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When the shield shatters and the sword breaks

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1 When the shield shatters and the sword breaks on Sat Oct 22, 2016 1:57 am

Holding a book under his arm and wearing his weighted training clothes, Fenrir made a jaw cracking yawn and then pulled out his mask, "So, Fenris....what are you exactly?"
*I am a spirit of course. More specifically I am attached to your soul so please don't get yourself killed like a dumbass mortal. I suppose your next question is about where I come from and who I am. In answer to both I honestly am not sure. I recall being asleep for a thousand years and then waking up on your face.*
Fenrir lifted an eyebrow, " you know what happened before you went to sleep?"
*Oh hell no. All I can remember is that I am the source of your Hidden. and that with The Contract gone, your power is no longer impeded, but I have no idea what that will mean in the long run. none of the spirits serving your family can recall what happened before our great sleep. Now, I'm going to teach you a technique that will allow you to call on your weapons without those bulky rings and wristbands....really now, why do mortals need such bubkes? First, take everything above your waist off. it'll only get in the way later on.*
Fenrir's slight but well toned frame was covered in scars and tattoos, "I've been meaning to ask,are these going to make me loose control of my semblance again?"
*why are you asking stupid questions? without your crutch, every step you take to fully realize your power will be a near death experience unless you master it quickly.  now, the next part requires you to smoke a metric tonne of pot.....relax, no sense of humor this one. Just empty your mind and pray that no one walks in here while we do this unless you like the idea of mindlessly slaughtering the kingdom.*

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The idea of slaughtering an entire kingdom had some appeal, but right now it was a hinderance, "so what now?"
* put me on your face and let the psychedelic tripping begin, mere mortal.*
" This is going to ba a long night,  isn't it?" Fenrir shrugged as he put on Fenris. In a heartbeat, he found himself in a dream scape of hellish proportion,  "what is this?"
*your personal fears and hatred*
Ghosts of people he had killed over the last fifteen years came at him, blood dripping from their wounds as they screamed for his own. He sidestepped most of them before taking an aggressive stance with which to fight back. He focused on his arms and willed the gauntlets into existence. much to his surprise, the red and grey bone like material appeared rather quickly on his arms up to his shoulders and he felt them appear on his legs up to his knees. One spirit in particular came forth, "I had a family.  three small sons who never knew their father because you killed me before they were born." He instantly recognized the man, a prison warden in Atlas who had tried to detain Fenrir when he was twelve. The man drew a massive gun sword and took a traditional stance,  "have at you! "
The man moved much faster than he had anticipated or remembered. Fenrir barely had time to throw up a defense before the massive blade bore down on him. The tip of the sword was pointed at his face and Fenrir swore as he threw himself back to avoid the shot which echoed in his ears. Sidestepping the next attack, Fenrir found an opening and drilled his hand into it. The warden laughed, "is that all you got?" Fenrir found himself being backhanded through a mountain and came to a rest at the last thing he expected,  a peaceful oasis that he had been to in Vacuo before being brought to Bellmuse, "Hello sweetie." He rolled and saw her, "Rose.....Rose Neko? how? where?" She smiled at him, "your obsession with the darkness can't hide what you truly feel. You need to confront yourself, not waste time with these petty ghosts in your head." As soon as she said that, a man appeared, "this is..."
"The first man you ever killed. I know." the man'' chest split open and three year old Fenrir came out, holding a wicked knife, "you're not who you were...there's still hope for you." Rose faded and young Fenrir raced at him, blade held aggressively. Fenrir took up a defensive stance and waited for the attack. The child struck with fury, passion,  hatred. He narrowly dodged the attacks and struck back with his own salvo. Every time he landed a hit, he felt weaker. something was very wrong here. He backpedaled,  getting scratched by the blade on every attack the child made. they both jumped backwards to gain distance, Fenrir, on the defense and his child self on the offense. They both wove a aerie of glyphs at blinding speed and the attacks hit in the dead center of their fight, knocking the grown faunus off his feet and exposing him to the sudden followup of the child. He planted his feet on the belly of the small form and kicked it away as he used the momentum to get back up and form his gauntlets.  to his surprise and horro, he realized he hadn't his rings and bands on, "looking for these?" Fenrir looked and saw himself standing with a tray, "these were made for us on our fifth birthday. created out of the our bones and similar To the grimm carapace. ironic, isn't it?" The child put the items on one by one very slowly. Smile ing sardonically as Fenrir tried to run and take them. He was moving so slow, so very slowly. Looking down, he found weighted chains wrapped and round his feet and tightening with each step. And each time it tightened, it became agony. He turned back and found the child flying at him, gauntlets activated and ready to strike a killing blow. Fenrir twisted and barely dodged the attack. He planted his hand and swung his legs about, intending to use the chains to strike himself. His legs moved with no resistance, the chains were gone, "too slow old man, I guess you won't be needing this either." His child self held up his left arm, "when the hell did you?" Fenrir looked at where his arm was supposed to be,  only to find a destroyed limb. He stared In shock, "I did that to-"
"To me, you little shithead." Fenrir turned and saw one of his uncles. The man was also missing an arm, "you wanted to be the best out of everyone. no, you HAD to be the best at any cost." His uncle attacked. Fenrir raised his arms in in a block and realized he had his gauntlets back. He sidestepped an attack and countered with a jab aimed for the neck. The attack was blocked easily, "is that the best you have little boy?" Fenrir back flipped, handspring,  and then used a glyph to get some distance. He found his uncle standing so very close, "you really don't get it do you?" Fenrir found himself looking up, I'm in a child's body . He ducked under a salvo of attacks and tried to regain the initiative. A blow sent him flying into a glacier, "seriously not going to listen to to a possessed mask anymore." Fenrir stood up, feeling sore from the battles,  "Fenris, can you hear me?" He tried to gain his bearings, "Fenrir."
"Stop destroying"
He looked at the ground and saw a puzzle, one of the ones the elders used to test children from time to time, "what the hell am I supposed to do?" He screamed into the air, "stop destroying.'re better than this." Fenrir felt like he'd been slapped when the realization of what he was supposed to do hit him, along with a massive chunk of ice that pinned him to the ground, "you're wrong Rose....I'm never going to be better.....I can never be more than a killer who leaves destruction in his wake." He heard Rose again, her voice fading, "we can only be what we are, nothing more, nothing less."
"I can't be anything more! I'm not a hero! I'm a murderer!"
"We can only-"
"Rose! Please listen! I failed you! I tried to do right! I can't do this!" a foot appeared just within his view, "given up already? such such a pathetic child" Fenrir's blood froze, even more so than it already was, "Mother?"
"I already ways hated you and that filthy girl. This is already ways very fitting end for such a FAILURE!" She ground her heel into his spine. Fenrir silently took the abuse and waited for her foot to come down again. He wove a glyph and stuck it to her as he curled up under the ice. His mother's eyes widened as she realized what had happened, "NO! NOTHING WILL SAVE YOU!" She shrieked as she tried to dig him out. By now, Fenrir's body became that of his three year old self,  able to burrow deep under the snow with little resistance. His ears rang when the concussion swept past,  removing all the snow and ice.

