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Avali Butterscotch: The Evil Witch Huntress.... kind of... [DONE]

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Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Avali Butterscotch
Age: 17 years old
Birthday: October 31th
Gender: Female
Race: Skunk Faunus
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 112 lbs
Face Claim:

STR: 5
DEF: 1
RES: 1
SPT: 5
HP 10|290 SP

Major: Academic

Likes: Her minions, reading, coming up with evil plans, time alone, her dad (she'll never admit it)
Dislikes: Her plans being ruined, how stupid her minions are, people assuming she smells bad because she's a skunk faunus, pants
Fears: Never succeeding in her goals, losing her ability to summon her minions, being disowned by her father

Overall Personality: Imagine the most evil, the meanest and most cruel person you can, this is Avali... or rather what she'd like you to believe. She aims to live up to the legacy of her father, an all powerful being from a different world who conquers other worlds for the sole reason that he can. Problem is that his daughter lacks all the skills necessary for world domination but is determined to succeed one of those days. Stubborn, self-centered and in general pretty mean, she will stop to nothing and for no one in order to reach the same powers that her father has. But being the airhead that never has good plans surely doesn't help her cause. At least, she has determination and believes that each failures are a step forward to an eventual victory. She can also be very secretive, especially about any plans she could be working on and also her powers that are unlike the ones others possesse.

Skillful at: Athleticism
Lacking skills in: Fighting

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: A mix of orange and purple
Semblance: Summon: Minions of Darkness

Summon Description:,100):origin()/pre05/2390/th/pre/f/2010/348/8/c/shadow_by_milay-d2wmpyi.png

The minions are being made from pure shadows and are small in size and rather frail. What they lack in physical threat is compensated in number as they are always in small groups of 4 to 10 whenever they are summoned. The only thing is that whatever is the number of them showing up they all share the same energy and if one of them is damaged enough, the whole group disappears.

Summon height: 3 feet
Summon HP Points: 5
Summon Damage Points: 1

Item 1: Physical armor: the book that Avali always carries with her lets her create a barrier in front of her to mitigate to some degree any incoming physical attack.
Item 2: Dust armor: Avali wears constantly an enormous witch hat and while she wears it to hide her white hair, it offers some protection against dust-based attacks.

History and Sample
"Once upon a time, in another world, reign a powerful being only known as the Dark Lord. Praised in his homeworld for being unstoppable, this humanoid creature decided to go across worlds and conquer them as he went, not caring for state in which those places would end up in after he would be done with them. Millenniums past, an incalculable amount of universes to his command yet the Dark Lord felt like there was something missing in his unlife, something he thought to have seen regularly in those world in conquered, something simple yet seemingly complicated for him. He didn't know the name of the thing he was now looking for, nor how he could obtain it, but the intrigued of such a thing was what sent him on a lone quest to conquer the one thing he never had all these years: compassion. Looking across worlds, the Dark Lord tried to grasp the unknown concept, tried to understand it and even with his commensurable knowledge he had the hardest time to comprehend. The fact that each world he visited had different concept of what it was didn't help his research on the matter and he decided that he would need to settle on how a single world saw it, and the Dark Lord settled on a world he had never visited before: Remnant. It was a world completely unknown to him with vile creature already roaming the lands. Looking at all this he thought that this world was already doomed to end up swarmed by the darkness those creatures brought with them and yet, the people living there kept fighting even against the stacking odds that weren't on their side. Curious to know more about what was driving them to fight, the Dark Lord tried to befriend some of the people he would encounter, but the problem was that he was really scary as his head was but a skull enveloped in purple flames." "Just like Daddy!" did a little voice interrupt as she pointed out the similarity between the one telling the story and the Dark Lord in it. The storyteller started to laugh with enthusiasm before petting the little girl's head. "Yes indeed, just like me. So, with the Dark Lord's appearance, it was hard for him to get even close to settlements as people were afraid that he would attack them, but all that he wanted was to talk, to ask questions to satisfy his curiosity. After many attempts, he was ready to give up, the people of this world too scared of him for him to stay. Luckily though, a young woman had the same curiosity about him than he had in general about the world of Remnant and both of them made a deal that they would teach each others about their respective homeworlds. It didn't took long for the two of them, even if they were so different, to grow fond of each other and one day, after many years, they had something that they shared, a small and adorable little girl to call their own. Unfortunately, her arrival caused the woman to be sick, but not for too long as she was able to go for a trip soon after." "Where did she go?" Asked the little girl while looking at the purple blazing skull that looked slightly saddened. "It was her turn to go visit other worlds just like the Dark Lord did before her, but she ended up settling in one in particular." "To recover from her illness?" "Yes sweetie, to recover... Alright, now it's time for bed little girl." The burning figure petted the girl's head once more before leaving the bedroom, smiling to her. "Goodnight princess, sweet dreams." "Night dad!" The girl went fast asleep while the skeletal man went to his office where a strange portal where a creature could be seen waiting. "Sorry, my daughter needed a story before bed. So where were we?" "No problem Dark Lord, I know what it's like to have children, and we were talking about what to do with the world SG-120-A..." The Dark Lord then returned to his duty, before his little girl would need her dad the next morning. Dark Lord Dad has a lot of work ahead of him for the next decades.
RP Sample:
The lighting was dim in the library of Bellmuse school for huntsman known as Syne as a lone girl was studying on her own. A mysterious book belonging to her was opened on the table alongside other books owned by the school. She seemed to be studying and looked at peace. soon enough, a small shadowy figure formed itself on the ground next to her, its yellow eyes looking up at her while it was slightly tugging at her skirt to get her attention. She looked at her minion, as this creature was of her creation, and kneeled down to be at the same level before petting its head. The small being seemed like it wanted her to follow her, which she did after picking up her book while leaving the others there. She turned the corner of one of the book shelve to see more of her minions stacked up on each others trying to reach for a book higher on the shelve. It was asking to end like a disaster but she acted before it happened. Picking up each minions one by one and placing them on the floor so they wouldn't wreck havoc by falling against one of the bookshelves and create a domino effect, she scolded them lightly with a glare before smiling as they had found the book she asked them to look for her. She picked up the book and went back to the table and continued studying calmly. Things would be way more interesting tomorrow, but she had to be sure that it would work. She opened the new book and began to read, taking some time to herself, surrounded by her lovely minions.

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