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Combat Medicine 101(Closed)

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1 Combat Medicine 101(Closed) on Mon Oct 03, 2016 4:10 pm

Ishi Omo
Ishi was up at 9 A.M. which was when the class was to take place, well, the class started at 9:25. He always slept in his classroom, with his lab-coat on, and an experiment on his desk. He was in a non-lab room, one with just normal desks aligned and everything. His hair was a mess, and his coat had all sorts of pills in it, labeled with small sticky-notes. Each note had a small number on it, and anyone who wasn’t him, would be completely dumbfounded if they tried the figure out the code. There was no code, it was just labeling the order they were made.

He walked to the door of the classroom, opening it, before walking back to his desk and laying his head down again. He was tired, and awfully bored. Even as a teacher, this man, as paranoid and ready as he was, could still be tired and bored. This didn’t mean he wasn’t ready for anything, but this meant he kept a cool and calculated outside facade. It makes it easy for someone to mistake him for a normal person.

He’d be laying back in his chair by the time anyone arrived, tired and mostly oblivious to whatever was happening in his class.

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2 Re: Combat Medicine 101(Closed) on Wed Oct 05, 2016 6:54 pm

Marissa Krieg Schwarz
Day: Monday __ Location: Syne Academy __ Time: 0900

Earlier this morning, Marissa was already up, preparing herself for a class that she was excited about, the combat medicine one. Combat medics are an important role in any military corps, yet it was one of the main training her godfather didn't train her in. She was glad that this class existed though, as it meant that she would be able to learn something that she would be able to use when fighting alongside other Huntsmen. She would be able to send K-9 with some medicine or go herself if her companion would be needed elsewhere. The girl giggled as she walked in the hallway leading to her class as she thought of adding a red cross patch to her coat.

At the door of the classroom, which was opened already, Mary peeked inside only to see a man with his head against his desk. No one was in the room yet beside him. She figured that it had to be the teacher since he was sat at the front desk, so she waved to him as she slowly walked in and went for a seat at the back. She didn't know if he saw her or even heard her as she entered the room, but her presence would have been made obvious as she sat down on her chair and waited patiently for the class to begin.

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3 Re: Combat Medicine 101(Closed) on Wed Oct 05, 2016 8:50 pm

Koko Hanazusaki
Koko had been talked into attending a class by his cat, who was still dumbfounded that he even listened to her in the first place. The small little black cat had rested on the mans shoulder as he walked down hallway after hallway, dressed in a black vest, white button up long sleeve shirt, black dress pants, with his hair slicked back to look somewhat presentable for his first ever visit to a classroom since he arrived at Syne. He found the classroom, already seeing a student looking rather giddy, and spotted the teacher who looked as if he were ready to pass out, the poor guy. In a gesture of kindness, he threw on his happy persona and approached the teacher, patting him on the back softly.

"Hey boss, just wanted to thank ya for bearing with us young idiots, I know medical training ain't easy."

He spoke in a soft tone, patting the teacher in the back once more as he wandered over to an open seat, his cat jumping from his shoulder onto the desk and laid on it. He gave Karla his metal hand, watching her play with his fingers by swatting at them as her claws wouldn't hurt him, and he pondered how the first class would be. He pulled his hand back, pointing at her nose as she stopped, looking up at him.

"You, for the love of god don't talk this time. You keep freaking people out and I hate thinkin of an explanation on why and how do you what you do..."

He spoke to her, getting a soft meow in return as she snickered, thinking of how she could cause issues. But instead of openly disobeying, she laid her head down on the desk, letting her tail flick about as he brushed her fur. She raised her head to look at the other person, laying it back down softly as she was under the watchful eyes of her owner.

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4 Re: Combat Medicine 101(Closed) on Thu Oct 06, 2016 9:23 pm

Arcen Anokades
Arcen made her way down the hallway, performing her typical emotionless walk, and ignoring everyone who said hi to her on the way.
Typical Arcen.

