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Silver and Gold [Private/Raziel]

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1 Silver and Gold [Private/Raziel] on Tue Nov 08, 2016 7:55 pm

Arcen Anokades
Arcen, currently leaned back against a wall, stared blankly at nothing.
I mean... We should all know by now that this is her normal face.

She shifted her weight to her left leg. -You know, the fleshy, actually normal one?-. It wasn't very safe feeling when her weight was all on her prosthetic leg and it began to collapse, so she liked to not do that.
Feeling her scarf begin to slide off of her neck, unraveling itself to attempt to fall to the ground, Arcen swiftly snatched the end of it, proceeding on to quite violently rip it from it's coiled position around her neck, ball it up, unfurl it, and wrap it back around her throat, all with her classical blank expression.

Looking down to see her typical, form fitting, school styled black uniform with a white tie shaped object sprouting from her collar, Arcen had a sudden realization that she had not wore leggings today. Although she could not wear them on her prosthetic leg, she usually liked wearing one on her left leg, but she had forgotton. All extra that covered the lower half of the fox was simply shoes, one sock, and a medium length skirt.
A light sigh escaped the girl's lips as she twisted her shoulders from side to side against the wall, crossing her arms and resting them atop her chest. It was getting bad, honestly. She was forgetting things left and right now. It wasn't too severe, before.... That incident... But now it was getting progressively worse.

Arcen's expressionless gaze drifted from her arms to the rest of the courtyard, tagging every individual there with a cold and icy stare, as per usual.
As small 'tch' followed this action as she lifted her prosthetic leg up off of the ground to curl it up and plant it against the wall she was currently propped up against, turning her emotionless face to stare blankly at the wall opposite to her, of which nobody was on.

She closed her heterochromatic eyes to purposefully ignore whatever stares people were probably giving her at the current point in time, perfectly happy with her own thoughts.
'Hey... I hate you...'

Or not...

That stupid voice in her head was back to taunt her, as usual.

And she just loved being taunted.

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2 Re: Silver and Gold [Private/Raziel] on Tue Nov 08, 2016 8:48 pm

Raziel Mirandale
In all her years Raziel never thought she would be in this end of things. She could even remember beating up some boys who had done this when she was at the orphanage. It was a kind of strange twist of fate really. Who would have guessed that she would be the pervert peeking on the girls in the locker room? Sure she could have walked in, but in reality she had no reason to be there, plus there were showers and if she were openly staring while in the shower room then someone would have started to ask questions. Heck she probably looked like a pervert as it was, but at least from here she could ogle all she wanted.

“Hey… is that a…? PERVERT!” A girl screamed looking up at the barely noticed window that Raziel stared in from. And looks like that was her cue to go. Giving the girl a sly wink she jumped up from the ledge that she was hanging on to the roof of the building. Immediately she burst into a sprint at full speed. The best destination would be the courtyard. She almost laughed to herself about what the rumors would be. They would probably pin it on one of the boys and no one would be none the wiser.

As she reached the courtyard Raziel jumped off the roof. As she fell it seemed like she were going in slow motion. Below a group of people all seemed to be staring at something… or someone. Before she could see it though she fell right into the limbs of a tree. Unfortunately she didn’t exactly stick the landing. Instead the first branch she hit collided with her midsection with a thud. And after that it seemed like she hit every branch of the tree on the way down. Eventually, after being pulverized by the joint forces of a tree and gravity Raziel fell out of the tree and to the ground.

Her body landed into a backwards roll before stopping in a splayed out position. When she finally opened her eyes Raziel was greeted with a lovely sight that made her forget about her pain. Her head had stopped just between the legs of a girl who was leaning up against the wall. One of her legs looked to be a prosthetic while the other one was flesh and blood. But that was of little consequence as Raziel’s attention was at the glorious sight that laid between those two legs. From here she felt as though she could see the promise land.

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3 Re: Silver and Gold [Private/Raziel] on Wed Nov 09, 2016 7:05 pm

Arcen Anokades
Arcen never knew girls came from trees.
That's because they don't.
Surprised yet?

The form of a physical entity fell from a tree after making many loud thump sounds, which was all masked to Arcen by her closed eyelids. The sound of a body rolling towards her and suddenly stopping forced her to lean her top half over, bending her arms and cupping her hands together in order to rest them on top of her spine.
As she was folded over to nearly a ninety degree angle, Arcen twitched both her actual and her prosthetic ear as her tail gently swayed back and forth, followed by the opening of her unmatching and relatively disturbing of her eyes, starting at the point of impact with the ground, trailing down to the girl's foot, up her leg, across her short statured form, to her face, which was partly covered by the Fox's skirt.

