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A hopeful one on one session, with the help of a bubbly individual (Private- Jenny, Lucy)

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It had been some time after, the site was still how it looked, how he left it before. The pit stood in the center, heaps of wood flimsily tossed in to restart the fire for the next visit. He had arrived sooner than expected, and was a bit tired. It was late in the day, and there had been a light breeze that swept through the open field. He had a smoke break, waiting for his one on one with a student. His suit of metal wandered the site, checking for any problems that could occur, but thankfully found none. So, as he took his seat, he waited for the girl to arrive so that they could begin the work planned for the day.

"Do you think the other girl will arrive Genesis? The one I asked to come join us for today's session?" "As the madam you had previously talked to is of their own free will, it is a possibility that they may or may not choose to arrive. So it's a 50% chance she will, a 50% chance she won't. She seemed eager though, so those numbers may vary." "Hmm, shoot her a message Genesis, let Ms. Klug know that if she still wishes to assist me with this student to arrive within the end of the hour." "Yes sir."

The two chatted, and continued chatting amongst themselves. They chatted of what would happen with the class, how everything should go and what would happen if an emergency arose, which, both hoped, wouldn't. They didn't want to cut this session short, so for now they waited, eager to see if the two would show up.

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Jenny watched the papers burn after the teacher had cut something out of one. Before she had real time to be curious what it was the piece was delivered to her. She looked down to see the doodle she had made and nodded to Genesis to say thank you to her for returning it. She put it in between some pages of her note book and closed it before looking up to see the teacher announce the class’ next set location and how long before it started.

Jenny picked up her things and left with the rest of the class. She though spent her time mostly panicking over what the teacher was going to want her to do and how embarrassing it might turn out to be due to her fears and what they may cause her to do when brought out. She was far from ready to even start trying to work on them and she was still not ready to deal with the memories that would come with them.

Before she knew it it had been 2 hours and she still had to make it down to the forest. She then quickly left her room and raced down to the forest when she arrived she ran up and skid to a stop panting as she spoke between pants ”S-sorry I lost track of time... Am I late?”

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"No, not at as Mam. I finished setting things up just recently, so if you were late it doesn't matter. Everything is fine with your arrival."

He spoke softly, a small yawn escaping his lips. He stretched his back, then looked over to the young student. Genesis pulled up the paper in his head, reading off the current situation he would be dealing with in his head. Gunshots, the dark, insects, prejudice -one of the erased pieces-, fighting. He borrowed a revolver, the dark could be worked on by staying until the night time, insects followed the dark. Easy enough. Prejudice, a problem people of different race faced by bigots and hellish idiots, a touchy subject. Fighting, possibly bother her enough with the revolver until she has enough and tries to make him stop or other.

"Let's see.... What were your issues again? .... I'm just kidding, Genesis has it memorized and just played it back to refresh my memory. So, simple enough, I borrowed a revolver, I figure we can work on the noise issue first. For the fear of the dark and bugs, we can work late or relax until late and work then. Fighting, well I can be a pain in the ass until you stand up to me or you can train against me as I simply use this pistol."

He spoke, drawing the revolver from his coat. He eyed it a moment, aiming the barrel to his head and pulled the trigger without warning, a loud flash and bang booming through the forest with he stood there unfazed. He chuckled softly, popping the cylinder out and pulled the now useless blank and loaded in a fresh one.

"Jokes on you, it's full of blanks. Bet I gave you quite a scare." "You're a prick sir."

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She slowly caught her breath before smiling a little in relief under her mask as he said that she wasn’t late… or at least if she was it didn’t exactly matter. She nodded then as she walked over and sat down on one of the dead trees that had been set up. ”I’m glad I would have felt bad if I had been late.” She said a bit timidly per usual but she seemed to be warming up a bit more to the teacher so she wasn’t as heavily timid as she had when they first spoke.

