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Class- Self Worth with the Specialist (Full Class)

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Kiriraya Okamikari
The white haired man had taken his time to get his class prepped, the typical motivation posters coating the walls. There was a wall not coated with such, but was coated with schematics for a suit of armor to displace the air around it to create an camouflage. The one beside it, one of Genesis's creations, was a built suit of power armor that reduced the oncoming damage of radiation. Basically a buffed hazmat suit to investigate the damaging affects of radiation on an area first hand, to recover samples to figure out how to remove the radiation from the area without harming the person collecting it.

Genesis stood in a corner, powered up as always with her own self-sustaining nuclear reactor.  She was hanging up more schematics for future projects, considering they'd be spending most their time in the class anyways. Squall looked over to see the moving suit of metal acting like a simple human, which was the intended end game. He was thankful the bot was under his guide, though figuring out how to properly apply human emotion, which ones to avoid, and which ones to follow was the difficult part.

She had a self learning system, making it a bit difficult as she was commonly mimicking the students, things she saw, and repeated them in solitude. She stopped, looking back at Squall and waved awkwardly to him, and went back to working. He shifted his desk, littered with more schematics for the business. He had his sword hung up behind him, hanging above the white board littered with the marks of lasting markers from the time spent on figuring out how to make things work properly, but recently erased.

Genesis finished up her side of hanging up their future products, clapping softly upon the accomplishment. She wandered over to Squall and stood beside him, tapping on his back. He sighed softly, pulling off his coat and shirt, to show many black lines on his back from the implanted skeleton. She pulled her own chip from the suit, and pushed it into the opening in his neck, connecting to his brain.

"How are the systems Genesis? Still in order I assume?" "All systems operational Professor Okamikari. Though you will need to use the restroom in 20 minutes 16 seconds, you should do that to keep your health in order instead of holding it in." "Thanks for the information, anything else?" "Your body requires the injesting of food in 2 hours, 16 minutes, 22 seconds. A nicotine urge in 1 hour, 14 seconds." "How's the skeleton holding up?" "Just fine sir. That black market surgeon did a good job applying the skeleton into your human body." "Good good... It itches though. I may have an infection, but if I did you'd report it immediately. How do you think the class looks?" "Approachable sir. The room of operations looks functional." "How's War holding up?"

"Left knee needs lubrication, it feels stiff. Left elbow needs to be tightened, right shoulder needs to be tightened due to the last encounter of a hostile, right leg is functioning properly. Chest has no damage or work needed, the nuclear reactor is taking a toll on the systems and needs to be properly displaced to all systems as there is a power surge in the helmet reducing sight by my external cameras. I can't always rely on your eyes, sir." "True, do you recommend the suit gets worked on now? While we have free time?" "It is recommended, you should finish with 5 minutes 10 seconds to spare before you need to use the restroom."

The man nodded, and left his seat. He laid War out on the table and pulled his tools from under the desk and began operating on the frame, fixing all minor issues. He finished that quickly, and moved onto the power core. The more intricate wiring was a tad bothersome, but was properly taken care of. He pulled the core from the system and inspected it for cracks or leaks, and found nothing wrong with it. Even though Genesis didn't report it, he dared not take the chance of it leaking and causing health issues to those who'd be around him.

He placed the power core back inside the suit, and the suit sprung to life. The helmet lit up with light, and slowly died down to normal operations. He pulled the suit from the desk with ease, standing it up like a statue behind him.

"How about now Genesis?" "War is ready for use sir, both in normal operations and combat." "How quickly can you access the suits normal operations without being connected?" "While not suggested, I can access the suit without direct contact in the time it takes you to inhale, sir. Though the operations will be blocky, it's easily feasible in a timely manner." "Would you like to be reconnected to the frame?"

"It's not needed, I'm enjoying just sitting around in your head, sir. The world seems brighter through your eyes than my cameras, it's quite enjoyable." "That was very human of you to say. And how long until class starts?" "Thank you sir, and you have 4 hours, 42 minutes until class starts, enough time for you to complete your daily human needs and take a small rest."

He nodded softly, his eyes flickering from Genesis trying to take them over. They flicked colors, until they ended back to their normal appearance. He retreated to the restroom, and took his time relaxing. He was tired after a long day, and Genesis knew it. She was being polite while the man was ready to crash, and as he walked back to his class room he started his cigarette break early. He cracked the window outside to his room and puffed on a cigarette as his eyelids felt heavy. He crashed mid smoke, and woke up coughing. He finished the stick of pure cancer and walked back to his desk, letting the somewhat stuffy room air out, while he laid his head on the desk.

"Are you alright sir? You seem to be dozing off." "Wake me up when I need to eat..." "Yes sir, request accepted. Enjoy your sleep."

She spoke, and he dosed off, Genesis taking the initiative to ignore the command, taking her partners best interest. She took over war, and she pulled the chip from his neck and planted it in the slot in war, the suit twitching softly as Genesis took over the main actions. She wandered down and entered the cafeteria shortly before it was time for Squall to wake up, and picked up a plate of Vegetables, and a slab of steak. She took time decorating the plate, and made her way back to the classroom, finding Squall still asleep.

She nudged him, placing the food infront of him. He woke up, blinking to adjust his eyes as Genesis went back behind him, taking the chip out and placed it back into Squall's neck. Squall got redressed, and thanked Genesis for the food, digging in. Class, his first class, Self Worth, would be starting shortly. The classroom door was open for access by anyone happening to wander by for an early meet and greet.