Any normal girl would probably be red in the face and quite embarrassed, but we're dealing with Arcen here, meaning all that was offered was a blank stare from two very different eyes; Her blood red one darting around, dilated, as per usual, whilst her golden yellow one fixated it's dead gaze on the girl's face, bending herself down further until she could see the entirety of the this person's head.

Faunus. Large ears. Fennec Fox? Probably.
This represented the quite saddening simplicity of Arcen's current thought process, undisturbed by the positioning of this girl's eyes relative to Arcen's body. She had, quite honestly, no idea why this lady looked so pleased with herself right about now, as the Arctic Fox was, quite depressingly, completely and utterly oblivious to any and all thoughts of that particular nature. She quite easily dismissed it as chance, seeing no other plausible reasoning, even though the Fennec Fox's expression made it painfully clear precisely what she was looking at.

Arcen dropped her right leg from it's position on the wall, ever so slightly tilting her head at this random girl who had just fallen out of a tree and landed underneath of her.
"Hehhhh.......Llo....? W.....Who-are..... Y-who.... Who-a-r...e Who- Y.o.u....?"
The gurgle? Not so bad today. It was actually quite good, she wasn't repeating herself as much now, either.

The Arctic Fox reoriented her head; Her cold glare lacked any form of emotion yet it was very clear she was generally displeased with a person being relatively close to her, until she scanned this person's body harder.
Short, small, this girl also looked like a child.
Sad as it was, this was true.
And it made Arcen not hate this person.

As much.

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4 Re: Silver and Gold [Private/Raziel] on Thu Nov 10, 2016 5:55 pm

Raziel Mirandale
A sudden thought popped into Raziel’s head. She wasn’t sure how long she had been down here, but it had been long enough for her to examine the view above her quite well. Now most girls would freak out if someone landed under their skirt, maybe not as much as if it had been a boy, but so far the person above had yet to move. Did they have their eyes closed and music blaring on headphones or something? Finally movement, and at the same time she spoke. It was… odd. Stuttering and repeating and somewhat garbled. Raziel looked up to see that that wasn’t the end of strange things about this girl. One of her eyes never seemed to focus on anything and moved independent of the other which seemed to be devoid of any emotion. It certainly was a strange sight.

Raziel opened her mouth to speak only to have blood rush in. A little surprised she brought a hand up to her face to find that she had quite the nosebleed. She simply tied this to her bout with the tree just moments before, though she may have been wrong due to the fact that the rest of her was completely uninjured. Scooting out from under the strange girl Raziel stood and faced her.

“Sorry about that. My name’s Raziel,” She said with a smile while she did her best to wipe away the blood but only getting it on her hands. Oops. Oh well. Now getting a proper look at the other girl she noticed a few things. The most obvious was the prosthetic arm. As well there was the strange cold look she gave. And to top it all off one of her ears looked to be fake. Well whoever this girl was she sure was a character that was for sure.

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5 Re: Silver and Gold [Private/Raziel] on Thu Nov 10, 2016 11:11 pm

Arcen Anokades
Arcen liked blood.

She offered up a blank stare that could be translated into surprise as blood leaked into the girl's mouth, the source being her nose. As this character stood up, she introduced herself as "Raziel".

She huffed, following it up with a light sigh and a slightly less incoherent sentence.
Virtually clean of gurgles, yes, but her bland voice still refused to be lacking of the monotoned sound that was her method of speech.

Staring at this girl's nosebleed intensely, her combat senses triggering at the mere sight of blood. She didn't like that happening so soon, so she simply reached into the pocket of her black uniform, pulling out a singular tissue, and moving her face quite close to the girl's, resting her prosthetic hand on her shoulder whilst lifting her human hand up to began wiping away at the blood streaming from this Raziel girl's nose. Yes, this could be, and probably was, quite a sight to see to everybody who wasn't paying close enough attention to Arcen's face to see that it was, in fact, blank. Blank, cold, dead, icy, and overall, just completely and utterly devoid of any and all emotion. But that was her usual face.

She didn't see how or why this person was bleeding from their nose, and she certainly didn't know what that was associated with, so she just stared expressionlessly at Raziel's face, making methodical sweeping motions of her hand to clear it of blood, occasionally grabbing a new tissue and simply stuffing the old one into a different pocket, starting the rythmic swipe back up again as it began running after she cleaned it all away each time, until it would eventually stop. She didn't know when, she just knew it would stop at some point.

