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Party of a lifetime!(Open to 4 others and Marcus)

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Magnus Mist
Magnus normally had a small house, but he often rented a warehouse for the large parties the threw. There was one he rented every tuesday, and made an effort to decorate it. It was obviously a warehouse, but with the amount of drinks and less savory alternitives there was, most overlooked it. These always cost him so much money, but they were always worth it. He always met interesting people, sometimes like himself. The fun loving, party endorsing type.

He made it look extravagant, with blues and greens all over the wall, with baskets full of ice and win. With lights and flashy images, this was going to be the best one yet. He was, of course, going to perform at the party like he always did. It rarely went well, since Magnus was both a terrible singer and had no aptitude for the guitar like he clearly thought he did. He even practiced in his free time, to no avail. He really had no ability to play the guitar. He was good at many other things, but the guitar was not one of them.

He was, however, good at getting dark and dirty things for next to free. In exchange for jobs, he often took resources instead of money, making getting the heavy duty alcohol a easy sweep. Doing guard duty for random shops makes it easy to get food, and guarding rich kids was easy money. All of these things made it super easy for him to do parties on the scale he did. Sometimes, he even had nice donations from people who came to his parties, even though he hosts them completely for free.

There were couches and chairs everywhere, with signs leading to the party going even to the business areas. With varying distances place on them of course, for the sake of the people, less so for the sake of himself. It’s not like the party moved. He just hoped no one would question why he got the drinks as fast and in as much of a quantity as he did in a leagal way. It wasn’t quite that, so he pretended it was.

It was a nice night out, and making it better, it was roughly 10 PM, as the parties went all night, instead of all day. Night made it prettier.

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Marcus Goldstein
Sparks flew from the ceiling. Then the lights flickered and switched from normal tube lights to lighting much more appropriate for the venue. From where he hung from the support frame like a bat, Marcus looked down.

“Okay try it now!” he yelled at his friend, Perrot Martins, below. Perrot gave a few hops on the dance floor and the strobe lights started to follow him around. Rather than the usual flashy lights that did little else, these beauties were programmed to follow movement patterns. Originally Marcus meant to use the computer that did this to guide anti-air artillery, but given that he sorely lacked the funds to purchase said triple A, it found a temporary home on this dancefloor.

Given the headache the setup alone caused Marcus was glad for the dry run. Better to find out about any glitches before an angry Griffon decided his face looked like lunch.

“Okay that was the last trouble shot.” Marcus said relieved as he ran down the checklist. Music in place, lighting finally fixed, foam dispensers ready for both party use and firefighting and the ventilation was overhauled. It was a point of pride for Marcus that all the parties he helped set up were up to safety codes even if that were the only laws they followed.

Perrot glanced at his watch.

“Not a moment too soon either. Marc what's up man? Normally it doesn't take you half as long as this.”

“Look it's just-” I saw someone die and I let it happen “- kind of hard to explain ___t okay? I'm fine.” he said. “Let's just give Magnus the good news and then ____ing party.”

The engineer clapped his hands enthusiastically behind Magnus as the man also checked his watch.

“Everything's tested and ready to rock on my end. Open her up?” he said, nodding towards the double doors that served as main entrance.

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Magnus Mist
We're restarting the posting order. You took me off guard with your whole actually setting up the party, but I like it so I'm going with it.

Magnus looked at the boy he had hired. He had done a nice job; and hadn't charged much. Thankfully, money wasn't quite a problem for Magnus. Not nearly as much of a problem as one would think. He have far more money if it weren't for his pesky morals. He had been offered millions at one point, to kill someone. He absolutely refused because he can never find a point in killing someone. It's absolutely tasteless. However, that had no hold on this boy. The boy, however, looked like hunting material. He saw his sort at the academy back in Atlas. He remembered his team, but actually never did anything with them at this point. They really just kind of separated when it was near the end.

"Wonderful work, Marcus. Absolutely wonderful. Let's open 'er up, make the people happy for a day this week. I know that this party is sometimes all they have to look forward to, so I always have to get it out and ready on time every single Tuesday. I might hire you back next week."