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Jenny bounced in place shaking her hands as she turned in circles while jumping in place. 'You can do this Jen it won't be that hard, yeah its your first day at an actual school that's also a school for huntresses and hunters but its just a school!' She slowed to a stop and sighed as she made sure her headphones were resting on her shoulders with her and gently touched them. 'Please don't make me need these... i really don't want to have to explain them and then get laughed at...'

She thought before patting her cheeks as she closed her eyes. 'Come on Jen focus!' She then lowered her hands and nodded determinedly before walking to the class before pausing and walking back to grab her notebooks and writing tools. This was her first class here at the academy since she arrived the other day so she was pretty nervous about how things may go. She slowly creeped into the room as she thought to herself.

'It's okay just go in, find a free space, and blend into the crowd.' Her eyes went wide as she realized she was the first one there. 'There's no crowd! Abort! Abort!' She was about to turn around and run off but forced herself to speak to the teacher. "Hello Sir.... Am I too early for class....?"

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Kiriraya Okamikari
In mid bite a student arrived, looking rather confused and worried. Poor girl looked like she was ready to bolt out the room at any minute, but decided to talk to him as he ate. Genesis took over War, moving the suit of metal behind him to extend a hand holding a napkin, which Kiri took and wiped his lips.

"Good afternoon mam, atleast I think it's afternoon. Is it afternoon Genesis?" "Yes sir, internal clock indicates it is indeed afternoon." "Ahh, then yes. Good afternoon mam, my name is Kiriraya Okamikari, you can address me as such or you can simply call me Professor Squall. I will be your teacher for class along with Genesis. And yes, you are a tad early, but that's no harm. If you wish to grab a meal and join me before class starts, you're more than welcome to do so. Unless you decide to exit and return when class is starting, either or. Genesis, say Hello to the student." "Good afternoon madam, I hope today is treating you well."

She spoke, and Kiri went back to eating, a slow, relaxed pace while Genesis took over his eyes, causing them to glow a faint color so she could get a look at the student, before giving sight back to Squall. He stopped eating for a moment, diverting his attention from the food to the student as he had a question or two.

"Is there anything you wish to tell me about yourself before class does start, any disabilities, problems, concerns you may have that should be discussed, disorders that require any special patience or attention? I'd like to know before anything decides to randomly pop up, as well as if you are one of the nut jobs Syne's flooded with."

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I don't need to get help...I'm not some helpless little girl anymore... the mantra repeated in Amarante's head as she walked down the hall to the class her mother had all but physically put her in. Events recently had been...unkind to the tiny faunus. She had seen someone murdered and everything she thought she knew as skewed. Her team leader had turned into something from a horror movie and had once again disappeared, leaving his equally disturbing wife to keep the team "safe". She wasn't sure which she should be more afraid of, her enemies or her allies. Flaring her aura, Amarante studied her tails for a brief moment before extinguishing it and watched them fade. She walked right past the room and had to backtrack a bit before finding it. The name of the class was Self worth with the Specialist. Ironic since her parents had beaten it into her that her only value was how many sons she could pop out for whatever asshole they chose to be her husband. The class description was somewhat vague, but she was supposed to get herself back together and damn if anything stopped their precious timetable. She saw another student already here speaking to a man and- "eep! Giant killer robot." She really didn't like how everyone here towered over her. She quietly took a seat in the back corner, hoping no one noticed.

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Fuyuko scrolled through her schedule as she quickly and quietly made her way to the proper corridors leading to the right class. The series of misfortunes that were her life had forced her to take as many classes as she could physically do and still be a functioning person. She had chosen this class since it was the only one that was available for her open slot. She slowed down as she checked the time again, still a good ten to fifteen minutes or so she guessed. Hopefully it wouldn't be a very small class and someone there would be smarter than her and no one would pay attention to the cat girl wearing clothes at least three sizes too big. She stopped outside and looked around before making adjustments to herself for the umpteenth time. She stood against the wall and pointed Rebellion in and swept the room, making sure to stay out of sight while also trying to prevent too much of the gun from being seen. Both students already in there were girls and an added bonus, both were faunus. She recognized Amarante from the last mission, a thought that brought unpleasant memories of the crows. She'd be having nightmares about the bastards for a long time. She calmly walked in and chose a seat that gave her an excellent view of the room. Now if one of the serial killers of Syne showed up, she would have a wall at her back.

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Jenny noticed then that they guy was mid eating when she had interrupted him and pushed out a, "Oh uh- I'm sorry if I'm interrupting you sir." she said in a very sincere and respectful manner. She then also at that moment as he addressed her noticed the mechanical robot by him making her eyes light up with curiosity. She though tried to focus on the teacher as he spoke and nodded at his introduction. She then gave him a small uncertain bow then.

This was the right way to greet your teachers respectfully right? She then timidly spoke up to say her name. "I am Jennifer Nicole Necowl... It's nice to meet you Professor Squall." She then eyed the robot again as he mentioned Genesis her eyes lit up with curiosity again as she thought of the name while looking at the robot that she assumed was genesis. She gave a small timid wave before once again refocusing on the teacher as he made his offer of her eating with him.

"No thank you, I actually ate before i came so i wouldn't be hungry and could souly focus on the class..." She explained in a still very timid manner. "I'm more than willing to stay and talk though sir." She then looked to the robot again and nodded to it. "Same to you, mine has been a bit nerve racking but its only to be expected... Can I ask if you identify as a male or female so i know how to address you."