She briefly caught him looking her over and slightly looked off a bit for a few moments while they sat there in silence… or well she sat in silence while he listened to her paperwork in his head. She looked back up to him as he spoke and parted her lips to answer. He probably shouldn’t have burned the papers if he would just forget so quickly. She would have sworn that he would have been better prepared based on his personalit-... oh.. He was just kidding.

She closed her mouth then and listened to his words then that reconfirmed her thoughts on the man’s preparedness. Genesis during this time apparently having proved as well her initial thoughts of her and how amazing she truly was. She wondered if she would be allowed to see the schematics for her or look her over better… but would that be insensitive to Genesis? She had a clear personality which could mean that she had feelings too and Jenny would hate to hurt them by being insensitive to her out of her own curiosity…. Right so for now she wouldn’t bring it up until she knew better if it would hurt her feelings or not.

Refocusing she heard him going over his precautions he took to ready himself for the following lesson. She noticeably though looked down a bit and distraught about the idea of working with the gun first but decided not to speak up about it. SHe looked uncomfortable at the idea of being in the dark with bugs but not nearly as much as the gun. She blinked as he cursed then, she didn’t know much about schools but she thought that teachers weren’t supposed to curse, was this just a myth of a rule? Was it just a non existent one that others just claimed to exist?

Or was this guy’s just that laid back?.... Well since he had been pretty nice and cool so far she figured it may just be the ‘he’s just that kind of guy’ one. She then nodded and finally spoke up. ”I am more than willing to train though I must let you know that I may fail to perform well if you want me to avoid using my headphones during that fight partially due to the gun fire and the other part being that I have slowly been growing accustomed to moving with my music when fighting.” She said as respectfully as she could to him.

She though blinked as he pulled out the gun not seeming too scared yet but the moment the put it to his head she quickly got up but jumped as he fired and covered her ears as she heard the gunshot. Her eyes went wide as she hunched over holding her ears. Her eyes looked full of horror and almost heart break as the hun shot send a heart shattered and blending into a smoothie image of one of the nights that she lost someone very important to her.

Her hands looked like they were trembling slightly as she slowly looked around after a few moments when she came to again. She blinked and forced her growing tears back when she heard him speak. She was trying to steady her breathing at that point as she slowly moved herself down to her dead tree then to sit on and seemed to avoid looking at him at that point and seemed to not want to answer his question while she held her hands together on her lap hoping that their shaking would stop soon.

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He looked over to the girl after he'd already pulled the trigger, seeing that she didn't respond well at all to his little joke. Well, he was hearing a flurry of hell through Genesis yelling at him in his head, and she wasn't being gentle in the slightest. He looked down to the gun, popping the cylinder back open and pulled the blanks out, setting them in a box and placed the gun on one of the dead tree seats.

"Note to self, get a smaller caliber hand gun. Second note, jokes do not flow well with the student, reactions were harsh and may have created more harm than good. Guess that's it for the firearm for today." "Note to self, the professor is a horrible person."

He spoke, hearing Genesis's comment to him made him chuckle. Yes, that indeed was true. He was a horrible person, but being gentle won't progress things efficiently. Though he could have gone a better route, he got a bit of information from his little joke that would be used later, of how bad the situations with guns are with the girl. She didn't take well to the sound at all, and he approached her, placing a hand on her head to pat it softly as he waited for her to recover. Horrible a person, yes, a total douche, not so much. He pulled off his coat and covered her with it to give her a moment to collect herself, and took out his smokes. He stood away from her, as to not be rude, and smoked for a minute in peace while the crackle of the fire was the only real noise.

"Take your time to collect yourself Ms. Necowl. The revolver will not be used anymore for today's session, the reaction was a bit too brutal. That and I could have gone a bit easier on my jokes, I do apologize for the inconvenience, I needed to assess the mental damage so I know what I'd be dealing with. As for practice, I won't be using a weapon. You may, and you may do as you see fit to keep you at peak performance for practice, headphones or not."

