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Team SCWA's Dorm

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1 Team SCWA's Dorm on Sun Oct 09, 2016 3:25 am

Sleep. Sweet delicious blissful sleep. She was only a few steps away from a bed.

She had received the location of the dorm she was assigned to on her scroll, along with information she had barely skimmed through regarding roommates.

In the state she was in she sighed in relief that the room was empty as she walked in. Whatever energy she had left was going to be invested in a shower.

She slipped out of her garments, leaving them on the floor without a second thought.

The shower was… so… good. Warm… Cozy…

She woke up in a gasp as she was about to fall over, turning off the running water turning cold.

She got out and wrapped herself in towels before going back into the room, looking for her… bag of clothes.

Which wasn’t there. It was however, very much in the bullhead that dropped her off.

I hate my life. I demand a refund.

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