He watched as the doors were opened and the light was lit up. Everything looked perfect, and all Magnus had to do was sit on a couch with his legs crossed until people came in. He had to bet that they'd start pileing in soon, the regulars, and the new guys coming in at all sorts of times. He liked both, primarily  because it made his life far easier. He made people happy, and that in turn, made him happy. Nothing too crazy or anything, he just wanted to make people happy. It's not like that's a criminal offense, right?

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Fuyuko stealthily watched from her perch across the street. Most people would call her a stalker when she got like thia, the few times she spoke she called it "vetting future friends". Marcus had seemed off when she spotted him a few blocks back. What she was doing in a less than stellar part of town was a poorly kept secret since she was wearing her newly acquired clothes. The dress fit much better, but she really hated how revealing it was. Oh well, at least she wore her armor underneath so it wasn't completely immodest. She cocked her head and twitched her ears, straining to hear the faint sounds coming from across the road. When the door opened, she saw a smarmy - looking man sitting on a couch just barely within her line of sight. She climbed down and walked towards the warehouse. So this is a rich person party. Not very interesting she looked around and spotted Marcus. With a light step perfected from years of staying unobtrusive,  she made her way to him. About three feet away, she stopped, leanied to the right a bit and looked at him expectantly. She wasn't quite sure what she was supposed to do at this point and simply stood there, looking a bit lost as she followed Marcus around.

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Marcus Goldstein
Marcus nodded at Magnus, please with another satisfied customer.

“I'd be happy to help, you have my number. Now excuse me there's some drinks on that bar with my name on 'em.” he said. Now that he finished the backstage construction work it was time to kick back and try to relax. His clothes were a randomly tossed together mostly neat ensemble he was told 'would fit in just fine'. He wore a dark shirt, baseball cap and bandana, cargo pants, sneakers and some odd knick-knacks like a supposedly 'lucky necklace' and wristband. It didn't strike him as particularly fancy, then again Marcus was the first to cheerfully admit he had the fashion sense of a particularly dull brick. He was just happy he kept his outfit clean when he wired the place up that night.

Marcus approached the bar slowly, in thought. Something soft to start off with, he decided. You, alcohol, can wait until later, he thought as he eyed a black bottle labelled 'Revenge of the Deathstalker'. He went for the orange juice instead. Actual, freshly squeezed juice straight from the fruit that was, none of that cheap prepackaged stuff. Some cocktail wizard behind the bar had been quite insistent on an automated squeezer so Marcus was damn well going to make sure that at least one person was going to use it. People began to fill the room, and he turned around on his barstool to see who.

Only to come face to face with Feath.

Oh wow she is cute in that dress and armour combo. Uhm, conversation starter, something smooth, come on brain.

“Hey Feath you look cute in that." he said immediately. “Didn't expect to see you here, to be honest. Expecting someone?”

... Roll with it.

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Fuyuko blushed something fierce, he thinks I'm cute! I didn't even have to say or do anything. alright,  now to introduce myself . She tilted her head and lifted her hand like it was a cat's paw,  "meow" Her customary greeting often got stares, but tonight she didn't mind all that much. She was also willing to overlook the fact Marcus had used her old name. She looked at the drinks and sniffed carefully, not sure which one to get, "what are these? " She asked in her soft voice as she shied away from a large man who was standing uncomfortably close. She was really grateful to be wearing her armor under this dress, the red offset the gold nicely and made her look elegant, an impressive feat considering her lack of....assets.

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Marcus Goldstein
Out of the bustle, some man came a bit too close to Fuyuko for her comfort.

'Who is this?' his face said. Marcus shot an irritated glare his way.

'Mine. F___ off.'

That dealt with, he returned his full attention back to her.

"Just about every cocktail ingredient we got our greedy mitts on." Marcus said, and he grinned as he got an idea.

"Want to try some? Drinks on me." he offered. Now, there were a fair number of hard liquors available at the bar. How hard? Some counted as a disinfectant in a fair number of kingdoms, and one actually got recommended as a fire-starter. So what would happen if Fuyuko, who all told couldn't weigh more than a hundred pounds soaking wet, drank a couple of cocktails with that good stuff mixed in?

