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The crushing reality of the world

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1 The crushing reality of the world on Sat Nov 12, 2016 10:11 am

Fenrir sat on the bench,  once again reading the letter.

In light of the recent shift in the balance of power within the clan. The council of elders has decreed that the union between Fenrir Sable and Yandere Sable is no longer valid. The Minstral families have maintained their neutrality during the power struggle between Atlas and Bellmuse families. As a sign of good faith, Yandere Sable's firstborn child along with four members loyal to the head family will come to Bellmuse and remain until the child of Fenrir is born and relinquished to him.

Bastairds the lot of them. He checked the time on the scroll as he sent a message to Okamikari. it took a moment for him to realize how he suddenly opened up to the crazy shrink. probably because he was crazy. The airships and sea ships continued their ballet of launching and landing, loading and unloading. people bustled about him but Fenrir felt like he was the only person left in the world.

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2 Re: The crushing reality of the world on Mon Nov 14, 2016 5:47 am

Kiriraya Okamikari
Kiriraya had been busy in his class prepping for the next project, and heard a beep from his scroll. He needn't open it as Genesis already looked it over and relayed to him that one of his students requested a meeting, followed by a location. He wrapped up his projects, grabbing a pack of cigarettes and a nice black coat to throw on, and moved out, leaving his armor in his classroom as it wasn't necessary at the moment. It was a long walk, and he already burned through 3 cigarettes in his time from the school to the location GPS'ed in his head. Though curious as to why he had been called out, thinking wouldn't help him as he moved.

He had just slipped another cigarette between his lips as he arrived to the destination, his body basically on autopilot as he realized he was already there. He looked over to a bench holding the man who called him out, and quietly approached him as he seemed gloomy. He lit his cigarette and approached him, smoking casually as he wondered what seemed to have put the young man under. He tilted his head as he reached the bench Fenrir was sitting in, waving the man to alert him of his presence while not trying to intrude on any thoughts he was having.

"Evening, Mr. Sable. I take it from your message and current look on your face things haven't been going so well?"

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3 Re: The crushing reality of the world on Mon Nov 14, 2016 7:20 pm

Fenrir handed the letter to Kiriryama, "I failed again. This time it was so spectacular that the clan elders made a pronouncement." He stood and stretched as he thought about the night before last. Yan had been getting ready to go back to her family in Mistral while he was out chasing down a lead. another smokescreen actually. several people attacked her while he was out getting ape shot drunk and beating a confession out of a corps. He rubbed his eyes, "I suppose a bit of background is necessary to best understand just how bad this is going to get.

Right after the clan was placed under contract, or geas, or whatever the hell you want to call it. slavery, after being enslaved to the crown of Bellmuse,  some genius decided that having ten thousand cold blooded killers sit around with nothing to do was was a bad idea. so we got sent to the other kingdoms. Atlas has historically been at odds with the head family here and act all superior with their advanced tech. The Vacuo families have always been at odds with Atlas and thus remain absolutely loyal to here. Vale is sort of connected to Vacuo simply by inertia and Mistral is supposed to be allied with Atlas,  but really they just sit there doing nothing unless the balance of power is greatly upset."

Fenrir took a deep breath and pinched the bridge of his nose, "Anyhow, I come from Vacuo,  got adopted into my mother's family when my father died. by that time, I had already married someone else." A brief pause as Fenrir centered himself, he would not give the appearance of weakness to anyone in public, "for a few months, I was actually happy. heh, go figure. Someone who's born into a job where emotions are bad having emotions. anyway, my mother's family wasn't too pleased at my being married to someone outside our clan and one day showed up with a kill order from the princess. I have no idea how anyone could have taken it seriously but we had no choice." at this point, Fenrir had paced to a light pole and gripped it, trying to crush it with his rage, "how the hell is a seven year old signing an order to straight up murder someone? I knew it wasn't rigjt, but I wasn't strong enough to stop them from killing Rose. that. ..that's my greatest failure." He wasn't sure how he was supposed to feel, but he got the idea that it was what Rose would have wanted. and to be honest, he felt a bit better, "fast forward several years and I become the scion to the head family and had married Yan as part of a plan to reconciling the scattered families. and now this." He pushed off the pole and punched it, oblivious to the fact he broke his hand. balling his good hand into and fist, he turned to the psychiatrist,  "I'm not sure what to expect, I'm more or less hanging on the hope of of a miracle." an admission he would never have just handed out. There was something to be said for the shrink.

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4 Re: The crushing reality of the world on Wed Nov 16, 2016 5:59 am

Kiriraya Okamikari
Kiriraya took a moment to read the boys letter as it was handed to him, and exhaled fire from his nostril to lite the cigarette hanging between his lips. As he read over the letter once more, he inhaled softly and remained quiet as he let the man vent his frustrations, and cause bodily harm to himself. He had heard at the end of the boys vent he was having a sliver of hope on a miracle. He inhaled deeply, almost killing the cigarette in one inhale as he blew the smoke out and looked at Fenrir.

"Hope? Miracles? Blasphemy. From the looks of your letter, I doubt such a miracle will come to you sitting on your behind. Or, venting to someone. Granted it may make you feel better to vent, your situation now has been passed onto your hands, what will you do with it? Where will you go, who will you meet? Who will you end?

