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Plot- 1 [Open for 1 other]

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1 Plot- 1 [Open for 1 other] on Sun Oct 30, 2016 4:17 am

Cipher Cam Star
Cipher woke up to the sounds of someone ruming through the living room "Uncle..." he called out sitting up on his bed "Uncle what are you doing?" he asked getting out of bed too see a Atlas soldiers going through his Uncle's belongings What are they doing here and what happen to Uncle? he thought as he clinched his chest with one hand and cliched his other Uncle did you...No I can't think like that. he told himself as he went back into his room and got ready to leave. Right when he leaves the room the men start to leave so Cipher follows after them to the beach where his uncle was about to be executed "UNCLE!!!" Cipher screamed the computer said as his swords formed a ring around his Uncle "Kiddo!" he said as Cipher knocked back two of the soldiers. Cipher spun his swords around him as he cut the left hands off all the soldiers just before his uncle tackled him to the ground and one of the swords stabbed him in the kidney "Come on kiddo wake up." he told Cipher as he fell to his side. "Wh-what happen...Uncle!"

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