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A bad day. Say nay, a bad fay. (Open)

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1 A bad day. Say nay, a bad fay. (Open) on Sat Oct 08, 2016 4:04 pm

Morrigan Avalon
Morrigan was pissed.  The bullhead flight that was supposed to take her to Syne Academy had been delayed by gruesome weather and the pilot had decided that landing in Bellmuse would be more appropriate.


If she could’ve choked that blasted primate without making the aircraft crash she would have. Which is why upon landing, she blasted off towards the academy despite the yells of said mongrel, before doing something she could regret.

Not so much regret as going to jail for it…

Then half-way towards Syne, (By bloody foot!) the sky had decided to clear up, just to add insult to injury. She had therefor walked the rest of the way under the sun, enduring growing calluses and sweat making her robe stick to her skin.

Until she reached the mountains. That is when it dawned upon her.

There was no way up. No elevators. No stairs. And she’d be caught dead before trying to climb.

In a fit of rage she yelled towards the walls of rock.

‘’I hate you too! You glorified pile of dirt! I wish you went back to nothing and Oum be damned!”

Her aura flared as a blast of wind caused small rocks to scatter around her, one of them ricocheting back at her.

She rubbed her now painful left arm.

“Bloody Hell…”

She picked up her case and started working her way back to Bellmuse.

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2 Re: A bad day. Say nay, a bad fay. (Open) on Sun Oct 09, 2016 4:56 am

You could hear the chirping of birds and feel the swish of the soft breeze that would roll over your skin, it was a beautiful day. It was something the teen blonde was starting to enjoy about Bellmuse, she'd only arrived here a little less than a week ago and she was slowly trying to ease into the schedule of classes and living without looking over her shoulder.

The teen's name was Cynthia and she currently sat underneath a tree that was slightly off and up on the "main" path through Bellmuse central. This path from her understanding was mostly for hiking as it didn't actually lead anywhere and one would be forced to go off it or turn around at the end of its length. The tree she was sitting beneath provided a nice cover under the blue hued forest and landscape. She was currently out of her armor and was dressed more casual, an ocean blue sweatshirt, dark skinned jeans, white tennis shoes and her normally long, straight blonde hair was tied into a ponytail. Her attire complemented her surroundings quite nicely and passersby might not notice her from her position. Cynthia took a deep breath in, she closed her eyes and adjusted her body's position so that her legs were crisscrossed on the flat ground and that her back hugged the tree's bark. Meditating always relaxed her, it was so peaceful, quiet and ---

"I hate you too! You glorified pile of dirt! I wish you went back to nothing and Oum be damned!”

A voice, clearly upset. It broke her concentration and she twitched in slight annoyance before she almost imminently regained her calm. Attempt two... the blonde took another deep breath but she couldn't find her focus again, the voice that had yelled earlier was now slowly approaching and for someone so in tuned to their surroundings Cynthia didn't notice her closing in and so when she stood because she had planned to move locations and jumped onto the main path she collided with something solid and fell backwards, her vision was black and then blue as she glanced up at the trees above her. Cynthia sat up and rubbed her head and saw another person in front of her. The stranger had pinkish/white hair and a suitcase with her, she was also now on the ground and she didn't look very happy. It took Cynthia only a few seconds to piece together what had happened and with her conclusion, she rushed to her side.

"Oh my! Are you okay?" Cynthia had knocked down some random traveler in her haste which was completely careless of her. Her blue eyes glanced over the girl and Cynthia hoped she wasn't too upset or hurt.

Word Count: 457
I hope that was okay ^ let me know! ^-^

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3 Re: A bad day. Say nay, a bad fay. (Open) on Sun Oct 09, 2016 11:55 am

Morrigan Avalon
Morrigan shook her head to clear a vision.

Was that what a rugby player felt like after being body checked? What a bunch of lunatics. Then again, they were well payed lunatics so what did that make her?

Pissed off. Oh. Right.

