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Staffs and such; a study(Private/Velly&Sammey)

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1 Staffs and such; a study(Private/Velly&Sammey) on Wed Oct 26, 2016 11:44 pm

Nikolaos Soyata had gotten in training late. It was about noon, as he had slept in. His normally pony-tailed hair was flowing like a long mane of hair, the blue contrasting against his skin. He wasn't wearing his coat, but just his blue pants, chain included. He had his staff in one hand and shifted into his stance. He held the staff with two hands, although a light grip as to let him shift it up and down.

He started by striking the air in a flurry of attacks, which even a novice combatant would recognize as him striking each extremity once. This was a simple training excercise that he used to do standing on one leg and on a wood stock barely the size of his heel. Next, he sat his pole on the ground straight up and leaped, landing one foot on it and stood on it, balanced perfectly. On one foot. He was a physical master, with his body being sculpted to show it. He, however, was not focused on top of the staff, just enough to stay there, not enough to realize that this was an insanely unsafe activity.

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It was a simple day, nothing of importance to report. Nothing special about the weather, no special event was happening neither in town or in the school. Simple people did simple things, like students going to classes, workers going to work, etc. There was a girl though, a blonde faunus, that didn't have the chance to do something normal today, or anything at all so far even. Vella Brandeis had just arrived here at Syne Academy and was still ongoing on her registration, so she couldn't attend classes yet and wasn't feeling very comfortable to go in one of those just yet. After all, she wasn't even supposed to be here, she cheated her way in. Raffy lead her somewhere, a place where she could obtain the letters of recommendation she used to enrolled at Syne. She is an impostor, she doesn't have the skills to be a Huntress, she doesn't have what it takes. All she has right now is a staff that she uses for self defense and an interest in Dust. She has nothing else, no skills, so knowledge, she doesn't even have her aura unlocked and could basically get killed anytime she would get out of the school-ground since the academy is surrounded by the forest where Grimms like to hang about.

With her great lack of any physical prowess, Vella decided that while she would wait to be officially registered as a student, she would try to train. She needed to at least learn the basics of how to use her staff if she at least wanted to pull off pretty little lies to protect her cover about being the useless girl she currently was. Walking alone on her way to the training ground that she saw on the map of the school offered to new students to avoid them getting lost, the faunus was silent in contrast to her usual behavior that would normally have her seemingly talk to herself, although Raffy would be there to listen to her. But no, right now her mind was busy thinking about how she could possibly train in the use of a weapon without any knowledge about how to do so. She would probably get herself hurt in the process and she didn't like the idea.

As she finally arrived in the training ground, she was greeted with the sight of a shirtless man who was standing in balance on a staff. Vella stared at him for a moment before she tried to hide while studying him. If this staff on which he was standing was his own weapon, maybe she could learn from him. But no way she would go to him and ask something like that, she would need to hide and learn by watching, training on her own so no one would have to know that she has no idea how to fight, or even properly stand with her weapon drawn. She even could feel the shame of being judged for lacking any martial skill whatsoever, the shame was even present right now actually. What was she doing in a place like this? She wasn't made for this kind of life, why did she let Raffy convince her? What was his plan? Vella was standing there, her mind half focus on her thoughts while the other half was trying to focus on the man with the blue mane. Her hiding skills obviously lacking like any other supposed skills she could have, she was easily noticeable for anybody that would have the slightest notion of their surrounding.

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