He spoke, walking around the site for some time. Still, he wasn't hearing the end of it from Genesis as his action didn't float all too well with her. He finished his cigarette and started another, giving the girl as much time as possible. He worked his way through it and wandered over to Jenny, standing beside her as he finished yet another cigarette in speed, contemplating another but he didn't want to run low. He looked towards the cooler, then wandered towards it and pulled out a bottle of water, placing it infront of the student.

"That's for you. Take as long as you need, I'll be ready whenever you decide you wanna beat on me for my joke." "You would deserve it, you mild mannered prick." "Yeah yeah I get it I'm unorthodox and probably will get fired. I get it. Wouldn't doubt it if I did get fired."

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Jenny kept looking off as he put the gun away but let out a slight sigh of relief seeing that he wasn’t going to shoot it again yet… or at least he possibly wasn;t which was good enough for Jenny to feel ever so slightly better. She noticed him chuckle, she wasn’t sure why but it was possible that Genesis probably had said something to him that made him do so.

She looked up a bit as he approached her and blinked as she felt his hand on her head. She then involuntarily wagged her tail slightly at the pat like always when she was pat and quickly put a hand down over the fabric hiding it to hold it down in place as she looked off a bit hoping he didn’t notice it but… the pat did help her calm down a bit.

She lifted her hand then as her tail calmed down when he put a coat over her and gently held onto the inner sides of it and looked back up to him then with a rather surprised look. She nodded at his words seeming to calm down even more when he said that he wouldn’t use the gun again today which definitely was good news to her. She looked a bit off though at the term ‘mental damage’ she didn’t like it but she knew it was true.

She looked back up as he explained the practice and nodded before saying a slightly shaky and timid. “Thank you sir…” She was glad that she could listen to her music while fighting. Though it felt unfair that she would be fighting with her swords while he had no weapon but if he wanted her at peak performance she would use them.

She looked from him to the fire then as she was left to calm down. She liked the fire, it brought light and warmth. It really helped her feel safer in places like these… that and she liked how pretty it always looked. She looked up for a moment after a while to see him standing by her as he smoked. She sure did seem to like those things, she didn’t know a lot about them but she knew enough to know she didn’t want to have any for herself though she did wonder how they helped the teacher and in what ways.

She then watched as he then walked off a bit and got a water for her and put it down in front of her. She slowly took it and smiled a bit under her mask at his words. He sure was nice, he was very blunt and his methods seemed to jump right into the thick of things but it worked for better of the goals he set. It kind of reminded her of her mentor which made her feel a bit better knowing that there was someone looking out for her and trying to help her that was like her mentor.

She heard his next comment then and spoke a bit more confidently as she started to pull down her mouth mask but it didn’t show off her full mouth until she finished speaking. ”Well… I hope you aren’t fired sir, unorthodox or not I believe in your method still… Yeah they're scary since were just hopping into the deep end right away but right now its better then not douching the water at all like i normally do… That and you seem nice so I would be sad to see a nice teacher get fired.”

She said kindly and respectfully to him before pulling down her mask the rest of the way. Her mouth looked totally normal as she opened the bottle though she seemed to try to hide her teeth by barely opening her both as she drank a small sip. ”And… After this drink I would be willing to try a fight with you sir.”

When she spoke she would noticeably try to move her moth as little as possible when it would have moved to show off her teeth at all. She was rather good at it from a few years of practice though if he was trying to see her teeth he would possibly notice that they all looked rather thin and pointed like a dog's teeth. They would even be angled and positioned like them as well though only really the tips of the teeth for the most part would be noticeable over all.

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Kiri tossed a bit more wood into the fire, inhaling softly and then exhaled a monstrous breath of teal fire into the pit, helping the wood start on its path of becoming charcoal. He breathed fire on it for a good fifteen seconds, then finished his breath of fire. The light in the area started growing darker, as it was soon to be later in the day. The fire, now rekindled, burned brightly and illuminated the area more efficiently, and warmed the area around them.