Her eyes ever so slightly narrowed as if concentrating on that task, and only that task, albeit the right one still jittered around and was completely off the aforementioned 'task'. But then again, when wasn't it?

Look, on the bright side, she showed some form of emotion....
KInd of....

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6 Re: Silver and Gold [Private/Raziel] on Sat Nov 12, 2016 2:20 pm

Raziel Mirandale
Most people might have had a chill down their spine from the way this fox looked at Raziel, but honestly she was used to getting some… not so good looks. After all when you peep in girls by day and kill people by night the faces you see are… not so good.

What? Was this girl trying to intro…. Yup. That was an introduction, if a short one. And a serious speech impediment. Honestly Raziel didn’t know if it was better to be able to speak in that situation or if it would have been better to just me a mute. In any case… “Well it’s nice to meet you,” Raziel said with a smile, ‘even if the first things I saw was your panties.’ She decided to let that last part go unspoken.

Well this was interesting. The girl named Arcen was now doing what she could to clean up Raziel’s nosebleed. Despite her cold appearance it would seem that something caused her to want to clean up this mess. Whether it be worry, a thing for cleanliness, or just a dislike of blood. Whatever it was the golden fox was at least glad she wouldn’t have to walk around with a bloody face until she could get to a bathroom.

You know.. getting a better look at the girl, she was kind of cute. Sure she had prosthetics, but that wasn’t a huge deal. The only part that probably wasn’t as cute was her eye, the one that looked like it had had way too much caffeine. But honestly everyone had something about them that was… no so cute.

Eventually Raziel’s nose gave out and the bleeding stopped. With a wide smile she reached a hand up to her face to find it surprisingly clean. It would seem that Arcen did a pretty good job. “Thanks for that. It would have been… interesting to have to try and find a bathroom covered in blood,” Raziel said, “that and I would have hated to get my clothes stained, they’re still pretty new.”

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7 Re: Silver and Gold [Private/Raziel] on Sat Nov 12, 2016 10:11 pm

Arcen Anokades
Arcen decided speaking was difficult.
Arcen decided something.

"Thanks for that..."
"Would have been.... Interesting...."
All Arcen did in response was nod. She knew words didn't work well, so she just nodded. Although she couldn't nod to everything, so as she stuffed the last bloody tissue into her other pocket, she removed her arm from the girl's shoulder, taking a few steps towards her and positioning her head beside her's, placing her lips near the girl's ear so that she could whisper. At least she could do that.
"I have... A few problems with... With my voice, if you.. Couldn't.... Already tell from how... How I ta.. Ta.. Talk...."
A scratchy and overall unpleasent sounding whisper, but at least it was relatively coherent and easy to understand.
"Why did... Did.... Wh..Wh............................... Why did you just...... Fall out.... Fall out of... Out of a t-r-tr... Tre-e-...... Tree.........?"

Arcen took a few setps back, shifting her arms around uncomfortably before coming to another decision, yes that's two, to cross her arms and rest them once more atop her chest, giving the girl a casual, seemingly curious head tilt as her red eye began to focus more.
More, as in it wasn't darting around her entire vision, but rather quite violently trembling but overall staying focused on this girl, albeit stuck in it's typical dilated position.

The Fox gently swayed her tail back and forth, her ear twitching around frantically as it took in every individual sound being made by each and every singular organism in the current area. It was quite saddening, if you really thought about it.
Every second of her life was spent preparing for someone to try to attack her. She could never let her guard down. She was mentally and physically incapable of relaxing unless her body forced it onto her, via passing out or just regular sleep. She couldn't do practically anything without being alerted by the simplest noise.

That's what happens when you have a near death experience and then find yourself at a school essentially made up of psychopaths.
Honestly, most people here couldn't let their guards down.

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8 Re: Silver and Gold [Private/Raziel] on Tue Nov 15, 2016 11:05 pm

Raziel Mirandale
Raziel smiled at the other fox. It was more or less a default state for her now. Julyet had told her to always smile, no matter what. Because when everything looks bleak a single smile can be a light in the darkness. It sounded cheesy but it was still important to her. Of course the silver fox before her didn’t see to have much of any facial expression, though she did nod a lot. Which made sense considering her speech problem. It was a little surprising when Arcen leaned in to whisper in her ear, but hearing her at this level it seemed like it was easier for the silver fox to talk this way. “Yeah… I kinda figured that one out…” Raziel laughed, not too loud as the silver fox was right in front of her.

