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Impromptu Learning Opportunity (Open to Three)

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1 Impromptu Learning Opportunity (Open to Three) on Mon Oct 03, 2016 12:14 pm

Ishi was awake, without the help of pills, for once in his life. He had gotten to bed on time, and had woken up early. Not at noon, which was a rather large improvement when it came down to it. He decided to host an impromptu ‘learning opprotunity’ which really meant he’d sit in the courtyard, and see if anyone would come. He hadn’t a class that day, so he figured that he should start being a proactive teacher. Well, as proactive as a pill-addicted, paranoid teacher can. Paranoid his past will catch up, addicted to his own pills. If one were to look into him from the outside, he’d be a sad man. Look at him from the outside, and he’s doing alright.

He had his black shirt-coat on, and his normal pair of pants. He wore combat boots, and his hair was styled normally. The only thing odd, is that he was sitting in the courtyard, with a sign next to him. It was labeled the following, Learning Opportunity, Just sit down in front of me. It was written with really nice handwriting, clearly written by the man sitting down next to it.

He didn’t even have his weapon on him, figuring he wouldn’t need it.

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She had made it. She was sweaty, her hair messed up, her legs still shaky from the walk earlier this morning, her robe sticking to her like a second skin and she had to beg the accursed monkey piloting the bullhead, but she was finally on Syne Common Grounds.

She wobbled her way towards the main entrance, her case trailing behind her, until she passed the teacher waiting near the notice. She stared at the writing. Then back to the entrance. She took a few steps towards the academy before stopping again.

With a heavy sigh, she came back in front of the teacher, settled down her case with a metallic clunk and slumped down on it. All the while audibly grumbling.

“This better be good. If it’s one of those ‘don’t believe everything you read’ lesson I’m making you eat the contents of my case.’’

She crossed her legs and arms, staring at the teacher, hoping whatever he had to teach was in no way physical.

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Fuyuko slowly walked by as she tried to fix her clothing. Parts had bunched up in uncomfortable places and others were slipping off underneath. She cursed the lack of money and was going to eat another meal at the cafeteria when she saw the sign. She read it and looked at the teacher, clearly a drug addict, and the woman in front of him. Based on her appearance, Fuyuko assumed she was a rich kid, poor baby, had to walk like a normal person with that bag? she knew it wasn't right to judge the girl, but her attitude towards the teacher was wrong. Even if he was weak and pathetic, on virtue of being a teacher he should be shown respect. Fuyuko decided to take a seat and see what kind of opportunity was waiting for them. She glanced at the other girl again and then started working on Rebellion.

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His eyes flickered to the rich kid in front of him, or at least, that was the assumption based on his own experience. After all, he was a rich kid himself. He never could understand the pampering that a lot of the rich kids got. Sure, he had a butler, but he never used him except for very few things. Hell, he could've done anything, but he chose to become a doctor. Because that's what he was good at.

"I'm sure it'll be just fine for you, if you'd show some respect."

He sat straight up, and suddenly, he looked less pathetic. He had the pride of being who he was, and he didn't hide it. He watched the second student, seemingly less rude and downright disrespectful then the other child, sit down. He cracked his shoulder before continuing.

"I care not for what major you are, as we're here to learn about a few things in first aid, since I have no idea what level of training everyone has in it. We're going to go over CPR, and how to restart a heart if need be, hopefully, you'll never have to lean on this training that I'm about to give you."

He wasn't going to go into who he was quite yet. He was obviously a teacher, albeit that was because he was old enough looking and had his bloody lab-coat on the entire time.

"My name is Ishi Omo, what's both of your names?"

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She spared at a look at the newcomer. Which happened to look like a kitten playing around in over-sized clothing. She frowned. Great.

She turned back to the teacher as he introduced himself.

Her shoulders relaxed slightly, relieved that the lesson would be useful and not some kind of prank. At the very least it wouldn’t be a waste of time. Going to the dorms to get cleaned up and drop her things could wait.

She made a visible effort to loosen her arms as well to look less antagonistic. She couldn’t help herself being tense and suspicious among new people, even more so among people that were casually working on firearms out in the open, but she wouldn’t let it hinder her learning curve. She spoke in a crystal clear voice.

“My name is Morrigan Avalon. Should we call you professor Omo?”

She was quite clearly fishing for confirmation, but was also half hoping none of them knew enough about music to recognize her name, so she tempered her probing with politeness.