War walked out into the woods with his weapon, coming back back more wood to be used. She did that for a while, stacking up a decent pile incase they worked late, which with how normal the students sleep schedule seemed to be against his they wouldn't take all too long after the darkness did step in. He might return for extra class time if need be, so for now the abundance of kindling was perfect. The weapon wielding suit of metal made its way to the professor, whom removed the chip and implanted it back into the slot in his neck, his eyes flickering with Genesis partially taking over, fading back into their normal color.

"Do I need to sharpen the blade again Genesis?" "The area of direct usage will need to be resharpened incase of emergency, the back of the blade is still untouched, as it wasn't used as a tool like the direct contact side. It is still useable if a situation were to arise."

He nodded, cracking his back to release some built up tension, while doing so any visible skin on the professor had black lines that ran underneath the skin from having to stretch. His neck was covered in them, little black lines of material that connected and spread out like veins, which to the normal human eye it looked like his veins had gone black. The girl had kind words to share with him, words that grabbed his attention and drove focus her direction.

She was one of the few, if any, to share anything kind about the 'mad' professor. Most simply held hatred for him because of his lack of sympathy, he was surprised the girl didn't say anything negative after he openly ignored her warning in class and spoke out loud of her issues. All in all, he was simply shocked.

"I'm surprised. People don't tend to like me because I show a lack of care of how they feel. Such as what I did in class, openly addressing people's issues out loud. I was more or less surprised I didn't get jumped, or reported. I just find that beating around the bush gets nothing done in the time people have the potential to make happen, instead they drag it out like a long unruly hangover. Or like a serious drug addiction, people have a hard time pushing themselves to fix what they can and instead baby the issue at hand.

That's why I started with the revolver, I pulled the trigger so that in time, you'd recover quicker and adjust to the noise. Though I'll need to lower the caliber and work up, you've still made progress. You recovered quicker than I anticipated, or atleast you seemed to have recovered. I normally work with machines, not people. I don't know these things or look too heavily into them. But thank you for the compliment, in this line of profession I don't hear many things positive directed towards me, most just call me a young cocky A-hole."

He chuckled softly with the saying of the last part of his sentence. It was so true, he'd received so much negativity trying to get his credentials. Genesis took over his eyes, making them glow softly as she watched the actions of the student, learning just as she was, except she was learning to become more humanly. She spotted the teeth on the girl, not paying them too much mind since there were plenty of faunes at the school, but she did make a note that getting bit by them would seriously hurt, a silly note but Genesis analyzed and noted everything she could take account of, and once she was finished she let the professor have his sight back.

"That's fine, use what you have at your disposal. And again, take your time. I'm in no rush to get back to work, because when we're finished I have to go back to the classroom and finish up some projects."

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Jenny blinked as she saw the fire escape his mouth and move to the wood to help it burn. She hadn’t really seen anything like this before so it really perked her curiosity. She though turned her attention to war when it started to move and left only to return with some wood. War was a very interesting with the way it functioned and the fact that Genesis seemed to be able to hop in and control it at any moment she chose to.

As he moved the chip into the back of his neck Jenny watched closer and curiously. Did the teacher integrate mechanical parts into himself somehow? If he didn’t how did the chip and his eye color changing worked? She pondered these thoughts for a while as she eyed him silently while he talked with Genesis. She blinked as she saw the lines and eyed them curiously what were they…? She focused on his face then as he spoke to her then.

She nodded a bit at the first part and spoke up. ”Yeah i didn’t quite like it but you have displayed far more positive attributes than negative ones.” She said a but quietly but was loud enough so he could still hear her. He then explained his methods that she understood why he would prefer to take that kind of route since to be honest if he hadn’t gone that route she would be still looking for ways to avoid confronting any of the issues she had.

She was glad to hear that he thought that she made progress with that one shot since she honestly just thought she at the best embarassed herself and didn’t really accomplish anything but that. She nodded at his words then again. ”Well to me after the initial… moments” she said not really wanting to bring up what she sees when she hears the gunshots.

