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Emotions and lack thereof (Private/Arcen)

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1 Emotions and lack thereof (Private/Arcen) on Tue Nov 01, 2016 4:21 pm

Aalis Nutmegg
When thinking of something to do for a day, it was very difficult to go wrong with a coffee shop. The relaxed atmosphere and dimmed ambiance was something that all of Aalis could enjoy. As such, they went into the heart of Bellmuse's capital, only to sit down and enjoy a nice hot drink. Upon arrival, they settled themselves into a small table with four seats. There, they split themselves up into copies, each character taking a seat though only Aalis herself could see them. Ashe sat across from the storyteller, looking toward the big board up front holding the menu. Mouse began to rock on her chair, giggling the closer she got to falling. Regina had her head rested on her hand, looking around at all the people nearby, calculating how much better she was than them. All the while, Aalis simply sat, unable to do anything else. She looked out with a blank, glassy expression, a vegetable with no will or emotion. Of course, this was only what she saw. Everyone else would see a single Little girl with platinum hair, wide eyes darting around from different people to the board and back again, whilst rocking in her chair and giggling. It was a sight to behold.

After a moment of thinking, Ashe pulled a pen and small pad of sticky notes from Mouse's little backpack, scribbling down some notes. She nudged Regina, snapping her out of her superiority. "Have you decided on what you want yet, or am I choosing for you?"
"Tch, Like I need to think about what I want. A Carame--"
"So, the usual then." Ashe cut her off, knowing the list of modifications was a long one. Regina scrunched up her nose in irritation before closing her eyes and turning up her chin. "Humph." Of course, the snobby character's sour attitude was quickly remedied when Ashe passed her the finished note and her face brightened up. With a mischievous grin she turned to Aalis' shell and tapped her shoulder. Aalis didn't move and Regina gleefully giggled before transforming her face into wide-eyed condescension. "Heeeeeey..." she spoke slowly to an expressionless Aalis, placing the sticky note into her hand and forcing it closed. "I'm going to give one VERY simple job. Take this note and give it to the nice man at the counter okay? You can at least do that, right?" Aalis only nodded, and if people weren't looking at her before, they definitely were now that the girl who was just talking to herself walked slowly and silently up to the counter to hand a very confused employee a note with three orders on it.

She came back with the order, returning to her blank state, much to the enjoyment of Regina. "Good girl! That wasn't too bad, hm?" Rolling her eyes, Ashe proceeded to pass the drinks around, an expresso for herself, a hot cocoa for Mouse, and "the usual" mess for Regina. However, to the rest of the world, the young woman just looked like a lonely little girl with three drinks all to herself.

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2 Re: Emotions and lack thereof (Private/Arcen) on Tue Nov 01, 2016 7:36 pm

Arcen Anokades
'Have I ever told you how much I HATE you?'

Arcen's eye right eyelid began twitching in a rythmic beat matching that of her iris and pupil, which was quite a fast and irregular one to copy, so it was quite surprising to see such skill.
"Skill", as in it's impressive how ticked off Arcen can act without showing emotion.

Her usual emotionless strut was accompanied by a cold and dead expression as the twitching began to calm itself, finding herself at a coffee shop.
She didn't even really like coffee, why was she entering it?
Was it fate?
Was it destiny?
It was a small girl rocking back and forth in a chair and giggling like a madman.
Because why not...?

She paused at the entrance to this shop, ignoring the many stares that were taken off of the small girl's form and placed on Arcen's distorted one. Of course, there was the look of fear, and the occasional pitiful face. Typical.
Her right eye was darting around randomly, as per usual, but her left eye fixated itself on this girl as she talked to seemingly nobody in a slow, condescending voice.
'This girl is a nut...'
'You're one to talk.
If you could even talk.'

She told herself to go give the 'nice man at the counter' a sticky note, nodded, and proceeded on to walk to said man at said counter, give him the note, wait, and walk back with three different drinks.

Ever so slightly... 'intrigued', let's say, by this childish figure, Arcen took a few steps towards the girl, slowly tilting her head.
"H-e... Hello.................? W-llo. Who ar. Who-are.. Yo-o-u....?"
Her distorted gurgle had been horrible recently, ever since... That....


She took a few more steps towards this girl, opening her jaw to spew out more semi-coherent gibberish.
"Why are-why-. You ta-are- talk-t............-Y-talking to........ You-to-yourself.......?"
Another uncharacteristically innocent head tilt as the Arctic Fox swished her tail back and forth in a sweeping manner.

Her hands rose up to fix her blood red scarf as her heterochromatic glare looked down upon the small body of this person, who at first glance seemed to be a lunatic.
But then again, so was Arcen.
Fair enough.

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3 Re: Emotions and lack thereof (Private/Arcen) on Sat Nov 05, 2016 12:29 am

Aalis Nutmegg
At the sound of incoherent chatter aimed at them, Aalis looked up to see an unknown faunus girl approaching. Ashe, Regina and Mouse promptly returned to Aalis, reassuming their positions in control of her mind. Aalis' body now only functioned as one, as opposed to each individual character moving as they willed, with poor Aalis acting everything out simultaneously. "What was that? Did your parents not teach you to speak or were you too dumb to lea-- Stooooooooop. I think it sounds cool! She just asked us who we— I am." The inflection in her voice changed to reflect whoever had control at any given moment, Moving from mockery to amazed to stoic monotone in only a short time.

It seemed the stranger was simply curious, asking about why the short human woman had been talking to herself. Of course, Aalis had to translate again, but at least someone could understand. Now, such Curiosity was interesting. Normally, people simply stayed away, not wanting to get involved. This lady was pretty odd. But Aalis knew a thing or two about Odd. "Not Many people decide to approach me. She thinks I was talking to myself? Hey, why do you talk like that? Yeah! See how you like it when YOU get asked personal questions! But but, I just really wanna know! Why are your eyes not the same?" Aalis sighed in exasperation, knowing it wasnt really worth stopping the other two at this point. Better to go with the flow and see where she would be taken.

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4 Re: Emotions and lack thereof (Private/Arcen) on Wed Nov 09, 2016 5:54 pm

Arcen Anokades
Arcen tilted her head as a plethra of words were spewed at her.
None of them answered her question, though.

"Me.....? Y-you are cu-me?... Curio-oo-uu-you?... You............ Are........ Curious...... A-b-out........ Me........?"
An innocent stare followed a re-orientation of her head as the tone of the girl's voice fluxuated between different representative emotions.
Deciding she would ask her question again, she purposefully ignored the tons that were thrown at her. She had asked first, after all.

"Why........ A-a-are y-........y-are..... you tal-k t-o- are..... talk- to yo.....ur....self....??"
Even more incoherent than the last one, Arcen made some pitiful attempt at clearing her throat, instead spiraling off into a quiet, suppressed coughing fit, of which she muffled with her arm.
She may have come off as a bit rude, to this person, before a sidelong gaze was tossed to the small girl, hoping that this time she would actually get a response relatively fitting to the question she had previously asked, twice now.

Bellmuse was certainly a.... Different.... Place, that was for sure. She hadn't had experiences with other disabled people back where she came from, and so far she had already met two.
She wasn't alone, that was for sure.

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