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A moment of peace (Private-Vella- Karma)

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1 A moment of peace (Private-Vella- Karma) on Thu Oct 27, 2016 9:08 pm

Kiriraya Okamikari
Alone, aside from Genesis working on her own project he was technically alone. He had spent plenty of time finishing up the Chameleon armor, testing the invisibility capabilities. A touch of a button the armor vanished, showing nothing of what existed before. A second touch of the button the armor deactivated the camo and it reappeared, leading to a successful product that could be shipped out as soon as the minuet tweaks had been finished. He had spent the next two hours tweaking every little aspect of what could possibly go wrong with the product.

He took a break, moving over to the window to smoke a cigarette, calming his mind from the hours of work he'd done already. The classroom door was cracked open, through he hadn't seen a student in quite some time. Though it wasn't a bad thing, it meant he had complete focus.

"One product on the way, getting the camouflaging capability functioning properly was hell. How's things going on your end Genesis?" "Everything is going as expected professor. How are you doing?" "I'm fine, I should be getting to taking my medicine soon. I feel a little under the weather."

He spoke quietly, finishing up his stick of lingering death to wander back to his desk. He moved the suit from the desk and stood it up, then dropped into his chair and laid his head on his desk, taking a small nap while Genesis continued her work. She would occasionally look his direction, making sure he was still breathing. Though his chest didn't move much, she could tell he was still alive. She tossed a blanket on him to keep him warm, keeping the window open to air out the stuffiness and smell of machine fluids from the recent product.

Genesis took the time to herself to organize the classrooms, straighten the desks, sweep the floors, and so forth. She moved to the windows, taking a clean rag and some window spray to clean them off, making sure everything was presentable. A clean room reflected well on the teacher, even though he wasn't the one doing anything besides his own work, but she enjoyed being useful for her creator, doing as much as she could to ease his sanity and health.

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2 Re: A moment of peace (Private-Vella- Karma) on Fri Oct 28, 2016 5:35 am

Boredom could really be a plague to those with really nothing to do, not just those who thought there was nothing to do. But when you are someone that cheated their way in and that you needed to wait for the school to allow you to attend classes, much like Vella right now, there was nothing to be done. The faunus has been offered a dorm that she could use until she would be given her own officially and it this borrowed room there was absolutely nothing to do so once again, like the days before the girl decided to start roaming around in the school. Classes have been over for a while now, most of the students were at the cafeteria having dinner or were elsewhere in the school leaving the Lecture Halls voided of any activity. The silence was welcomed though, even though she was looking for something to do, it meant that no one was around, no one to judge her from looking weird.

She has been seemingly talking to herself for a while now as Vella roamed the corridors, making jokes and teasing, but the lone girl was indeed just that, alone, so who was she teasing? Herself? She broke into a light fit of giggles that was quickly interrupted by a noise coming from a nearby classroom that she was walking in front of. With the door cracked open and curiosity getting the best of her, the blonde faunus approached the door and peeked her head inside, her ears being the first thing to make their way inside. As she could finally lay her eyes upon the classroom, there wasn't much to see she first thought as a man seemed to be napping on a desk while someone in a huge fancy-looking armor The girl shrugged, thinking that it may have been over-doing it for a protective attire while cleaning. She herself was absolutely fine with a regular apron.

Vella then simply stood there for a moment, looking around the room that was currently flawless from all the cleaning that had just been done as well as having her eyes shift in between the armor-clad person and the man sleeping, wondering what they could have been doing. She had no clue, she would make so theories if she could have a better look at the man but from where she stood and with him covered with a blanket she couldn't guess much about him. The girl turned her head around and began to whisper as she didn't want to wake the man up. She seemed to be talking to someone that would be standing right next to her, but anyone that would open the door would notice that she was alone.

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3 Re: A moment of peace (Private-Vella- Karma) on Mon Oct 31, 2016 3:48 am

Kiriraya Okamikari
Asleep, such a wonderful thing to be. Resting quietly the man dreamt of that night he turned the man to ash. The scene played out like it originally did, more like a flashback than a dream. The man rushed forward, knife in hand, and was reduced to a mere pile of ash with a horrific scream. The scream, something loud and terrifying caused the man to jump up from his spot, applying to much force to his desk with his biotic skeleton he snapped the desk apart, the wood cracking loudly and abruptly, causing Genesis to turn to her creator in a quick manner.

She let out what could be thought of as a sigh, seeing that amongst her cleaning her creator had woken up from what humans would call a nightmare and destroyed his desk. She caught a glimpse of yellow between the crack off the door, and activated her infrared vision, seeing a girl by herself. She paid it no mind as she alerted Squall, with his head in his hands, that someone was outside their room.

"Probably just a student, one you said? Well, might as well great a guest, and... Call in an order for a new desk...." "You need to learn to control your strength professor, imagine if you had a family and you had a spasm like that around them." "Let's both be thankful I'm alone then, otherwise I'd probably be in plenty of trouble."