”It usually is easier for me to calm down based on how long i was hearing the gunfire… that and through life i had to try to recover quickly after those moments each time to survive…” she paused as if she said a bit too much at the ending of her last statement but tried to move past it. ”You’re welcome though sir, I believe that you are doing a fine job. Some might call it questionable but like many great plans in the world that were questioned I believe that yours will work.”

She said kindly and respectfully per usual to him. She after a few moments noticed that his eyes were glowing, since Genesis seemed to be in that chip in his neck did that possibly mean that that was her looking when his eyes glowed? She thought about this and took notes on him as she was unknowingly being studied as well. She though refocused when he started to speak again and drank some more of her water. She nodded then and spoke in the same manner she did before trying to hide her teeth.

”Is that a kind way of asking me to take longer so you can hang out longer in the forest sir..?” She said with a small smile and in a tone that seemed like she was doing her best to make a teasing joke to him. She was getting a bit more comfortable with him and it showed in her voice and now her body language. ”If it is I’m fine with sitting around a bit longer before we progress forward.” She said kindly to him.

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Lucy was in a rush through the nearby forest, as Mr. Okamikari had messaged her about a student needing help. She was in a bit of a panic, as she knew Mr. Okamikari wasn't a doctor, and neither was she...but he called for her, so maybe he couldn't reach Mr. Omo or Ms. Dove? Lucy knew a little bit of medical stuff, like helping with a fever or bandaids, so she would help in any way she could manage.

Unfortunately she was so focused on getting to his location quickly, that she didn't pay attention to the campfire, and she tripped right over the log that Mr. Okamikari was sitting on and tumbled straight into a tree. While normally this would phase he, she immediately got up and ran towards Mr. Okamikari, conveniently avoiding the thick and heavy branch that fell with a crack behind her.

"Apology: Mr.OkamikariI'msorryittookmesolongtogethereIranasfastasIcouldIthoughtIwassupposetogotoyourclassroombutImissedthepartaboutthe
she spit out a mile a minute as she bowed over and over again, before stopping and standing straight, looking around until she spotted someone else. She then hurried over to them and grabbed their wrist to check their pulse as she rambled on.

"Identification: Are you the student who needs help? Status: Are you hurt at all?" she then dropped her wrist as her pulse seemed fine, if a bit fast. She then placed her hand on the person's head. "Status: Do you have a fever? Status: Did you perhaps break something?" The person's forehead felt fine, so Lucy wasn't sure what could be wrong, but it must be serious if she didn't show signs of anything.

She then turned back to Mr. Okamikari with her face scrunched and her arms flailing. "Urgent: Mr. Okamikari, whatever is wrong with her must be serious, I can't fix it. Insistence: We must get her to Mr. Omo or Ms. Dove right away before whatever is wrong gets worse!" She then turned back around and grabbed the girl's wrist and was about to head off towards the academy grounds.

Pretty Green Dress:

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Kiri shifted side to side, knowing the practice that would be coming. He relaxed his body, and stretched as much as he could. He didn't want to pull a muscle during the practice, but he stopped when Jenny started talking again. She seemed to be watching him intently, causing him raise a brow as he didn't know what she was looking at. His face turned back to that of tiredness, and he tilted his head.

"Huh, appreciate that kiddo. And I'm sorry, I'm not gonna dig into your personal life. I could only imagine the emotional trauma behind such. I've never been to big on guns myself, it's just... A bit too quick for me. And dearest Necowl, I'm not asking you to stay out here longer at all. I just have work that needs to be done so I can pay bills this month, but I also need to help you so that you may grow." "Professor, there is a high level of movement approaching our destination. I do believe it is the little one."

Genesis spoke, and he turned to see a small bolt of green fly towards them. He was about to welcome her, but he noticed at the rate she was moving, she wasn't stopping. The tumble, followed by the loud thud as she tripped and blasted into a tree, then bolted directly over to them. He surprisingly understood her at the rate she spoke, and proceeded to watch her bolt over to the student in an adorable manner.

"Welcome to... have you with us. Wait, where are you taking my student.... No! Lucy no! She's alright!"

