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The Syne Post: Birthdays for this October 2016

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Hello again! Eliera Goldern returns with another announcement for the birthdays for this September!

As always, I'd like to give another belated happy birthday to the four young men from last month: Kokokyokorimo Hanazusaki, Lapis Valesti, Roux Lanj, and Azazel Macross. I hope your birthdays were celebrated in merriment, or in the very least, you all enjoyed your special day. May your futures be bright and grand!

Now, without any delay, here are the birthdays for this month!

October 5th:
Kazou Encree

October 13th:
Eminence Haze

October 14th:
Lloyd Vanheim

October 23rd:
Crimson Hale

October 31st:
Charlotte Monochrome

And those are the five birthdays for this month of September! In short, Mr. Encree will be turning 36 on the 5th, Madame Haze will be turning 27 on the 13th, Mr. Vanheim will be 20 by the 14th, Ms. Hale will be 19 on the 23rd, and Ms. Monochrome will be the 21st on the 31st. I wish these five an early happy birthday, and I hope that all of you at Syne will help celebrate their day!

Nevertheless, I do have to remind everyone that these were the only five people that I could find recent activity from. If you were left out or you know a friend that was left out, then please tell them to be more active! I promise to always acknowledge your presence as long as you make an effort to be noticed.

Now, I wish you all you happy birthdays, and I do hope that I was able to help with preparations for anyone! I'll be back next month with another announcement for November's birthdays, but always remember, don't ask me how I know any of this!

- Eliera Goldern

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