“Oh that? I kind of fell of the roof and the tree helped break my fall,” Raziel said once again laughing with a disarming smile. Her large ears twitched as they caught something, whispers and mumbles from the people who had been and still were looking at Arcen. Time for a change of scenery.

“How about we talk somewhere else?” Raziel suggested, “The atmosphere in this place is… not very pleasant.” With that she turned towards the crowd and gave them all a practiced and surprisingly menacing death stare. It was the kind of stare that only a seasoned killer could give, and not something she used often, but right now these people were getting on her last nerves. She hated discrimination, for any reason.

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9 Re: Silver and Gold [Private/Raziel] on Thu Nov 17, 2016 9:36 pm

Arcen Anokades
This girl liked smiling.
Arcen liked that too.
I'm so funny.

As the girl turned around to glare at the surrounding people, Arcen spoke up.
"Spoke" up.
"Mo-ve.. A-mo-somewheres awa-e-move-away... Some...... Wheres........Ellllllllseeeeeeeeeeeee.......?"
This incoherent spewing of words was followed by a thoughtless *pat* *pat* to the girl's head before she walked past her, moving towards a quite fidgety looking individual, obviously affected by this other fox's death stare.
This poor guy looked scared senseless as Arcen stopped a mere foot from him.
She stood taller by a fair amount over this young man, but her head didn't tilt down. It stayed straightforward, but her eyes, however, looked down to give him a stare best described as wide eyed condescension.
She took another step closer, lowering her head to give him a blank stare, her mouth refusing to twist into any form of shape besides a horizontal line. The boy swiveled his head away, over to the side, but his eyes stayed fixed on her, unable to remove them from her rather intruiging form.

"Uh... Uhm.... He-hello....?"
"We-We weren't saying a-anything about you, I-I swear!!"
"I-I'm sorry, it's just that you lo-ok really strange, I mean there's not anything wrong with that but-"
His sentance was cut off as Arcen raised her arm, flicking the boy with her fingers in the center of his forehead, before turning around, and walking back to the fox.

She didn't have a singular clue what location this girl had in mind, so she placed her lips near Raziel's ear again, uttering a simple word.

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10 Re: Silver and Gold [Private/Raziel] on Tue Nov 29, 2016 12:15 am

Raziel Mirandale
Raziel had to focus to understand what the other fox said, due to what she could only describe as a serious speech impediment. Of course with a little bit of brain work and guessing she could pretty much put together what was said. One of the golden fox’s massive ears twitched as Arcen patted her on the head. That had been quite the strange display from quite the strange person. Keeping an eye on the other Faunus as she moved towards someone a simple thought came to her mind. That guy looks like he is about to crap himself.

It was almost comical really. From here she looked as though she were towering over him, though their height difference wasn’t all that much. Well it seemed like Raziel’s new acquaintance could be quite the intimidation factor herself. When she flicked the poor boy on his forehead he all but fainted, falling to the ground and watching Arcen in something between shock and fear. Quite impressive.

“Don’t know! Let’s go find somewhere,” Raziel said turning towards an entrance to the school. She knew a few spots that would be pretty secluded this time of day, with the size of the campus they were plenty you just had to know which areas would be empty at what time of day. For now she knew that the Dust wing would be pretty empty since almost all the dust classes were later in the day.

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11 Re: Silver and Gold [Private/Raziel] on Fri Dec 02, 2016 5:20 pm

Arcen Anokades
Arcen lifted her human hand up to her blood red scarf to pull on it a bit, casting a casual glance over to the girl before moving her hand down to gently poke the base of the girl's prominently large ears.

Leaning over slightly, she placed her mouth by the dominant features of her head to emit a tiny whisper.
"Yo-oy-y-your e-your ears a-are r...... Really-are r-are-really........ Big.......
She absentmindedly rubbed her hand back and forth against the outside-bottoms of Raziel's Fox ears, for no clear reason other than an idle minded action as she stared at an entrance to the school.

"Ok-kay... Let's go -let's go f-go-go find some-somewh-wh-wheres."
Scratching turned to a small few pats of the small space between the girl's ears as she slowly withdrew her hand, taking a few steps towards the door before pushing it open, standing in the corner behind it once she entered to stick her prostheric foot out to act as a doorstop, holding it open politely. She'd seen other people do it before, so she figured it was a nice gesture or something.

"I-I thi-I think the... Think-th-think the Dust hall is- Dust ha-hall is em-empty a.... Round this-th-th-th-this time......."
She had distinctly remembered seeing the Dust hall empty earlier today.
Then again, she hadn't even remembered to get fully dressed today, so you never know....

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