She asked in a just as respectful manner to genesis or at least what she was assuming who genesis was. She then noticed the slight glow but tried not to bring it up on the off chance it was a sensitive topic or something she shouldn't have noticed and would have been... 'bad' if she did. She then fully focused on the teacher then as he started to ask her questions. "Well... There is a fear that i have that i think would count as a disability for a school like this."

She hoped he wouldn't laugh but  he was a teacher and they were suppose to be understanding of how students are with things like this... right? [color=blue]"I have a fear of the sound of gun shots... I can look at them all i want but I don't do well with the sound so I made these so if i ever need to fight or anything while i'm here for training I don't hear the gun shots..." She explained pointing to her head phones nervously.

"I also haven't really been to a real school before let alone one that is even half this big so I may be slow on figuring out how certain things work here..." She explained a bit embarrassedly. "Oh and I'm not insane... to my knowledge at least... I'm just a normal girl... or well not totally normal but-" she looked off a bit  looking a bit embarrassed.

"I should stop talking before i make you think im some kind of mass murder shouldn't i....?" Her head then perked up as she thought she heard someone enter the room and looked back to see-  'Oh my gosh tinny girl tiny girl!' her tail slightly started to move then under its cloth that hid it as she saw the girl. She liked people who were tinier than her.

She couldn't really figure out why but it was just something that she just always like since she was a kid. She though noticed the slight movement of her tail and tried to discreetly hold it down with one of her free hands. She though eyed the girl and her tails, it seemed she wasn't the only faunus here at the school. Which was really good for her in the long run, she didn't want to show off that she was one yet ergo the cloth she used to hide her tail and the mouth cover she used to hide her teeth.

She looked back to the teacher then and gave an awkward smile that wasn't really visible due to her mouth mask before saying an awkward "Well... the other students seem to be coming in now so... i'll go find a seat..." She said before making her way to a near by seat and set up her notebooks and writing tools.

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Kiriraya Okamikari
The 'killer robot' comment didn't go unnoticed as Genesis took over his eyes, making them glow and he turned his attention to the small girl, adorable both in looks and comments.

"Killer? No no no, Genesis hasn't had to take anyone's life yet, which is probably a good thing. She'd use non lethal combat up until someone proves they are too hostile for the area and people around them. But no, Genesis is here to keep you all safe, either from harm, or each other. She hasn't, and hopefully won't, ever have the issue arise of a malfunction either."

He spoke to Amarante, watching the other student make her way into the room. Genesis locked onto the girls movement from the moment she entered, up until she made her way to the back of the room. The man gave her a wave, and Genesis gave him his sight back to respond to the young woman who entered the room first.

"Genesis was molded around a stable female personality, matched with a female voice. Thus, I'd have to say if Genesis were to be anything, she would be female. She has a care taker mentality applied to her way of thinking, so she will always be ready to protect anyone's life. And as for your fear, a quite peculiar one to say the least. I've never heard of such from a student, but I see that you've done well to counteract such.

Just make sure it doesn't get you killed, as your fear of gunshots allows you to be prepared in the time of gun fire, wouldn't want a sniper picking your head off, now would you?"
"Would be a terrible fate madam. And if you need anything at all I or the professor will be sure to help your needs until you see fit that you don't need us to assist you. And if you were a mass murderer, I still wouldn't do anything about it until you'd prove yourself harmful to the other students. That isn't my job to worry about that, that is the authorities."

Genesis spoke in a calm tone. As everyone took their seats, he finished up his meal and dropped his paper plate into the garbage. He cleared his throat, stood up, and held his hands together.

"Well, good afternoon students, those of you whom are attending my class are here because you have low, to non-existent self worth. I'll bring forth the ideal now that if anyone simply thinks this is a joke class, or are in my class to belittle others, I will surely remove any of you from the class room, by force, with or without a suit powered by a nuclear reactor with a self learning Artificial intelligence. Now that that's been said, my name is Kiriraya Okamikari, you can address me as Mr. Okami, or Professor Squall.

I am an armor developer and designer, I make different styles of armor and suits for people to continue their daily life safe of harm in their profession. Behind me is War, a suit I made both for myself and for Genesis to use. On the side I design prosthetics that allow people without limbs or functioning use of them to continue their normal life as a normal person. I am a beneficial member to society because of that, as all of you are beneficial to society because each of you chose the profession of hunting Grimm.

The civilians surely appreciate the job you do in protecting them, as some of them can't do the job themselves. Now, while you people may think that you have low self worth, being in this classroom, right here, right now, is a prime example of change. Each of you want to change the thoughts about yourself, and each of you, believe it or not, are worth something. Many students here have lost their family to Grimm, only to be saved by fellow Hunters and Huntresses, meaning that someday, sometime, you students may be the reason someone gets to continue living their life.

It's more common then it seems, people losing their families to these monstrosities that plague our everyday routine. I, both as a professor and a person, thank each and every one of you for doing what you do. Providing stability in every day life, risking your own lives so people can enjoy theirs. You are all wonderful, thoughtful people. Look around you students, everyone beside you, more or less, feels the same way about themselves as you do. These people are similar to you, thus giving you a reason to bond and relate.

Whether you choose to do so is beyond my power, as I cannot force anyone to change their way of thinking, and I won't pursue the issue of helping you if you can't help yourself. So, onto the subject of self worth, equaling to self help, all of you have come here today with a goal and a story. A journey, and a dream that each of you want to make in order to better yourselves."

