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Controlled Chaos [open]

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1 Controlled Chaos [open] on Thu Nov 03, 2016 10:31 pm

Café Noir

Café Noir

Café trudged through the dense underbrush with her steel lined boots. Her head felt like someone had just set off a flashbang right next to her. It was getting worse. Normally she could keep in under control, normally. But if she didn’t let it out every so often it started to fight back. Eventually it would beat her and come out on its own. A disaster like that at the school would suck. It wasn’t so much that she cared for anyone at the place, more that she just didn’t want to disappoint Butch and everyone back home.

‘Why fight it?’

“F***!”Café shouted. This one was going to be bad. At least she was in a secluded area so hopefully no one would be nearby, otherwise…. Well… it wouldn’t end well.

‘Just let it happen, it’ll be great.’

Café looked up to the leafless branches webbing the dusty blue sky. It was… drab, far too boring. A sour frown fell over her face. This would look so much better if the sky was painted crimson. And the trees, too. And the dirt. Honestly it could all use a good sanguine makeover. Yes yes yes yes. But where to find the right color? Looking around she found that she was alone, dreadfully so. No life around to use as paint on this awful canvas.

“Hehehe, clever girl. Thought that taking me all the way out here would keep them safe? Why do you even care anyway? It’s not like you even like any of them?” Café asked herself. Oh well, its not like that would keep her from having her fun. Sure it was harder when she purposefully c*** blocked herself, but in a way it would make this more fun. After all there was only a limited time she had before going back. This was going to be fun.

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2 Re: Controlled Chaos [open] on Thu Nov 03, 2016 11:43 pm

She walked along the trail, enjoying the silence as she considered what to do about recent events. Amarante had considered simply leaving the academy and going back to being everything she hated about herself, but she knew her teammates would come for her. At least the one who hadn't vanished off the face of Remnant would. Her tiny form didn't even clear the bushes on each side of the trail as she wiped a tear, "no crying. not giving in. Not letting them win." She set her basket down and adjusted her kimono before continuing her walk. Finnek was beautiful every day of the year, and that helped take her mind off her troubles as she started humming to herself. She heard a shout, "fuck". it made her jump, drop her basket and draw her fans in one move, Thank you homicidal freaks of Syne at least she had learned how to react to surprises better than just freezing in place. She followed the voice until she found a woman standing there, looking demented.  kinda like her team leader but not as bestial. She considered her odds if this person wanted to hurt her. Amarante decided it wouldn't matter, if this person needed help she would do everything she could. going back for her basket, she mentally slapped herself, "just be calm. calm. calm. calm. alright shut up now." She stepped out from the bushes, "um.....excuse do you.....need help?"

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3 Re: Controlled Chaos [open] on Fri Nov 04, 2016 11:48 am

Elyx Reiaki
Finnek forest was it? Bellmuse was not an unfamiliar territory to him, though not one that he could quite pinpoint as his most known area either. It had many uncovered areas that Andre had to explore. This was one of those areas. Perhaps it would have been a better idea to bring along a partner who actually knew their path around the forest. But it was far too late to look for that sort of assistance, considering how deep he had gone. But despite being mildly lost, there was no way he was going to alert anyone for help. An independent child from the start, this was nothing compared to other unfortunate scenarios that he had encountered. It was not like exiting the area was on the top of his things to do either considering the splendor of it all. Blue had always been his favorite colors, despite how ordinary it might have been. There was no way to describe it, but it just caught his eye in a pleasant way.

As he paced gently through the small sheet on the ground, a not so fitting “F***” would echo through the forest, approximately westwards if he had to take a stab at guessing. Sounds like someone needed to be looked over, though no noises arrived after the fact, so he’d assume that nothing like a fight had been occurred. This washed the mute’s body with relief, since fights never end well, even play fights. So he’d just casually walk over towards where he thought he had heard the noise, which was not too accurate considering the distance. After hearing a second different and subtle stuttering, he’d shift his head towards North of his direction, that seemed to be where they were located. Careful to look over his back in case he was to be watched, he’d move through the trees before seeing a bit of open space, two beings located in said space. Careful to minimize the rustling, he’d attempt to watch them from behind the tree, very much curious to see what they were doing.

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