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Jaye Calvyl, Lightning-fast Troublemaker [DONE]

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Moka Calvyl
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Jaye Elvy Calvyl
Age: 21 years old
Birthday: October 10th
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 109 lbs
Face Claim: This unknown girl... couldn't find an artist or anything. Also, here's Lazlo's FC, he's Jaye's twin brother and an NPC.

STR: 5
DEF: 3
RES: 3
SPT: 1
HP 50|250 SP

Major: Citizen.
Likes: Rain, storms, lightning and thunder, starry nights, judging others, easy preys, chibi figurines.
Dislikes: Electrocuting others by accident, paying bills, being said crazy.
Fears: Hurting her brother, going broke, losing her equipment, her brother knowing the truth.
Overall Personality: Jaye is something that this world has already enough of: a scum. She's a real troublemaker and will go far sometime for even the simplest yet bad deed she could commit. Lying? Yes. Threats? Of course. Beating someone until she gets what she wants? Absolutely. Murder? Well maybe not that one, but she's skilled enough for it if it ever comes to a life or death situation. When she's not trying to steal from someone or "salvaging" goods somewhere, Jaye will often spend her time either at the shop her and her brother own in Bellmuse or roaming atop roofs of the city to observe the sky, especially on stormy days. Why living the life of a thief? She'd answer "Why not? It's kinda fun and I don't need nobody to tell me what to do." I'd also watch what I say around her, her words often come out as fast and shocking as the lightning she loves so much. Although, this is Jaye in general, when she is with Lazlo, her twin brother, she is way more manageable as she does as he says for any situation. The two of them have been together forever, never leaving each others' side. With his intellect he was always the one coming with the best plans so Jaye quickly learned to fully trust him. If he says something, she'll usually agree without hesitation.

Aura type: Recovery.
Aura Color: Blue and envelops her like lightning sparks all over.
Semblance: Utility: Jaye can use her lightning powers to accelerate her body to incredible speed to seemingly vanish from sight and appear further away, only leaving a blue trail of electricity where she goes. Basic teleportation.
Although this is how her semblance is used in battle, here are a few ways she uses her lightning abilities, though those are only for flair:
-Power any electrical devices simply by touching them, or fry them if enough power is given.
-Create a small electromagnetic field around her hands to disrupt someone's nerves, making the body part feel numb. Useful when pick-pocketing someone as they don't feel a hand sliding in their pockets.
-Create sparks around her to light an area.
Item 1: Weapon: A pair of modernized khopesh. Jaye uses this unusually shaped sword to parry and disarm foes as well as cling to a multitude of surfaces with the crescent of the blade used as a hook.
Item 2: Physical armor: The small amount of armor that Jaye wears is just enough to protect her while not hindering in any way.

History and Sample
Jaye's past is rather vague, not that she doesn't know anything about it, but all she can remember is time spent with her twin brother, Lazlo, and not simply recent events, all of them. See, ever since the two of them were young, they always were together but by themselves. Jaye never really questioned why they weren't with their parents like any other kids of their age, but only one time she did ask Lazlo about it, only to being told that it was better that way and that she shouldn't bother with it. With her unconditional trust in her brother, she never asked for their past and would instead focus on the future.

Growing up in Remnant without anything wasn't easy, but the Calvyl siblings were able to grow up and be really skilled in surviving in the most inhospitable neighborhoods all across the world. Lazlo developed his brain which Jaye perfected her skills as a pickpocket. She was good and very fast and her small size helped her get away multiple chases in the past. But everything changed one day, all for the best. During a heist that was happening on one of Atlas aircraft while a huge storm was happening, Jaye got struck by lightning when she got outside. This however didn't killed her, she left the area unscathed and with new powers as the ordeal unlocked her aura and soon she mastered her semblance that lets her move as fast as the lightning bolt that hit her that day.