Marcus had no idea but it should be hilarious. It wasn't as if she would come to harm with him around. Okay, given the possible ways drunk Fuyuko could behave and size of the possible hangover, he amended that to not much harm.

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Fuyuko sniffed the strong smelling liquors and then looked at Marcus,  "what tastes best?" She heard a voice that scared her, "Faeth? Ms. Rivers, there you are!" Fuyuko jumped at hearing that voice and hid behind Marcus as a giant of a man walked up, "Ms. Rivers, please stop running away from me. The master really doesn't like having to chase after you." Fuyuko trembled as she pressed close to Marcus and held his off hand in a death grip, "wha-what are....go away...." Her words lacked conviction as she moved to keep the engineer between herself and her "bodyguard". "I'm perfectly safe Jared...... please.....leave." She hoped that a scene wasn't being made as she kept as close to Marcus as she could, "so, you seduced her did you? or maybe drugged her?" the burly human advanced threateningly towards Marcus.

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Morrigan Avalon
She hated parties.

They were loud, with epilepsy inducing lighting and full of people that smelled like alcohol and perfume and as the night progressed a mixture of sweat, vomit and semen. That was how she remembered them in any case.

Parties were however, a place where she could shine. What that said about her, she’d rather not dwell on. You didn’t get where she got in the show business without learning to attend social occasions. She’d thank her loaded uncle for that, except her uncle was a dead-beat fat skunk that deserved its place in the gutter. Emphasis on dead.

Her stage dress swayed along with her movements as she walked with a practiced grace into the glorified warehouse. In the dimmer light of the night, the dust-infused arabesques sown into her garments seemed to shimmer, granting it an ethereal quality.

Her gaze swiped around the warehouse to note if there was any performance mic stands. It was a thing. Sometimes.

She made her way to the bar and motioned to the barman.

“An Angry Balls.”

She looked further down the bar to see things getting tense between some familiar faces and an overgrown lad.

Sounds like a personal problem.

She shook her head and scoffed.

“How could I forget the traditional bout over a lady?”

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Marcus Goldstein
“There's plenty to choose from and I don't know what you like, for example if you want something like strawberry I'd start you off with a Daiquiri. On the other hand if something lemony is more to your taste, a Sidecar-” Marcus started to explain.

“Faeth? Ms. Rivers, there you are!”

Okay who and why? While he quite liked to have Fuyuko press herself against him quivering, the reason was just annoying. A closer look at said reason revealed him to be both taller and broader than Marcus by a considerable margin. Great. Marcus gave the man a glare. Did this guy have nothing better to do?

"Ms. Rivers, please stop running away from me. The master really doesn't like having to chase after you." the man said, and Marcus actually paused as he chewed this one over. Because seriously, what. Master? Miss Rivers? With his free hand he leaned on the counter of the bar, forming a clear barrier between Fuyuko and Annoyance.

"wha-what are....go away.... I'm perfectly safe Jared...... please.....leave." Fuyuko almost whispered from behind him. Marcus wrapped his free hand around a particular black bottle as Jared edged closer. With his other, he squeezed Fuyuko gently to let her know he was not going anywhere.

"So, you seduced her did you? Or maybe drugged her?" the burly human said.

"Mate just because you need to drug em before they'll touch that mug of yours doesn't mean everyone needs to. Project much?" Marcus responded instinctively as a grin crept up on his face. To be totally honest, it wasn't a good party without at least one bar brawl.

“How could I forget the traditional bout over a lady?”

“Well I am one classy motherfu-Oh. Miss Avalon. Did not expect to meet a Syne academy teacher here.” Marcus said. Random burly guys? Anyday. A full fledged teacher at a huntsman academy? He had seen what they were capable of enough times to realize that picking a fight with one was just an elaborate and slow method of suicide. He hoped that Jared got that particular hint to.

Actually no, scratch that. Go Jared, get your teeth kicked in, you can totally do it.

