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Impromptu Brawl towards the Tavern [Solo Hunt]

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1 Impromptu Brawl towards the Tavern [Solo Hunt] on Mon Oct 24, 2016 10:43 pm

Medea Takamura
It was one of those days, those with the sky as gray as ashes, the sea darkened by the lack of sun and the silence in the air only broke by the sound of waves which came to wash themselves upon the shore of Kompress Beach. It has been a good hour since a lone man was standing there looking at the ocean while smoking his pipe. It was rather early in the morning, somewhere around 10 or 11, the young Huntsman couldn't remember as more often that he'd notice time would fly by. He had no real purpose to be here on the beach besides waiting as what he wanted was to see the inside of the famous Creak's Tavern that was located west of where he stood. He heard while walking around town that they may have been looking to hire someone to tend the bar as the last bartender quit his job after an incident. The man in red figured it would be a good way to earn money for a while, especially if it meant that he could stay in town longer.

After giving some thoughts to more ideas that were rushing in his mind, Varian slowly began to make his way towards the tavern but he could feel the boredom weighting on him right now as he still had a long walk by the beach to do before arriving to destination. If only there would be something to keep him busy while he walked. What he'd give to have her around even if it was just to listen to him talk...

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Ursa 1: 110 Hp
Ursa 2: 110 Hp
Both have twenty defense/resistence

These grimm, like most other grimm, were seekers of food. Simple beings that, while often angry and filled with terrible emotions, were still seekers of food in their most simple state. The two Ursai that were prowling this day were especially hungry. They were normally at least a bit cautious, but not on this day. The Ursai were far hungrier today than usual, as they weren’t able to eat the day before.

After all, lack of food makes an unhappy grimm. An unhappy grimm means a strong grimm. These Ursai were extra strong today, and this was made into confidence as they found a lone man. He was on the beach and they weren’t far, so one could hear them start to run. The two, to an average observer, would appear to be hunting in packs. Anyone who’d guess that would be right, that was what they were doing. It was an important tactic.

Once they arrived in front of the man, they roared a mighty roar, most likely waking the patrons. One went to the man's right while the other stayed in front. Ursa 1, the one in front, swept forward at the man with his paw, while the other Ursai stood in wait while it would see how the man would react. After all, you don’t want both wiped out in a single, glorious strike. No one that was a grimm wanted that, if they could even want.

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