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Student Of The Year Folks (Open)

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1 Student Of The Year Folks (Open) on Thu Oct 13, 2016 11:47 pm

Jenny and her mentor walked up to the base of the mountain that the academy stood on. Jenny looked up in near child like wonder and aw at the sight. She could see it on the way over but being this close was and even further stunning view. She wondered what the school would look like up close and in person before hearing her mentor speaking up.

"Well better start climbing kid." he said patting her on the back in a manner making her take a slight step forward. She blinked but nodded then "Uh.... right okay, I got this..." She stretched then before starting up the mountain though after she got about 5 feet up her mentor started to laugh and pointed his thumb off in the direction to the other side of the mountain making her blink and look down to him.

"I like the enthusiasm kid but I was only kidding I hooked you up with a ride with an aircraft that is taking up some supplies to the academy." She blinked then and jumped off the side stumbling a bit upon landing. "Oh..." He then lead her around the base before they made it to the aircraft that was getting ready to leave. He then hugged her close and handed her a back pack then.

"I'm real proud of you kid, so as a way of saying good luck and i'll miss you running around all day long every day by getting you some things. I know that you don't have really anything but the clothes on your back and the gear on your clothes so I got you some things to fix that." She slowly took it and looked at it for a long while before hugging him closely then.

"Thank you." He hugged her back before letting her go into the aircraft and waved good by as it flew off she smiling under her mouth mask as she waved back. She put her back pack on one of her shoulders as the aircraft soon landed and let her out. The ride was pretty exciting for her though, she never had been on an aircraft before though she tried to keep her excitement held back so she could stay focused.

She looked around with big wide eyes as she made her way off the aircraft as some men started to carry crates of supplies to the school. She then though noticed that she could hold her emotions in 98% the other 2% being her tail that was trying to wiggle free from under the cloth she kept it due to it wagging.

She gasped and quickly reach out to hold it down by its base and front which she managed to do after twirling in a small circle. She sighed then as it slowly stopped moving. 'There okay to head to-' she blinked and paused mid thought as she slowly realized she forgot to check what she was even suppose to do with her mentor after arriving.

She tilted her head back before letting it fall forward and fall into her hand to face palm at her own mess up. "Lovely I've only been here for point 5 seconds and I already messed up...." She then rose her hands slightly to make a sarcastic hand waving in a cheering like manner as she then spoke in an annoyed manner.

"Student of the year right here folks...." She sighed and let her hands fall before she stood up straight and shrugged talking a deep breath and closed her eyes. 'It's cool Jen just wonder around until you find someone who knows what they are doing and hope they don't laugh at you when you ask for help....' she thought before starting to walk around the area.

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2 Re: Student Of The Year Folks (Open) on Fri Oct 14, 2016 3:35 pm

Grenal was a man of many things. Calculated risks, cutting people, and all sorts of things in between. He was not afraid of many things and those that he is, are so vague and undo-able by normal people, that people think he fears nothing, no one. Even his aura, while less blood-thirsty then normal, still resonated this sense of fearlessness.  He walked with his hands in his pockets, his eyes narrowed. He noticed a unique person walking the wrong way. She was then corrected, and then spun in a circle trying to fix something.

Strange. It was strange that such a unique person would exist in this particular place at this particular time. He decided to walk towards her, keeping in mind both her weapons and her likely strength. After all, she looked extremely lost. He used to be lost. That was before the murder.

"Hello! You look lost. I'm not new around here, and just happened to be around, so I figure I might as well do something useful with my time. The name's Grenal Black."

His mannerisms were that of a nice guy, but a skilled observationalist would easily see that he was hiding some sort of mannerism that would betray a terrifying reality to those who either came from Atlas, or those who payed attention to the news. If they knew he was, they knew he was a serial killer who was caught once upon a time. Otherwise, he was just a random guy who just felt off to most people. He didn't care if they figured it out or they just stood around. He had determined getting a new person on his side wouldn't be a bad idea. After all, why wouldn't you trust a Silver-Haired, dress-clothing wearing man who just randomly walked up to you.

He certainly wouldn't. Although, that doesn't say much.

He didn't exactly trust anyone.

It came with the job.

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3 Re: Student Of The Year Folks (Open) on Sat Oct 15, 2016 4:53 am

As she walked her head perked up a bit looking to the source of the voice that just addressed her. She slowed her walking to a stop when she spotted him as he walked up to him. She blinked and slightly tilted her head to one side as she looked him over. Something felt off about him... but he was being kind for now so she decided to follow suit. "Hiyah." She said giving a slight wave before rubbing the back of her neck and gave an awkward laugh with closed eyes.

"Heh. I guess I probably do look that obvious like someone with a newbie sticker on her forehead huh?" She opened her eyes and smiled softly at him under her mask. "I'm Jennifer Necowl, it's nice to meet you and I am very new." She pointed to the aircraft behind her and looked back to it for a moment before looking back to him. "I just arrived actually, and well I sorta just realized that I forgot to check out what to do after i arrived."

She said with a very embarrassed awkward laugh. "If you could help me out or point me in the right direction to find someone to help I would be greatly appreciative." She said kindly to him. The descriptive points of certain people like, those with tv's or had followed the news, and or were from atlas were all words that fit most people but not actually Jenny. Jenny had grown up in a village that had little to no technology and was located in the forest which really helped the grim with their feeding sessions with getting little to no interruptions by skilled fighters or hunter and huntresses.

After that she traveled with a faunus group in the forest which most bad news was kept from her sister and her so they had less to sadden them in life. And after that she just lived in the streets of the kingdom where she was so focused trying to find her next meal to really keep up with latest news so in other words... She had no idea who this silver hair was other than him being a bit suspicious due to the feeling she got from him and the way he presented himself.

Other than that to her he was just another person at the academy who may be able to help her look a bit less lost here. Though even if she did know who he was she probably would have just been super cautious of him while still asking for help cause she wouldn't lie... she really needed it...

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