He shouted, rushing forward to keep Lucy from dragging away Miss Necowl. He reached out, grabbing the small girls shoulder to keep her from tearing off towards the school, and placed a hand on her head.

"I.... need to be more specific with my wording. Lucy, I'd like you to help Miss Necowl mentally, not physically. She's alright, atleast, from what I can tell she's alright."

He spoke, letting out a small sigh of relief that class didn't end before it really got started. He'd have to be more careful with the little one, and be a bit more descriptive whenever he asked for her assistance in the future. Kiri patted the little Lucy, and picked her up to place her on his shoulders like an adorable child.

"Miss Necowl is taking part in my class today to better herself and get over some issues, I called you out not to take her away but to help motivate her with her efforts. I'm sorry for the confusion you may have. Miss Necowl, this is Lucille Klug, one of our more helpful students here at Syne. I've gotten reports about her helpfulness and cheerful attitude so I figured I'd call her out here to cheer you on and assist you like she does the other students, if you both don't mind."

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Life skill one, write reminders.

Life skill two, set an alarm clock.

Fuyuko dashed through the woods, trying to find where she was supposed to be. A series of oddly humorous coincidences had made her forget that she was supposed to help Jenny with her fear of guns. In preparation she had modified Rebellion with a .32 barrel, any larger and she'd end up needing to visit the doctor to reattach her shoulder. her sensitive ears caught Jennys voice to her left. After adjusting adjusting her direction, she scampered towards the sound. A loud cracked of of a pistol made her speed up. She reached the clearing just in time to see a small girl try to pull Jenny towards the academy,  in in the completely opposite direct from which Fuyuko had come. talk about getting lost she heard professor Okamikari, so everything must be alright. Fuyuko stepped forward "meow" :3. She looked at the little girl closely and smiled brightly, "ohmygosh! she'ssoadorable! andshehasabunny! andhehasahat!" She didn't realize she was in the small person's bubble until her nose touched the rabbit. She blushed a bit and then backed up, "I mean...ahem. sorry I came so late professor, I got distracted distracted and distracted and then distracted and then I distracted and then I got lost." She looked at the small person in the pretty green dress, "I'm Fuyuko,  what's your name?"

(Thanks for letting me join)

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She nodded when he said he wouldn’t dig into her personal life though looked off at the mention of her possible emotional trauma behind it all. She then nodded in understanding at his explanation of what he said before. ”Right and well there’s a few things that caused it but the biggest thing happened a long while ago, I used to have a-” She then was cut off at the sight of a woman slamming into a tree then spoke so fast it was hard for jenny to follow. She watched her bow and then spot her before hurrying over and grabbed her wrists. She jumped a bit at this but let her do so.

”I um… I think so…” She said unsure as she tried to hid her teeth. She seemed to be back at her timid level and nervous behavior she once had again since she wasn’t really sure who this woman was and she just met her. ”I-I’m Jennifer N-Necowl… I don’t think I’m h-hurt physically” She asked unsure about the entire situation. She then blinked again and slightly moved away out of instinct but let her feel her forehead.

”I-I don’t know a-and I-I don’t think so” She replies sounding more nervous as the woman kept checking her and, as far as Jenny knew, as being quizzed on her body. She then looked to Mr. Okamikari trying to see if he would tell her who this lady was. She then looked back to the woman confused before she was grabbed and pulled towards the school. “S-sir what’s going on?” She pleaded seeming super confused as he tried to shout out to the woman while Jenny’s face held a ‘please help me’ look as she was dragged off.

She then sighed slightly in relief when he tried to stop her and explained the situation. When she was freed she pulled up her mouth mask again and looked up as he picked the woman up. The way he treated her seemed like she was a child but… children couldn’t be teachers right? Up till now Jenny had assumes she was an adult that just looked like a child. Was she wrong to think that?She then gave a small timid wave when she was introduced to the girl? Woman? Jenny would stick to woman for now.

