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Saphire Rose (And yes I know Sapphires spelt Sapphire)

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Basic info
Name: Saphire Rose Moon (But she goes by Saphire Rose)
Age: 18
Birthday: Eighth of December
Gender: Female
Race: Faunus (Arctic Wolf, Tail)
Face Claim:

Aura 200|100 HP

Major: Undecided
Likes: Shiny objects, Cold places, and Blue fabrics
Dislikes: Humans because of her heritage, Blood shed, and Bullying
Fears: Highs, Abusive Humans, and The feeling of being alone
Overall Personality: Shes nice but keeps to herself allot, she will help just about anyone out with allot of useless tasks like cleaning and moving stuff around, Shes a little depressed at times but thats just because she misses she mother and sister. Shes very shy and doesnt talk until she knows for certain that the person is not a threat or flirty with her. She gets flustered and angery at a drop of a hat, so dont try and annoy her unless you wanna get your ear talked off. When shes mad she constantly talks and/or she starts to punch the person playfully until that give up

Aura type: Speed
Aura Color: Sapphire
Semblance: Polarity, The ability to move any Metal object that Sapphire has come into contact with.
Item 1: Scythe (Shining Rose) When in battle glows a Sapphire glow to just make it look pretty cool
Item 2: Silver breastplate with a white ribbon across the chest forming a little bow and a wind emblem on the side of it as a kind of mark so I know its mile (Physical Protection)

History and Sample
When Saphire was a young girl she lost her sister and mother in a blink of an eye, being a Faunus wasn't  easy for her being abused and harassed most of her life until she found her Biological Father Black Pluto. He took her in and trained her to fight and battle, at the age of 14 she already killed her first Grimm but her longsword that her mother left her had broke in two, She became sad and a little depressed until her dad thought of a Idea to make a new weapon from his old Scythe with a broke blade that he had broke while trying to protect the family from Grimm but failed causing him to leave her, and her longsword that her mother gave to her the day before she died to make a better weapon for her to use, she was thrilled to have her New weapon the scythe she has now allot with Dust that her father gifts to her regularly. She became a student at a Hunter/Huntress school at age 15 already above average when she joined, Her speed unmatchable to any of the student and untouchable because of her Polarity she soon became the highlight of her class in that school until people found out that she was a Faunus. She was bullied and forced to switch schools to and Atlas school. Everyone treated her with respect and from now on she hides her Faunus Identity from everyone no matter the cause, At age 18 she got accepted into Syne Academy and now this is were we are now she has no friends there not allys and no team she doesnt know what to do and shes hoping for a new start with everyone there hoping there all friendly and kind to her as she has her stay at Syne
RP Sample:
A calm wind blew through the window in saphires window her cat tail hidden with her clothing as she took in the scent of the air but a sharp scent of alchohol was in the air and she did a long sigh and turned around to face a tall man with burning red eyes and a flask in hand as she let out a little squeak of joy ¨Daddy! Your home...Why are you here so early your mission was suppose to be done in another month¨ her father smiled and patted her head with a little bit of joy
¨Well Saphire when word got around to me that you were going to Syne Academy today I got a little surprised that you didnt wait for me to come back and say good by to you¨his gaze shown down on her as she was a little mad at him for leaving on a mission without telling her, her friend Aleks had to tell her about her fathers dangerous mission since Aleks was already a Hunter and found out the news quicker than her (Its harder when you dont have another person to do this with :P)

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