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The disappointment heiress

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1 The disappointment heiress on Wed Nov 16, 2016 5:32 pm

Amarante entered the shop, yet another owned by Sakura Mercantile. To her left was Tai, her older brother and the firstborn. A perfect son who looked and acted exactly like his father. next to him was her mother. Dear, sweet, Mother Sakura. they seemed to be in deep conversation when she felt a hand on her shoulder, "I hear father's beyond angry this time." yep. standard hello from Nyoko. and finally, the big man himself coming from the parking lot. everyone in her family was at least five and and half feet tall and perfectly proportioned except for Amarante. She could feel the Judgement stares being focused on her, "hello father, mother, Tai, Nyoko." She bowed to each and let herself be led to the tea room in the back, "so what is so important that you had to interrupt business?"
"There's somethings I need to tell you. I'm a dust huntress."
The attack came instantly. and right on script. Her mother acted like Amarante was an ungrateful child. Her father bellowed about how no one else showed him such horrible disrespect while Tai and Nyoko hid nasty brutal jabs under polite words.

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2 Re: The disappointment heiress on Thu Nov 17, 2016 4:14 am

Kiriraya Okamikari
The man, both tired and mentally confused, decided he'd respond to the students request to come to a location. The reason, something about her family and how she wanted him to be there. As it was, and as he is, he dressed himself up in black and white. A white button up, black pants, black socks, black vest, and dress shoes.

He moved a cigarette, one of many he'd probably be tearing into, to his lips and walked down the street. Genesis implanted in his head, allowing her to guid him through the streets accompanied with the mass of metal that was his armor, carrying his curved greatsword on its shoulders.

"Set the suit on standby, and keep it outside. We have errands to run afterwards that require it, so hopefully this doesn't get weird."

He spoke, reaching his destination of a shop. He wasted no time to smoke on the way, and as he approached the doors he could hear the hell storm inside. He checked the door, pulling the handle as it flimsily flew open from his sheer strength as he made his way through the door, and promptly followed the noise to the source.

Genesis ignored the command and had the armor step through the door behind him for a safety precaution, and it stood by the door as he approached the source of the sound. He gladly made himself at home and opened it, stepping into the room of sheer chaos as he placed his hand atop Amarante's head as, what he feared would happen did, it got weird. He towered over them like a giant, and patted Amarante's head ever so gently.

"You asked for my assistance, dear student of mine?"

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3 Re: The disappointment heiress on Thu Nov 17, 2016 8:54 am

Amarante squeaked a bit when Professor Okamikari touched her head. She stood up and bowed, "thank you for coming." She turned back to her family, "I meant exact...exactly what I....said. I'm. ..I'm not a trophy."

"No. You are a girl and you will do as you are told." Her father stood up and grabbed her by her ear, "I want this nonsense out of your head this instant. you're no longer allowed to be at that place if this is what they're teaching." he backhanded her. She knew exactly what her family was going to do next. Mother and Nyoko would look away, trying to hide their embarrassment, or was it shame? no. they didn't care about the youngest daughter, they just wanted to seem proper.  maybe. Tai on the other hand, would be watching with enthusiasm as their father beat her. Amarante cried out as another blow hit her head. like a fool, she had left her fans and dust in her dorm.

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4 Re: The disappointment heiress on Fri Nov 18, 2016 5:04 am

Kiriraya Okamikari
He kept quiet, though his patience for her family was already wearing thin. They seemed.... two faced. The grab, followed by the slap set off a visual alarm in Genesis, and within seconds a thunder of monstrous steps erupted down the hallway, the door behind forced open behind as War, piloted by Genesis, forced its way into the already compact room. By the time the second slap occurred, the behemoth forced everyone out its way as there was no stopping a lightweight tank, and picked up the girls father by his throat.

"Hostile entity subdued. Authorization to eliminate the hostile force?" "Denied. If someone needed to be eliminated I'd just call 'her'. Drop the peasant."

