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Taking pride in hunting [Solo/Hunt]

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1 Taking pride in hunting [Solo/Hunt] on Wed Oct 05, 2016 5:06 pm

Day: Wednesday __ Location: Skylight Woods __ Time: 1325

Yesterday Finnek Forest, today Skylight Woods. Was there a better way to explore the island than by roaming across its locales? Marissa thought that it was the best way to learn more about her new home. Sure she could always research maps or reports from other people who explored before her, but what fun there was to that? She believe that there wasn't. Skylight was way more simpler in appearance than Bellmuse's blue forest, but its simplicity had its own charm which didn't made it a boring sight.

Standing at the top of a small hill in a vast clearing that made it look like she was more in a plain than a forest, Marissa was scanning the area with her loyal K-9 doing the same by her side. It was another day where the two of them were on the lookout for Grimms to hunt and they hoped that they would encounter something different than last time. Yesterday they fought an Ursa, so with some luck they would kill something else as it can be boring to always kill the same thing.

After a while standing there, the girl and her robotic dog resumed their patrol, hoping that it wouldn't take the whole afternoon to find something to hunt.

Battle Info:
HP: 100/100                          K-9's HP: 50/50
SP: 175/200

Weapon: Tier 1
Phys. Armor: Tier 1

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2 Re: Taking pride in hunting [Solo/Hunt] on Sat Oct 08, 2016 3:20 pm

Two Beowulves had spotted the girl and her robotic companion, and were currently sneaking up behind them in a creepy, half humanoid like fashion, before splitting up, one taking the left, and one taking the right.
The Beowulf on the left was taller than the girl, carrying more of a menacing look, all covered in scars, bullet holes, and slash marks, while the one on the right was about three quarters the size of the girl, clean and pristine; A newbie.

The left Beowulf jumped out of the bush first, in a swift pounce aimed right at the girl followed by a menacing snarl, while the second one dashed out, swiping at the dog with a similar growl.
While Beowulves were not the most intelligent creatures, they still knew how to do a standard flanking maneuver.

As the pounce landed, the larger Beowulf emitted some form of snarl-y howl, and taking a swing at the girl's gut, while the smaller one jumped backwards. The smaller one was more timid, having never been in combat before, but it was still a savage, mindless Grimm, rearing up and letting out a few short, loud barks at the dog.

It seemed easy enough; A two v two, but little did the Grimm know it wouldn't be such a cake walk.

Battle Info::


DMG: 5
HP: 75
HP: 50
DEF: 15

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3 Re: Taking pride in hunting [Solo/Hunt] on Sat Oct 08, 2016 3:45 pm

Sudden brushing sounds coming from the nearby bushes alerted Marissa, but it was already too late and found herself under a beowulf that had pinned her down. A second one had attacked K-9 but by the looks of it, it wasn't really strong as her companion felt more like it has been pushed rather than clawed at. Under the Grimm, the girl wouldn't stay there for very long though as she rolled backward to get away from her position while also extending her legs to kick the Beowulf right in the jaw while rolling away, kinda like a somersault backward kick. She would then take a crouched stance and fire directly into its chest in order to make as most of a quick work of it as she could.

Meanwhile, K-9 was barking back at the smaller Grimm, standing between it and Marissa in order to protect her from any incoming attack from the visibly weaker Beowulf. The girl was confident that this hunt would be quickly done and debated roaming around the forest a bit more afterward. After all, the day was still young.

Battle info::
HP:100/100 K-9's HP: 45/50
SP: 180/200

Attacks: 1=Somersault kick 2,3= Torso shots

Damage per attacks after defense: 15 for the kick, 20 for gun shots

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