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"Don't let him touch you." Faeth/Fuyuko said softly as she leaned a bit to get a look at Morrigan and Jared. The cat girl highly doubted the human girl would know about Vertigo, Jared's ability to disrupt the inner ear through vibration on physical contact. She pressed harder against Marcus, feeling a little comforted by his reassuring gesture and the appearance of the teacher. of course, if worst came to worst, she could always.... Fuyuko shook her head as she tried to avoid thinking of using that. nothing good ever came from when she let herself use her semblance that way. Maybe Marcus would be able to cracked Jared on the head or Morrigan could send him out the window.  either way she didn't care so long as he was gone.

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Morrigan Avalon
She almost spat her whiskey cocktail as soon it got to her lips.

Marcus you son of a demimondaine, how dare you drag me into this…

The effort it took her to retain the liquid made her glare in the direction of Jared as she assessed the situation.

At this point, she was better off playing along with his bluff about her being a teacher at Syne. It wasn’t exactly true, but Jared didn’t need to know that. It might even make him think twice before starting something.

First, defusing the bomb.

She went over to Marcus and Fuyuko and ruffled the Faunus’ hair as a display of doting teacher instinct.

She was gonna be sick…

She turned to Jared, her words dripping poisonous honey.

“Mr. Jared is it? I apologize if the behavior of my students was uncourteous. Miss Fuyuko here and Mister Goldstein were invited to perform and it would be quite disruptive if you were to leave with her. But obviously you were not thinking about taking away a young lady against her will now were you? Surely an individual of your stature would not wish to attract undue attention from the authorities.”

She paused for dramatic effect, her gaze going over the public place they were in.

Although perhaps not as public as she’d like it to be right now.

“If you have any complaints, I would suggest you take them to Syne’s administration tomorrow morning.”

Where you won’t be my problem anymore…

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This had to be the greatest example of human mass mind idiocy. Fenrir grumbled as he scanned the crowd casual like trying to find his target, an accountant working fir one of the noble families trying to subvert the crown. He made his way through a group of mostly naked and very touchy Feely people and had to resist biting hands off as one particular woman grabbed his tail and tried to put it....places. His ears twitched as he heard familiar voices. A real big, so very big, man, was threatening a faunus and two humans. He walked up and turned up his accent, "so, do ye mind if I have a wee bit'o home brew or do ye need yer lover's quarrel right here?" He motioned to the bartender,  "O'Reilly's stout if ye please." He glanced to his right, where the Syne people were and then his left  at the big human, "I'm not interfering with anything, am I?" He reached for the drink, "bhogadh bastaird gránna" He muttered as the man's arm block him.

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Marcus Goldstein
Her warm breath tickled his ear, and the way Fuyuko pressed into him caused all sorts of interesting distractions to rear their heads. Marcus leaned his head back slightly, both so he could whisper a reply and to tease her back a little.

"Don't think I'll need to fluff bomb. If he fancies his chances with miss Avalon, it's his funeral." he replied, quite purposefully letting his own wild locks prickle her neck and cheeks. With a teacher here, starting a fight would be both hilariously painful and plain stupid. Neither masochistic or an idiot, Marcus chose to simply relax and instead enjoy the closeness with Fuyuko while it lasted. Maybe if they got lucky, Jared would lose his cool and they'd have a show too. Or Jared would come look them up later and he'd still be able to have his brawl. Either way Marcus had a good excuse to keep a cute catgirl near him throughout the rest of the evening, which was nice. He turned back to the bar, and in the same movement pulled down Fuyuko on his lap.

"Still best if you stay close for the evening, aye?" he told her with a grin on his face. "Now as I was saying. If you like strawberries, take a Daiquiri. Lemons or citrus fruits, a sidecar. Miss Avelon over there has an Angry Balls, which has apple taste to it." he said, returning his attention to the drink selection. At that moment a familiar face barged in on them.

"I'm not interfering with anything, am I?" Fenrir asked. Marcus nodded at the psycho pyro in greeting with one eyebrow raised.

"Hey Fenrir. Not really, not anymore. What brings you here?" Marcus replied. Miss Avalon, he could sort of understand, she did seem like the type to have fun once in a while. Fenrir on the other hand, struck him as totally out of place. Did that guy not have babies to kick or something?

