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Mono Itskatashi, the one with the tentacles. No. Stop thinking about it like that. -Finished and ready for approval-

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Miko Hāfu
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Mono Vlux Hanoko Itskatashi (Pronounced: M-ON-no VLUCKS Ha-NO-KO EETS-ka-TASH-ee)
Age: 18 -Looks 10, for reasons to be explained later-
Birthday: May 27th
Gender: Female
Race: Ghost Squid Faunus
Height: 4'3"
Weight: 60 lbs.
Face Claim: Youmu Konpaku - Tohou -Specifically, that image, and only that image, up there.-^^

Mono is heterochromatic. Right eye is a dull, faded green, -As in the FC-, whilst her left eye is a bright orange.

STR: 6 (5+1)
DEF: 3
RES: 1
SPT: 3
Aura 200|100 HP

Major: Academic
Likes: -Cute things.
-Restraining people with her 'arms'.
Dislikes: -Being treated like or called a 'child'.
-Hot weather.
-Being called sushi, food, an octopus, or calamari.
Fears: -Not being able to regenerate anymore.
-Losing any of her limbs, regeneration or not.
Overall Personality: First and foremost, Mono has a growth disorder, and she essentially looks like a ten year old. She also acts extremely immature, due to her mental disorder.
Mono has MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder.). Moreso 'She gets one mood, and only that mood.' Until something drastic happens that requires change.

Happy Mono is best Mono.

Mono is extremely friendly, and loves to drag people against their will towards her in order to give them a hug. This is the most common personality, and she can usually be found skipping around the halls of Syne.
She is essentially a very happy young child.

Sad Mono is sad....

Mono uses her ten 'arms' to cover herself, hide her face, and cry. This is the least common personality, and it usually requires a big trigger to switch to it.

Angry Mono will obliterate every bone in your body.

Angry Mono is the fourth most common personality, and she will usually end up slaughtering many, many things.
Mono usually gets angry when Grimm show up, and angry Mono usually turns into the next most common personality.

Mono can be a psychopath, because I just can't make a character that isn't one....
Send help.

This is when Mono uses her weapon of mass destruction to mow down every single living thing in her path.
Because why not.
This is her third most common personality.
Is that bad?
I think that's bad....

Mono is.... Emotionless....
What do you want from me?

This is her second most common emotion, and is essentially a replacement for boredom.
Mono will not do much, usually just sit down, sip on a milkshake, and stare blankly at absolutely nothing.

Switches between these aren't very common, and she will usually be stuck with one for over an hour or two.
Overall, however, Mono tends to keep with either the happy personality for most of the day, or the emotionless personality for about half of it.

She also carries many more standard emotions, but these mentioned personalities are emphasized a significant amount.

Mono is quite easily scared when in any emotional status except for angry or psychopath. She fears having her limbs cut off, because even though she can regenerate, it still hurts like heck.

'Arms': Like the Ghost Squid that she is, Mono's tentacles are each 25 feet long. That's eight meters.
They are pure white, extremely flexible, surprisingly strong, and quite easy to remove. Just four of them can hold up a 20 year old of average weight.
Mono prefers to use her tentacles to do things, instead of her actual arms, since they are longer, bendy, and just so flexible.
Mono's attire is shown in her FC, but the skirt portion of it is different. Ten, twenty five foot long tentacles. Where does she put them?
She wears thin, super short black shorts, and literally curls her tentacles up into a poofy skirt shape. In fact, if she never unfurled them, it would be almost impossible to tell they weren't just a skirt.

Even though they are called arms, not tentacles, Mono prefers to refer to them as tentacles, to avoid confusion.

Aura type: Strength
Aura Color: Navy blue and Baby blue
Semblance: Mono's ten 'arms', as well as her actual arms, and her legs, are all particularly easy to remove. A good couple sword swipes can chop them off no problem.
Mono's semblance is limb regeneration. Say an arm or a leg gets hacked off. In two posts following the 10 aura it costs to activate, she will have regenerated it, good as new.
She does not regain health from this, she only renegerates the limb.
Once a limb is regenerated, any previous scars re-open, besides the one that seperated the limb from the body.
While a limb is gone, it does still bleed a regular amount, and it does cause extreme, immense pain for Mono, which tones down to an appropriate amount when she regenerates it.