She though then blinked at the fact that she was a student. So she was more likely to be a child? Man all of this stuff was killing Jenny’s brain. She then shook her head. ”I-I don’t mind at all... “ ‘I’m just trying to figure out what exactly just happened still though…’ She thought the last part. She then blinked hearing a familiar Meow and looked go see Faeth which made her head perked up. ‘Kitty cat girl’ She thought before seeing her gush all over the young girl?... yeah she’ll go with young girl now. She gave a very tiny wave to her but let her interact with the others, as she noticed her gun and tensed up hoping that she would need to hear another gunshot...

((No prob))

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Lucy was heading off to help the poor student girl when she was stopped by someone touching her shoulder. She jumped a bit, but relaxed once she realized it was Mr. Okamikari, and he explained that what was wrong with with the student wasn't physical but...mental? Lucy squeezed her eyes and thought hard about what mental meant, and the first thing that came to mind was the human brain.

Wait, was her brain hurt? That was serious!

"Urgent: Mr. Okamikari, if her brain is hurt then we really have to get her to Mr. Omo so he can help her, because a hurt brain is very serious! Urgent: She could be in a lot of trouble if we don't hur-" that was when she was interrupted by a faunus person of the kitty persuasion, and she said she was cute and she liked Mr. Floppsies and his elegant hat, which was now a shade of yellow as Lucy was both nervous and intimidated by someone being so close to her guardian. She instinctively pulled him as close to her as possible and backed away from the faunus girl, even though it was only a few steps as she seemed nice, it was just that the last time someone got that close to Mr. Floppsies they had taken him away from her. Mr. Floppsies was rather flattered at how caring his lady was about his well-being, and was about to thank her when his lady spoke up again, and it would be rather rude of him to interrupt his lady so he stayed silent.

"Gratitude: Th-thank y-you for the c-compliments! Introduction: This is Mr. Floppsies, a-and he is m-my guardian a-and friend!" she said happily as she hugged him, Mr. Floppsies hat turning a light shade of green. Mr. Floppsies was very happy that his lady enjoyed his company so much, and was very appreciative of her affection. It was then that Lucy felt someone grab her and she started lifting off of the ground.

At first she was too stunned to say anything, as the only other person to be able to pick her up was Mr. Davis, and he was a very strong man as far as she knew. However this feeling was fleeting and was replaced by panic.

"Panic: Ahh wait no, what is going on? Request: Whoever is doing that please put me down, I don't like heights and I'm afraid of falling, please put me down please!" she squinted her eyes so as to not see the ground and she squirmed a small bit and kicked her little feet, but in a mere moment she felt like she was sitting on solid ground. Confused, she opened her eyes and saw the top of Mr. Okamikari's hair, and when she looked out she saw so much more of the woods than before. They were so pretty, she could even seen little squirrel families in the trees!

"Exclamation: Wow, how pretty! Observation: I can see so much from up here! Inquiry: Is this how you feel all the time, Mr. Okamikari?" she then looked around to admire all the nature she could see from this new perspective. Lucy was sidetracked up until she heard Mr. Okamikari say her name, and Mr. Okamikari told the other girl that he called on Lucy herself to...cheer for her? Lucy wanted for Mr. Okamigari to speak up before she did herself.

"Unsure: I'm not sure what my cheering will do to help, I still think that if your brain is hurting that we should get to to Mr. Omo as soon as possible, but if Mr. Okamikari says you are okay then I trust you are okay because Mr. Okamikari is a very nice professor and he is very smart! Assurance: I'm not sure I understand what is happening, but I promise to help you the best that I can!" Lucy said somewhat triumphantly, and with a very determined look on her cute little face.

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So much went on at once his mind went blank, Fuyuko had arrived and went bonkers over Lucy's bunny, which was cute so he understood why. He let them have their moment, as well as everyone else's before he came back to reality as Lucy was talking to him. He looked up to meet her face and chuckled softly at her mention of height and vision.