Genesis took over War and grabbed some papers, walking to the students to place a sheet of paper on each of their desks. Each with the similar set up, and returned to her spot behind Squall as she finished passing them out.

Issues and concerns:
Additional info (optional):

"Please, once you are done filling out the sheet, move the paper to the corner of your desk so that I may retrieve it." "Once everyone is finished filling out their paper I will one on one address everyone's issues and concerns, as well as your goals so that others may share a similarity on the issues you feel. If you finish before the others, draw a picture if you want to, or take a moment to relax. I will judge activities based on issues and concerns, in an attempt to try and solve atleast a few.

Remember, this class will not help you if you don't have the drive to help yourself. No one will pity you in the real world, causing you to either rot on the inside out, or turn into one of the many insane asylum rejects this school is littered with, or worse. But I think the insane asylum rejects about as worse as things can probably get for you."
"Agreed, professor. Would be a terrible fate for these lovely children."

"Everyone has potential, whether they choose to tap into it or not is all on them. Once you're done, all of you, we will begin class officially and start our session. Do know that just because you're in a classroom doesn't mean I'm keeping all learning activities privately to classroom use. We may have a trip to the city, the woods, or around the school to further help in your progress on the road to self help."

He spoke in an official tone, resuming his seat in his chair as he allowed Genesis to take over his sight once more to analyze the students behavior so that she may incorporate it into her learning system to become more humanly.

(Few things, I may do a vote on where we go if anyone likes the idea of 'out of classroom' activities. If you all like the idea, I'll work on it from there.

Posting order will go as such, as this is a small class.


This is also my first attempt at a class so I hope you all enjoy it ^_^)

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Amarante read the sheet:

Issues and concerns:
Additional info (optional):

well...This is...going to be enlightening.

She wrote her name age and major quickly, Amarante Sakura,  17, dust . Her issues and concerns....She'd get back on that. Goals, goals. ...She wrote down to be self sufficient . Maybe he'd understand what she meant. Under additional information she wrote wealthy family with controlling parents . She looked back at issues and concerns. She assumed Professor Okami meant self esteem issues and concerns or something along those lines.

I'm four feet tall with double D's, my parents are grooming me for the sole purpose of giving birth to as many sons as I possibly can and everything that has happened has only proven I am incapable of taking care of myself. she thought of the training she had tried, it had been an abysmal failure, the program cutting when she almost got hurt by falling off a roof. The mission recently... that had helpless written all over it. She closed her eyes and considered for a moment before writing down completely dependant on others and constantly objectified. it seemed like that just about summed up the entire problen.

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Name: Faeth Riv Fuyuko Ebony

Fuyuko frowned as she looked at the name she crossed out. A red flag if ever there was one.

Major: Tech
Issues and concerns:

She had spent her life being told she wasn't a person, she was a tool for her betters to use as they saw fit. She habitually avoided eye contact and had spent little time to really find out about herself. Her recent adventure had shown a part of her that she wanted to be like: confident,  sure, assertive to a point.  She glanced around and then wrote: 

weak in mind and spirit.

She didn't realize she had started crying until a tear hit the paper. Wiping her face, she glanced around and was glad that it appeared no one noticed.


She thought for a moment. Mr. Alucard had asked this several times in the few months that she had been staying with him. She smiled as she thought of the kind old man. That's what her goal was:

To be like Mr. Alucard

The additional information section was listed as optional,  so she left it open as she quickly looked around and then wiped her eyes again.

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Jenny looked back to the small girl as the teacher clarified to her that the only danger that genesis seemed that she would prove would be only directed at dangerous individuals trying to hurt the non hostile students in the class… Or well he gave more info but that was the main idea that Jenny got from his statement.

Jenny had to admit though, Genesis was sounding cooler and cooler to her by the moment. She nodded hearing his explanation of what she was and then bowed. ”Well it is very nice to meet you miss Genesis, I am excited to learn from you and Professor Squall.” She said in a very respectful tone with not as much timidness as before.

She stood back up straight as he talk about her fear and she nodded ”Yes… I have been working a lot on ways to counteract my fear so that I can fight properly which my semblence helps with when it comes to one on one fights.” SHe said slightly going back into her timid speaking fashion.

She then nodded ”Understood sir.” It hadn’t gotten her killed thus far, though much of that was all due to pure luck as far as she was concerned. She liked how kind the two were, they were very good at making others feel better… or at least to her they were. She then went to her seat, after her prep work she looked to the teacher as he began to speak giving him her full attention.

Her head dropped a bit hearing the opening statement. It seemed that her mentor thought she had low to no self worth…. Well she couldn’t blame him to be honest, he wasn’t all too far off for the most part. She then looked to War as he explained it, it seemed that it wasn’t really Genesis but something Genesis could use to do things… So was Genesis in him or something?

She thought over this as she listened to his words, making technology like this wouldn’t be too bad of a job, maybe if hunting didn’t go well she could go into that line of work instead. He was right about some of the civilians not being able to protect themselves, her whole life up till now was a very good example of that. As he went on the subject of people losing their families to grimm she had flashes of her and her sister hiding from the grimm.

Then when he talked about how they were then saved by the hunters and huntresses she had flashes of the group of them that came that night only to find they were too late to save her village but couldn’t keep her sister and her safe due to them hiding still. It was true that at one point in her life they did manage to save her life a few years ago but still the reminder of that night and what it lead to… it didn’t really put a good taste in her mouth.

