difficult as she was commonly mimicking the students, things she saw, and repeated them in solitude.

She stopped, looking back at Squall and waved awkwardly to him, and went back to working. He shifted his desk, littered with more schematics for the business. He had his sword hung up behind him, hanging above the white board littered with the marks of lasting markers from the time spent on figuring out how to make things work properly, but recently erased. Genesis finished up her side of hanging up their future products, clapping softly upon the accomplishment. She wandered over to Squall and stood beside him, tapping on his back.

He sighed softly, pulling off his coat and shirt, to show many black lines on his back from the implanted skeleton. She pulled her own chip from the suit, and pushed it into the opening in his neck, connecting to his brain.

"How are the systems Genesis? Still in order I assume?" "All systems operational Professor Okamikari. Though you will need to use the restroom in 20 minutes 16 seconds, you should do that to keep your health in order instead of holding it in." "Thanks for the information, anything else?" "Your body requires the injesting of food in 2 hours, 16 minutes, 22 seconds. A nicotine urge in 1 hour, 14 seconds." "How's the skeleton holding up?" "Just fine sir. That black market surgeon did a good job applying the skeleton into your human body."

"Good good... It itches though. I may have an infection, but if I did you'd report it immediately. How do you think the class looks?" "Approachable sir. The room of operations looks functional." "How's War holding up?" "Left knee needs lubrication, it feels stiff. Left elbow needs to be tightened, right shoulder needs to be tightened due to the last encounter of a hostile, right leg is functioning properly. Chest has no damage or work needed, the nuclear reactor is taking a toll on the systems and needs to be properly displaced to all systems as there is a power surge in the helmet reducing sight by my external cameras. I can't always rely on your eyes, sir."

"True, do you recommend the suit gets worked on now? While we have free time?" "It is recommended, you should finish with 5 minutes 10 seconds to spare before you need to use the restroom."

The man nodded, and left his seat. He laid War out on the table and pulled his tools from under the desk and began operating on the frame, fixing all minor issues. He finished that quickly, and moved onto the power core. The more intricate wiring was a tad bothersome, but was properly taken care of. He pulled the core from the system and inspected it for cracks or leaks, and found nothing wrong with it. Even though Genesis didn't report it, he dared not take the chance of it leaking and causing health issues to those who'd be around him. He placed the power core back inside the suit, and the suit sprung to life. The helmet lit up with light, and slowly died down to normal operations. He pulled the suit from the desk with ease, standing it up like a statue behind him.

"How about now Genesis?" "War is ready for use sir, both in normal operations and combat." "How quickly can you access the suits normal operations without being connected?" "While not suggested, I can access the suit without direct contact in the time it takes you to inhale, sir. Though the operations will be blocky, it's easily feasible in a timely manner." "Would you like to be reconnected to the frame?"

"It's not needed, I'm enjoying just sitting around in your head, sir. The world seems brighter through your eyes than my cameras, it's quite enjoyable." "That was very human of you to say. And how long until class starts?" "Thank you sir, and you have 4 hours, 42 minutes until class starts, enough time for you to complete your daily human needs and take a small rest."

He nodded softly, his eyes flickering from Genesis trying to take them over. They flicked colors, until they ended back to their normal appearance. He retreated to the restroom, and took his time relaxing. He was tired after a long day, and Genesis knew it. She was being polite while the man was ready to crash, and as he walked back to his class room he started his cigarette break early. He cracked the window outside to his room and puffed on a cigarette as his eyelids felt heavy. He crashed mid smoke, and woke up coughing. He finished the stick of pure cancer and walked back to his desk, letting the somewhat stuffy room air out, while he laid his head on the desk.

"Are you alright sir? You seem to be dozing off." "Wake me up when I need to eat..." "Yes sir, request accepted. Enjoy your sleep."

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Teacher is ready to be judged

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Alright, so about the semblance, you can't do 30 damage for 30 aura, max is 20 for both. Good news though you can apply the burn with any and all fire attacks, you don't need to pay up aura for that.

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"Memories should be the only things to preserve in our lives, because in the end, they're the last things we can hold on to."

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