The girl had decided she would take a Combat Medical class, as she did not really plan on sitting around in a medical ward all day.
She had dressed in her typical black 'school' looking uniform, and a thin, fluffy red scarf wrapped around her neck, the end of it falling off to the left side.
A very distinct metallic clang grew louder as Arcen found the classroom, nonchalantly strolling in, and completely ignoring the almost passed out teacher.
Her completely dysfunctional right eye made out the relative shapes of two other people, and Arcen, being Arcen, completely and utterly ignored them. She didn't really care who was in the class, she just took a seat to the far right side so she could at least see who they were.

Arcen swiveled her head, fixating her golden yellow eye on the closest one; An older looking girl, slightly taller than her.
She tilted her body forwards, peering around the girl to get a look at the other person there.
Time seemingly froze for her as an all too familiar face was revealed, and she stared at him for a good few seconds.
'Oh........ O-oh..... Oh my.... Tha-That is... That's that guy... Isn't it...?'

She reverted to her original position, staring blankly at absolutely nothing in front of her as she lifted her recently repaired casual prosthetic, placing it on her stomach.
Well.... SHe hadn't expected this, but, it was class time, so she all too easily ignored it.

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5 Re: Combat Medicine 101(Closed) on Fri Oct 07, 2016 12:02 pm

Ishi Omo
“It ain’t medical training, it’s my stupidity about not properly sleeping.” He responded to the boy who had come up. He got up, slowly as to not show he was out-of-his-place being up at this time. He got up, a moderately visible slouch being completely apparent. Ishi wasn’t trying to hide this, he was tired and not under a bunch of drugs. He had to teach this class without them, to try to do something that wasn’t useless when not under the influence of personal drugs. He looked at the current kids that had arrived, quite a bunch of individuals, with one of them having significant disabilities seemingly covered by prosthetics. Ishi brushed his hair back, and stood up slightly straighter. His eyes were, of course, glassy. He was coming off a few of the medications he took daily.

“Hello! My name is Ishi Omo, your Combat Medicine teacher. I’m a certified doctor, and was an assassin for about 20 years, giving me the combat half of this. If you have any questions, do ask them now, before the lessons start and I get far too into it.”

Ishi was putting on a sunny disposition for his sake more than these kids. He wouldn’t be surprised with himself if he justs popped a pill at a random point during this class, making his life much easier, but he was trying to break addictions, and he had the will of 100 men. Which men? Who knew. Probably a bunch of small wills.

He had his sword on his desk, next to a bunch of chemicals. Contrary to what it looked like, he was not performing spooky things to his blade, but rather just forgot to move it. He could do those very same things to his blade, but it’d be terribly inefficient and ruin the history the weapon had. He didn’t know the history, he just knew it had history, however short.

Ishi was not a particularly scary sort, not standing too tall, and not actually practicing intimidation. He could be scary if he wanted, though. However, with this basket of kids, he wasn’t sure his normal tactics would work. They looked like they had been through some sh*t. He wasn’t going to judge them, though. If there’s anyone to be judged because of their past, it was Ishi. Ishi knew this, so didn’t judge kids who came from rough childhoods.

None of this thought actually showed on his face, just a goofy smile and eyes that made him look plastered. He blamed the drugs he himself made. After all, he had drugs for any ill, well, almost any ill. There were some even he couldn’t cure. While, yes, he was an addict with questionable motives, but currently, those motives weren’t mean, they were to teach.

(Is this post length good for you guys?)

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6 Re: Combat Medicine 101(Closed) on Fri Oct 07, 2016 8:08 pm

Marissa Krieg Schwarz
It seemed like it would be a small group for this class, as Marissa watched the two other students enter shortly after her as she was placing her notepad on her desk while waiting for the lesson to start. The first to enter the room after her was a man properly dressed in a suit who had his cat with him. The little furball looked pretty cute to Mary as she waved at it when she felt like the animal was watching her. The next student was a small faunus girl who looked like she went through hell with her many prosthetic limbs. She looked like she stepped on a landmine. Marissa stared a little, but she respected her, probably going through horrible life experiences and still moving forward in her life. It was an attitude that she respected.