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She silently begged that they wouldn't have to introduce them- damn it. She cleared her throat, "Fae...Fuyuko." She had almost given her slave name...She didn't like her old name. It reminded her of what she was before Mr. Alucard had rescued her. The name of the other student itched at her mind where have I heard that before? it must not be all that important if she couldn't recall. She pointedly looked at Morgan and raised her hand like it was a cat's paw, "meow" :3 of course when she lowered her hand, the oversized sweater slipped off, revealing her skin colored armor. She blushed and pulled it back on as she looked at the ground ashamed. She was grateful for Rebellion and her armor, but Mr. Alucard seemed to have forgotten an important part of every girl's travel kit...maybe she could relieve a store of some petite sized clothing later on.

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"You can call me Ishi, people calling me by my last name tends to bother me outside of the classroom and proper class-related activities."

He scanned both of them, up and down. His eyes carefully gazing, making sure to pick everything up that he could about them. He nodded as he decided to continue his words. He figured that this was enough to start the topic that he was going to talk about, and if they were going to get finished at some point reasonable.

"So, I have to ask. Are either of you trained in first aid of any sort? and if so, what?

This may seem like a stupid question, but it was needed for what they were doing. You can't start somewhere without the prerequisites, he knew that from the first time he tried this with adults. Now these guys were fledgling adults, and likely knew jack. He doubted most hunters understood the power of knowing first aid.

You didn't have to be a doctor to save lives, you know.

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She rolled her eyes at Fuyuko’s antics then settled to an expression fidgeting between confusion and mild frustration when noticing the underclothes.

Is she for real? If she’s wearing something under it, why even bother with the potato bag?

She wouldn’t let it bother her. She was better than this. She could totally focus on the task at end.

She answered Ishi frankly, avoiding the issue would do her no good and she did come here to learn didn’t she? She was, after all, quiet clueless in regards to health care training.

“I know next to nothing about first aid. Nothing if movies don’t count. I look forward to your guidance on the matter.”

It did bother her though. The hell with it. Her gaze snapped back to Fuyuko, against her better judgement.

“No seriously… Why!? Is it a rebirth attempt of hip hop fashion or are you hoping you’ll grow into it?”

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Fuyuko looked at Ishi for a moment and was about to say yes when she shook her head, "no. Not really." She was proficient when it came to burns and minor cuts, but they might then ask why she was good with those and it was doubtful if they'd be satisfied with an obviously sketchy explanation. She glanced at Morrigan. She hoped she wasn't showing how uncomfortable she was as she adjusted herself and out her gun back together without looking at it. Morrigan Avalon. ..I knew I've heard of that before . She dry fired the rifle a couple times to satisfy herself that it was as it should be. It clicked, "Morrigan Avalin. An up and coming singer who dissappeared from her uncle's estate around the time of his death." She remembered how tense Mr. Alucard had been those few months ago. He had kept most of the details from her but she had learned the names of the people involved and had even disobeyed him by following along on one of his trips to track down a lead. It had been a dud, but that didn't change the fact that he was pissed about how she had endangered herself. Fuyuko cooked her head, "aren't you supposed to be doing shows and other rich singer things?" It wasn't nice to mock, but Morrigan had made fun of her... "borrowed" clothes. Which she wouldn't have needed if her satchel hadn't ended up in the burning ruin that was the airship she had barely survived from. Although...She waited until Morrigan wasn't looking and skid closer. She studiously watched Ishi when Morrigan looked at her. As soon as she wasn't, Fuyuko slid closer and closer until she was close enough to wrap herself around Morrigan arm, "friends?  Gasp"

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He had forgotten what it felt like to sit in front of proper people. It was a ball. He didn't care about the petty words both parties were slinging. He, in fact, fell backwards laughing his ass off. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. Well. Now he knew the rude woman and the small woman who had attacked the rude woman, had names. He didn't care enough to use them quite yet.

"Let us focus. What do you do if a person's heart stops? I'm not asking for the correct answer, but what you'd do as a person. For this sake, pretend they're important to you."

He assumed the knew a bit, but he jumped into the big games here. He'd frighten them with what would happen, then tell them how to fix said thing. He knew he'd regret this method of teaching in the long run. He really, really did.

(Sorry for short post)

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That's when she knew she had messed up.

She stared blankly at Fuyuko, not really looking at her.

Was that what people said about her? That she disappeared from her uncle's death crime scene?

Her eyes went wide as she replayed the events in her head. She hadn't really thought about it since her father basically abducted her and gave her much more pressing matters for her mind to attend to.

