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Group effort [Closed Hunt, beware: Hard level]

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Day: Sunday __ Location: Finnek Forest, makeshift camp in the Northern Region __ Time: 0935

Sitting by a small fire camp was Marissa, who had spent the night out in the woods of the blue forest of Finnek in order to scout the presence of a rumored group of Grimm that apparently have caused trouble for other Huntsmen in the past. The girl had managed to narrow the possible location of the creatures but didn't want to deal with them alone. She had faith in her capabilities but it was just in case, so she had sent a message asking for reinforcement during the night along with her coordinates so that anyone interested could join her, if anyone would join that is. Hopefully someone would or the mission would be way harder than expected. Sure she could handle some Grimms, her missions from this past week prove it, but dealing by herself a group of monsters that were able to force a whole bunch of Huntsmen to retreat, that should couldn't do that alone.

Kicking some dirt into the fire to extinguish it, Mary slowly began to pack her stuff before hiding it somewhere so that only her would know where to get it back. It was a simple makeshift camp, the kind you build for survival more than for comfort, but they were the fastest to get ready and pack, which were perfect when you're on a hunting mission. After packing everything, Marissa climbed a nearby tree to get a vantage point and stayed there waiting, scanning the area for her target and her reinforcement.

Information about the roll:
i'm going to roll hard here since we're going to hopefully be 4. i'll do the roll once we're all ready.

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Akui yawned and stretched as she sluggishly made her way out of the academy grounds and towards dense section of trees that made one of the many forests around these parts. Hands in her pockets, she sludged her way through her morning daze and extra dosage until she found herself amongst the taller trees, and the feeling of an on-coming battle started to perk her up just a slight bit.

Apparently some chick needed help with a hunt or something, Akui couldn't be bothered with the details: all she knew was that killing Grimm meant Lien, and she needed all of that she could get nowadays. Still, something bothered her about the posting. It mentioned that she was looking for 'reinforcements.' What was this b****, some sort of military loser? Daughter of an officer who thought she was someone? Didn't matter; as long as whoever she was kept her nose in her own business and killed some bastard Grimm, Akui couldn't care if she was an escapee from a psych ward.

Dull as her senses were, she could smell a faint scent of burning, so she decided to head that way. Eventually she saw remnants of the source of the smell in the distance, and knowing that someone was nearby was enough to cause her to prepare for action. Grimm weren't her only enemy...

On that note, Akui decided to scale a nearby tree until she reached the top of it, then jumped from tree to tree until the corpse of the campfire was in view. She studied it for a minute, and the surrounding area for a few moments more before she noted a figure up in the trees across from her. She focused a bit harder, and noticed that figure was a chick with some sort of gun, resembling a sort of rifle...but she couldn't make out any details, other than it looked sleek and somewhat technologically advanced unlike a normal weapon, a small Atlas-like vibe going there.

Figuring that was who she was supposed to find, Akui stretched out and laid back on the tree branch, yawning before laying her head back. "Hey. Nice super soaker you got there. With any luck, maybe you can actually fire the f***er right." she said without any concern for the chick she was speaking to or the situation in general. She then partially rolled on her side and closed her eyes, deciding to maybe catch a few more Z's before anything major happened.

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The weather of today didn't seem to look good from the look of the sky. Through the blue leaves of the trees, Marissa only saw a grey sky that only got darker the further away she looked, clearly showing that a storm was coming her way and would hit her in about an hour. The thought of having to fight under the rain wasn't the most pleasant, but depending on when the others would arrive, if they'd come that is, there was a rather good chance that it would start pouring down on her while they'd be hunting. Good thing though was that the thermal core on her gun would be cooled off by the rain, so she wouldn't have to change it as quickly compared to a sunny day.

As she was looking upward at the sky, Mary heard the sound of rustling leaves behind her, which made the girl turn around to have a look at what was making that noise. She quickly noticed the other girl who had climbed up another tree to be at the same height than her. The tree was larger though, with huge branches on which the pink haired woman lied on her side to rest. She made a rather blunt comment about Marissa's weapon, but got no immediate response as the coat clad girl analyzed her. Whispering to herself, Mary was slightly staring. "Rude from the start... her clothing is clearly punk looking... laid back... strong rebellious type, she'll act on her own and won't care about anyone. Probably here for the money... I'll have to adapt to her, working together doesn't seem like a good plan..."

She then raised her voice enough to be heard by the other girl in order to answer her remark about her weapon. "Don't worry about me, who's stupid enough to use a weapon they haven't trained with? I know my way with it. I'm sure you know how to use your weapon too. By the way, you came to give a hand with the Grimms in the area? Appreciated really, didn't want to deal with them all by myself." Marissa spoke in a soft and friendly tone, despite how the new girl spoke first to her. "Name's Marissa, glad to have you here miss... eum...?" Not knowing anyone at Syne, she hadn't heard about anyone in particular so she had no clue who the other girl was, or if she even was from Syne to begin with. She figured asking for her name could be a good start.

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Tess was doing crunches when her scroll chimed, a very special ringtone. Someone had called for assistance. The young huntress did one more crunch, then kicked herself free of the sit up chair and went to grab her kit.  Wasn't long before she left the academy, heading into the forest. She strode calmly through the woods, on alert but confident in her abilities. Maybe too confident.

She checked her revolvers again, Shock and Awe were fully loaded, though the dust crystal bay in each grip was still incomplete. All the more reason to follow up on this call. Once they were in standby mode, decorative bracelets on each arm, she made it to the treeline, checking her speedloader pouches and grumbling. At least conventional ammo was cheap, and she could always give it a little boost.

