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Storyline opening arc

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1 Storyline opening arc on Wed Oct 05, 2016 12:06 pm

Picking up from part 1------

Fuyuko climbed out of the water into the beach. She slung her gun and walked towards the lifeguard hut and tried to ignore everyone staring at her, but since she was half naked, it wasn't going to help...She entered and set her gun down, "help....please.....clothes...." She wasn't sure what would happen now that she had lost almost everything, which was already pitifully little. She disassembled her Rebellion and cleaned it as best she could without her maintenance kit. The lifeguard returned with a blanket and a change of clothes, "Here you are miss. Say,  are you a student at Syne?" She blankly stared at him a minute before nodding. The man seemed slightly put off and muttered as he walked back to his friends, "huntsmen and huntresses. ..always think they're better than the rest of us." She ignored him as she walked behind the curtain and changed into the warm dry clothes. She fished out the credit card from the pocket inside her armor as well as any cash that hadn't been ruined by the water. All told, she could either eat, sleep, or replace her gun maintenance kit. She voted for the third one and packed her stuff. Looking at the map, she saw she was two days away at walking pace...oh well, at least it was nice this time of year.

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