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Good-Bye, Long-Forgotten Home

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1 Good-Bye, Long-Forgotten Home on Wed Nov 02, 2016 7:07 am

Gawain Egret
Honestly, I think it's time that I just make this official, so that all ties to either you or me can finally be broken.

I'm leaving or I have left, sort of. I've always been trying to keep up to date with the Birthdays of the Month, using the Team NEWS account, so that people could plan ahead for whatever gifts or presents you have for your close friends or relationships; however, I never know how effective this was for all of you. No staff gave me feedback, so I assumed I was totally fine with this, and I just hoped that it worked out for all of you that did care about others. Birthdays are like holidays: they only come up once a year for a special someone, and well, your OC's own birthday should be something of grand importance, that is if your OC would care. So this sole thing mainly kept me on the site, even though I'm sure no one cared who "Gawain Egret" was.

Nevertheless, the main reason why I'm leaving is because there's just no more entertainment/fun from this site anymore, for me. I know all of you are enjoying it: posting daily, making classes, hunting Grimm, and doing whatever plot that Leena has in store for all of you. As for me, I wanted something more: I wanted to truly roleplay a slice of life in RWBY with Gawain, but as time passed by, this soon became apparent that this wasn't happening, at least not with my personality. Gawain wasn't going to get new friends out of nowhere, and communication on this site, specifically this site, is horrific for me.

I'm trash. It's a given. Multiple people can be used as sources to prove that I am utter trash. A baby others may call me, but that's just the fact of it. This site doesn't have any room for a person like me, so it's really just time that I cut ties with this site. Besides, I don't talk with anyone here anymore; nobody cares about me now more than when we first met, so that's just that.

Well, if you're still reading, how does this affect my OC with you, even though you may not be asking that? It doesn't. Over 200 hundred OCs on this site have been inactive for more than a month, and even though she or he may be your best friend, your OC goes on about their day without anything mattering. Sure, frozen water, time, thing, whatever, you could explain it like that, but when some OC matters to yours and they suddenly just disappear, what do you do?

Anyway, that's my rant. You didn't have to read any of this, but if you did, thanks for caring. Good luck to the staff for keeping this place alive for however long this site's cycle is and good luck to Leena especially.

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2 Re: Good-Bye, Long-Forgotten Home on Wed Nov 02, 2016 12:51 pm

Hold the mustard on that good-bye burger!

Gawain, we've had minor issues in the past, and I know you've had some issues with others...but so have I. At one point I thought I would have to leave the site just because I had problems with one person, but a quick chat with Leena woke me up on that one.

Honestly, I don't think it has as much to do with you as much as those we used to RP with are all pretty much gone. And as for the keeping up on birthdays, that seems to be the only Syne Post activity whatsoever, and I personally do appreciate that: I know how much work I put into the Syne Post when I was in it, and paying attention to all the birthdays and who they are tied to I can guarantee is hard work.

Now you can take this however you want, but I honestly was looking for you when I came back a month or so ago. I was looking for all my old mates, and I considered you as one of them, even though we never RP'd together much. Hell, when I was finishing up Yogen, one of my thoughts was 'I wonder if Gawain's team is still together? If not, maybe we can make a team together, and recruit two more people who are handicapped in some fashion. That would be cool!"

I always thought you had a cool character design, willing taking on handicaps to make a more interesting RP experience, both for yourself and others. To give credit where it's due, I never would have been inspired to make Yogen if I hadn't met you, and he's officially the coolest and most interesting character I've made. Honestly, it just seemed like people bailed on you, just like they did with me before I bailed for a time myself.

Last thing I want to address is your boredom here. I can't blame you on that, I have it too. Honestly, the site is more of a place to have a slice of life RP while making friends over the interwebz and having fun in the chatbox...but that's all there is. Hunts are boring after doing so many and are only there to grind for leveling up gear, and the events that happen just aren't substantial enough to feel compelled to get involved: hell, the Halloween event that went on is literally just a repeat. There is no intriguing storyline, nothing that makes Syne really unique, and once the people you cared so much are there really a reason to stay?

I'm not going to ask you to stay: if you want to leave, then you want to leave. However, know that you will be missed by more than just me, and it will be sad to know you are gone. I still think of Syne Academy when I think of 'Gawain Egret - The adorable yet cool mute with the puppy.' It will be even sadder to note that I never really got to RP with you, as I find that to be a huge missed opportunity.

...Goodbye, old friend.

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3 Re: Good-Bye, Long-Forgotten Home on Tue Nov 08, 2016 2:40 am

Gawain Egret
Honestly, that really means a lot hearing that. It really did touch my heart, not going to lie at all, so really thank you. I hope roleplaying continues to be fun on here for you, even though I'm not here anymore.

Also, I forgot to leave this post here for everyone. If anyone wants to keep up-to-date with the birthdays or announce them in the chatbox, then here it is:

Birthday List:

You'll be able to figure it out, but yeah. final post on this site. Nice roleplaying with you all for as long as I was here!

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