Now, where was that location? Oh yeah, that away. Not really being possessed of anything resembling subtlety, the white and read clad brunette strode along the straightest line towards the person calling for reinforcements. She was somewhat surprised to not see more students respo - oh, who was that with the pink hair? As she got closer, she heard the converation and looked up, before leaning agasint one of the trees nonchalantly.

"Oh goody, looks like a party is starting. Something needs taken care of, I hear?" she smirks, taking stock of the two in the trees - one with a nice rifle, one seeming to need a nap. She pushes her hood back, and then shrugs with a disarmingly cheerful grin, "Name's Tess LaCoyle. Surprised there aren't more people responding, though."

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Morning Lilia.
She posesses the coordination of a drugged goldfish.
That is all.

Lilia was splayed out on her bed, when she heard her scroll chime; A different chime; A reinforcements chime.
A small grin formed on her face as she shot up out of her bed, rythmically cracking each individual knuckle as she wrapped her and around the case of her Gauss cannon, in which was, in fact, the weapon. The case looked like any standard rifle case, albeit holding a bit more of a blocky-esque shape, and the Gauss cannon certainly looked different.

A B-line is a good term to describe what she made to the given coordinates, just a little bit too excited to rip a hole through some Grimm.
No, she was way too excited.
She dashed through the forest, dodging around trees, bushes, logs, rocks, everything in her path.
About half way through her leaping bounds, she remembered she had not put her gloves on, so she took them out of her pocket, and slipped them on, while simultaneously running at a high speed, all without breaking stride.
Reaching the coordinates, Lilia slowed down to a brisk jog, a slow walk, and finally, a complete stop.

"Hey, hey! I uh... Heard we were killing things..? I can do that."

She threw her arms up and back, remembering she had forgotten to do her morning stretches, -Although, that run had been quite an exercise-.
Lilia surveyed the situation.
Some girl in a tree,
some girl who looked like a soldier,
and some girl dual wielding revolvers.
Once more, she spotted no fellow heterochromatics. It didn't seem to be very common, for a school so large.

"Anybody else comin', or this this our merry little band of mass murderers?"

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As Akui attempted a small bit of shuteye, she noted that the air around her was started to feel a slight bit heavier than it was earlier. She slowly opened an eye to note that the weather may be changing a much wetter variation than it was an hour or so ago. Closing that eye again was proof of how little she cared about such a stupid matter: who cares if it rains? Grimm still die the same, bullets still shoot roughly the same, so who f***ing cares? Not her.

The chick across the way started blabbing on about not being stupid and knowing how to use her weapon, which caused a sly smirk to emerge on Akui's face, but nothing more than that as she attempted to slow her breathing and encourage relaxation. Some more stupid s*** about her knowing her own weapons, the obvious reason she was here, and thanking her like she came out just for her or something. Then she gave her name, like a name means anything.

Akui yawned and stretched again. What was it with people and talking when there was nothing to say? "Yeah, whatever. Name's Akui, not that it f***ing matters." There was something about this girl that was bugging her though, a pinging throb that she felt in the of her skull. There was something about her that Akui could tell she was hiding, but it all felt so distant that it almost felt as if it was some sort of side effect of her new dosage. She let it go regardless, not to be bothered.

As she was starting to feel her consciousness fade away, another chick showed up and was also talking without a point. As she was finishing, Akui felt the same feeling in the back of her skull, but much stronger than previously. When she looked at the girl's wrists is when the feeling seemed to steady out, and Akui slightly scoffed at what she had just realized. She then closed her eyes again and started up once the chick had ended her senseless chatter.

"Cute. Let's hope your skills aren't as s***ty of a joke as your name. Never an original idea, eh?" she said as she raised a hand and made the skull charm on Agony jangle around her wrist.

It was then she heard yet ANOTHER voice, this one also sounding feminine, and she groaned audibly. She opened one eye to see a young girl with creamy brownish hair, toting...wait, was that weapon what she thought it was? Akui closed her eyes and acting uncaring, but her heart rate did spike a bit at the site of the girl's weapon of choice.

"Jesus Christ, I hope that's all." she muttered somewhat loudly, then turned in the tree branch again and started to slow her breathing again.

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Something was something clear about this Akui that slightly bothered Marissa: her attitude was going to be troublesome during the hunt. She could understand that it was who she was and that she wouldn't change, but the fact that the black haired girl couldn't count on her for working as a temporary team was what really bothered her. Mary kept scanning the area for a moment before she noticed a tree falling in the distance and for a tree to just come crashing like that, something big and strong must have been the cause.

At that moment, she was joined by another girl which already seemed more friendly than the pink haired girl. Introducing her as Tess, Marissa jumped down from her tree to join the new girl and give an approving nod at her question. "Yep, apparently a rather troublesome group of Grimms has been sighted in the area and was able to take care of multiple groups of Huntsmen in the past few weeks, so now I guess it's our turn to be dispatched. I came here on my own but felt like I would need help so, thanks for answering the call."

Then, coming from nowhere was another girl who seemed to have rushed here from the speed she has been going before coming to an halt. This one, although also looking more friendly than Akui, gave Marissa a weird feeling. She had a bad vibe about that girl for some reason but had to shrug it to focus on the task at hand. As this new girl asked if anyone else was coming, Mary shook her head with a smile. "I think we should be fine with all four of us. Besides, from what I can see we all have ranged weapon, so if we keep our distances with the targets we should be alright."

Marissa then turned around and pointed in the direction where she noticed the tree falling down before continuing. "I saw movement north-north-west of here. I'd suggest fanning out while not splitting up too much in order to avoid being surprised and singled out by the enemy. We should try to stay visible for each others while moving forward. Any question before we move out?"

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