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Unlucky Encounter [Private, Fenrir]

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1 Unlucky Encounter [Private, Fenrir] on Sat Oct 22, 2016 10:53 pm

Medea Takamura
It has been a while since Varain wanted to take a walk into the famous Finnek Forest, known for its unique hue of blues that covered its whole territory. He had visited many unique locales in the past, notably each current capitals of the four Kingdoms and also other well known landmarks that has enough prestige to not even need to be named here, but the blue woods of Bellmuse had striking similarities with the Everfall Forest of Vale. Their main differences being their color and the fact that the leaves in Finnek weren't constantly falling, but the sight had the same reaction from the young man.

With his own clothes clashing with the area, being clad in browns and reds, Varian wasn't easy to miss. Of course he knew it but he didn't mind. He was never a guy interested in wearing cold colors like blues and greens and preferred the feeling of warmth that reds and oranges could give, even if those were just illusions made by his brain. He also didn't really mind if his color scheme was to attract creatures of Grimm, it wasn't like they would be much of a threat even in numbers. What would be more troublesome would be something that he wouldn't expect. Although not much would probably happen out here while he was on his own in the far end of the forest in a Kingdom he never visited before... right?

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2 Re: Unlucky Encounter [Private, Fenrir] on Sun Oct 23, 2016 2:05 am

Fenrir's hand shook as he tried to fight down the darkness inside. twice now his powers had almost killed him. He saw an idiot walking his way, "shit. go away go away go away." He quietly begged. Fenris made a clicking noise * you really can't keep it together,  can you?* Fenrir growled, "not helping." He felt the darkness rise up and his tattoos turned black, "Fucking a..." He let out a bestial roar and charged at the man. not caring anymore about what happened at this point so long as he could keep the carnage to a minimum. leaping from tree to tree, the assassin drew on his aura and slammed the ground, creating a massive pressure wave as he wildly looked about. The voices screamed for blood as he grabbed his head and tried to drown them out.

Semblence aoe attack: 20 damage -20 ap
Aura Recovery: + 5 AP Regen

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3 Re: Unlucky Encounter [Private, Fenrir] on Sun Oct 23, 2016 2:36 pm

Medea Takamura
As he was peacefully walking down a small trail snaking in between trees, Varian saw a silhouette in front of him, a man who seemed to be rather in pain from the small shacking that he could notice the more he approached him. He definitively looked worried for the other guy as his condition didn't seem like anything the auburn haired guy had seen before. "Hey dude, you're doing okay?" The worried guy quickly realized how stupid his question was when the other guy suddenly began to leap from trees to tress in order to attack him. Managing to dodge by jumping upward and to the side to land far enough for the pressure wave to not affect him. "Wow!! Hey what's wrong with you!?"

It's then that the other guy began to scream. It felt like a mix of pain, madness and savagery to Varian and he really didn't like the sound of that. Unsheathing his sword and taking a stance, sword forward pointed at his aggressor, the Huntsman felt if he wanted to get out of this situation it would be by talking, he'd have to defend himself. "I guess I don't have a choice then... you'd probably go after me if I tried to run away, I feel it..." Varian got ready for his opponent's attack, no way he was going to attack first after seeing that last attack. It did cause damage to the trees around when the man had landed, so it's wasn't something that the guy in red wished to get hit by, especially up close.

Battle Log


Attacks: None

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4 Re: Unlucky Encounter [Private, Fenrir] on Sun Oct 23, 2016 10:02 pm

Dashing towards the stranger, Fenrir let loose a howl as he launched himself into the air and landed behind his opponent. The fact he hadn't activated his weapon yet was a minor miracle. He planted his hands on the ground and did a leg sweep followed by a spin kick. The move would knock his target in one direction and the follow up kick would force said target to fold in a way their body wasn't meant to. He jumped back several feet and snarled, "what're you doing here? can't anyone leave me alone?" He raced at the man again and let loose a salvo of kicks and jabs to force the man back. He resisted the urge to use his aura as he tried to regain his senses. Fenrir brought his hands up in a defensive stance, waiting to see what the next move would be.

Actions :
Aura recovery : + 5 AP Regen
3X Melee attack without weapon- 60 minus defense

Ap : 235

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5 Re: Unlucky Encounter [Private, Fenrir] on Sun Oct 23, 2016 11:03 pm

Medea Takamura
Watching as the man jumped to get behind him and rather than simply turning around to meet an attack he wouldn't see before it would be too late, Varian decided to leap forward and rolled away from his opponent, effectively dodging the leg swipe and spinning kick. Now turning around to face the other guy, Varian got back into stance while he was asked what he was doing in the woods, as if he believed that the man in red went to look for him. "Look dude, I had no idea that someone has worked up as you would be here. I don't even know anyone on this island... well, not true actually... just one person... but anyway, I don't know you and if you want I'll just lea-"

He couldn't finish his sentence about simply leaving the guy alone to his business that he was already back on the offensive and unleashed a barrage of punches and kicks that Varian tried to do his best to black them all, but maybe in vain. The strength of his opponent was nothing like the pressure wave that he did earlier and the man clad in red barely felt the hits. The man then took a defensive stance, raising his fist like a boxer would to defend himself. His action couldn't help but make Varian chuckle on the inside. What did he expect? Blocking a sword with his bare arms? Needless to say that it was rather foolish, especially since the guy didn't look like he would actually move to dodge.

Taking a step back, Varian materialized something that looked like a knife in his left hand, the dark redish steel clashing with the forest. The projectile took not even a second to form and it barely took more to the guy in red to throw it at his foe. He was hoping to put him to sleep so the fight would be quicker and easier. Directly after throwing the Semblance-created object, Varian made his move, dashing forward while doing a first swing, a diagonal slash going from the lower right to the upper left as he aimed to simply ignore the raised arms. He then twisted his wrist to come back with an horizontal cut going from left to right. Varian then finished his combo with a lounging thrust aimed at the man's belly before jumping back to put some distance between the two of them.

