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Artemis Daemonystri, the one that goes BEEP-BOOP!!!! [Finished and ready for approval lads!]

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Enrollment Form


   Basic info
   Name: Artemis Suu Voez Daemonystri
(Pronounced: Art-tem-ISSS S-OOO Vo-EZZZ DAY-mon-EEEE-STREE)
   Age: 17
   Birthday: April 13th
   Gender: Female
   Race: Android
   Height: 5'7"
   Weight: 130 lbs
   Face Claim: MAIKA - Vocaloid 3

   STR: 4
   DEF: 3
   RES: 2
   SPT: 3
   Aura 160|140 HP

   Major: Combat -Considered a Support-
   Likes: -Praise.
   Dislikes: -Anger.
-Being yelled at.
-Herself being violent.
   Fears: -Her emotional outbreaks will hurt someone.
-Having to go back home.
-Being rejected.
   Overall Personality: Artemis is quite a bit of a mess.

Artemis was raised under quite strict conditions, so she therefore keeps herself elegant and proper.
Quite a timid and delicate little flower, her emotional programming is equivilent to a hamster in a wheel. It is easily snapped from one to another, and they are quite... 'Vibrant', shall we say....

Artemis's hair and eyes flush to different colours to represent her emotions, since her voice and emotional programming is kind of 'janky'.
The base colours are Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, and Purple.
Red is typically mad, with Green being powerful, Blue is peaceful, Yellow joy, Purple sad, and Orange scared.
There are other mixes between these, such as Pink will typically take over for embaressment, or Teal for confidence.

Her hair represents her emotional feelings, while her eyes represent her emotional actions.
Occasionally, her eyes swill shift to different colours, such as one red and one orange.

Artemis has Black and White colour settings as well.
White is blank, and Black is overwhelming and extremely dangerous hatred!

Hey look, I made another psychopath!!!!

Her hair being white is quite normal, but when her eyes go white... There's a problem.
Her hair being black is usually just her getting very mad, but when her eyes go black...
There's a problem.

Artemis tends to have an inferiority complex, as well as low self esteem when she feels she has done something wrong. -Which is quite common.-
She expects people to be mad at her for the tinest step out of form, due to her rather strict history.

   Aura type: Recovery
   Aura Color: Red, Green, and Blue, with a digitalized and blocky look to it.
   Semblance: Artemis's semblance is dropping dat bass yo.

Artemis is simply a Support role, and her semblance 'amplifies' that statement.

I'll stop now.

Artemis can add one point to a specific stat at a time, since she does not cast the buff, she emits sound and the buff travels to people she considers allies. Of course, if it is only herself or she only buffs one person, it is two to the desired stat. She does this through emitting Music, as well as Singing.
Artemis prefers to sing in Japanese, as that is what language she was originally equipped with, only recently having been switched to English, along with her distinct accent.
She can alter her voice to suit the song she plays, as well. -Of course, any male voices are transferred into a female voice.-

She is quite fond of her 'playlist':







Functionality: Artemis starts emitting a song from her body. She can adjust the volume of the song, and she can stop it. She can not pause it, or speed it up either.

Song A begins playing and gives an attack buff. Song A either has to finish playing -Length depends on the amount of time that passes per post- or she stops it all together, with a cooldown of one post before she can start again.

Song A starts, two posts later Song A finishes. One post of nothing, then next post, Song B can play.
Song A starts, Song A stops next post. One post of nothing, then next post, Song B can play.
Basically, once a song is done or is stopped, an entire post of nothing must follow before anything else can play.

Cost: 10 per song.

She doesn't have to buff people when she plays those songs, she can just sing and dance all she wants to those, and many other songs not mentioned, but only the above songs can produce the buffs.

Item 1: Weapon: Dual Grappling Hook Kama.
Left: Jinsoku -Swift-.
Right: Sokudo -Speed-.

Artemis has wrist mounted weapons, which are, very basically, hooked rope darts.
Essentially a miniuature scythe launched out of a thin and long, sleek black gauntlet which can be taken off of Artemis's body.
They are adept at hooking into terrain, and can be used as dual grappling hooks, as well as a whip like weapon with a hook on the end of it.
When fully extended, they can reach up to thirty feet in length, although she prefers to retract them to around ten to twenty feet for combat.

   Item 2: Artemis constantly wears a thin, hardly noticeable headset with a tiny microphone with an adjustable pole.
Used for singing.

   History and Sample
Artemis was never meant for combat, she just happened to be quite...

Built seventeen years ago, Artemis was originally made for song and dance, later modified for a highly effective form of motivational support role when her manufacturers finally decided to give in to her wishes.

Artemis was made into a very strict environment, not very suitable for her rather...'corrupted ' programming.
She was treated like a princess: Forced to be proper, polite, and to never step out of line, or break perfect form.

Artemis was always a special girl, never treated like anyone else, and never fully functional.
She has never gone to a school before, or for that matter, had normal social interaction with anybody not reffered to as higher than herself.
Everything has to be perfect. Her walking, her talking, and especially, her singing.

Trained extensively in song and dance, Artemis is practically a master in the art, although she only knows those in Japanese, as that is her original programming, but with wanting to train as a Huntress for some corrupted reason, she had to have some form of English voice.
A fancy british speech seemed fitting for one such as herself.
Artemis wanted to go out, see the world, sing, and dance for people; Not just for entertainment anymore. She wanted to help people by doing what she did best.
Soon, she was upgraded, recieving what appeared to be grappling hooks, that when fired acted like a hooked whip, as well as a buffing system to aid in battle.

Become a Huntress, done.
Go to Syne?
Whole different story.

Due to Syne's.... Unusual roster, it took a bit more convincing to get her builders to let her go there, but they finally gave in to the cute Android.
The cute, potentially dangerous, innocent looking Android.
The one that goes Beep-Boop.
RP Sample:
Lilia was sitting in a chair, casually watching TV, when she heard a very distinct sound.
The sound grew louder, more apparent, more annoying....
It was a fly.
She spotted it, just in time for it to land on her nose.
She muffled a little growl as it crawled around, legs moving in a rhythmic beat.
She was going to kill it.
She stared intensely at the insect, slowly removing her hand from it's comfortable perch on the arm of her seat.
Raising it up, her eyes began to go crossed. Her face was trembling, succumbing to the tickle the fly gave her.
Finally, she struck. Her hand flying at her face.
Alas, it was to no avail. Her efforts were for naught.
She had smacked herself directly in the face, and the fly, being a fly, and dodged it gracefully.
Lilia sighed. Once again the fly had one.
For now....

Yeah no I was just way too lazy this time.
Extras: English Voice Claim- Tracer from Overwatch.

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Tier 2 Dust: (10x Fire) (10x Water) (10x Earth) (10x Air) (10x Explosion) (10x Ice) (10x Plant) (10x Thunder)
Tier 3 Dust:(6x Fire) (6x Water) (6x Earth) (6x Ice) (6x Lightning) (6x Light) (6x Shadow)
5x poison
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