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Maze Bum Team

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1 Maze Bum Team on Sat Oct 22, 2016 6:11 pm

Azure finds himself lost yet again but this time he has ended up in a forest with snow covering everything down to the smallest flowers (You would think I would be able to go at top speed and not pass the school) he thinks to himself kicks a tree and sighs "I really need to train more and fight less." he complained moving through the woods. He skated around for a bit trying to remember which way was which but he couldn't stop thinking about getting a pet when he had enough to buy it.  "Wait a sec I can use my scroll to call for help...Nah I got this." mutters to himself but quickly realizes that he left it in his room on the floor under his summer hat's, Azure skated around until he found himself in the mountains where he could see the town and part of the school. "I can't deal with this amount of silence!!" he screamed at the top of his lungs stomping his skates on the ground when a thought passed his mind (I can make a base here in case I need to run away for something!) he thought with a really big grin on his face as he picked up a stick and made dirt prints of what he wanted his base to look like (This is going to be the best base ever!!) he thought "Wish I had a team show this two.." he muttered as he tripped on a rock and came rolling down the mountain in a very cartoony way.

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2 Re: Maze Bum Team on Sun Oct 23, 2016 5:49 pm

Hours upon hours spent at a design-board wore out the mind, so Marcus needed a breather. A long walk through the woods would do nicely. Gears, bolts, axles and bearings flitted through his mind as he mused on the next step in his Ratio project. The new design for the transmission held up well under abuse, praise the saint Solaire. Now how to fit in the transformation system properly. Because of the redesign an axle ran through the space he originally envisioned for a pair of bracing claws. He could move them further out but that ran the risks of-

"I can't deal with this amount of silence!" someone yelled from up high. Disturbed from his thoughts Marcus looked up. Then why, random shouting person, would you go to the Finnek Forest? Without events going on it is the peace and quiet that draws people to this place.

Now on with that brace design, where was he? Oh yes, compromise the side armour for room maybe? No, not acceptable. A bulge might sort of work but that caused a whole host of follow on problems, as that necessitated weaker joints and some place to stow that armour while in deployed mode. There was a solution here, just out of reach, but what was it. He chewed on the problem some more as he languidly stepped over a branch, his eyes out of focus as he mused peacefully.

Then he got hit in the face with a person. Surprised, he went tumbling down the slope along with the faint blur of blue hair and flailing limbs. First, Marcus grabbed an errant limb of the newcomer. Then he went spread eagle and forcefully stopped the tumble both of them were in, all his remaining limbs scrambling for grip on the ground.

"So hey, nice of you to drop by, my name is Marcus." he introduced himself half dazed. "Excuse me while my heads stops spinning."

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3 Re: Maze Bum Team on Mon Oct 31, 2016 6:00 pm

As Azure was rolling he felt as if he hit another person which would have been impossible as he ended up on their by random but as he stopped rolling he saw the ground (Oh my Gosh that was really close I nearly died or hurt a bunny with my fall.) he thought to himself as he realized that he was being held by his leg. "Ummm this is not going to end well for me if I don't get out of this stupid place!!" he shouted when he looked up to see a man holding him (Oh my this is new) he tells himself as he blushes or is just realizing that the blood is sitting on his head "Hey could you geez I don't know let me down before I go all caged beast on ya?" he says to the man as he wiggles around while making sure that his shirt is still intact (I could not deal with my shirt getting ripped today.) he thought as he kicked the man hand with his free foot.

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4 Re: Maze Bum Team on Tue Nov 01, 2016 5:56 pm

Marcus, now back to fully sensate, grumbled at the loud shouting. He was right there next to the guy.

"You're right it won't bloody end well." he grumbled and let go of the boot. Seriously what was this guy's problem? He just stopped the guy's fall as well as his own. Did he want to keep tumbling down the slope or something? Was that the new rage after the squatting, owling and planking crazes?

He snorted at the caged beast remark, at least this guy had a sense of humour. Maybe he wasn't too bad, just a little shaken up.

"Yeah right, I've taken dumps more threatening-"

The kick for his hand was unexpected, Marcus would admit. He held the palm up and caught the sole more out of instinct than skill, clamping down on the offending foot with an iron grip. Instantly the smile fled from his face. This is how you respond when someone breaks your falls? Okay if this guy wanted a fight, he could get one.

"What's the idea here mate? Wanna have a go?" he growled, a lot less amused all of a sudden. His gaze turned sharp as his eyes travelled up and down his opponent's prone form. He checked his own situation compared with that of his potential foe. Marcus was out of his armour and did not have his weapon on him yet. They were in the rocket locker back at Syne. Potential travel time, seven and a half seconds. As for his adversary...

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5 Re: Maze Bum Team on Tue Nov 01, 2016 10:00 pm

Azure grinned at the man's joke (At least he has some good jokes with him) he thought as he looked at the man "I really need to get down from here before I get a nose bleed or something." he told the man in hopes of being let go. (Why does this guy give me the feeling that I've done this before?) he thought as he swung his body back and forth when he hit his head on the rock behind him "Son of a Grimm that HURT!!" Azure muttered as he held his head in pain "AM OKAY BY THE WAY!!!" He shouted to the man just in case he saw what happen to him even though he really didn't care if he did or not.

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6 Re: Maze Bum Team on Thu Nov 03, 2016 4:46 pm

Marcus shook his head.

"Rocks are very unsporting like that, they never jump out of the way do they?" he said. He looked back up to where the path was. Close enough for his tastes.

"Hey mate what's your name?" he asked, then grinned. As soon as he got the name of the stranger, he nodded and looked back up to the path.

"See I always wanted to try this, and just in case I need to know the name I may need to inscribe on a gravestone." he said. Before the other guy could ask what Marcus meant by 'this' the engineer already leaned back and threw him up to the path like a blue-haired baseball.

"Right then, now to get back up there meself." Marcus muttered, and set about to do just that. Clambering back up to the path, he looked over to where his express elevator throw should have taken Azure.

"So on a scale of one to ten, how would you rate that elevator ride sir?" he joked.

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