Mono needs to be concious to do this, so if she is knocked out, or sleeping, she cannot regenerate anything.

Cost = 10 Aura. If semblance is activated on post 1, nothing happens on post 2, and then limb regenerates on post 3.

Item 1: Armour: P.R.O.X.Y
Proxy is a very unexpected type of weapon for someone with the appearence of Mono.
Proxy is essentially an armoured exoskeleton, controlled directly by Mono's movements whilst inside of it, although she reffers to it as 'him', and prefers to call 'him' a mech.

Armour: Add 1 Def stat


Item 2: Weapon: Dual Mutilators
The lovingly, -and quite approrpiately-, named 'Mutilators' are a set of high capacity miniguns, which take place of where the hands should be. Mono fires these via a lever that she pulls back in the suit.

-They are the weapons shown in the P.R.O.X.Y picture.-

History and Sample
Born into a family of four, Mono was the middle age, but certainly not the middle height.

At an early age, the girl was diagnosed with some form of growth disorder, and a feww years later, she was diagnosed with MPD; (Multiple Personality Disorder).
She grew up, rarely ever using her actual arms for anything other than normal tasks. She would reach for things with a tentacle, tickle people with a tentacle, pat people with a tentacle, pick people up with a tentacle, drag people in for a hug against their will with a tentacle....

She did many things with them that a normal person would have to put much more effort into.
Surprisingly enough, being as short and light as she was, and having ten, twenty five foot long tentacles got you made fun of at school.
Who coulda thunk it?
Mono would make many friends, and lose them all almost immediately because she got all huffy due to her multiple personalities.

She always had a thing for books and combat.
She excelled at beating the everliving crap out of things with her tentacles, and she also loved reading books.
Genre didn't matter. She just liked reading books.
Mono never became 'mature', shall we say. She looks like a child, kind of has the voice of a child, and she acts like a child as well.

Although Mono's semblance is regenerating limbs, she has never, in all of her life, lost one.

Since she enjoyed combat so much, she, at some point, slapped together a friggin armoured exoskeleton with dual wielded high capacity miniguns as hands.
She can also build things with her tentacles.... Did I mention that...?

Mono had moved to Bellmuse on her own, deciding that it was the place of intrest for her.
At some point, she heard of 'Syne Academy'. Mono wouldn't mind becoming a huntress.
Seemed easy enough.

(I know this is quite a bit of a mess, but I currently feel completely dead inside, and have just poked myself in the eye trying to take a drink.)

RP Sample:
"Hey little girl..."
One of the first things Mono Itskatashi heard in the secluded alleyway she had hopped into.
A man, who was, in fact, holding a knife, was standing acrossed the area from her.
"I'm not a little girl.... I'm 18, for your information..."
"Sure ya are, kiddo."
Mono let out a deep, heavy sigh. She wasn't in the mood for emotion tonight, so this 'predicament' was quite annoying.
"Are we.... Going to have to do this...? I don't really wanna get dirtied with your blood."
"Big words from a little girl, little girl."
Another sigh was heard as she took a step towards him, unfurling her tentacle skirt.
"Alright, listen here buttercup. I don't want any tro-"
She cut herself short as he dashed towards her, sidestepping to avoid it.
The man turned around, sprinting towards her again.
Mono stuck out one of her ten, twenty five foot long tentacles and wrapped it around his legs, lifting him up and off of the ground.
"Bloody idiot...."
She tossed him up in the air, shooting out three more of her arms to restrain each of his limbs, while he was still upside down. Mono fired out four more to add strength, then proceeded on to 'disarm' him, as in, she ripped off his arms and tossed them to the side.

She ignored whatever horrid screams he decided to make, used the four tentacles from his arms to wrap them around his waist, and tore his legs off too.
"I said I didn't want any trouble...."
Just for overkill, she began to lift him up, before slamming him into the ground multiple times, feeling some blood splatter against her face.

Finally, she lobbed him at a wall, and continued on her way.

"I just got these clothes, as well....."

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Tier 3 Dust:(6x Fire) (6x Water) (6x Earth) (6x Ice) (6x Lightning) (6x Light) (6x Shadow)
5x poison
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