Her eyes narrowed on the girl that had rushed by her side. She ranted her hearth out.

“Why does everybody ask that stupid question like it’s a bloody Christmas greeting? I’ve just been rammed. Of course I’m not okay!”

She looked her up and down.

Damn was she jealous of those tennis shoes right now…

Her rant went on without even bothering to stop for breathing or acknowledging complete change of subject. That was the thing with singers. They had good lung capacity.

“Who even builds a castle on top of a mountain?! How inconvenient can that possibly be? What. Do they have shares in the bullhead shipping industry?! That must be it. It’s a blasted conspiracy!”

She took a moment to breathe in, extending her hand, expecting help to get up.

Yup. It's absolutely fine.

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4 Re: A bad day. Say nay, a bad fay. (Open) on Mon Oct 10, 2016 6:06 pm

Miko Hāfu
Mono Itsktashi was one of the newest students at the academy.
She expected to be the shortest.

She stood with her back to a 'tall' bush, wearing her typical white button up short sleeve shirt, with a short green and black plaid blazer, and her tentacles in the shape of a poofy skirt. She wore white, knee length socks  and little black shoes, as well as a thin, black hairband on her head, with a little black and white bow shaped object attached to it. A similarly shaped object could be found at the top of the collar of her shirt.

A dull *thump* was heard as a foreign object hit the top of her head, and one of her tentacles lashed out, wrapped itself around said object, and launched it into a tree. She presumed it had been an apple, due to the red and white remains flying outwards, and the red smear where the object had 'landed'.
Mono held her head; Not because of the apple, no She held it because of the commotion going on, on the other side of her bush.

She propped herself up on two of her appendages, but before she could see over the bush, she felt a large amount of forward movement as the shrub because very large.
Pushing herself back up, out of the bush, Mono let out a sigh as she was constricted by her tentacles as they brushed the leaves, twigs, and bugs that had unwillingly gotten stuck to her, before writhing back down her body into a skirt formation.
It was almost like they had a mind of their own...

The small girl slowly walked over to the right side of the bush, peeking around it, hardly visible due to her short stature.
One girl looked like she had pink hair... Or was it white...? Whatever, it didn't matter.
The other girl had blonde hair, and blue eyes.
It looked like they had crashed into each other. At least she had an excuse when people walked into her...
One thing was for sure, though.
They were both much....
Taller than Mono.

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5 Re: A bad day. Say nay, a bad fay. (Open) on Tue Oct 11, 2016 6:49 pm

Cynthia almost retreated as soon as she moved forward as the girl she ran into started going off. The rant started directed at Cynthia with...

“Why does everybody ask that stupid question like it’s a bloody Christmas greeting? I’ve just been rammed. Of course, I’m not okay!”

However, before Cynthia could even make a more heartfelt apology or even get another word in the girl she "rammed" glanced her up and down and continued her spew of words and instead of continuing her focus on Cynthia she seemed to shift her attention away from the blonde and towards the forest and nobody in particular.

“Who even builds a castle on top of a mountain?! How inconvenient can that possibly be? What. Do they have shares in the bullhead shipping industry?! That must be it. It’s a blasted conspiracy!”

And with that last sentence, Cynthia connected all the pieces, it all made sense, the suitcase, and the random heels that she noticed the girl was wearing, they were obviously ill-suited for a walk in the woods. This girl was attempting to get towards Syne which as Cynthia knew was inaccessible from any sort of pathway and would require an airship to get to its dock further up the forested mountain. The girl extended her hand towards Cynthia as if she expected to be helped up and maybe a more stubborn or selfish individual would have left her on the ground but Cynthia imminently grabbed onto the girl's hand and pulled her to her feet. Cynthia quickly brushed herself off and locked eyes with the girl. Cynthia rubbed the back of her neck nervously before recomposing herself and speaking.

