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My Uncle said I had to

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1 My Uncle said I had to on Sat Oct 22, 2016 1:05 am

Cipher Cam Star
"Cipher come on we need to head into town to pick up some things." Uncle Prota said as he dragged Cipher out of his bed and on to the floor "Uncle I may not need to rest but it's the Week end and I would like to stay home tonight." he said as his body scraped the wooden floor of the house, Cipher stood up and dusted himself off and got dressed to head out with his uncle Stupid Uncle making me do things I don't want to he thought to himself as they left the house and. As the two made their way to town Cipher could not help but feel as if he been here before prier to 'moving' here, as they walked by around the town they walked pass a flower shop with Lily's out front which made Cipher stop and look at them "They look like the ones from back then..." he muttered as he started to tear up "Kiddo? is everything okay?" Uncle Prota asked as he peeked over Cipher's Shoulder to see the Lily's "Come on Cipher we gotta make ya some friends!" he said as he pulled him away from the flower shop. The two walked to the fountain and watched the Airships come and go from the Academy "This blows I need something fun to do!" he yelled as he kicked the air.

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2 Re: My Uncle said I had to on Sat Oct 22, 2016 5:31 pm

Marcus Goldstein
The chrome air intakes gleamed in the bright sunlight. Twin engines growled at the front and back of the chassis of something large. It was a bare skeleton, covered in empty mounting points and struts supporting nothing. The machine resembled a fat, stubby cross with four wide treads at the front and back ends. Technically two more treads should fit at the far ends of the middle bar that formed the ‘cross’, but those too were absent like so much other equipment. The bare-bones metal monster roared forward, with a comparatively small figure at the helm.

Marcus laughed behind his race goggles. It was a bright sunny day, he had a new gearbox installed, and a prime time slot reserved on a dirt racetrack. He had just a single last obstacle to overcome. Namely, he needed a co-pilot. At this time, the controls for the front two treads and the rear two treads were separate. The system that linked them normally was currently a shredded mess of metal on a workbench back at Syne Academy.

As if a small problem like that was going to stop Marcus from pushing his new transmission design to the limit. All he needed was someone bored and-

Cipher Cam Star wrote:"This blows I need something fun to do!" he yelled as he kicked the air.


Marcus' ride came to a halt behind the bored person and his escort, whomever they were. Ah, neon green and black as colour choices, this meant good things.

"Hey you! Want to earn a ride on a pink fluffy could into the land of rainbow unicorns and puppy dreams?" he yelled at the brown haired bored person.

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3 Re: My Uncle said I had to on Sun Oct 30, 2016 4:07 am

Cipher Cam Star
Cipher and his uncle looked at the man "So long as I get to have fun and destroy stuff am in." he told the man as he walked away from his uncle "Kiddo wait what happen to stranger danger?!" Cipher's face turned bright red as he stopped and turned around "Uncle I think I am handle myself now." he says with a smile on his face I just need to break something or do something really fun he thought as he gave his uncle a quick hug "It's okay Uncle you said I need to blend in more so I am." he told him as pictured what the man could have planed for him Maybe I can demolish a building or maybe fight some White Fang trash or even better both could happen! he thought as he put his arm around the man "So where are we going for this fun that you have?" Cipher asked with a big smile on his face.

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4 Re: My Uncle said I had to on Sun Oct 30, 2016 5:09 pm

Marcus Goldstein
"I'll take that as a no. Excellent! Follow me for I have a ride of brimstone and metal that roars into the night. The skeleton of a great beast brought to life through tamed lightning and explosives! It has TEETH like a SHARK! IT EATS YOUR DREAM UNICORNS!" Marcus replied. He was vaguely aware there were social conventions he was gleefully violating but the thrum of success and more than healthy amounts of energy drink urged him forward.

He took a full step, just about enough to reach the edge of the grumbling metal behemoth and held out a hand to help his newfound friend/minion on board.

"Now while I cannot promise it will happen, today I do actually have a goal that involves destruction. See, this machine is in essence a prototype. Every part I put on here needs to be tested, to the breaking point! So, with a fresh new transmission installed I figured, the best way to test that is to drive this machine round a dirt racetrack at probably safe speeds till it's toasted. Got that?" he explained his goal for that afternoon.

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