She was at the location of the crime. She had motive, bloody hell had she thought about it. Now that her father had unlocked her aura she even had the means. Her only witness, which also happened to be the murderer, was a lunatic escaped from an asylum and for all she knew he was now repainting the walls of an underground laboratory with his blood. Because of her.

Her face turned ghostly pale as she came to a realisation.

For all intents and purposes I'm a bloody fugitive! I even came to a blasted island out in the middle of nowhere rather than report to the authorities! I'm knee deep in Grimm excrements!

She replied mechanically, failing miserably at plastering a smile on her face.

"I changed career paths..."

She turned back to Ishi, her heart sinking lower as he laughed is glutes off.

And here I was worrying about someone else's sense of fashion...

As the teacher moved on to the actual subject of the lesson, she blurted the first thing that came to mind.

"Call an ambulance?"

You blasted moron! Won't the cops question you if you do that!?

She was about to take her head in her hands when she realised one of her arms was already occupied.

Fuyuko was looking at her with that cute little kitty face she hated so much, asking for some nonsensical truce. Her stomach churned. Why did she feel like that? What was wrong with her?

Play nice with the kitty Morrigan. She knows. Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr.

She shuffled awkwardly.

"Sure. Whatever. Let go now."

She was not going to vomit in her first almost but not quite class at Syne.


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Fuyuko let go and cocked her head again as she considered the question,  "verify. Call. Compression." She waited a moment before realizing that no one other than Mr. Alucard understood her when she spoke like that. She hugged Rebellion like a teddy bear and shrank into a smaller ball, if that was possible, and tried again, "verify that their heart had for help...and give them compression. ..." shutupshutupshutup she told herself. She didn't want to give anyone ideas...The last thing she needed was to be the center of attention. It didn't help that the teacher was laughing. Everyone out here would be drawn to them and that would increase the liklihood of The Master finding her. She sniffed back a few tears and shrank even further.

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He nodded to both answers; and rose an eyebrow at  the fact that Fuyuko had repeated her answer, although in increased length. He made sure to sit up straight afterwords. He was purposely avoiding the crying of the fanus; although he'd do so to anyone.  He was not a nice guy, contrary to belief. He wasn't an ass all the time, but he sure wasn't nice. Plus, there was no reason for the kid to be crying; not from what he was seeing. What it looked like to him is she was being a wimp, but he went passed that. He shook his head.

"Both of you are undoubtedly right. Both are something one has to do, and it's certainly preferred if there's multiple people. It makes informing Emergency Rescue Personnel like me and other people much easier. ERP is what I'd call what most people call EMT. Although, I guess they're different."

He put his hand to his chin and rubbed, trying his damnedest to try to figure out what to ask next, when it hit him like a brick.

"Alright, let's start with a theoretical. You see a man fall, but have no idea if he has any injures of any sort, what do you do in what order? Morrigan, you first."

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Morrigan mentally snapped herself back in the game. Wallowing in Ifs and Maybes wouldn’t get her anywhere. She focused on what Ishi was saying and immediately frowned at his explanation. As he gave her first round, she delivered each sentence like a jab.

Huh? If ERP is Emergency Rescue Personnel, what’s EMT? Are they different or not?

She took a short pause during which she glanced up, imagining a scene from Ishi’s description.

As for the falling buffoon I’d probably start by telling him to choose where he falls more carefully, he could have killed someone. Since I have no idea if he has any injury after jumping off a building I’d assume he has aura and be on my merry way, cursing about bloody hunters and their lack of concern for civilians.

She nods, as if to approve her own story.

Yeah. I’m pretty sure that’s what I’d have done. Huh. I’m a pretty cold hearted bitch.

She shrugs for no apparent reason.

At least I’m pretty.

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Fuyuko glanced at Ishi. Morrigan had givem him a bitch ass answer. Fuyuko thought for a moment, "I could analyze him with my implant. and then I would know if it was safe to move him or not to a safer place until rescue showed up. If he was injured seriously I wouldn't be able to do anything other than stay with him and give him comfort, even if he was weak." She was surprised at her relatively lengthy explanation. Looking at Morrigan,  Fuyuko scooted slightly behind her as she thought of what else she would have to do, "I suppose seeing if there's more danger around would be necessary as well." She nodded to herself. Some of the lessons from home had been helpful at least.