He spoke, the beast of steel still holding the man by his throat. Genesis allowed the suit to let him go, and backed away. Kiri picked up Amarante and moved her behind the beast, and he moved forward carefree with a clearly displeased look on his face. Slapping a student, his student, infront of him like he didn't exist was like an act of war.

"I'm still on duty, and that is still my student. So I suggest you sit the bloody hell down and talk like civilized beings instead of condescending bafoons before I remove the child from the premises."

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5 Re: The disappointment heiress on Fri Nov 18, 2016 11:11 pm

Amarante gasped in pain as she watched in shock what unfolded. War's sudden action had almost caused her ear to get ripped off, but that was nothing to what had just happened before that. Amarante quivered as she tried to stand, only to fall to her knees. Mother and Nyoko sat in shock, both ready to call on their semblance should the miniature mech attack them. Tai had a demented smile that eerily reminded her of Fenrir for some reason. Her father had normally let it all out in one violent burst and then told them to leave him. But this...He had hit her repeatedly. She feared that a conflict was inevitable. Her father stood back up, seemingly unphased, "Do you have any idea who I am? I am Raiden Sakura,  head of Sakura Mercantile. One of the largest suppliers of dust and technology in this kingdom. This girl is my property. I paid for her birth. I've paid for her while she was growing. no one tells me how to treat what I own." He got into Kiriryama's face. Tai was clearly enjoying this way too much. It was actually Nyoko who broke the tense silence, "Father, shouldn't you at least consider a proposition?" the irate man looked at his second born. His face belonging to one making mental calculations for the best possible outcome, "Very well. Mr. Professor, what are you offering in exchange for taking her?" Amarante clutched the professor's leg as she tried and failed to stand again.

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6 Re: The disappointment heiress on Mon Nov 21, 2016 8:36 pm

Kiriraya Okamikari
Kiriraya was a calm headed person, he was a kind person, and he was a working person. What he was not, however, is someone's *****. As the man got in his face, which he had to look down for, he smirked softly and shook his head at the males display of power. He picked up Amarante and placed her in War's open arms, and cracked his neck.

"You're trying to strike a deal.... with me? Are you a fool?"

He spoke, tapping the head of war, whom displayed a hologram live feed of the father striking his own child, which was recorded through Kiri's eyes by Genesis.

"You know what, I'll make you a deal you just can't refuse. Im taking this girl, that's happening whether you like it or not, and there's nothing you can physically, mentally, or financially do about it. But I'm a fair man, I'll make you a deal. I won't upload this video to every single piece of media that exists, I won't wipe your family name through dog **** to where you can never get a business deal again, have CPS take your children and place them under their care, deport you from Bellmuse, and land you a one way trip to prison guaranteeing that you will never see your kids or your wife again.

I won't do any of that if you simply let go of something you don't even want in the first place without hesitation. The funniest thing, is that you are trying to negotiate with someone who has the equivalent of a miniature nuclear bomb- that could annihilate half of Bellmuse- sitting in your bloody tea room with your family. So I suggest you get the hell of your high horse and get the hell out of my face."

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7 Re: The disappointment heiress on Wed Nov 23, 2016 8:43 am

For once, Raiden Sakura of Sakura Mercantile was speechless. Amarante guessed it was the combination of people standing up to him and the threat of a bomb sitting in his tea room that made him open and close hos mouth like a fish. Had she not been in terror of her life just moments before, the small girl would've found the sight amusing. She watched as her father slowly regained his composure and turned his back to them, "fine, she's yours to do with as you wish. To me and mine, she's dead." Amarante burst into tears, "Father! Please!"
"DEAD!" He roared, "now get out of here." He made a dismissive movement with his hands as Nyoko and Mother started clearing the table and taking their leave. Tai simply stood there leering at Amarante, "TAI!"
"Get back to work." the firstborn child quickly left the room, leaving Amarante, Kiriryama and Raiden alone, "I hope you're proud of yourself you ungrateful child." and with that, Raiden left.

"Th-thank you Okamikari-sensei." After several minutes,  Amarante had found her voice, "what....what am I supposed to do now?" the idea of actually being free from her family hadn't really registered until now.

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