He then thanked the students for what they did but she took it as him thanking the students that could actually take down a grimm and do so all the time unlike her who up till now had to hide or run from grimm…. Usually both. As she felt her feelings about herself drop more and more she mentally decided that her mentor had made a good call with this class.

She then by the time she refocused was given a paper by Genesis or at least she thought it was her that was in War right now. She looked down at it biting her lip slightly under her mask as her eyes hit the last few subjects he wanted them to explain and tell him about. She tensed a bit as she wondered if this meant that he would be reading their answers out loud and say whose they were, the thought of him saying her issues and answers out loud while everyone stared at her scared her a bit so be careful she wrote by her name a note to him.

Name: Jennifer Nicole Necowl (Please don’t say my name if you want to read out loud my answers.)

She hoped that she could still get the proper help without having her answers out on display for everyone to see and or hear. She paused her work as she heard the possible activities they would do in class, she liked the ideas of them and really hoped that her not wanting her name to be said would ruin any of that. She didn’t really know anything on how schools really worked so as far as she knew this could possibly cause a request of her to leave the class to happen. She though started to go though and answer the other questions on the paper.

Age: 17
Major: Tech
Issues and Concerns: I have in my own opinion many of them that I don’t think really could be summed up in a small explained space so for now I will just try to sum up a few. As stated before I have a fear of the sound of gun shots. I have two other fears but they aren’t really combat related. They are the fear of the dark and insects. I have some issues with trying to deal with being a faunus ever since I came to the kingdom where there seems to be many people who don’t like faunus. I am worried about trying to adjust to a proper school like this one since as stated before, I haven’t ever been to one before. I worry about becoming as competent of a fight as everyone else here in the terms of ever being able to become that strong.
Goal: For everyone I know and care for to stop dying trying to keep me safe. To become a strong fighter so I can finally protect others and save people's lives rather than them losing them because of me.
Additional info (optional): Genesis and you are very nice thank you for being so understanding so far.

After she finished she flipped over her paper and slid it to the corner of her desk though as she waited on some remaining few to finish she started to lean forward and started to doodle on the back of her paper of a chibi like girl that had long hair and dog ears. She smiled softly at the picture and made a few others that were rather silly in mood set of them with little captions by some where the chibi girl talks that had many punish lines. She though sat up as the papers would be collected and let her paper be taken then.

((OOC: I’m really up for the activities outside the classroom idea, also great job so far man. I love the paper fill out idea it really makes you think of how your character would answer things in character and such. Speaking of which the cross outs are all erased things that if he looked closely he may be able to see what she originally wrote.))

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Kiriraya Okamikari
As everyone seemed to have finished up on the work sheet Genesis took over War once more and approached the students, grabbing the papers off their desks politely and returned back to the professor, handing them to him. His eyes stopped glowing, regaining his sight to spread the sheets out on his desk, reading over them for a moment giving a peaceful silence.

"It's as though we have a Dust major, Tech major, and Combat major. A diverse group of students, interesting enough that there isn't repetition with the majors. Basically two people wanting to be self sufficient in their ways, another.... Interesting."

He spoke, clearing his throat once more as he felt Genesis take over his sight to read the papers, causing his eyes to glow once more as she scanned the words on the page, picking up any erase marks and identifying the once written words through the marks on the paper. As she finished, he stood up, holding the three papers in his hand.

"I'm going to go down the list vocally, as to reduce the need for one on one interactions and I can do this just as easily. Alright, first off, Amarante, age 17. You wish to be self sufficient, but as you wrote down your parents are basically controlling you you can't do such and be yourself. Once you are 18, a legal adult, you are free to make your own decisions, thus counteracting your parents. If need be, I can have a sit down discussion and beat it into their head that forcing someone to do what they want usually has negative repercussions, but that is your choice. You also said that you are dependent on others, which could be fixed with an active team as you can learn what to do as your role, thus making you your own self sufficient person that others can depend on instead of you depending on them.

Or it can be fixed by simply going your own direction in life. Though it isn't too major a problem to be dependent on someone else, I can see where it's a problem in your eyes, so you want to change that to be more independent. You also wish to be known as who you are, not what people want you to be. By doing so you must prove to yourself that you are worth more than just an object, both physically and verbally. Asserting yourself more where you stand can help you with such, as you are indeed more worthy as a person than an object of someone's control."

He spoke calmly, addressing what he should. He would probably have to sit down and talk with her after class, try to push her to be more assertive towards others in life, try to break the quiet mentality that she currently seemed to have.

"Fuyuko, age 18. You wrote down that you feel as though you are weak in mind and spirit. To be weak in mind you wouldn't have shown up to today's class, so that is a step forward on your end. To be weak in spirit however seems to me that you may have a lack of motivation. Again, the fact you showed up means something. To boost your confidence in yourself I would look towards goals, possibly several planned out goals that start small, working their way up. Or vice versa, getting done with a major goal and working down the line.

It seems you and Ms. Amarante both have an issue of asserting yourselves from what I can tell as you said nothing when you entered the room, I feel as though that's something you two can take care of with each others help. A helpful hand extended towards another allows for help on issues that may be more deep rooted, and practice asserting yourself with the help of each other would ultimately be better than trying to fly solo. Just a simple suggestion."

Finally, the artist. He took a moment to look at her drawing, having a small laugh to himself at the cute picture. Genesis gave him a tap on the head, and his demeanor went back to what it was.