Battle Log

HP: 195/200

1) Semblance, 5 damage unresisted + Sleep (Please roll the status effect dice here (link) if you roll 1,2 or 3, you'll fall asleep and won't be able to wake up until your next post or the moment I'd attack you.

2, 3 and 4) Melee attacks w/ weapon, 25 damage per attack before defense.

Note: Each attacks are reduced by the defense, not your overall damage at the end of your post, keep that in mind. Each of your attacks would do 20, minus my defense, so 5 each (15 if all would hit) after calculation unlike 30 if I was to subtract from your total potential damage.

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6 Re: Unlucky Encounter [Private, Fenrir] on Mon Oct 24, 2016 11:31 pm

An airborne projectile? against someone with command over air? these thoughts flashed through Fenrir's mind in less than a second as he leaned back, head touching the ground as the object flew over him. He kicked off the ground, spinning in the process and dodged the first two cuts with ease. The thrust attack actually caught him off guard and sliced his leg. He used the pain to focus and decided to get serious. He held his hands to the side as if giving supplication and called forth his gauntlets.  The soft rasp of metal getting into place signaling his intention to fight seriously. He drew on his aura to heal himself and then dashed forward. sliding between the man's legs, he stood back up and aimed a knife hand thrust at his opponent's spine, he also had a tracking glyph loaded so if the strike hit he'd be painted for a sparrow. The sparrow was particularly dangerous to the unsuspecting as it was an unstable semi solid compression of air that would implode on impact and then release all the pressure in an explosive burst. The shockwave from both would travel at slightly different oscillation waves causing massive internal damage to anyone who didn't have an affinity for air. He used his momentum to launch himself into a tree and weave a wind cannon glyph and imbue it with fire dust. He snarled victoriously as he thought the fight would end swiftly in his favor.

Aura healing: 20/20 ap/healing
Melee+ tracking glyph : 30 before Def, -10 ap
Sparrow: 20/20 ap/unresisted damage
Fire dust attack: 35 potential damage, -10 ap

Aura recovery: + 5 AP

Hp: 50
Ap: 160

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7 Re: Unlucky Encounter [Private, Fenrir] on Tue Oct 25, 2016 2:48 am

Medea Takamura
It seemed that even in his current feral state, Varian's assailant wasn't going to be as easy as the Huntsman thought it would be since most of his attacks didn't land. His Sleep Dart was dodge by the guy simply leaning backward before spinning around where only the thrust of his blade managed to hit the leg in the motion. Plus, this attack that landed was basically canceled by the fact that the man before him seems to have healed up before going back on the offensive and this time, weapon unsheathed. Now things would become more serious.

The man in red's foe attempted something, to get behind him by sliding under him. Did he really thought it would work? Especially since the first time he tried it failed? It didn't matter that this time he was going under him rather than above, he was still trying to get behind him. Varian leaped forward and roll, effectively dodging the thrust that was aimed at his back and once more putting distance between the two. With his opponent's weapon being shorter than his, the swordsman would have tried to take advantage of his longer reach but his eyes saw something coming in his direction as he faced his opponent. Dodging to the side to avoid the weirdly shaped projectile, it left him open for the other guy's Dust attack. A flame blast came directly for him and the heat surrounded him but was nothing he couldn't deal with.

Simply walking out of the blaze, Varian stared at his foe who was perched in a tree while growling like an animal. Pointing his sword towards the weird man, the Huntsman taunted with his other hand for his opponent to come down, but he wouldn't wait for that. Shifting another knife made from his Semblance in his hand, this time he would keep it rather than throwing it to avoid missing again. Leaping upward to meet the other guy with a rising slash from his sword, the man in red didn't waste any time to follow up with a downward cut. To end his combo, Varian went for a thrust aimed at the shoulder that was accompanied by a simultaneous thrust towards his opposite side with his Sleep Dart, which was more of a knife currently in order to try to put him to sleep once more. Maybe with the proximity it would work better. Doing a roll as he landed, he took back his defensive stance waiting for his foe to reach the ground as well, asleep or not.

Battle Log


Attacks: 1,2 and 3) Melee attacks w/ weapon
4) Sleep Dart stab: 5 damage unresisted (Don't forget to roll if you get hit)

Note: Since I don't know how your sparrow works when you don't manage to track, I assume it would just fly forward. Correct me if I'm wrong so I'll know for the next time.

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8 Re: Unlucky Encounter [Private, Fenrir] on Wed Oct 26, 2016 9:00 am

Fenrir leaned back and flipped out of the tree as the huntsman tried to cut him with the sword. He set a solid Glyph right under and jumped back up off it to take advantage of the opening left from the attack, completely unaware of the knife. right as the assassin landed back on the branch, he felt a jab in his side and cursed *you idiot. He has two hands*
his sword is a two handed weapon
*hand and a half. regardless. .......*
Fenrir realized his mind had started to cloud as he fell to the ground, it wouldn't matter if he could purge his body or not, this stuff was seriously potent. His vision blurred as he tried to fight off the effects. He felt the sedative overrun his senses as peaceful feeling drowned out the screams as he fell out of the tree and landed in a bush. the sunlight filtered through, not....helping....
*fight it! you need to focus!*
Fenrir slipped into unconsciousness.

Actions :
Aura recovery : + 5 AP
Solid Glyph: 10 AP

Hp: 45
Ap: 155

((Sparrows just dissipate if there's no means of guiding them. That way they don't end up killing someone miles away))

ROLLING Stones for sleep))

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