He stood up, in a room. No. In THAT room. He turned ajd saw himself standing there, looking at pictures his father was forcing him to see. It took Fenrir a moment to realize that he was back in his old body. and that he couldn't hear a thing. His child self coldly picked up a knife and stepped towards the man tied to and chair. The first ritual. He was going to kill this man slowly by cutting open his chest and nd removing organs one by one. He waved for the boy to stop. silently trying to prevent what was unpreventable. The room spun spun and spun and he found himself sitting in front of the child, unbound,  able to kill this one, "why do you do this?" the question came from everywhere and nowhere, "why do you seek power? answer truly."
"I....don't. ...." He sighed, feeling defeated, "I honestly don't know anymore. I just....I need to be able to do things that I'm not strong enough for yet. things that I promised I would do."
"Is this the only reason?"
"No. But I will find the others." He got off the chair and bowed deeply, his head touching the floor, "please. I'm begging you. show me how to do right by her. What must I do to prove myself?"
"Stop destroying"

Fenrir looked up and saw his child self ready to stab him in the head, every instinct telling him to resist. He sat up and watched as the child adjusted his child grip and stabbed

Instead of fighting, Fenrir let the blade stab him. He wrapped his younger self in a tight hug, "it's going to be OK... everything will work out." He felt a warmth spreading as he heard voices screaming for his blood, all he had wanted as a child was affirmation. Fenrir ignored these and held his child self tight. When he opened his eyea, the child was older. and facing down a large group, "come on old man,  you need to wake up now."

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Fenrir gasped for breath as he woke up, his gauntlets formed, grey with red tracing. He stood up and put his shirt back on, "will....will I....have to do this again?"
*every time you grow stronger.*
"Great....just what I needed."
He looked at his arms, " exactly did the dream shit come to the real world?"
* do I really need to explain it?*

Well. It would be nice to know how that works.

*look. everything that happens in the spirit world happens in the mortal world*

"WHAT!?" Fenrir checked his parts, "everything's still there" He sighed in relief. "but that still doesn't explain how the skills I learned in that nightmare translates into having it HERE"

*I swear. you are the most dense asshole I have ever had the misfortune to encounter. When do you learn the most? while you are asleep! The human mind processes information the most when all other functions are at their least.*

Fenrir bashed his head against the wall, "sonova. I mean how am I using a skill I never had in the first place? Not to mention I'm the only mortal you've met since waking up." the mask flew in front of him, "I kid. I know Sable weapons are made from their own bones. This basically takes it to the next level."

*that was rather spot on. Not bad for an idiot.*

Fenrir face palmed,  even the complements were insults. This was going to be an odd relationship.

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