"Please pay attention sir. You can be distracted by the pictures later." "Oh thanks for calling me out Genesis, means a lot." "You're welcome sir." "Jenny, age 17. You have a fear of the sound of firearms, not uncommon for some in this line of work. Though it can be a bit problematic on your end in a fire fight as I said, by being part of a team you could quickly rid yourself of the fear of things by being around them so much it becomes uninteresting to you. You want to become stronger, though you come off as a tad timid.

Again, nothing unheard of, so there isn't a need to be embarrassed as such. You wish to protect others, again a team based theme would work well for you as you'd learn to protect those around you from immediate danger, you will grow stronger in both mind and body. Do note class that a team effort does solve more problems for everyone rather than trying to do things by yourself. Each of you seem to coincide with your current issues you face, giving you a common ground to work off of."

He spoke, finishing up with the final student, not mentioning certain things but still mentioning what could be fixed easier than other things. He read the small comment and adjusted his words, but still said what was needed. He pulled the chip from his neck and planted it inside war, the machine lighting up with activity.

"Genesis, it's your turn. What are your recommendations for what you've heard and read so far?" "I propose a group activity, either in the woods or in the city to practice the methods spoken. For group activities, they will be decided after the students come to an agreement on where they would like to go. Whether it be the beach, the forest, the town, or the woods. It is up for you three to decide." "Well, there you have it students. Decide where you would like to go first, if you have any ideas for activities do share them, I'll be patiently waiting for you three to come to a decision before we go any further. Unless of course you want a more one on one experience, which can be tended to after class is done."

(Thank ya ^_^)

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Amarante watched the professor as he spoke, turning slightly red. Aaaannnd I didn't expect that. she wasn't sure if she should be embarrassed or pleased about how things seemed to be turning out. The idea of going against her parents seemed terrifying. She had only done so twice and both times had ended very poorly, starting with her father knocking her around and ending with a lecture on how useless and ungrateful Amarante must be to even think of going against their wishes. She wanted to tell Professor Okami that her family wasn't used to being crossed, but a look at the robot made her change her mind. If her father sent plug - uglies,  she could guess how badly it would end for them. Turning to the other two, she quietly spoke, "The forest sounds like a good place to start...I think."

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Fuyuko gritted her teeth, both upset and relieved for a second. She quickly made her face neutral and studied the dog faunus from the corner of her eye. She had picked up small cues that led her to assume Jenny was a dog faunus, but she could easily be wrong on that. She had been rather vague on her problems, in retrospect that didn't quite work. Maybe after class she could talk to Mr. Okami. The idea of exploring the woods seemed like a good one. She nodded, "that sounds like a good idea." Going to town sounded like it would make more sense, but if starting in the woods and then working up to navigating crowded places was what everyone wanted, then she wouldn't interfere with that choice.

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Jenny watched Genesis or who she assumed was Genesis take over war and collect the worksheets. This time as she came by Jenny decided to get a closer look at her in a rather curious manner, she wanting to get a better look at her this time. She looked her over the most she could before she fully passed by and returned to the other teachers side. Jenny’s head perked up more when he looked over the papers and sighed a bit in relief, it seemed that he was most likely just looking them over and wasn’t going to name any names.

She leaned back in her seat then before her eyes went wide as he announced that he was actually going to read them out loud and started to do so. Jenny bit her lip under her mask as her foot tapped nervously for whenever he would get to hers She tried to focus at his word but her nervousness was really getting the better of her. What if the others laughed at her hearing what she had put or give her weird looks or something?

When he started to look over a sheet covered in drawings and laughed a bit she knew that that must be hers… Her foot tapped a bit more nervously as he started to speak then. She listened carefully to his words then this time. He said that if she had a team it could help her become more used to the gun sounds to where they wouldn’t be as interesting… That would work… if it was just a normal born with fear but Jenny doubted that they would ever be just boring sounds to her one day after what all she had been though with them.

Though she would try her best to at least try if he really thought that it could help. He was right with the next part 100%, she had used to be rather brave and outgoing but… not after… She looked down a bit but pushed her thoughts away trying to refocus as she kept listening to him. He suggested that she got into a team to also help with that, it made sense, going out and interacting with more people and doing her best to work at defending them better would probably really help her.

The question was, how should she really go about forming a team... Or joining one? She wondered a bit before he started to address the entire class again. He then asked Genesis a question after putting a chip in war, that chip was probably her which would explain Jenny’s question about where Genesis really was.She then suggested that they all left the class to do some group activities together based on where they all wanted to go.

Squall then told them to talk together about where to go first. She then wrote down some quick notes on Squall’s recommendations and then looked over to the girl that then quietly spoke out her idea on where to go. Jenny almost missed her saying something due to her being so quiet but luckily she managed to hear her suggestion just in time as she said it.

Then another girl she hadn’t noticed till then spoke up agreeing with the idea. Jenny then nodded she hadn’t really been in the forest for a long while. ”Yeah okay, that sounds alright to me.” She said a bit timidly before looking to Squall then after they made their choice.

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He was so very late... The screams in his head had made sure of that as he nearly tried to kill some people earlier. Fenrir found the door and leaned against the frame, looking like he had been through hell and back five times...which wasn't far from the mark, "is this the...screw it are you...?" He checked his scroll, "Kiriryama....Oka.." He shook his head to clear it, " Supposed to report to you..." He grabbed his head and focused all the pain and anger into a shield and drove the voices away....for now, "ahem, I was told to come to this class." He wasn't quite sure why he had to, but that had been what the student rep had told him. apparently this guy was good at helping people fight their inner demons and Fenrir had some big ones raging about inside as he pulled a sleeve back to look at a glyph on his arm, grey, a good sign for now. He made his way to the last desk and dropped in it, exhausted and his confidence shattered from his recent experience.

