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Why So Serious?(Private/Makoto)

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1 Why So Serious?(Private/Makoto) on Mon Oct 17, 2016 2:29 am

Magnus Mist
For a man like Magnus to be sitting in the center of the circle meant something. It meant he was on a job, but one could never guess that from his look. He was just sitting on his scroll, looking up occasionally. He carried this air of carelessness about, although it was so apparent it seemed forced to those who tried and actually felt it. That's because it was. Magnus was, in fact, careless a good chunk of the time, but not on jobs. He wasn't super serious on jobs, but he kept his focus where it was required. He was supposed to initate contact with a fellow named Makoto with a picture attached. He hadn't much notes on his personality, and the picture was of absolutely terrible quality. Probably a creepy stalker, but hey, it was his job to meet the guy and tell him someone had interest in him and his line of work.

He was told that the boy would arrive sometime soon. On an airship. That worked just fine for him. He was used to meeting people off of airships. Usually, it was his job to either take them elsewhere or straight up kidnap them. Either way worked for Magnus, but this time he was just supposed to find the man and offer the job to him. It was to murder a stalker, something they clearly knew he wouldn't do. He assumed that there was a reason they wanted to contact this fellow. He didn't exactly look like the nicest guy.

He went to the airport and watched the next plane land and watched the end of it open. He held up a sign that had the name Makoto on it, to signify that he was required over by Magnus.

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2 Re: Why So Serious?(Private/Makoto) on Mon Oct 17, 2016 2:52 am

Laurence Lawrence
-Removal of info due to misleading of certain aspects.

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3 Re: Why So Serious?(Private/Makoto) on Mon Oct 17, 2016 3:09 am

Magnus Mist
"Well. Client is an overstatement. Let's just say I'm a messanger for a client of yours, as their job is one I absolutely refuse to do. Now, I don't know much about you, but I'm sure they had a reason for me to find you. They want you, for lack of better words, kill the person stalking the families daughter."

Magnus was frank with this fellow, since he didn't seem like the...chatty type, of which Magnus was the sort. He didn't mind the man being straight forward, but god the man looked like he needed some fun in his life. Just by looking at him, the man looked more broken and strong then Magnus, but looking like that wasn't Magnus' strong point. His strong point was that he was awfully hard to kill. You know, with the whole skin hardening thing. He's accidentally broken blades on his skin using his power, his semblance.

Not that he actually cared. There was no point in his caring about something so small. If the sword broken on him, it was clearly a terrible sword that didn't deserve to be together anymore. That was his thought, anyway. He was, after all, Magnus Mist, Magnificent Warlock of Bellmuse. He wasn't sure he had much of a reputation besides where his reputation was needed, and that was fine and dandy with you.

"By the way. The name's Magnus Mist."

He dug in his pockets to pull out the advance the person gave him, to give to Makoto.

"They promised this up-front, more when the job is done.

The advance was nicely banded together and everything, and if Magnus had to guess, held about ten thousand Lien. Jeesh. He couldn't tell how much this guy got paid, but he supposed murder was a serious business that payed well if you got into it. Magnus, however, held standards in his life that he wouldn't let go of just because someone thought that they could pay him off. He's been offered big bucks and always rejected it. It's not about the money at that point so much as the point that murdering people sucked.

"Stalker is about the same age, a little over 21. Black hair, brown eyes, short. The sort you'd think of. We don't have a concrete name given here, but they said that I should give you this envelope that they gave me, it has all the proper info. According to what they told me, this guy is an awful fella."

Magnus put the sign down and dug in his pockets for an envelope, it was small and inconspicuous. If one were to open it, it'd hold pictures and information about the guy. Magnus didn't care enough to open it in this case. Magnus couldn't care about this since it wasn't his job, and the money wasn't going to him. He figured the guy was tough enough to do this though, just by looking at him. The training that he got at Atlas Academy stuck with him, even today. Even when he really, really didn't want it to.

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