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Philosophy in a Tin Can (Open)

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1 Philosophy in a Tin Can (Open) on Sun Oct 02, 2016 1:30 pm

Flash Driver
As the people below went about their lives, wandering the Bellmuse streets. Going about their lives, regular lives with the aftertaste of abnormality. The butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker made their way through life, relying on others to maintain the normality of those lives. Dependent on huntsmen and huntresses to watch out for the unsavory beasts, to keep them from infiltrating their quiet lives.

It felt like a lot of pressure. More than even a two meter tall, metal, one hundred and fifty kilogram robot could bear. And he had additional load bearing supports, specifically to deal with pressure. Granted, the droid supposed that was for physical pressure and not emotional or metaphorical pressures. Such a thought didn't help though.

The large mechanical man was roaming the rooftops, leaping from place to place with the aid of his massive mechanical legs. His shadow briefly shielding those bellow from the UV-rays... or sun-thing like that. Those who looked up could just s-teal a look at his blue-green form as he leaped. Landing atop a flat roofed bakery the droid couldn't help but scan the surrounding area, looking for anything out of place.

He found... nothing. Nothing was wrong, nothing was out of the ordinary. The world around him was pleasant and peaceful. Children played in the street bellow, older men and women enjoyed their lunches. Ice-cream vendors and hot-dog vendors, happily selling their goods. Lots of people walking dogs and the occasional cat wandering around the rooftops alongside him. Feline like everything was fine, the droid attempted to relax.

And so, still feeling slightly guilty to be goofing off at all, the robot sat down. Legs dangling over the edge of the establishment's roof. Swinging slightly. He pulled his screen forward, opening his head, reaching within he pulled out a comic book. Opening it wide Flash attempted to immerse himself in it's pages. Drawing attention from those below and within the building, it would seem despite his years here there were still many who didn't quite know what to make of him. Or perhaps they just hadn't seen a giant ex-warmachine reading comics atop a bakery. It was an abnormal sight.

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2 Re: Philosophy in a Tin Can (Open) on Sat Oct 15, 2016 8:32 pm

Sno Lagu
Sno had some free time to kill so she decided that it was also nice to walk around town. That and she needed to pick up some food for her little fox friend Haunani who was sitting on her shoulder. While walking through the town a shadow briefly passed over head. There was something odd about the shadow that Sno couldn't quite put her finger on. She began to speak to her little pet "What do you think that was? It was too big to be a bird but the odd shape and the fact that the people aren't fleeing means that it isn't a grimm like a nevermore.. Could it have been an air- Wait is that Flash?!" Sno looked up trying to find the source of the shadow when she spotted a large teal human-ish looking thing that could only be Flash jumping from roof to roof. Sno immediately began chasing after the large droid occasionally shouting "Flash! Flash! Hey down here!!!" Eventually the large droid came to a stop and sat on top of the bakery. Sno spoke to her pet again "Perhaps I am too small and he can't see me? Haunani could you get his attention for me?" The fox knew exactly what to do as she began to carefully scale the building and reached the large droid. From there the fox barked similar to that of a dog and yet at the same time not.

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3 Re: Philosophy in a Tin Can (Open) on Sat Oct 15, 2016 9:01 pm

Flash Driver
The large droid was a little too distracted to hear his freind bellow, having already tuned out the sound of the streets beneath him in an attempt to focus on his reading... allbeit a poor one. There was still... something nagging at his senses. Some form of guilt. It was a little jarring, being so big and metal in this world full of small and soft people.

Despite these feelings the droid almost fell from the roof when a white ball of fuzz unleashed a momentous yap. Looking passed his book he quickly recognized it, initially searching the rooftops for the pet's owner before looking bellow. The droid would, if the fox allowed, gently scratch the top of Haunani's head and down toward her chin before extending an arm lower to allow it to climb on, before jumping from the rooftop and landing next to Sno with a collosal thud. Heard by all around and drawing the eyes of almost every bystander.

"S-Sorry. I di-didn't mean to be so loud >\\\\\\< S-Sorry... H-Hi Sno, how are you doing? What brings you out here?"

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4 Re: Philosophy in a Tin Can (Open) on Sun Oct 16, 2016 8:42 pm

Lucas Neel
Lucas was walking through the town he had plans to visit a few place to get some supplies he would need in order to do his next class which involved making a few miniature androids. While walking down the street an large shadow passed overhead. Lucas looked up the see a massive android hopping from building to building which was rather odd to him. He decided to slowly and casually follow the bouncing droid. That was until he stopped dead in his tracks when he heard a very familiar voice shouting towards the droid on to of the buildings. The voice came from the droid that he had created and the droid that he was there to protect. However the droid can't know he is alive right now for fear that it could overload her either emotionally or mentally. Lucas backed away slowly and hid in an ally way as he though That was close she nearly saw me.. What is she doing out here? And was that a fox on her shoulder? She got a pet?.. Well it is nice to see that she isn't alone.. She seems to be friendly with that other android. I have never seenthat model before and since he is a lot larger than Lagu I might have to keep a close eye on that one.. He probably goes to the school if so I could try to question him. I might see if he can tell me where his creator is that way I can question them aswell... But for now I can't be seen by Lagu

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