He mumbled, tossing the blanket onto his chair and stood up. He walked quietly to the door, his footsteps almost silent as he reached the large wooden door and pulled it open, finding a blonde talking to herself. He looked side to side, seeing that she was indeed alone, and casted his gaze upon her, a set of gray eyes meeting a set of blue, while he stood well above her.

"My name is professed Squall, I haven't had the liberty of meeting you yet so I don't know your name. Is there anything I can help you with, since you're standing outside of my classroom door?"

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4 Re: A moment of peace (Private-Vella- Karma) on Mon Oct 31, 2016 1:53 pm

As she was looking back and whispering to herself, Vella got startled as she heard a loud crashing noise coming from inside the classroom. With her eyes wide open at the sight of the man's desk broken in half, she couldn't help but be suddenly scared of this person's strength. If he could do this to a massive wooden desk, what could he possibly do to a girl like her? Her sudden fear made it longer for her to realized that their was two voices in the room, which in itself wasn't surprising considering there was the man and the person in the armor, but the female voice coming from the suit did surprise the faunus. They talked about how the man's strength would be problematic if he had a family to which he said that he didn't have one so it wasn't that bad.

Vella then heard the man stand up and walk towards the door, causing Vella to back out from it slowly but not in any way she would be hidden from the man's sight as he opened the door and introduced himself and asked for her name. "I'm Vella, Vella Brandeis. I was just walking around when I heard sounds coming from your class... pretty hard to miss the crashing sound of wood to be frank... so I looked to see what was happening." Of course she wouldn't say that she had been there for nearly ten minutes looking inside and simply said that she looked the moment the desk was crushed. She didn't want to be seen as a creep by one of the teachers of the academy.

Vella was suddenly nervous, she tried to look behind her but the Professor had something intimidating about him that made her lock eyes with him. Maybe it was how tall he was, or the fact that he just broke a desk in half. The girl didn't moved and suddenly looked a bit more panicked than she was a second ago. The reason being that she was facing a teacher, someone that could actually see to it that she would be forced out of the school if her lack of abilities was to be discovered. The faunus stood there in silence, hoping that things wouldn't go bad from here.

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5 Re: A moment of peace (Private-Vella- Karma) on Sun Nov 06, 2016 7:08 am

Karma Ankore
Today had been such an interesting day, first her jog broke out with a good start of the day, followed by an encounter of the fluffy kind as she reconnected with one of her childhood friends, and possibly childhood crush. She decided though that it would be good to finish off the day with crossing another old bridge, her cousin had become a teacher. Her cousin, starting out his new job, had been the one to specially design her armor, though it did need a bust adjustment, considering it was a little too tight.

"Honestly just hope grandpa is here today, man never stops working so I'd be surprised if he wasn't passed ou-"

She stopped dead in her tracks. There had been a girl standing infront of her cousins classroom, a busty girl. A very busty girl, matched with what could be seen as a super abundance of fluff and bust, another cute blonde like Raziel but a lot more filled out. Curious, she happened to look deeper to see a scary man towering over her. 'Yup, that's cousin Kiri. Dudes a frickin yeti.' She thought, moving closer. She popped her semblance, a revolver as long as her forearm poofing from fire, and she aimed it dead at Kiri, the barrel inches from his face.

"Put em up Sasquatch."

She grinned, cocking the hammer back. As quickly as it was there she deactivated it, making her way behind the faunes girl to inspect her further. Cute fluffy ears, a bit of a butt, a rack that could suffocate a midget, and a pretty face to boot. Hell, she might just fall in love. As annoying as she is, Karma put her face right next to the girls, giving her a small peck on the cheek to be a bit of a flirt.

"Hey cutie, whatcha doin with Sasquatch over here? He's no fun... Just a giant workaholic!"

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6 Re: A moment of peace (Private-Vella- Karma) on Sun Nov 06, 2016 4:34 pm

Kiriraya Okamikari
Curious, that's what the girl infront of him was. She was a looker, but such things never bothered the man too much to look into. He just had a conversation with Genesis on how he could snap a desk in half, what could happen to his family if he got mad? Instead he tilted his head softly, inspecting the girl.

"Vella Brandeis? Interesting, I've never heard your name before. Oh well, you're probably new. I'm not all to good with names. And yes, I had a bit of an accident and happened to just snap my desk." "Learn to control your strength professor, we don't need you accidentally killing anyone now do we?" "True, my life and business would be in shambles if that occurred."

He spoke in a polite tone, catching something lurking out of the corner of his eye. Blue, odd enough of a hair color, as it popped out a tad heavy. He quickly noticed the blue hair was connected to someone, a problematic pain in his back from such a dastardly person.

"Call me Sasquatch again and I'll snap you in half like a pencil, Karma. You small pain. What are you here for, to cause more drama or catch a sexual harassment charge?"

He spoke, checking the way she was kissing up to and inspecting his student. He grabbed Karma by the shoulder and tossed her lightly across the room away from the student with ease. He didn't wanna do damage, if he did she'd break. Though, he didn't quite wanna break the armor she had on he didn't want her harassing a student.

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