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Sin, death, and thievery [private: Moka/Jaye Calvyl]

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Raziel Mirandale
It was a night like any other. The air was clear, the moon was full, and Aka’Ken was thirsty. Of course it helped that the White Fang had a target that needed urgent attention. Raziel had been spending the last three week studying this guy. A human named Maximilian Reid. He was a teacher at a local school and a known member of a Human Supremacy group. Though the reason he was being targeted was his… mistreatment of Faunus students. Though all that information was good, as long as he was an enemy to the Faunus that was good enough a reason to kill him as far as Raziel was concerned.

The house was pretty large, for a teacher this guy had good money. Two rather pricey cars sat in the front drive way. Based on her investigation Razeil guessed that he came by his money by some less than honest means. Of course the only thing she cared about was the security system on the house. The system was tight. Sensors on each door and window, plus IR motion sensors inside the main rooms save for the bedroom and bathroom, of course. Even if the power went out each piece of the system had a backup battery to keep it running for five days. That plus the fact that every component was on the same network made it hard to get by manually. Now if someone could hack the main computer and spoof the data from the sensors then they could slip in easily. Unfortunately Raziel was no hacker.

Of course there was one final way to get past the security. The system didn’t directly dial out to the cops, instead it called back to the company’s monitoring office where a tech could then look at what caused the alarm and make the appropriate call. Each tech would randomly look at the feeds of a number of houses when no house had any alarm tripped. And unfortunately for Mister Reid the tech watching his house tonight was a member of the White Fang.

“So?” Raziel asked over the communication line she had open, “Am I good?”

“Yes. Be sure to do as I told you and short circuit the main box as fast as you can, Those IR bombs I gave you only last for about two minutes each,” The tech said over the line, “Once the box goes off line the system will automatically dial the cops. You’ll have about fifteen minutes.”

The door to the front house unlocked with a barely audible click. Luckily Raziel’s large Faunus ears allowed her to hear the sound. Without disturbing the bush she was hiding behind she tossed a small orb onto the front porch of the house. It beeped and then a small red light on it went on. If it was working correctly then it would be emitting a high intensity IR light in every direction, practically blinding the camera.

“Okay, the front camera is down. Move.”

With a wide grin the gold fox stood from behind the bush and sauntered up to the front of the house. Just as she was stepping up the front stairs she put on a pair of disposable gloves so as not to leave any prints. Quietly she opened the door just enough to toss another of the IR bombs into the first room. Upon being given the all clear by the tech she nonchalantly passed through the doorway. Based on what she had been told she would have to go down to a sub panel in the basement to get to the main box for the security system.

“Alright. Go to the end of this hall and toss out another IR bomb into he room ahead. Once I give you the all clear it is the door just to the left of the hall.”

This was honestly one of the easiest jobs she had ever done. In the past she had to deal with security in a more… forceful manner. But all she had to do now was waltz right in throw a few small spheres and cross a few wires. Entering the main room of the house she turned to face the door the basement.
“Alright the only camera in the basement is the one watching the panel so it should be mostly smooth sailing from here. Just remember that once you disable the main system the cops will be on their way. It probably won’t be a lot of them but it would still be best to get out of there fast.”

“Okay.” Raziel replied in a rather chipper voice for someone about to commit cold blooded murder. Unfortunately only one thing got in her way. The door to the basement was locked. Oddly it had more than just a handle. It also had several deadbolts with keys, locking it from the outside. Why on Remnant would someone lock the basement from the outside… unless there was something they wanted to keep from getting out. A bad feeling began to creep into Raziel’s stomach.

In one swift motion she drew Aka’Ken from his place on her hip and slashed the door lengthwise. Slowly returning him to his sheath a line appeared on the door. Raziel pushed open the part of the door attached to the hinges and then pulled the rest off, gently laying it against the wall. The stairwell was dark, barely lit by a dim light at the bottom. Even for her Faunus eyes it was somewhat hard to see.