With her newfound powers, she became an even better thief, able to nearly disappear from sight by turning corners in the street and zooming at the speed of light anywhere the people chasing her wouldn't see or be able to follow. Jaye quickly drew the attention of influential people in the dark corners of towns and with Lazlo doing the deals, the two of them slowly became influential as well, enough to become part of a bigger underground organization and they'd even get their own territory to handle. There was one catch though, and it was that the twins would get the kingdom of Bellmuse, and no man coming from their new "partners" to assist them. Lazlo made it work though and was able to prosper easily with the help of his sister. After a couple of years, the twins returned to their independent ways, feeling the'd get more that way. They opened an "antique shop" in the Back Alley of the city of Bellmuse which was a place where Lazlo would sell anything and everything valuable that Jaye would "collect" in fancy auctions. Now the two of them are living rather peacefully, with the occasional confrontation with the authorities that always end up with them leaving empty-handed because of the lack of proof against the twins. Life was great for Jaye, at least, up until recently...
RP Sample:
It has been another really productive day for the little lightning wisp that is Jaye. She has spent most of her morning scouting unsuspecting people's house by sneaking in whenever she'd come across an opened window or any other small entrances in which she could easily go through using her semblance. Turning into a little lightning bolt was really useful for her profession and she was really happy that it was her own little ability. Finally she had something that Lazlo didn't have and that he would probably never risk in order to get. Getting struck by lightning doesn't sound appealing to him, which is totally normal. Who would actually want to be zapped my millions of volt? No one really, Jaye was caught in the bad weather by accident, but she's glad that it actually happened as she can now use her full potential to be as much of use to her brother that she can, which makes her even more happy. She likes being useful to him.

She was on her way back to the shop, Calvyl's Emporium, down the infamous Back Alley of Bellmuse. Jaye was carrying with her the spoil of the day and was quite eager to come back as Laz told her that he would have a surprise for her when she'd be back. She knew that he would have another of those really cute chibi figurines to give her as always. He gave her one years ago and that gift sparked a need to collect in Jaye that's insatiable. She absolutely adore those little figurine and now has nearly a hundred, 97 to be exact, all of them given by her brother whenever he would find one. She has in her room a shelf full of those things and it is its sole purpose. There's nothing she cherishes more than this shelf, well, there's something else but she doesn't talk about that.

Finally back at the shop, Jaye dropped the bag she was carrying on the counter when Lazlo entered the room from an adjacent one and waved at her, immediately bringing a smile to his little sister's face. "Hey Sis, glad you're back. You were fast today, got excited for something?""You bet I am, you said you'd have something for me sooooo.... where's the goods?" Laz chuckled before throwing a chibi figurine at his sister who caught it in midair before siting down on a stool that was at the counter. She stared at the new piece that would soon join all the others on her shelf in her room. Jaye was smiling brightly at the gift and seeing his sister this happy was enough for the man to smile as well, not asking for thanks as he knew she loved it. She was now at 98 figurines, 2 more to go for the milestone. Lazlo's smile slowly faded to a more serious look as he walked behind the counter and sat down on a stool that he placed there and looked directly at Jaye with his deep red eyes. The girl knew that there was something serious to talk about and she herself looked as serious as he was, but she had a bad feeling about what he was about to say. She felt her heart tighten as she prepared herself. "Alright Sis... I will make this quick..." "What is it Laz?" "You'll have to let me finish alright? Whatever I say you don't say anything until I'm done, okay?" "I don't like the sound of that, but yeah sure..."