The teacher then got up, looking like he would rather keep his head down on his desk in order to sleep some more rather than teach them. Marissa didn't know just how much the life of a teacher in a school aiming to train kids to kill creatures of darkness was hard, or not, but she thought that it had to be somewhat tiring and stressful enough for a health teacher to look as groggy as this one. The girl listened carefully to the man's presentation and was rather surprised, if not shocked, that this person was an ex-assassin. The criteria for hiring those teachers must be the weirdest one to let a master killer teach students in the most normal way possible. It made Mary wonder, but it the end she thought that if the school had hired him that meant that they trusted him enough, so she would do the same.

As Mr. Omo asked if her and the others had any question they wanted to ask, Marissa raised her hand before speaking. "I got one. I know this is a combat medicine class, but I was wondering how we'd go about it. Will this be more of a theoretical or a practical class?" It was a good question she thought, especially since she kind of feared what it would imply if it was a practical class.

(it's good for me)

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7 Re: Combat Medicine 101(Closed) on Fri Oct 07, 2016 11:02 pm

Amarante entered the class lost in thought. If she had been paying attention she would've seen the other three students and the teacher. And also the door frame.  She looked up in surprise just as she walked into it, "stupid door" She muttered. She was still shaken by earlier events and had gone directly to the headmistress about getting transfered to a behind the lines posting as a healer. She had performed horribly on her last mission, hopefully this would help her as she sat down, studiously avoiding the others. It wasn't until she realized she was sitting next to a man with a cat that she noticed her surroundings,  "um...hello..." She blushed and stared at the floor, memories shaming her as she stroked her her with her hands furiously.

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8 Re: Combat Medicine 101(Closed) on Sat Oct 08, 2016 4:39 am

Koko Hanazusaki
The well dressed man paid no mind to anyone in the room, enjoying his little solitude with his cat as she was watching who entered the door, and as he closed his eyes the woman... The poor woman he basically assaulted entered the room, the cat biting his nose upon her arrival, causing him to turn his head to face her. His eyes grew wide at the site as she was looking at him, a small amount of laughter in the form of quiet exhaling caused him to put his face on the desk.

'Oh sweet Jesus she's here. Well... Atleast she isn't starting anything, so it's not really my concern. I had a thought she went to Syne by how she acted, seemed like Syne loved the nut jobs.'

He thought to himself, Karla letting out a small meow to the woman who originally caught her interest, her tail flicking back and forth until she was moved off the desk and onto his lap, diligently watching every movement from her new position. The girl asked her own question, and he waited a moment out of politeness to ask his own.

"Combat Medicine, medical training, coulda fooled me. And I have a question Mr. Omo, do you need a cigarette because you look like you're ready to drop any moment now."

He spoke, pulling out a pack of smokes and moved them onto the table, uncaring if this were a classroom in a school or not. He had just turned his head enough to catch a glimpse of the girl running into the door, a cigarette already in his mouth as he was flicking the lighter before he burst out laughing, dying of laughter from what he saw with the cancer stick flopping to the table.

"Oh sweet Jesus that was adorable. You alright there cupcake? Ya face hurt? Karla, go sit on her lap. She could use some comfort after that. Oh my god that was comical."

He laughed, the cat looking at him cautiously before hopping off his lap, wondering over to the small faunes girl, and looked up at her. The little black ball of fur took caution as she hopped up in the girls lap, making sure to not use her claws to cause the girl harm in any means, all while her master was still chuckling to himself. She glared at him, the two catching eye contact and he went quiet, going back to a more serious manner as he looked to the teacher.

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9 Re: Combat Medicine 101(Closed) on Sat Oct 08, 2016 2:12 pm

Arcen Anokades
If anybody had an excuse to walk into a door, it was the half blind faunus named Arcen.

She bit her lip, grinding her teeth back and forth across it and wincing slightly at the small pain as her left eye began to twitch.
'I don't bloody believe it, he's here. Why is he here!? How is someone like that here!?'
'Look who's talkin, buttercup....'
'Oh.... Shut it...'

Arcen shook her head, removing her teeth from digging into her lip as she stared straightforward, fixating her gaze on the teacher.
She did in fact have a question, but she couldn't exactly say anything.
She must admit, the 'walking into a door' thing was quite entertaining, of course, she couldn't express it. She couldn't express much, actually.

