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Karma Ankore [Done]

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1 Karma Ankore [Done] on Mon Oct 31, 2016 1:35 am

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Karma Ankore
Age: 21
Birthday: 9/15
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5'8
Weight: 124lbs
Face Claim:Seishirō Tsugumi

Aura 180|120 HP

Major: Combat
Coffee on a cold day
Nice assets
The heat
Troublesome situations that Encore can't take care of
Getting sick
The feeling of emptiness
Being killed by her own gun
Overall Personality:
Karma has an ego, both matched by firepower and sheer aggression. She is an aggressive person, claiming anything she desires as hers. People, objects, animals, she is a possessive person. She enjoys her quiet time, but enjoys being more on the optimistic side and would rather be outside having fun than being bored in a room. She is strong willed, and has yet to be mentally broken. She likes people for the most part, often reaching out a helping hand. She isn't too much a people person though, she isn't the person to engage in conversation unless she takes an interest in someone, which is rather easy for her. She wears her heart on her sleeve, often getting hurt because of such.

Aura type: Aura Regeneration
Aura Color: Red/orange/blue
Semblance: Encore: Ankore, upon activating her semblance, her hands burst into flames and she draws forth a massive revolver that gets flooded with fire, channeling the aura into the revolvers chambers. The revolver has 3 shots, 20 aura per shot dealing 20 damage, that punch through objects with an uncanny hellish speed. Targets hit can be affected with a burn status. The shots of condensed aura leave a trail like a tracer from where they left the gun, forming a line of fire that can damage enemies that miss the bullet but run into the flame.
Item 1: Weapon: PTRS Anti tank rifle, no scope.


Item 2: Armor: Armor crafted by special request, physical damage reduction.


History and Sample
Often left by herself, Karma lived in an orphanage since she was a young girl. A simple life, but not a very good one. She was often left alone because she was viewed as strange for her previous attitude, a quiet, lonely, shy girl with little to no friends. Often she'd make games for herself while the others played with eachother, never enjoying the loneliness she felt daily. When she was 10 she was adopted by a man, though as nice as he was he was never home to take care of her, leaving her to fend for herself while he was out all hours of the night. He put her through an education with funds she had no clue the whereabouts of, until one day she caught him entering the home in the middle of the night, soaked in blood with a revolver. Curious, she asked him what he had done to be coated in another persons blood, his answer was a simple one. He was a Hitman, who took care of bad people so nobody had to go through what happened to him with his child, one who was abducted and never seen again. She got the extra information through hours of prying at him while he was in the house, coming to find out he was as lonely a person as she was, and that he continued his line of work after adopting her so that he could give her a better life, one he could have given his own flesh and blood. She accepted his answers and let him be on the fact, but his sadness often affected her own, so she changed her personality to be what it is now, to bring him happiness and distract him from the emotional trauma he had endured previously. The two shared a happy Father-Daughter relationship, him staying home more so that he could give her the attention a child needed to not turn out strange. She made him his daily meals, he funded her schooling and way of life. She followed him one night to one of his jobs in secret, and saved his life after a man from behind drew a gun on her father. She cracked his head with a chair, and after the man completed his job he took her home, and profusely apologized for her getting involved. Instead of getting upset, which was the action he thought was going to occur, she gave him a smile. A smile, and words of encouragement. She had told the man that he was her idol, and she wanted to be like him some day, and started training underneath the professional. Eventually, after years of training with a gun, the two had a sit down conversation of her putting her abilities to good use, that she should be a hunter instead of a Hitman like him. She refused at first, wanting to be like her idol who cleaned up the scum of the earth, but he convinced her that killing Grimm was as close as he'd allow her to get. Eventually they came to an agreement, and she was shipped off to Syne, a place where she could better herself, and be like the man she looked up to so highly.
RP Sample:
A flow of students, a lovely look of the area, Karma had taken a liking to Syne. The people seemed alright, she'd already met with a teacher or two, and still hadn't made a friend since arriving. Typical, simply typical of dear Karma. The loud woman drove away any attention she tried to get, leaving her to wander about the area all by her lonesome. It wasn't a bad thing, per say. She had plenty of time to herself to do things. She'd visited several little mom and pop shops, coffee shops, stores, a lively market. Syne was a nice place, she hadn't had any issues since she arrived, knowing her there should have been a few. She was a loud girl, a tad egotistical but never a bad thing as she was pleased either way. She had followed her idols words and got a decent look of the place, checking out areas she could work if she needed money, even though hunting Grimm held a good source of income. But still, she wanted a nice relaxing job she could earn a little pocket cash with, and she was on the hunt until she could find the perfect one.

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2 Re: Karma Ankore [Done] on Mon Oct 31, 2016 1:40 am

Approved ^^


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