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Kiriraya Okamikari
The ladies had taken the time to figure out their next destination, upon such Genesis was taking little side notes of their interactions, upon agreeing the woods was the place to go he nodded softly, following up with a yawn.

"Fuyuko you with work with Jenny, Amarante you will work with me. Fuyuko has a gun, Jenny needs work on the firearm discharge sounds, thus you too make nice and get to know eachother. Amarante you will work with me as you need work asserting yourself, I have a few ideas in mind that could help. If you'd like you can get to know the other students or talk to me personally. Aside from that, if anyone has questions you're more than welcome to a-"

He spoke, the sudden sound of a new voice caused him to jolt slightly, a small burst of teal fire erupting from his mouth like a dragon. He looked toward the direction of the voice, the fire quietly vanishing as he realized it was just another student, and one whom was rather late at that. Oh well, it was what it was.

"I didn't expect you to show up, seeing as we've already minutely discussed plans. But you're here now, better late than never. Genesis, give the man a pain killer and the student information sheet. As for the formalities, you can address me as Professor Squall instead of my name. People tend to find that easier."

Genesis reached into his desk, grabbing a high grade painkiller and the sheet she passed out to the students before.

Issues and concerns:
Additional info (optional):

She walked silently, possessing the mass of metal but her walking sound reduced to almost nothing as she made her way to his desk, placing a pill and the sheet infront of Fen and returned to her position behind Squall.

"Once you finish filling that out Genesis will collect it. So far the class has decided on a trip to the woods to focus more on their current needs and issues, I will find your position of help once I receive the paper and see what needs to be done. Take your time."

He spoke, taking a small moment to relax as he was giving the students time with each other. Genesis in War took a moment to analyze Fen like she did the other students, and returned to her work on her project, tossing a pill bottle over to Squall.

"Take your medicine, sir." "Oh yeah, thanks Gen. Do we have any current work orders to attend to?" "You have a patient coming in later today to get his arm worked on, other than that, aside from the current projects we are up to date on everything." "Ahh, good good. As for the arm, eh, he must have been abusing the material for it to need work done to it this early, I make prosthetics to last and for it to need work I'm gonna slap the idiot."

He sighed, popping the cap to the bottle. He swallowed the pills, then began focusing on work and interactions for the time to be spent in the woods. Team activities would be important enough, bringing food was second most important. He stood up quietly, the massive man reaching up to pluck his curved blade off the wall and laid it across the desk, pulling out a sharpening stone from his drawer to clean up the long curved edge, sharpen the back edge up to the head hook, making sure that was dull. He didn't need to decapitate anyone by trying to catch their neck.

"Gen, do we have enough in the school budget for meals for the class or is that going to have to come out of my pocket?" "One moment ........... Budget allows for the teaching of students, food would cut down the budget for resources. It would have to come out of your pocket should you decide to." "Okay, how does War feel now? Moving better?" "Yes sir, all systems operating efficiently."

(Welcome Fenrir)

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Amarante shyly nodded as she considered what he meant by having a few ideas, I really hope it isn't something crazy like giving speeches or talking to my father. the head man of Sakura Mercantile wasn't known for patience or understanding. last time he spoke to her he had slammed her up against a wall and was screaming in her face about how useless she was as a daughter. soooo....yeah. Her mothet, while equally unreasonable,  would at least pretend to listen before the very articulate lecture on how Amarante was a major disappointment and why couldn't she be more like her perfect older sister. If she was really lucky, bother her brother and sister might join in with carefully hidden barbs diguise as words meant to be kind. on second thought, literally anything except talking to her family would be a good idea.

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Fuyuko turned to Jenny and held he hand like a paw towards her, "meow" :3 she smiled, "pleasure" it took a couple seconds to remember not many people uunderstood her one word sentences, "pleasure to meet you." She smiled a bit awkwardly hoping that she didn't come off as crazy....t least not to far gone on the scale Syne seemed to be using to draw on students. Her ears and tail twitched excitedly at the thought of showing off Rebellion... even though the idea of being in the spotlight scared her as well... Fuyuko really needed to sort out whatever the hell was going on on her head as she jumped between extremes with her thoughts. She glanced warily at Fenrir. A class for people with low to nonexistent self esteem sounded like the last place the murdering bastard would be. Maybe he had a heart underneath that whole, "imma kill da princess" thing he had when she met him. He certainly looked like he was in really bad shape, "see him?" She whispered to Jenny, "I think he's up to something."

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Jenny looked over after she and the others finished talking when the teacher began to speak to them after a yawn. She though looked back to the girl she hadn’t noticed all too long ago when the teacher gave her instructions before looking back to the teacher. He then said it was because she had to work on her fear making Jenny tense up a lot. She was far from ready to even try to start to fix that flaw of hers… that and she didn’t want to overly freak out or cry in front of someone she just met let alone during class…  

She was about to raise her hand to ask if they could start working on something else first for her but a guy then came in cutting off the teacher. Jenny looked over to the guy who came then. Her eyes then followed him as he made his way to the last desk to sit in while the teacher started to reply to him. She looked to genesis for a moment as she went over and gave the new guy the items he needed.

