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Andre Meadows [Complete]

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1 Andre Meadows [Complete] on Sun Oct 30, 2016 11:02 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Andre Meadows
Age: 19
Birthday: 6/27
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6'0
Weight: 140
Face Claim: Akise Aru - Mirai Nikki

STR: 4
DEF: 2
RES: 2
SPT: 4
Aura 175|125 HP

Major: Combat
–Spicy Food: Andre had his taste buds damaged as a little kid, meaning he is barely able to taste anything. The only things he can taste are those that are spicy, and though he knows this would most likely damage them even further, he is willing to profit now and suffer later.

-Title: To be known for his actions, not being self-proclaimed, but getting a higher role due to his hard work. He wants to know that all of is hard word as a hunter did not go to waste.

-Cats: He even had one named Kiki. It’s not like he has a problem with dogs, it’s just that every cat he ever met was comforting to him. Kiki was there for him whenever he felt alone after his sisters accident. It's a shame she can't come along with him now.

-Arrogance: Being the quiet type around, he can hear many things. Whenever he hears someone putting themselves up by putting others down, that is when Andre targets them for destruction.

-Failure: Whenever he is unsuccessful, he tends to hold onto that grudge and never let go until it is done. It could be something as simple as getting a C on a test, or being unable to track down a bounty.

-Chocolate: Unable to enjoy it’s sweet taste, he finds the texture of chocolate to be weird, and when it melts into his mouth, he feels like spitting it out. It is always a mystery to him on why people enjoy chocolate.

-Water: He hates to drown, just like anyone else. Because he is afraid of giant bodies of water, he will do anything in his power to get it away from him. This applies to big amounts of water, not something like washing his face.

-Betrayal: It’s not easy for him to trust people, and instead of actually thinking them to be friends, he keeps his guard high whenever working with someone. Admittedly, he has no reason to have this fear, but he believes he could never be too careful.

-Car Horns: Due to his little sister being hit by a car… This is probably a given. Whenever he hears a car horn, he yells and freezes in place.

Overall Personality: Andre is a quiet one, never really one to fit in with a crowd. Due to this, he had learned to be independent and to not be naïve. When he is talking to someone he started a conversation with, he is most likely trying to get information from them that he may find useful. If someone sparks up a conversation with him, in a general conversation, he would get rather cautious since he does not trust people too much, especially if he doesn’t know them. Despite his silent personality, his facial expression reveals that he is rather confident in himself, a smile place onto his face very often while alone. Not one of happiness though, but more like one of competition. He can’t stand arrogance and will do anything to get it away from him. When it comes to battle however, a smile is placed on his face as he knows what will happen in the end. Not only is he no longer quiet, but he’ll do anything to have his way in the battle, and the destruction seen towards their opponents only encourages him to go further.

Aura type: Speed
Aura Color: White
Semblance: Air Manipulation, the user has the ability to control air within 10 meters around themselves. This can be used to block attacks or hurl it towards enemies to cause devastating impacts. It can be used to support as well, for example, lifting up weapons to use them without using their hands.
Item 1: A Bo Staff, ordinary for now in weaponry, but at least durability is fine for modern combat.
Item 2: Dust: Tier 1 Wind

History and Sample
His true story started when he was five years old, when he discovers that he now has a new sister. This was something that Andre has been hoping for, someone that could understand him and play with him whenever he was lonely. The news of having a sister was amazing to him. The fact that he barely made any friends in elementary school and middle school would have mentally hurt him if he was not given his little sister, who had plenty of charisma in her elementary school. Her name was Nikki Hakozawa. Andre always takes his chances to talk to her and play with her, this being able to understand what his sister wanted to do in the future, be a hunter and protect people.

At this time, she was using melee combat. A Bo Staff was her weapon, and he had seen her do some destructive things with it. The Semblance she has would be dedicated to enhancements to her attacking speed or evasion in general. Andre on the other hand used his Semblance to manipulate the air around him. He never cared to be a hunter, he was just using this in order to protect him and his family. Many times Nikki has tried to get him to become a hunter, but he would refuse the offer and pat her head, claiming that he was no good at fighting.

While walking Nikki home one day from her school, they were crossing the street to get to their apartment. Halfway down the crosswalk, a small sports car was speeding, and the one to almost get hit was Andre. His little sister however, saw it coming, and out of instinct and fear, jumped at her older brother, pushing him out of the way. But in return, she was the one who was taking the hit, and instead of getting flattened, she hit the top of a truck and bounced off, hitting her body onto the ground. The horror for Andre to see something like this was too great for him to bare. Many people have stopped driving as they were going through this, many calling the police, many more calling ambulances. Andre on the other hand just ran to his sister… She was knocked out in front of him, and that was probably the first time he actually shed tears.

After being sent to the hospital, Nikki woke up from her coma, but found herself unable to move. The damage had been too bad, and the most that could be done for her was numb to pain. However, she was paralyzed, unable to move, shattering her dreams of being able to be a hunter and defend people, when it was clear that she was the one in need. Andre noticed that she talked about herself being so useless, causing the older brother to curse the day that his sister got hit. He even felt like it was his fault a little bit, he was the one Nikki had to push out of the way. But whenever he would blame himself in front of her, she would always reassure him that it was not his fault. There was no one else to blame but the driver, who was locked up for hitting a 12 year old due to his lack of attention on the road. Andre then dedicated himself to a new goal, if Nikki couldn’t be a hunter, he’ll make sure that she had the right to say her brother is one. And thus, instead of enrolling to a normal high school instead of going to Beacon, he once again applied to a different academy. It was quite the distance away from his current location, so he was unable to see Nikki for a while, but hopefully the time investment would be worth it. When he returns to her, he wants to make sure she was happy to see him.
RP Sample:
It was time for his first day, his mother was waiting for him at the car. Andre was supposed to be there five minutes ago, but he was the one that would be getting away from here for years. These five minutes were nothing compared to the academy time he will be spending, no friends, no family, just him and his laptop bag for him to E-Mail the few friends he had. It was time to depart, so just for this one final moment, he needed to look around and take in the sight. The academy he is going to is quite a distance away, he almost had to take a plane ride over there. But instead, he will be going on a drive to get there.

After a few more moments of looking at his room, he crouched down to get to his luggage back, Kiki standing on top of it. It was nice for the pink furball to be coming along with him for the trip, at least he wasn't completely alone in this one. Sadly, she can't be with him in the academy... No pets allowed for now. Andre zipped the bag closed, causing Kiki to jump off of it in the process. Once he did that, he unfolded his knees back up, pulling the handle of the luggage case with him. Finally, he was heading down the stairs, the kitten behind him as he did so. They were headed off to Syne Academy, the beginning of a new life.

Note: This is my former character, Frain. I adjusted him as needed and changed his name as well. Frain's link is right here. With this, I would ask for a Username change to "Andre Meadows" x3 Thank you!

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2 Re: Andre Meadows [Complete] on Mon Oct 31, 2016 2:27 pm

I personally can't change your current username, you'll need to have Leena, Richard, or Jet do it.

But other than that, you're approved! Feel free to start participating RP threads!

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