"I'm really sorry about that, truly." she paused before continuing "Let's start over, I'm Cynthia Bray, a student at Syne Academy and you are?" Cynthia's voice was even and now that she had recomposed herself it seemed to gain a surge of confidence, her whole atmosphere had a change to it now, she was used to people knowing her or at least her name and sometimes that slight arrogant quirk still slipped into her introductions even if she didn't mean it. She awaited a response from her collision victim and Cynthia while she was standing there couldn't shake the feeling that something or someone was watching them as she felt a slight shiver down the back of her neck, it was a very particular feeling that she couldn't shake but didn't turn around as she didn't want to seem foolish in front of the other girl.

Word Count: 423

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6 Re: A bad day. Say nay, a bad fay. (Open) on Tue Oct 11, 2016 8:31 pm

Morrigan Avalon
She grimaced as she got up. Deciding to remove the heeled shoes altogether.

Time to check if aura is as great as the say...

She focused and a slight purple halo shimmered around her feet. She tentatively stepped on the forest ground a few times. Once satisfied she looked up and met Cynthia's gaze.

The girl actually looked half-decent. She was polite but not overbearing, neither was she upbeat and happily go-lucky. She could probably work with that. She'd still most likely hate her, but considering her absolute lack of training she couldn't hope to survive the academy without putting that aside. Plus, she was a Syne student, which meant she would have to deal with her at one point or another anyway.

It was decided. She would be on her best behaviour with her.

"...alive thank you very little. Morrigan Avalon. I just enrolled. The lunatic piloting my ride dropped me off in Bellmuse and I..."

She felt weird. It was similar to having a paparazzi around except somehow different. That tingly feeling... could it be a Grimm? Do Grimm even hide?

"Do Grimm generally hide in bushes before jumping on you to gut you? Am I the only one feeling watched?"

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7 Re: A bad day. Say nay, a bad fay. (Open) on Wed Oct 12, 2016 7:46 pm

Miko Hāfu
The little girl fixated her heterochromatic gaze on the two as the pink haired one mentioned 'feeling watched'.
'Aw, am I really that short...?'

Mono felt her extra appendages start to squirm around, shifting uncomfortably as they brushed against the bush.
She emitted a tiny little "Hmph" before taking another step forward, revealing her entire, -yet very small-, body.
The grass crunched beneath her feet as she took cautious, yet bold steps towards the two strangers, her tentacles keeping unusually still.

"I dunno 'bout Grimm. They tend be be quite loud."

'Like you....'
She kept a straight face, stopping a good 5 feet from them, quite irritated by the fact that she had to be looked down upon just to have a regular conversation.

Despite her deceptively cute demeanor, Mono wasn't in the best of moods right now, for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

Her skirt seemingly, yet ever so slightly, moved; Her appendages shifting as she refused to break eye contact with either of them for even more than a second...

Though the strain of looking up was quite uncomfortable...

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8 Re: A bad day. Say nay, a bad fay. (Open) on Thu Oct 13, 2016 10:29 pm

"Do Grimm generally hide in bushes before jumping on you to gut you? Am I the only one feeling watched?"

Cynthia frowned, she had plenty experience with the creatures of the dark having roamed the wilds outside of the 4 capital kingdoms for two years of her young life and lived outside the comfort of a stable military and protection since she could remember, she was very use to Grimm. She pondered Morrigan's words, she reached for her weapon and when she patted her side and found nothing Cynthia remembered that she had left it back at the school. She muttered a curse under breath before turning on her heels. Cynthia narrowed her eyes as a shadow emerged from a bush just slightly off the path. It rustled and Cynthia couldn't hide the surprise on her face as a little girl walked out, she couldn't be older than 14.

"I dunno 'bout Grimm. They tend to be quite loud."

Cynthia slightly nodded in agreement at the little girl's statement, Grimm usually weren't the most stealthy of creatures, especially if they had the advantage such as two teens with their backs turned to them. Cynthia gave Morrigan a quizzical look before turning attention back to the newest addition to their trio.