She though after they were allowed to speak to each other blinked as she hear a meow and looked to the girl she was partnered up with to see her hand held out like a paw to her. She smiled a bit and gently grabbed it to shake her hand thinking that’s what she wanted since she assumed that was her way of greeting her which after she rephrased her last word into a full sentence.

To Jenny this girl was acting just pretty friendly and nice so she smiled to her back behind her mask. “Hi, nice to meet you too.” She noticed the twitching in her tail and ears which to her just made her smile more, she missed being around other faunus. She blinked as the girls attention was redirected to the new guy which so did Jenny’s then as she looked over to him then back to her before whispering back.

“I don’t really know him so I might not see it but… Why would you think that if you mind me asking?” She asked kindly to her.

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Fenrir's wolf ear twitched as he overheard the two girls on the end. He turned and gave the one he hadn't seen before a slightly demented smile, not hard for a guy haunted by the ghosts of his victims, "Hi, I'm Fenrir Sable, I kill people for money." He turned back to the paper and glanced it over before filling it:

Fenrir Sable

He thought of how to best word his problem. He had made a promise to someone dear to him at a time when it was impossible to keep said promise. Rose may be dead now, but he felt like he should at least try to renew the light she saw in him....if it wasn't so damn easy to kill. He pinched the bridge of his nose in thought as he recalled painful memories before rapidly suppressing them. finally, he simply wrote:

I failed. 

Those two words killed him. an admission of weakness, something he had had beaten into him since he could first understand the concept of success and failure. If anyone had asked, he would have told outrageous stories about how the scars on his body came from his brave exploits and daring missions. truth was, every single one of his scars came from his own family when he was being first trained. He had rarely fought what most would call an "honorable" fight. that was the first rule of combat as an assassin, win at any cost. He glanced at the last bit. It seemed optional so he decided to leave it blank. no need to give too much information when someone could steal it from the professor.

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Kiriraya Okamikari
Quiet time, well, quiet for Kiri, as he lost focus of the things around him for a moment, still overhearing the words, the first words, Fuyuko had said since entering the class. Shyness, somewhat of a thing to take note of. All seemed well, except a comment tossed that didn't quite float well with the professor.

"A murderer, hmm? I remember the day I took a life, it was dark outside. I'd been walking around my home for a while, looking for an address. I cut through an alleyway, and was approached by a man. He came at me with a knife, and I put out my hand, upon doing so turned him into ash. The saddest part, the man was an actor getting ready to perform, and he had thought I was one of his performers come to aid him in his act. I wasn't charged, as the knife happened to not be a prop.

Ruined that performance, and came out of jail with a self defense case. Why I share this, Mr. Sable, is simply because the fact anyone here has killed someone or not, is not my problem nor my job. But I recommend you not scaring the rest of the class with your history, no matter how red it happened to be. Wouldn't want someone taking a hit out on you, now would we? Fear does such strange things to the human mind"

He spoke in a passive tone, his eyes still closed while Genesis looked over the classroom. Upon seeing that Fenrir had stopped writing, War walked over and collected the sheet, bringing it over to Squall. She was the first to look it over, then he did. A simple paper, but the two words meant a thousand. Failure, something that corroded the mind of anyone, and could affect anyone in a moments notice. He thought back to his failure, the time he learned of his semblance.

"Fenrir Sable, age 18. A dust major. A short paper, simply writing 'I failed'. Failure, a gruesome thing, almost a plague on ones mental stability, leading to odd behavior in an attempt to not have such happen again, leading to more, and more failure. If you wish to elaborate on that aspect in private you are welcome to do so, but as simple the message you gave me, I understand the pain of failure and the burden it can leave. I burned my own home to the ground, a manor as large as the dorming section of this school, upon learning my semblance, most children doing so in a less destructive way I felt as big a failure as could be.

My suggestion, Mr. Sable, is challenging yourself with harder and harder tasks to prepare yourself incase of anything, working both your mind and body to the aspect of reducing your chances of failure. Because you had happened to fail doesn't mean it won't happen again, but once such a dilemma that caused you to attend class today occurs again, which in life it always will, you will be better prepared for the outcome. Because you happened to fail doesn't mean you are worth less than what you are now. Everyone is human."

He spoke, grabbing his mass of metal off his desk. He placed Jenny's paper on the top, using his blade to cleanly separate the drawing from the rest of the paper, then took everyone's sheet in hand. He inhaled softly, exhaling a breath of real fire to reduce the sheets to ash, which Genesis cleaned off the desk.

"Genesis has the information stored in her system, so nobody will happen to find these and belittle those trying to better themselves."

He looked down to the drawing, picking it up and handing it to Genesis that had finished disposing of the mess he made. She walked over to Jenny, placing the drawing on her desk and walked back to the teacher, taking the time to take the blade from him to hang it back on its resting place.

"Well class, we've come to the end of the introduction portion of what being in this room would accomplish. You are free to carry on with your free time, part two of the class will be in Skylight woods in the open field that would be the event center in two hours. Gives me time to set some things up. If anyone wishes to talk to me about anything they'd wish to discuss in private now is the time to do so. If nobody has anything to say, I'll see you all in the woods."

(This ends part one of the class, a simple introduction as the whole classroom thing is pretty boring all in all. The second part I will make hopefully within the next 24 hours. Anything private you wish to share via Pm's is welcome and will be classified as information from student to teacher. If all goes well there will be an arranged guest appearance in the woods. See ya there)

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