'I dunno about this... Class seems awfully sketchy...
Did he just pull out a cigarette?'

Arcen shifted in her seat, 'wiggling' her lower half from side to side, not quite sure how she felt about this class anymore.
The teacher was an assassin, and that.... 'Man'.... was here.... But Arcen pushed through it. This was a combat medical class, and she was going to sit here, and learn how to do just that.

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10 Re: Combat Medicine 101(Closed) on Mon Oct 10, 2016 11:47 am

Ishi Omo
Ishi walked up to the pack of smokes that Koko put on his desk and took one out. Ishi walked back to his desk and scrambled for a lighter and found it. He lit it, and took a hit from it.

"Sure helps. Now, onto the questions. First, about what type of class. This will be about in the middle, a little practical, a little theoretical. When it is practical, I can get us top of line dummy's with realistic guts and everything. Make everything look real real. Second, I don't actually care if you smoke in my classroom, so long as it doesn't get outside the classroom. I'd get in a good bit of trouble, but if we're going about with smokes, make sure that it doesn't get out."

After that long, over-worded speech, he took another hit from his cigarette and continued.

"Considering our basket, I think this will be a good class. Now, before we get to the lecture, let's get everyone's name and age, shall we? I'll start. I'm Ishi Omo, 30 years old."

He held his cigarette in such a way it looked as though he had been smoking for years. Whoever would have guessed that, would have been right. He just hid it better then most. However, with how he felt, a smoke plus a few pills would clear it right up. He held on the pills, figuring he'd at least keep those off.

He was ready for each of these kids, he felt. They couldn't be worse then that damned Raven. He wasn't even sure if that guy was still alive, he just knew that it gave him nightmares when it came to thinking of an opponent. The guy might be old, but god was he intimidating.

While everyone would be introducing themselves, he'd be smoking his cigarette as calm as can be. He had no reaction for kids running into doors, as it happened so bloody often.

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11 Re: Combat Medicine 101(Closed) on Sat Oct 15, 2016 1:07 am

After an awkward silence,  Amarante stood up, forgetting the cat in her lap, "oops, sorry kitty." She blushed when she remembered her surroundings,  "I am Amarante Sakura. I am 17 and I am honored to be here Omo-sensei." She bowed and learned the painful way the desk was almost as tall as she was, "baka" She sat back down and rubbed her forehead. She really wasn't herself today....or really any day that followed bloodshed. She looked around again, taking inventory of everyone around her. at least Fenrir taught me something useful...raging psychopath. the man who had the cat before here seemed...decent? He wasn't waving a weapon around so that was probably a good sign. She noticed the fox faunus from her other class..and the medical center, how do I become a medical major? she forgot why she had chosen the dust major in the first place. The last student looked soldierly. Probably from a family of fighters. She had spent enough time around arrogant noblemen to know that most of them couldn't even wear a sword right. Not like Rai, hell, even Fenrir knew how to use one and he didn't like them all that much from what she had seen of his fighting style. She shook her head and shrank back into a ball on her chair as she focused on the teacher.

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12 Re: Combat Medicine 101(Closed) on Sat Oct 15, 2016 11:09 am

Morrigan Avalon
Those with good hearing could notice someone singing lightly in the hallway, before Morrigan waltzed into class, her gait like she was on a catwalk, oblivious to her tardiness as one can be only when used to arriving fashionably late.

A good night’s sleep had done her good. She could even forgive the light dampness she could still feel from her clothes and the humiliation that came with it. Hand washing and air drying through the night had had only limited success. She definitely had to get her hands on a change of clothes at the first opportunity. On the bright side, the blisters on her feet had healed terrifyingly quickly.

If aura is so ballers why doesn’t everybody have it unlocked? It should be inoculated to kids like Hepatitis Vaccine. Huh. Note to self, invest in pharmaceutic and lobby for Aura Inoculation. That had a nice ring to it. Morons always fell for ‘Think about our children’ lines. She’d be back to loaded with Lien in no time.

She even felt like singing in the morning, she was about as in a good mood as possible given circumstances.

"...Once I was 20 years old..."

