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Emily Callaway, the Aspiring Huntress

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1 Emily Callaway, the Aspiring Huntress on Sun Oct 16, 2016 8:45 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Emily Grace Callaway
Age: 19
Birthday: 2/13/XXXX
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5'6 (1.68 Meters)
Weight: 122 lbs
Face Claim: Asuka Tanaka from Hibike! Euphonium

STR: 3
DEF: 3
RES: 3
SPT: 3
Health: 110 Aura: 190

Major: Citizen
Likes: Coffee, Cats, Adventure and Good Stories, Winter/Cold Weather, Dancing
Dislikes: Spicy/Bitter Things, Dogs, Arrogance
Fears: Enclosed Spaces, Bugs (Spiders/Snakes), Not Being Able To Follow Her Dreams

Quick Personality:
A normally happy-go-lucky and carefree kind of girl, Emily is somewhat of a dork, she’s spontaneous and clumsy but has a good heart. She’s a girl trapped in a small town with big dreams, she wishes for a life filled with adventure and not knowing what tomorrow would bring but instead she’s stuck working as a waitress in her family’s owned restaurant, this obviously interferes with her aspirations but she doesn’t mind the work and on good days she actually “enjoys” the job. Emily outside of work is the care-free girl that was described above, she smiles and laughs a lot and enjoys hanging out with friends and family when she can just be herself and not pushed into a confined personality or style of behaving.

Emily’s negative side involves a short temper sometimes but she bottles it up which usually results in comedic conversations with herself inside her own head because her job demands it, always serve the customer with a smile even if it’s completely fake. Emily rarely is down on herself as she prefers to mask any sadness with a slightly huffy attitude or self-picking apart humor, this makes her slightly harder to understand than most people as you’d have to be attuned with her personality to understand her true feelings on any given basis or situation.

All in all, Emily is looking to escape her dull life and fill it will different stories and excitement, she wants to accomplish this by one day becoming a huntress and traveling the world, either alone or with someone else.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Pink
Semblance: Healing Winds (Emily's Semblance is currently unknown to her but when channeled she calls upon the wind and it anwsers, a gentle breeze rolls off her and heals all allies within 10M from her)

Item 1: Father's Old Rifle (An old rifle whose sole purpose should be for training someone, however, it still fires true.)
Item 2: Huntress Armor (A set of armor that Emily acquires for herself, it gives decent defense and keeps her light on her feet)

History and Sample

Emily Grace Callaway is born on 2/13/XXXX

Before we learn about Emily we need to take several steps back and learn a little bit about her family, the Callaway’s.

The Callaway’s have been in Bellmuse for a little over 14 years, it started with Emily’s Father who was a traveling Huntsman, he was somewhat renowned as an “Assassin” but his targets were exclusively Grimm, mostly big pack leaders or groups that would terrorize towns. He did this kind of work for several years into his young adulthood before meeting Emily’s Mother who was the daughter of a chief and his family. They eventually got married and settled down in Bellmuse where with the support of both their families opened “Callaways” which is a Valean and Bellmuse cuisine bar and restaurant. Now the couple has a single child, Emily who is currently 19.

Emily was born and raised in the restaurant where she has spent most of her life, her Father’s past has been mostly a secret after she expressed at a young age to go to Syne Academy and train to become a huntress. She was raised on good morals and a gentle guiding hand. This has developed her into a confident girl despite her seemingly goofy antics and attitude.

Emily has been through private general education schooling until she was 15 and now works full time at her family’s restaurant, through school she was rather popular and made a lot of friends due to her likable personality, she’s smart and a quick learner and because of this always received the highest marks but despite her skill for history, math, writing and science she dreamed of fighting Grimm and being a hero but her dream is always put on hold when she puts her apron on and starts her shift. Her Parents understand her ambitions but don’t condone such actions not because they wish to suppress their daughter but because they worry for her safety.

Emily has now worked at Callaways for 4 years full time as a waitress, she has a steady boyfriend and her life seems like a cookie cutter's dream but she always has her eyes on the Bellmuse mountain range, hoping one day her opportunity would walk through the front door.

RP Sample:
A day off, it’s been so long, over 2 months. Emily breathed a sigh of relief as she walked around Bellmuse Central. The sun was covered by dreary gray clouds but honestly, she preferred it, it meant it wasn’t steaming outside and she could just enjoy walking around without dying of heat exhaustion. As she headed towards the city’s main plaza she came across a little marked off area, a stage was set up and two teens were singing, the blonde girl seemed to be taking the lead but another guy with white hair was gripping her hand and singing along with her. Emily stopped and joined the small crowd and listened to the pair, they had a lovely melody and when they finally finished she cheered along with the crowd, the girl on stage was bright red but she seemed to make up her mind and kiss the boy on the cheek to her side and Emily increased her own clapping along with some others at the girl's actions who afterward left the stage in a hurry dragging the guy behind her. The crowd started to disperse and Emily followed suit but as she turned around some guy bumped into her.

“Oh! I’m sorry miss, excuse me.” he moved past her and Emily just smiled and bowed slightly.

‘Yeah… you better be sorry, stupid oof!’ her own brain had conjured up the insult even though her outside was still smiling. Emily spun slightly on her heels and continued walking down the street toward a flower shop as it was just going to be one of her many stops she wanted to make on her day off.

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