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Fuyuko giggled nervously as Marcus hit on her, had to give him props on that. She whispered in his ear, "Morrigan isn't a teacher,  she's a student." Jared looked at Morrigan with trepidation,  not because she was was a female, but he was clearly trying to discern how dangerous she could be. A couple seconds later, she heard an unusual voice, "do ye need yer lover's quarrel right here?" She looked at the man. oh, great. She pressed harder against Marcus, trying not to completely shut down as the guy who helped kill the princess stood right there. It wasn't until she heard him call Jared a "bhogadh bastaird gránna". that...really couldn't go over very well. The massive man grabbed the short wolf man and held him up, "what. did. you. call. me?" yeah...not going over well, "I'm not sure who I'm more afraid of, the giant or the psychopathilogical killer."

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Morrigan Avalon
And there went all her good intentions.

She was pissed now.

Why is this place conspiring to drive me crazy?!

She’d normally be relieved to have someone else take the punches, even more if said person could survive a mountain tall fall. But now that she went and declared herself teacher it would look suspicious if she did nothing to stop the soon to be bloody brawl!

Oum, why must you hate me so?!

Fenrir was a wildcard. Marcus an unknown. Fuyuko however, she knew a bit about.

The beginning of an idea formed in her head. By idea, it would be more accurate to say a bet. A bet that relied on Fluffy Bomb. She hated those.

Then again the adversary was human. Which meant if she couldn’t fight, she could lie her way through.

She turned her head towards Fuyuko as if to make sure they were okay and silently mouthed ( before stepping up.

She kept an open hand behind her as she growled.

“Did I not make myself clear?”

She half expected the two to start duking it out... More like 90% sure, but then that wouldn't be her fault would it? Either way the show should still have impact enough to reinforce her image.

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"Tá mé a ní sociopath psychopath. I decided to just loaf around and get drunk while the missus is away." Fenrir said as he leaned back to get get a look at Fuyuko and Marcus. Right about then the world folded on itself at impossible angles, a faint buzzing in his ears, "so would It be fair to assume that you're creating micro vibrations that can only be felt by the inner ear fluid?" He looked back at the massive man, "dude, your neck veins look like they're about to pop out, or maybe just burst." Not really the time to draw attention to himself, but out of the corner of he eye, he saw his target. He kicked the bar and used the momentum to release a small needle out his boot into the fat slug. One problem solved. The man would have a heart attack after writing a suicide note confessing his crimes. Vicious poison. Fenrir felt the hand tighten on his shirt as he was brought closer to the human's face, "I hope you're ready to die little man." Breath smelled like desperation and obsession. Fenrir grinned dementedly as he swung about and broke free, a slightly sketchy landing almost made him spill his drink, "now that was right unchristian of you, I almost lost good alcohol to the floor." Of course wasting a good drink was was a terrible sin, after all, nothing beat beer from Vacuo.

(Is that something Jared would say?)

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Marcus Goldstein
His brow furrowed and he rested his head on her shoulder as he mulled the revelation of Morrigan's true status over. He decided on two things. One, Fuyuko smelled nice. Two:

“Well in that case I'll step in if need be.” he said softly, quite relaxed. Originally he wanted to have a go at Jared himself, and really that hadn't changed. Now Fenrir showed up apparently for the sole purpose of offering himself up to Marcus as a convenient scapegoat to blame for starting the fight. Why, no idea, but never interrupt your foes when they are making a mistake. It's impolite and as almost stated earlier: He was one classy mother_____r.

As she froze, he leaned back a little, cupped her chin with his free hand and gently forced her to look into his eyes.

“Fuyuko. Calm down. They're more interested in each other. Also, I'm right here, if I need to get involved everything will be fine in-” he paused, and looked past her to the brewing brawl, calculating his odds.

“Oh, two minutes or so. Three tops. Finally, Morrigan has a plan methinks, she just asked for a flash.”

Side note, he probably should actually get ready to interfere. The first few punches had been thrown already, and he had to be ready to jump in the moment whatever Morrigan planned did not work out.