"Yes, it kind of is. I mean I'm not that tall, but I'm glad you like the view. But if you truly want me to let you down just tell me so and I will, just thought the reaction would be cute since there is very few people who can actually pick you up." "Good evening to you all, I hope the day has treated you well."

Genesis spoke to the newcomer as well as the rest of the group. She waved using War, as she had seen some humans do before to greet people. Kiri's attention was moved to Faeth as she spoke of her delay, receiving a shrug from the teacher as it was no big deal.

"Welcome Fuyuko, as to your arrival it's perfectly fine, but the gun.... I tried testing something with one I borrowed and it didn't end up well, you two may have to talk a bit on using yours to see if Jenny is up for that again, as my little joke didn't float well with her..."

He spoke, looking from the cat girl back to little Lucy on his shoulders. He moved Lucy onto Wars shoulders so that he could take a seat, watching Genesis try to figure out what exactly to do with her.

"I'm sure you'll do just fine, she just needs a little motivation as all, what better than a cute little Lucy and her adorable bunny doing so? So Miss Necowl, do you want to train with me first or with Miss Ebony? Either is fine with me."

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Fuyuko cocked her head, "I see. What kind of gun did you use?" She opened her bag and pulled several barrels out of it, "this is a nine-mil, integrated suppressor. makes about as much noise as a coin going to the vending machine. very common caliber. This is the nine-mil without the suppressor, a bit louder, but not much for what I had in mind." She lifted a box of rounds up to show everyone, "subsonic bullets. These don't make an audible sound." She looked at Jenny. The girl didn't seem very enthused about Rebellion, "The one thing I like to remind people is that unless you're holding it so the barrel or hammer are right next to your ear, the sound isn't going to hurt." She shot are suspicious glance at Professor Okamikari as she switched the .32 with the suppressed 9 millimeter. She finished right when he asked Jenny who she wanted to train with first.

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((Sorry for the delay guys with moving back cross country, getting all moved back in, and everyone who ever heard of me wanting to say hey to me upon my return i was a bit busy but I promise to be more active now))

Thankfully she was saved from being dragged off by her teacher making her relax a bit more. She though tensed a bit again when the girl didn’t quiet get it and was probably going to start to drag her off again but then once again thankfully someone came to her rescue. She though blinked then seeing the person who was apparently named Mr. Floppsies.

Without thinking too hard about it or its changing hat Jenny gave a small wave to him befor he and the girl were picked up by her teacher. She blinked worriedly seeing the girl panic and was about to offer her help down if she wanted to be put down but she then started to excitedly look around and talk about how she saw things. She gave a small smiled under her mask then though watching her happily being glad that she was enjoying herself.

She then nodded to her teacher’s explanation and looked to the girl smiling a bit more under her mask. ”Thank you… I really do appreciate the help miss.” SHe said respectfully with a small bow to her. She then waved back to Genesis. ”Good evening mam, my day is going decently though i hope your day is going well too.” She said respectfully though a bit more relaxed since she knew Genesis enough to not be too nervous about interactions with her.

Jenny heard her teacher then explain to Feath then about the gun incident making her look down a bit rather shamefully and lightly hold her right arm with her left as she did so. She looked up a bit nervously hearing his question then. She wasn’t sure if Feath would use a gun or not but she knew for a fact that she would get either no training in… or too violent after a while if she had to deal with the gun shots for too long. Which could either make her look useless for battle… or a rude girl who hurt someone by going too far in a fight.

She seemed to have silent guns So that gave her some hope in a fight with her… maybe…. She still was long range from what she could tell so it would be possibly hard to get up to her to fight. She then heard Feaths point about the sound hurting you and she shook her head and spoke timidly. ”N-No it’s not the sound h-hurting me that scares me its…”

She grew silent then not wanting to finish the sentence but then looked to her teacher. ”I think i can do either of you though if I want to do anything really in a fight with Feath I would need her to use a soundless gun unless I will still be able to wear my headphones while fighting with her… then I could fight her just fine with any gun…” She explained a bit nervously.

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