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First day in and already on the hunt [Solo/Hunt]

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Day: Tuesday __ Location: Finnek Forest, Southern Region __ Time: 1130

Marissa was out on the field today, wanting to get some action after all the time she spent roaming the city of Bellmuse and Syne Academy. She has been here for a while now but the girl had spent most of the first month of the semester getting to know the island using maps as well as getting familiarized with the town square. It was a nice place really, her godfather was right on that but she wouldn't get far in her quest to become a great Huntress by roaming the city, she would only achieve her goal by hunting like any Huntsmen would. This was why she was in Finnek Forest right now, to do her job and duty of slaying Grimms.

Walking across the woods and heading south from Syne, weapon in hand and K-9 by her side, Mary was looking for a good target. She seemed more like she was hunting for sport rather than to exterminate evil, but what was the point in doing something if you don't like it enough to have fun? She was enjoying hunting, both game hunting and Grimm hunting, although one was more dangerous than the other, which made it more thrilling.

Using K-9 like a hound dog, Mary was on the lookout for any movement that she would be able to perceive and hopefully she would be the one to spot the enemy before they would. Sure she wasn't wearing anything that was contrasting the blue hue of the forest, but she was still wearing a white coat that could stand out enough, especially with the red accents all over the rest of her equipment. She shrugged at the thought though as she would be able to kill any Grimm that would spot her anyway. Being spotted first could make things go faster after all.

Battle Info:
HP: 100/100                          K-9's HP: 50/50
SP: 175/200

Weapon: Tier 1
Phys. Armor: Tier 1

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