She stopped singing as she entered the classroom, taking note of who was in the classroom and what they were doing. Introductions.

What’s up with all the fluffies in this school? That one looks like she went through a blender, they really should learn not to go for the cheese. Oh, this guy has a nice suit. That girl actually looks like a good student, I can finally put aside my theory I mistakenly signed up for an asylum. Whoa, what are the odds he’d be the teacher again? I might have to review my previous statement.

She addressed the class as she made her way to one of the unoccupied front row seats.

“Yeah… No, I’m actually 17. Morrigan Avalon. How is it rolling Ishi? I’m going to start believing you’re the only teacher around here…”

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13 Re: Combat Medicine 101(Closed) on Mon Oct 17, 2016 5:56 am

Koko Hanazusaki
He didn't move all too much when Ishi took him up on the offer, but instead got up and opened the windows for the other students, all while absorbing the information of those around him, mostly the teachers. He stood by the window, the cat jumping onto his desk to grab his pack he left, and leapt from his desk to his extended hand. She crawled up his arm and rested on his shoulder, the man grabbing a cigarette from the pack and brushed Karla, a fireball igniting in his hand. He sparked up, occasionally taking hits and blew the smoke out the window while flicking his hand holding the ball of fire, causing it to vanish.

'Atleast I won't share the little bit of second hand cancer with everyone else, not that it would bother me if it did. Cupcake there seems interesting, a little air headed but nothing harmful.'

Thoughts popped on his head, almost going off into a blind on not noticing the other girl enter the room. She addressed herself, such as the teacher and cupcake, he figured it was his time to address himself.

"Kokokyokorimo Hanazusaki, a family of deranged mental institution rejects. I'm 24 years old. Aside from the formalities, I came here to learn about the human body, seeming as there are plenty of hostile people attending this school with an easy trigger."

He spoke, puffing quietly on his stick of cancer. He peered over to the survivor, and the thoughts of the other day popped in his head. The girl had speech problems, it would be a bit difficult for her to address herself. He puffed on the cancer stick once more, pointing his finger to Arcen.

"The little muffin over there, she has some problems vocalizing things. Don't make fun of her. Give her plenty of time to say what she wants. Don't talk over her either..."

He spoke in a calm manner, bringing the full cigarette to his lips to kill it with the last hit he took, and stuck the butt in the pack. He walked back to his desk, taking a seat while Karla leapt back onto the table and laid down, getting the attention of her owner who brushed her fur with his prosthetic hand. He rested his real elbow on the table, and laid his head in his hand while he waited for the other students to address themselves.

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14 Re: Combat Medicine 101(Closed) on Tue Oct 18, 2016 8:52 pm

Arcen Anokades
At least she knew the name of the person who impaled her three times.
Not really an accomplishment, but it was a thing....

Arcen's face kept itself blank and emotionless as the man clarified why she would take a long time to formulate her words. Yes, sure, it helped, but still, she could manage...

The military looking girl hadn't said anything yet, the other faunus had just smacked her head into a desk, some random new girl had walked in, and stabby mcstabby-stab over there had just spoken, so she decided it was her turn to 'speak'.

She lifted her right hand, placing her fingertips on her throat as she tried her hardest to make something remotely similar to a coherent sentence.
"Arcen- Ano-kades............ Eight-te-en..."
It hurt how proper and gurgle-free that sentence turned out, and she gently stroked down her throat as if she were painting it with a brush.
'Words hurt.

After moving her hand back down, she shifted again. Arcen was 'excited' to do this class, but the students seemed a bit iffy, and the teacher was... He was a thing, alright...
A good thing? Possibly.
But he was a thing none the less.

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15 Re: Combat Medicine 101(Closed) on Sat Oct 22, 2016 5:03 pm

Ishi Omo
He took in the info, making sure to note how much older Kokokyokorimo was compared to the rest of the class. Hell, the guy was only 6 years younger then Ishi himself. Ishi didn't care so much as he was amused. The reason he gave... oh boy. That was a fair reason and one he understood. Then someone he recognized walked in.

