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Look To The Past (Private/Solo)

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1 Look To The Past (Private/Solo) on Sat Oct 15, 2016 7:56 pm

((OOC: All of the following is cannon to my character Jennifer but currently takes place in the past.))
"What do you do when you lost everything and everyone you loved and anyone you even just simply knew because you lived near them leaving you totally alone with strangers who act like you are better off dead all the time and only help you when you look like you are near death due to lack of food and only give you scraps at that point...?  ‘Sunrise….’ The sun having rose high enough leaked through the cupboard doors and hit the young girl’s eyes slowly waking her up as she looked tiredly to her twin sister who was clinging to her in her sleep her cheeks stained like her own with dried tears leaving only the feeling and salt behind from them. She slowly pushed the door open and winced gagging slightly at the sight before her and looked to her sister and closed her eyes as new tears rolled down her cheeks. ‘She shouldn’t have to see this….’

She then gently slid out and left her sister laying in the cupboard before she ran around the now empty village after having grabbed one of the butterfly swords on the ground by what used to be her parents. She trembled and held her head slightly as she tried not to fall to her knees while she hunched forward. ‘F-focus! You have to focus! You and she can’t stay here anylonger… it’s not safe anymore… you have to leave and to do so you need to get food….’

She went to the main dining hall then as she slowly walked up to the food storage she heard a raspy voice call out to her. “K-kid….” She slowly looked over and grew wide eyed as she saw what she though was mere remains of a man looking up and reaching out to her with his one good arm left as he slowly smiled at her blood staining his teeth and lines that went down to his chin from the corners of his mouth.

“I-... I thought everyone died… I… I’m so happy to see… some… one… lived....” Her eyes grew wider as he let out his last breath and died after losing too much blood. She covered her mouth as her eyes welled up with tears. She though forced herself to grab arm fulls of food and run back to her home and into her bedroom. She dropped the food on her bed and laid her face into the covers and cried. She though soon forced herself to stop as she thought.

‘She’ll wake up soon…. I… I have to get her out before she does….. She can’t see whats out there…. Or in here…. It’ll destroy her….’ She then grabbed the corners of her bed sheets and with a near dead looking face as she made her blankets into a makeshift bag and tied it on her with the tie on her chest and the bundle on her back. She then walked out and put both sides of the butterfly swords together and in its sheath before putting it on the back side of her waist.

She then walked over to her still sleeping sister and picked her up bridal style with a grunt. Her hair fell a bit in her face as she carried her out of of the village with the same dead but now slightly determined look on her face as she hung her head low. After she made enough distance to where she couldn’t see the village anymore her sister slowly woke up and looked sadly up to her.

”J-Jenny…? Did…. did last night-” Jenny took a deep breath and forced her look on her face away to give a fake smile to her sister that usually fooled her. “Hey it’s okay… we’re on our way to somewhere super safe!” Her sister frowned a bit then. ”Where would that be?” Jenny looked straight forward then. ”In that direction…”

‘Something has to be that way….There has to be something safe somewhere… and I won’t give up until I know she’s safe again….’ Her sister slowly nodded and leaned against her more then. ”O-okay… I…. I trust you…..” She held her closer then and nodded. ”And I won’t make you regret that....”

‘I’ll protect you….like how mommy and daddy would want…. I’ll make sure you have the life you deserve…. A life in peace and happiness…’ She thought as her look got a bit more determined as she walked her sister onward in the decided location. She didn’t know what she’d find that way… or any way really but… she had to hope for something… hope and her sister was all she had left now after all...

“You live and keep fighting, you smile and pretend that your body isn’t screaming in anger in pain like you want to do every moment of every day due to what the world has done to you. You smile laugh while never letting them know how much you cry…. Because that is how you survive… and how you tell yourself that one day maybe your lies…. Will be as real as the pain… when you know that will never…. happen….”  

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