((OoC: Sorry this took so long, rough few days at work))

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Fuyuko hid her hand between herself and Marcus as she channeled her aura into a flash bomb, a rather small one about the size of a shooter marble which wouldn't hurt anyone unless they were stupid enough to be touching it when it went off. As she formed it, she picked up a half empty glass and started pouring some of the drink into it. liquor, she had discovered some time ago, made for different colors when used in her explosives. She rolled the finished bomb between her fingers as Fenrir broke free of Jared. now that she was looking at them side by side Jared really looked like a hulking brute compared to...well...basically everyone present. She waited ah moment until she was certain Jared would take the worst of the flash and tossed it up at him. The man caught it with ease, "Ms. Rivers,  please stop these childish-" it detonated in his hand next to his face.

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Morrigan Avalon
She had vastly misjudged the wild card.

To her defense, her first interaction had left her the impression of a happy-go-lucky goof looking up little girls’ skirt.

Then he instantly analyzed a semblance which only effect was allegedly to destroy your sense of balance, then proceeded to do acrobatics of all things and stab someone for grabbing them in a bar with a needle through their aura. And catch his drink back of course.

Which meant he was a ridiculously dangerous, skilled and homicidal goof of a wild card.

Not that she was going to complain, but had she known beforehand she wouldn’t have bothered.

Perhaps it was still time to back ou…

The flashbang exploded in Jared’s hand.

She sighed.

Not what I had in mind.

She relaxed the hand she had kept in her back and addressed Fuyuko and Marcus.

“The ninja raccoon got this. I appreciate you had my back though.”

There was no way Jared would back out if asked nicely anymore so there was no use pretending she cared. She couldn’t even blame the guy. He was technically in a legitimate self-defense situation as he had been attacked first, by a white weapon while he was unarmed himself.

Another reason to cut her losses while she still could.

She couldn’t help staying tense as she leaned her back against the bar to keep her eyes on the two brawlers however. Being around a fight was not something she was comfortable with. Yet.

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Fenrir blinked in surprise when the flash bomb happened, his face professionally neutral. After a couple beats, he roared with laughter, "well lad, I can nae think of a harder rejection than that. barman! two pitchers of lager if ye please. And even if ye don't." He took them and forced one into the man's hand, "a toast! my all the wee bonnie lasses live long and break many a heart!" He winked at the others as he lead Jared a safe distance as the beer took effect. more accurately, a drug to speed up the effects of the beer.....any second....the man called Jared would get bat shit wasted and.....damn. Fenrir mentally cursed as he realized the man was just too big to get drunk that easily, "hey, mate. why you all over the lass like a cheap suit? she's a bit flat in the rounds if ye catch my-" He found himself flying over the bar, "that was rude." and funny. And he was getting really good at pushing all the right buttons. maybe now would be a good time to take this outside. He stood up and brushed himself off, And the accountant has left. at least there won't be homicide cops here Fenrir looked over the big man, his friendly attitude gone.

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Marcus Goldstein
He chuckled at the near perfect flashbang interrupt of whatever Jared wanted to say. He was not actually looking at the man, but he could hear what went down clear enough. No, what occupied his eyes was the rest of the bar around them. See, there was a reason certain esteemed patrons like the accountant were leaving. The same reason that Marcus missed the needle. All around them the conversation had died down as the brawl began, with groups forming up right quick.

See, Marcus was far from the only techie that turned the hall they were in into a decent party palace. Several of his mates, all of them dockworkers, helped out. As the dockworker is a pack animal by nature, they let their mates in to join them for a fun night out. Then, this group mixed with the actually invited more classy guests about as well as oil with water. The former held the latter to be a bunch of overdressed wimps with a racist attitude. The latter held the former to be barely sentient chimps mingling with animals walking like humans.

Mean looks and meaner words had already been exchanged, and now the brawl lit the green light for fists.

He raised a shotglass of something left by some other patron as Morrigan thanked the two of them in a wordless salute. Then he perked up as the truth of her words.

"So that means, this is just sanctioned combat practice. Well in that case don't mind if I do." he said and slipped out from underneath Fuyuko.

"Emergency exit, that way. Meet me at the Brine End Plaza, kay? This'll only take a few." he told her and Morrigan.

He looked at Fenrir trying to get Jared a beer, a grin on his face as he rolled his shoulders and cracked his knuckles. Did... Did he seriously expect that Jared was going to take a drink? Now of all times?