Lazlo's eyes drifted to the side, avoiding to stare back at his sister while he would tell her what is on his mind. He clearly looked pained by what he had to say and Jaye could feel it, which made her shove his shoulder to press him on. He sighed before looking back towards her but still avoiding her blue eyes as he tried to make the news short. "I'll be closing shop. Calvyl's Emporium will be no longer and the building is already on sale right now." Shock was the only thing that could be seen on Jaye's face at the moment, she wasn't saying a thing and not even moving an inch while her brain tried to process the information. It had to be a joke. "The reason being because I want to change my life style, I don't want all of this anymore, this life of theft and resell, it's not for me anymore. Unlike you I don't have the same fun than before. Outsmarting people has become too easy and boring for me that it just seems like a chore, a hassle. I don't have the same fun you have. I'd ask you to do the same, leave the life of thief behind but, I know full well you won't. If it is the case though, I won't be around for that anymore, but you'll always be welcome to follow me." It wasn't a joke, he looked totally serious and yet it seemed so surreal, it couldn't be true. Jaye rested her head on the counter in silence while thinking. She wasn't about to make a scene, if Lazlo wanted to stop everything, she would let him, but wouldn't do the same. Unlike him, her current skills were all she had, she wouldn't be able to integrate the normal society, unlike her brother who has the charisma to go anywhere and do anything. She believed her could rule the world if he wanted.

She looked up, meeting his red eyes with her blue ones before speaking. "What are you going to do then? What honest work will you indulge yourself in?" "Well, you know how good my coffee is? There's a coffee shop not too far where I complained about the taste of their brew and was challenged to do better and I did." "No surprises there." "So yeah, I'd open a cafe of my own in the plaza. I would do it here but it's not really a good spot for that kind of business. Also my associate thinks that she found the best spot for the shop so..." At the words "associate" and "she", Jaye immediately tensed up and raised her head from the counter while staring at her brother. Her heart was tugging even more than earlier and only now did she notice that it didn't got worse with the news of the Emporium closing. Was "she" the reason she had a bad feeling earlier? She stared more at her brother and he understood that she wondered who he was talking about. Without wasting time he turned his head towards the room he was in earlier and called out someone. "Clementine, you can come now." With that a woman joined the twins in the room, her long and fiery hair flowing as she walked towards Lazlo and stood next to him behind the counter. Jaye couldn't get her eyes off of the other girl, but not for a good reason. She was glaring intensely. "Clem, this is my twin sister I talked to you about, Jaye. Jaye, this is Clementine, my associate in our incoming cafe business and also my girlfriend."

Both girls were silent, Clementine smiling while Jaye was obviously containing a sudden outburst of rage that could erupt at anytime. She then also smiled to the two of them, a fake smile obviously, before standing up. "Nice to meet you. I'll go take a nap in my room now. Woke up earlier this morning. Good day to you two." She obviously didn't want to stay here with "her" around. She gave her brother a stare, one that would say to not stop her or say anything before going. Taking her figurine she went to her room upstairs and locked the door behind her before leaning against it, her mind filled with rage as she whispered to herself. "What is all this? Suddenly he closes the Emporium and plans on leaving me behind to do something else with someone else... it's all her fault I'm sure, he wouldn't leave me like that, I'm his sister... and who is she? A girl he met at a cafe? And they're... d-dating? A-and... and he told me nothing about all this... why? A-am I not important to him anymore?" Tears began to flow down Jaye's cheek as she began to slide down the door and sat on the floor, her back against the door as she was now sobbing as silently as possible. "I-it's her fault... she's taking everything a-away from me... my home... m-my brother... she's taking Lazlo away from me..." The pain in her chest, the one that was tugging at her heart was getting worse by the seconds. Why did she had to feel that? Why did she had to feel this pain? "...why does he need her more than me? Why would he need anybody else but me? I thought... I thought I was his world... why does it have to hurt like that?"Now softly crying, Jaye stayed where she was, sat against the door with her new figure by her side. She looked at it with her tearing eyes before picking it up and holding it close to her. "...why do I have to feel that way? He'll never feel the same way... never... it's probably better that way..." Taking a few minutes to cry all the tears from her body, the heartbroken girl went to place her new figurine on her shelf before lying in her bed, the crying never stopping...

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Finally done, also requesting a name change to Jaye Calvyl please

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