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Spring Plumb the Timid Stalking Arsonist [Done]

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Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Spring Plumb
Age: 19
Birthday: October 31st
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5’ 5”
Weight: 127lbs
Face Claim: Karahara Shima by Kotoba Noriaki

STR: 1
DEF: 4
RES: 3
SPT: 4
Aura 230|70 HP

Major: Dust
Likes: The dark
Small places
Following people
Dislikes: Vegetables
Tart foods
Fears: Fire (sometimes)
Talking to strangers
Becoming close to people
Overall Personality: Spring is… different. While at first it may seem like she doesn’t like people she actually finds them very fascinating. As such she spends much of her time virtually talking random people. Most of all though she adores the Huntsmen and Huntresses. Any chance she can get she follows the students of the local Academy even sneaking into the school from time to time. Due to her past she finds talking to people to be a very scary, and will usually run off when someone tries to engage in any form of conversation. It takes a lot of time and persistence to get her to be comfortable enough to actually talk to someone without running away. She is very self conscious about the scars on her body often wearing an eye patch and bandages to hide the ones on her face and a glove for her hand. If someone is close enough to her to talk with her she will often apologize for her appearance and her scars.

Occasionally Spring is prone to fits of anger. When this happens she gets the irresistible urge to burn everything around her. She doesn’t care who gets hurt or what gets destroyed in the process. It’s hard to say what exactly sets her off, but it seems to be completely random. When she becomes like this either she will come down on her own after a time or someone who is very close to her has to stop her. Usually those who she cares about are safe from her anger. After she comes down from her arsonist rage she is very remorseful and self deprecating.

Aura type: Healing
Aura Color: Deep Purple
Semblance: Perception Filter. When her semblance is activated Spring does not exactly become invisible, but in all practicality she is. The Perception Filter causes her to simply not show up on peoples perception. Basically when she has it activated people just don’t notice her. The only way for someone to see her is if they are actively looking for her and even then it takes some effort.
Item 1: Magical Armor Rank 1: A jacket.
Item 2: Dust Rank 1:

History and Sample
Spring was born and raised in Bellmuse. The youngest of six children, her family didn’t exactly live in luxury. With that many mouth to feed both her father and two oldest brothers worked to bring in enough money to keep the family going. She had two brothers and three sisters. While the brothers and her father were out working Spring and her sisters would help their mother in their garden. For such a large family they had a rather small house, most of their land was dedicated to the garden where they grew produce to sell at the market. She never left the house that often and as such found it hard to converse with people who were not in her family.

From a young age Spring had anger issues. It seemed like the strangest things would set her off on a rampage through the house where she would break anything she could get her hands on. More than a few times she would get into full fledged fights with her older brothers. Afterward she would end up hiding somewhere and cry about what she had done. As she grew older her rages became worse and worse. A simple urge to break becoming more and more intense until it became a full fledged desire to utterly destroy.

It was on the night of her fifteenth birthday that the fire happened. Spring awoke to the sounds of screaming and burning. The entire family usually slept in one room together due to the fact that their house only had three rooms. That night Spring had decided to sleep in the garden after one of her bouts of rage. When she ran to the house she found it ablaze. She rushed in trying to save her family. The only other person not engulfed in flame by then was her oldest brother. As she tried to pull him out a ceiling beam collapsed on top of her. The blow sent her into unconsciousness.

When she finally woke up Spring found herself mostly underneath her older brother. At He was cold and unresponsive. His entire backside was burned horribly. At some point he had woken and did what he could to protect Spring. Despite his efforts her left side was still damage.  The outermost parts of her left side were scared and her left eye burned to uselessness. On her left hand the last three fingers were all but useless.

After the fire a local doctor and friend of the family tended to Spring as best he could, though just as he could not fully heal her body he could not heal her mind. Though she could not remember much from that night Spring was sure that she was the one who had set her house on fire. The only thing that seemed to bring Spring out of a state of depressed silence was the doctor’s daughter. She was a huntress in training at Syne Academy. Eventually she had Spring became close friends and Spring even wished to follow in her footsteps one day, though due to her lack of skill with fighting and even worse skill at talking with people she doubts she will ever get in.  
RP Sample:
Spring stood at the edge of the dock. Today was he day that her only friend as leaving. Melody was leaving, having graduated Syne and become a full fledged huntress she was going to explore the world ad fight the grim. It was kind of sad, now Spring wouldn’t really have anyone to talk to. But that was okay she didn’t really need to talk to anyone. She could just watch them. Maybe one day she could become as strong as Melody and get into Syne academy. Probably not. Sure she had been practicing with the dust that Melody had left her, but she still wasn’t really that good. Honestly it would probably be best if she just gave up now.

No! No! A huntress can’t give up! Spring clutched one of the vials of dust that she had been given. If she wanted to make it to Syne, to be a huntress, then she couldn’t give up. Not now and not ever. As Melody had told her “A huntress has to be strong, not for herself but for everyone she cares about. No one is born strong, that’s something you have to decide to be.” She knew the path head of her was going to be tough, and that she might not make it, and that she would probably fail a lot along the way but Spring knew what she wanted. She was going to be a huntress, she was going to be strong like Melody, not for herself but for everyone else.  

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