The faunus went flying over the bar.

Yeah that was expected.

With the start signal now well and truly given, the area around the bar erupted. First immediate problem for Marcus, about four hopped up youths from what he guessed Bellmuse central who tried to take advantage of the distraction Jared provided for them. Marcus, not being in his first bar brawl, recognized the threat and eliminated the lesser danger first.

"Get that dockie!" one yelled. He met that guy's charge with a downright elegant step forward, straight inside the charger's guard, and a short jab right into his stomach. The youth went down gaping for air, and Marcus hopped back to avoid getting his legs tangled up.

"I'll ____ing have ya! Come on then!" he yelled back. It was pure, unadulterated chaos, with fists, bottles and the occasional person flying everywhere. Adrenalin pounded in his ears. Charge broken by their buddy his second victim stumbled into range just in time to get an uppercut to the jaw. A flash of red alerted Marcus to Jared doing something to his rear right, so he grabbed the third assailant by the wrist and pulled. At the same time, the combat engineer extended his boot. With his own momentum being used against him Marcus' improvised projectile had little choice but to bowl over and hit the big man square in the knees.

Between city pansy number four and Jared, Marcus couldn't stop grinning.

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Fuyuko nodded at Marcus and then hurried to Morrigan,  "I don't think either of us are suited to this type of fighting." She pulled her friend to the exit and looked about, "I think we're clear here." patrons spilled out, some fighting, some watching and cheering. As much as she wanted to stay and watch, the faunus girl figured that not being around would be the safest bet as she took a couple steps and then realized, "where is Brine End Plaza? really should've asked about that before we left." She took her dress off and carefully put it in her satchel as she slipped into the shadows, being careful to avoid the human faunus violence that seemed to be rather commonplace recently.

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Morrigan Avalon
These people were bat feces crazy. No wonder she hated their guts.

Although she had been to social events before, the closest she had been to an all-out brawl was a wave of rampaging fans. Those were scary in their own right, but didn’t come at you for a fist fight.

She winced as Fenrir flew over the bar besides her, sending broken glass and liquor around. She reflexively raised her arm to protect herself, only to frown as the shards somehow missed her entirely.

As the full on brawl erupted, she decided it was in her best interest to let Fuyuko lead her to the exit.

Why was it suddenly so damn hard to breathe?

As they dashed towards safety, she quickly realized she was quite precisely the type of target the low-lives were after. So why is it that the few that tried to get in her way somehow stumbled away? Some even quite spectacularly fell backwards, crashing into other troublemakers.

As they finally got outside, her head started spinning wildly and she was gasping for oxygen.


She had started scattering air subconsciously.

As Fuyuko took some distance to change clothes, she wobbled away and took support on a nearby wall.

Focus on that new song you’re working on.

Her hacked breathing somewhat stabilized and she could feel her semblance wearing off.

She shivered as the cold night air lashed back on her.

What was it Fuyuko asked her? Brine End Plaza. Right.

No idea.

She took her scroll out, quickly searching for the location and turned the screen towards Fuyuko.

Around… There... I guess.

Location Change:
We should probably start a new thread if we decide to change location. Also I have really no idea if Brine End Plaza is actually a thing or something Marcus came up with On the Spot.

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Fenrir watched with a professional face as Marcus and his crew made short work of most of the rich kids. He pulled his flasks out and refilled them before getting back into the fray, "excuse me lad, mind if I punch you?" The kid did did a double take before realizing he was cold clocked. Fenrir looked for as worthwhile opponent when he felt a hand on his shoulder and the world inverted on itself again, "damn, I was hoping to save you for last" fighting someone that Fuyuko appeared to be terrified of and for a seemingly legit reason while there were other possible hostiles about wasn't his idea of fun. Then agsin, when you habitually sneak into the most protected places in the world and go about killing people in said places, fun really is a subjective measure. He twisted and went into a drunken fist stance. He smiled on the inside at the irony of his situation, "Marcus me lad, after he wash these tossers let you me have a friendly spar tomorrow eh lad?" either the beer, the persona, or just plain insanity was affecting his speech as he dodged the first several blows and landed some solid palm strikes on Jared.

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