From the looks of things, I'd truthfully just slaughter the bunch of them like lamb if they were to take away my loved one. If I myself couldn't, I'd get someone who could. The worst that can happen, is death. And from what I've seen, you youngsters don't seem to fear death much anymore."

He spoke, cracking his neck as he finished the cig and flicked it into the open area. He took another out his pack, and let it hang between his fingers as he once again read over the letter sent to Fenrir.

"I know a man, cold as ice with a temper the equivalent of frostbite. Someone took something from him, so he took something from them. Your greatest failure is letting someone close to you die, so I'm not gonna talk to you as a teacher, but man to man. Failure, loss, the commonality of things, sucks. If someone takes something from you, get it back. Whoever steps in the way, either slap some sense into them and send them on their way, or put them down like a diseased dog.

If you can't get it back, like with murder and death, do right in the eyes of your loved one whom isn't with you any longer. I'm not a believer in the afterlife, to me once you die you're gone. But maybe it's different, maybe I'm wrong, and maybe someone is looking down at you praying for the best for you. You should do what you think they would want in place of what you can't get back, maybe this woman would want you to be happy.

Honestly I'm not.... 100% understanding of your situation, but I get there is a higher power, and a lower power. Work up, so that you may be your own boss, work up, so that nobody can take away from you and strut away with it. But, whatever you do, do not rely on hope to save your ass. Relying on such a silly thing will only come to disappoint you and bite you in the end."

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5 Re: The crushing reality of the world on Thu Nov 17, 2016 9:36 am

Fenrir grinned sardonically,  "we can only be what we are. nothing more. nothing less. She loved that phrase." He Channeled his aura, healing his hands, "I can't do right by her. Not since I helped with the death of the princess." He looked about, making sure no one was within earshot, "I can be nothing more than a serial killer." where. the. hell. did. this. come from? he rubbed his eyes, "every time I try to do right, the ghosts come. A crushing darkness that hides just outside my view. I can feel it trying to get out and devour everything." He heard the announcement of the ship he was waiting for landing. A few minutes later, he saw four men walking with a young woman holding a child, "Master Fenrir." the eldest of the men said, "Elder Zeus.  This is....unexpected." the elder man gave Kiriryama a once over, "did you expect a double cross?"
"Ah, no. This is professor Okamikari, one of my instructors. I must say though, seeing you away from home is...odd."
"No more odd than the death of every head family member who supported Atlas hmm?" Fenrir conceded the point, "has he undergone the rituals?" a lifted shirt showed glyphs tattooed all over the child, "his first kill was a rapist. ironic that he should he under you care." Fenrir glanced at Kiriryama uncomfortably. The gesture wasn't missed as Zeus turned to the large human, "perhaps when the child is old enough, he will study under such honorable instructors like yourself."

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6 Re: The crushing reality of the world on Fri Nov 18, 2016 5:25 am

Kiriraya Okamikari
He raised a brow at the mention of the Bellmuse princess, he honestly didn't know, or care, that she was dead in the first place as it didn't affect his business. But speaking of such, while Genesis was actively listening on their conversation, wasn't the brightest idea.

"Didn't know she was dead, but I'd be a bit more careful as there is little information of our surroundings and there could potentially be wires on every inch of our area now that she's dead. But, truthfully her death doesn't affect me or my business in the slightest, so I don't care."

He spoke quietly yet awkwardly peaceful, and at the arrival an airship he didn't budge an inch. Instead he continued smoking, until a child was brought forth. He extinguished the stick of cancer on his tongue as to not affect the child's health, and the mention of death didn't away him in the slightest as, again, it didn't affect his business. He caught the awkward eye contact Fenrir gave him, but his own look didn't change of unsettling calmness. He returned the boys gaze and looked at the men as they addressed him.

"Anything is possible, though I wouldn't quite understand why the child would want to be under my division, all I do is manufacture and design armor, I'd show you the fruit of my labor but I didn't bring the behemoth with me. As for studying under me, I think my retirement may arrive before the child is of age to take classes, I'm a very wealthy man after all. Always a market. Though that shouldn't sway the boy from pursuing such endeavors and the pleasure of knowledge."

He spoke with such a peaceful and relaxed tone it was unnerving. Normally with all the talk of death and murder the normal human being would have fled, but yet he stood still, unmoving. He took out a small device and tossed it to the ground, the little device lit up and projected a hologram of his suit in full scale. It rotated slowly, until he reached down and deactivated it, moving it to his pocket.

"Just one of the many things a man with too much time creates."

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7 Re: The crushing reality of the world on Sun Nov 20, 2016 9:40 am

Zues nodded at the human, "I see. anyway  I leave these five lives to your care Master Fenrir." and with that, the elder turned and left. The child looked at his new caretaker with wide eyes. The same cursed eyes everyone in the family had. He took the child from the woman and examined him as intensely as the child examined Fenrir,  "what's your name little man?" the kid played with his ear, "I Thor." Fenrir smiled, "welcome to Bellmuse Thor. you're going to have have a great time here." He looked at the other faunus, "The family shrine is still uninhabitable,  there are quarters at the academy we can use for now."
"As you command Master Fenrir." They walked towards the shuttles, leaving Thor, Fenrir and Kiriryama, "thanks for hearing me out doc. I appreciate it." He set the kid on his shoulders, "ready to see the world?"
"Yes!" Thor squealed in delight.

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