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The Syne Post: Birthdays for this November 2016 & Final Announcement

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Hello everyone! We here at the Syne Post wish you all had a wonderful Halloween with all of your tricking and treating. I also would like to apologize for us not having an issue for all the special things that happened around campus, but I do hope you all don't mind.

However, I do hope you don't mind this month's birthday announcements! I would also like to take the time to once more say happy birthday to Kazou Encree, Eminence Haze, Lloyd Vanheim, Crimson Hale, and Charlotte Monochrome. I hope you all took the time to look back on your life and think well on how far you've gone.

Now, without further ado, here come this November's collection of birthdays!

November 11th:
Marcus Friedrich Goldstein

November 14th:
Gawain Egret

November 22nd:
Cynthia Bray

Kei Heiwajima

Well, these are our four birthdays for this month of November. Mr. Goldstein will be turning 19 upon the 11th, Mr. Egret will be turning 20 by the 14th, and our birthday duo will be turning 18 and 23 respectively! I wish them all the best of luck.

Furthermore, I'd also like to note that Gawain Egret will be leaving Syne Academy very soon. He is currently in his second year here at Syne and a notable academic student. He also participated in the Amity Tournament but unfortunately lost in his first match due to judge decision.

When interviewed for a reason for his leave, he stated, “Syne is no longer the home it used to be when I first came here. Despite all the faces I met, the experience I've gained, I've grown little friends within the academy itself, and even they barely talk to me. Syne's just different now.”

At the very least, I wish Mr. Egret good luck on finding his way. Do enjoy your new life wherever you go!

Now, before I end this issue, I'd also like to explain why this is the final announcement for a while, at least from me. I'm going away for a while to pursue journalism, and Syne Academy doesn't necessary develop those skills particularly well. I'll return one day, but until then, I wish the rest of my team well, and all of Syne Academy best of luck!

- Eliera Goldern

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