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"It's clear that you two, together, could never get things done. Right. First, Fuyuko is right. You stop, help and comfort. However, before that, remember this. You first. You have to make sure it's safe before heading in. I know that you're all strong and stuff, but that doesn't mean you can't get a shock to the heart. Or something like that. First, you MUST check for surroundings and the hazards that come with it. You both treat it with a cold demeanor, but you shouldn't. The whole idea of first aid is to be cautious and to save the person on the ground, right? Well. How do you do that if you're dead?"

Ishi just laid back. These two were a handful. He couldn't imagine a class full of these people with even more differing personalities. It'd be the end of him, he was sure of it. That end though? Maybe it'd end up being the good end, the one where he learns to deal with this garbage called life without the constant drugs. That was a funny thought.

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Morrigan scuffed, mildly annoyed.

In my defense seeing someone fall was not very precise. I saw a moron fall from the academy to the forest’s floor on my way here and he was just fine.

Morrigan waved a hand as if to dispel the memory.

Let’s go with that scenario then. The civilian victim is laying on the ground when I find him.

She smirked as she integrated Ishi’s rebuke as a challenge.

I’m with Fuyuko and we’ve got no idea what happened to him. The first thing we’ll do is assess the situation, trying to verify why he is eating dirt and if there’s any danger left for us. If there’s none as far we know, I’ll yell at him, I can be pretty loud, to make sure he’s not just taking a nap in a weird place. If he doesn’t react at all, I’ll call an ambulance while Fuyuko checks with her…

She stops to frown at said Fuyuko, eyeing her up and down with renewed interest.

…Implant? What Implant? How does that work exactly?

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Fuyuko squealed and bit it down, "it....ah...well...a few months ago I list my eye and Mr. Alucard gave me this one." She thought for a moment, "you said you saw someone fall from the sky, was he a wolf faunus, short and evil looking eyes?"

Her thoughts trailed into tangents as she considered how dangerous it would be to rescue someone. not like the princess rescued, miserable failure that was, but just a random person getting injured, " I see. It does a person no good to help someone if they themselves end up needing help also." She hadn't thought of that, normally she'd be towards the rear and covering, not helping in a direct danger situation.

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An implant could be useful. Ishi knew this for a fact, but also knew that basing everything off of tech was a terrible idea. He didn't take up that path, though. She had said she only got it a few months ago. That meant she had to have known what she knew beforehand. Fuyuko was right, and got the point his of words. You can't help people when you're down and out yourself. He knew this himself, although not as close and personal as some might think. Ishi was a world-class doctor who could do surgery most thought impossible half asleep, but even he knew that you could never lose the basics. If you did, you were buggered. The second he loses his basics, would be the time he turned in his doctors licence, which is why he chose to teach this basic stuff.

He shifted a bit before speaking.

"You got the idea, yeah. There's more to it, but nothing that's actually applicable in the field of everyday life. You know the basics. Apply pressure to the wound, compressions follow a certain BPM. All of this is very important to know, even if you're a fully fledged doctor like me. The second you forget the basics is the day you shouldn't go out into the field. It should be mandatory for hunters and huntresses to be trained in this!"

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Morrigan gave a thought about the so called wolf faunus. It was seriously hard to tell. Fluffy ears could come from pretty much any cute looking mammal. But…

‘’Well. He definitely gave off the wet dog feel. He was shorter than me even without the heels. The eyes though… Well I guess lecherous pedophile counts as evil so… yeah. I certainly hope there’s not enough wolf faunus on this island that we could be talking about different people. Why? Is he a friend of yours? A prospect? You kind of look like the type who’s secretly into bad boys.’’

She then listened to Ishi and couldn’t help heating up despite her earlier efforts.

‘’For Oum sake, no. I don’t know the basics. How do you apply pressure to a wound? Do you just push against it with your bare hands or is there a trick to it? Compressions? What’s BPM?’’

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"Well...I would not describe him as a pedophile. More along the lines of his eyes being black instead of white and red slit pupils." She smiled at the wet dog description, "I think he's also married. The woman he said was his wife was taller than him." She felt like she had forgotten something. oh well. She turned her attention back to Ishi. BPM sounded familiar, she just couldn't place it as she thought of the little that she had been taught, "I take any peice of clean cloth to bind the wound and hold it tight to reduce bleeding." that much she had been taught in light of being who she was. "however, if I recall correctly,  there are injuries where such an action is actually counter productive like if the victim is poisoned or burned, then you want to drain the wound and apply special treatment."

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