Carefully she worked her way down the stairs. None of the steps creaked as she went down. Closer and closer she got to the bottom and with each step more of her hairs began to stand on end. After the darkness the first thing she noticed was the smell. The stench of feces and other bodily fluid was almost overpowering. It wasn’t until she reached the bottom of the stairs that Raziel almost puked.

Several young Faunus were huddled together in a cage no bigger than four meters in any direction. Each one looked as though they hadn’t eaten in weeks. Sure enough the smell was coming from a pile of excrement in the cage. It looked like most of them were sleeping… or possibly dead… though one stared out of the cage directly at the golden fox.

A fire of rage built in Raziel. Hating Faunus was one thing, but this… this was unforgivable. Originally she was going to just kill this man, but no. Not now. Now he was going to suffer. A quick death was too good for him. But first she needed to get his little Faunus some help. Luckily the police would be here not long after she broke the box. The Fang had a few members on the force that would show up if they heard about a call concerning a Faunus so she wasn’t worried.

Going up to the cage Raziel knelled down near the lock. By now all of the decrepit children had woken and were now staring at her with fear in their eyes. To calm the children she gave them all a warm smile. At the same time she placed a hand around the lock. Activating her semblance her body became enveloped in a sublime golden glow. Squeezing her hand around the lock the small metal contraption buckled and then broke.

“Listen. I need you to stay down here, okay? Help will be here soon… and the man who did this. He’s going away, forever,” Raziel said as calmingly as she could. A few of the children nodded at her. The gold fox stood and looked around for the box. It was on a wall not too far from her and sure enough a camera was watching it. She threw another IR bomb in the view of this camera and then went over to the box.

Following the instructions she had been given Raziel opened the case. Inside a series of wires all connected to a main control box while a few wires went to a power supply than then fed the control box. As she was told she reached in and pulled on a small pair of wires that connected the power supply to the box and then put them back on the opposite connections. The box hissed and crackled before a small amount of smoke rose from the top.

“The call is going out to the cops. Move!”

“Stay here, help will be here soon,” Raziel said to the children before rushing back up the stairs. She already memorized the floor plan of the house and knew where her target was sleeping. Once again she found a set of stairs, these ones going up to the top floor. At the top she went left without stopping. The third door to her right was where her target should be sleeping.

The door to the room was locked, but by now Raziel didn’t care to be quiet. In one swift motion she kicked down the door and entered the room. The man… no… the monster inside jumped up, a look of surprise on his face. It looked like he was about to call out, though he was too slow. By the time his mouth was opened the gold fox was upon him, her hand on his throat cutting off all means of breathing, or speaking.

“The White Fang has seen your sin, and tonight Judgment will be rendered,” Raziel whispered in the monster’s ear. Before he could respond she shoved him back down to the bed and flipped him so that his back was facing up. Planting a knee on his back she grabbed his shoulders and pulled. His spine bent and bent until it cracked. The monster cried out in pain. To silence him Raziel pushed his face down into the pillow muffling his sounds of agony.

Raziel used every second she had of the next five minutes to break, tear, rip and maul every part of the human below her. The thought that the house had been sound proofed never entered her mind. If he was going to scream out and the neighbors heard... well the cops were already on their way. When she felt she could break this monster no further Raziel pushed him off the bed to the floor. By now his cries had diminished into small muffled wipers of pain. Bones stuck out of him at odd angles, one arm was barely even attached to the shoulder.

He tried to speak, though it seemed that his lungs had been ruptured and even breathing was difficult for him. Raziel’s hand closed around the hilt of Aka’Ken. No, she couldn’t let his end quickly. He needed to suffer. Looking him over his chances of survival were… nonexistent. He would suffer for hours like this, unless someone came and put him out of his misery or hit him with a lot of morphine.

“You have lived in darkness, and so you will die in darkness,” Raziel said as she leaned over the mangled form below her. Placing a finger over each eye she pushed until each orb popped. What had once been a human let out a small wheeze of pain.

With her work done Raziel stood and left the room.

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