"Hi..." she imminently trailed off, what else was there to say? Cynthia was considerably taller than the little scrap in front of her. Movement caught the blonde's eye as she glanced downward but nothing when she fixed her gaze on the girl's skirt, was she imagining it? Maybe... she shook herself, a short silence fell over the three as the girl's random appearance left an awkward aura, the tiny humanoid didn't seem like a threat but Cynthia kept herself on her own toes, who randomly hid in bushes and injected themselves into conversations? It was odd, the whole situation was odd.
Word Count: 317

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9 Re: A bad day. Say nay, a bad fay. (Open) on Thu Oct 13, 2016 11:12 pm

Morrigan Avalon
She turned around to look at the little girl skittering towards them and raised an eyebrow, frowning the other.

She was genially surprised what she perceived was not a figment of her imagination. Did Aura do that or was it just her developing paranoia? Whatever the case it had been right this time. Unless the air of the forest was seriously hazardous to her health, which she suspected was a distinct possibility.

She could try acknowledging its presence. That seemed to work for Cynthia.

“Hey… Look what the cat dragged in.”

Her eyes wondered over the petite shape, noting the blazer.

That’s one strange muffin.

“Huh. Didn’t know they made these in pipsqueak size. Did you made that yourself?”

And what’s up with that skirt?

She paused. Then turned back to Cynthia.

“Wait. Do they make little girl Grimms? Is that a thing? Not that I care who lets their kids roam the forest alone, but I want to cover my bases here.”

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10 Re: A bad day. Say nay, a bad fay. (Open) on Fri Oct 14, 2016 9:51 am

Fenrir laughed maniacally as he fell, skydiving without a parachute...CHECK!!! he had broken almost every rule and law for this and he was going to enjoy it. It looked like his aim was slightly off, forward throw was greater than I anticipated instead of landing through the window into the headmistress' office...He was going to end up in the woods nearby. He made Slight adjustments to his body as he flew, that was the trick, any major moves would cause a person to spin wildly out of control to their death. He waited until the last possible second to weave a wind glyph on his back to slow himself down and then several solid glyphs to cushion his landing. In theory that SHOULD have happened. He had completely forgotten about the trees, "ow! Damn! Shit! Fuck! Ow!" He twisted and rolled to lessen the impact as he hit the ground face first. A tug on his pants pulled him back into the tree he had just fought and he watched the world spin for a moment. Once Fenrir could actually see again, he noticed a little squid girl, "hello shortstack, need a lift?" He mentally kicked himself in the face. His wife would kill him if she thought he was flirting. He reached up to free himself when he noticed the other two girls, "I'm going to die a painful death now,  aren't I?" The branch snapped and he fell the remaining few yards with a thud, "still worth it."

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11 Re: A bad day. Say nay, a bad fay. (Open) on Sun Oct 16, 2016 8:05 pm

Miko Hāfu
Want to be more like Mono?
Not a tall order.

First off was the blonde, who was at least medoest about it, but she could tell from just looking at the girl that her height was the first thing she noticed.
Mono's tentacles started to tighten slightly, as she became a slight bit aggravated.


They began to writhe around her, as if her skirt were twirling about.

Little girl

Her appendages began curling in on themselves, making it painfully obvious it wasn't some normal skirt, but they kept together well enough to conceal what they actually were.


Mono's hands twisted themselves into fists as she lowered her head, closing her eyes, and slowly gritting her teeth together.


She didn't even notice the man fall out of the sky, nor did she honestly care.
Her skirt began to right itself as she stared up at the pink haired one, straight faced.

"Righty then... How 'bout you all take a guess at how old I am?"

'They won't get it right.'

Mono crossed her arms acrossed her chest as her stare turned into a glare, shifting said glare to the blonde, still oblivious to the man's prescence as she grew quite ticked off.
It was now very obvious that her skirt was not a skirt, as it began to flare up and curl in on itself, fluxuating along with her emotions.

Any more and the little child might throw a temper tantrum.

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