He took a puff of the cigarette in his hand and sighed. This was going to be a wild class; and he'd have to make an exception for Arcen Anokades. She seemed decent, but seemingly suffered a rough life, and had multiple disabilities. He, however, doubted that she lacked combat capability due to the fact that she was here. She wasn't sent in as a patient after all.

He couldn't be sure how well this was going to go, but he had to figure well enough.

"Arcen, if you have too much trouble speaking, you can write your answers down if you want. Right. Now the gang's all here. With introductions out of the way, we can get down to the first few questions. Who here is trained in basic first aid?"

He raised his own hand; as to point out that it's what you did. There was a half-assed smile on his face, but hey, it was an effort.

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16 Re: Combat Medicine 101(Closed) on Sat Oct 22, 2016 8:22 pm

Amarante glanced nervously as she listened to everyone else. They all seemed to have a legitimate reason for taking the course and she was only doing it to get back at her parents without actually provoking them. When Omo-sensei asked if anyone had been trained in first aid, she raised her hand about halfway up. She hadn't noticed that her aura had started and her tails formed as she studiously ignored everyone and everything except for the teacher. Just once it would be nice to actually succeed in practical skills somewhere. She could list off a number of things she had learned about medicine but didn't know how to actually translate that into an action. She twitched her ears as she listened for anything that might help.

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17 Re: Combat Medicine 101(Closed) on Sun Oct 23, 2016 3:12 am

Morrigan Avalon
Kokokyokorimo. Man is that a tongue twister. Do they shorten it to Coco?

She glanced at the man again.

He does look like a bitter chocolate to swallow.

When Ishi asked about who was trained in basic first aid she couldn’t help but smirk and raise her hand. He knew exactly the extent of training she had on the subject, but trained didn’t exactly mean proficient.

And she did feel in a startling good mood that made her wonder what exactly was in that coffee she had this morning. She hated coffee. Which begged to the question: Was it really coffee? Maybe she should refrain from drinking from what looked like ‘’home brew’’ in the future. Not because she had no clue who had left a functioning coffee maker there. That would be preposterous. But what if it was the source of whatever infected the minds of the residents around here?

She looked at her raised hand.

What if she was already infected?

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18 Re: Combat Medicine 101(Closed) on Mon Oct 24, 2016 5:27 am

Koko Hanazusaki
The girl spoke more clearly, almost as clear as the day they met. She seemed to have recovered properly, and upon Ishi asking a question of who trained in first aid, he raised his hand. For a bit of comedic value, his cat stood on her hind legs and raised her paw up in the air, supported by leaning back against Koko's arm. She was trying to act like those around her, though the raising the hand thing wasn't a joke no matter how much people may have found it funny.

'Yeah they'll laugh but I'm sure as can be that nobody has ever seen a cat do stitches... Or disinfect wounds. Granted she needs the supplies, but aside from that she can do quite a bit.'

He thought to himself, picking up his cat to head back towards the open window for yet another cigarette, to the point of finishing one and breaking out another until the pack dwindled. The cat moved from his head to his shoulder, enjoying her place as she watched the students and teacher, the two remaining rather quiet aside from the occasional flick of the lighter.

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19 Re: Combat Medicine 101(Closed) on Thu Oct 27, 2016 11:27 pm

Arcen Anokades
Arcen fixated her blank gaze on the teacher, in some form of half glare.
Yep, there it went.

Arcen raised her hand in response to the teacher's question. Yes, she had medical training; The doctors couldn't fix everything, you know...
A painful sounding cough interrupted her, and she quite frankly looked utterly ticked about it, before whipping or a piece of paper and scribbling down surprisingly neat words.

"I have quite a lot of experience with medicine, probably some of the most here."

Yes, she did realize that was quite a claim, but it was most likely a true one.
Her competition was three people who weren't even medical majors, and a cat.
I dunno.
Sounds pretty tough.

She patted her hands back down onto her knees , ever so slightly tilting her head at Ishi Omo.
She would ask what they were going to do first, as her right eye began quite violently spazzing again, but she decided against it. The teacher knew what he was doing.
He knew what he was doing right?

Her ears twitched from side to side as she swished her pure white tail off to the right side of her chair, tugging on the blood red scarf that she had just recently pulled out of the collar of her shirt.

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