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So very lost [open to two]

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1 So very lost [open to two] on Thu Nov 17, 2016 11:14 pm

Aednat looked about. Well, more accurately, it was Artimis doing the looking and Aednat was seeing what the firebird saw. Her first thoughts of being who the other huntresses was quickly dashed when she saw all the guys here, "Artimis, close orbit" the nine tailed fox faunus softly said. She never had to be loud for her familiar to hear. probably because of the same connection that allowed her to see out of the creature's eyes. Aednat took comfort in seeing the bird nearby, flying a lazy circle and ready ti strike at anyone who would dare to harm her mistress. People came and nd went where ever they pleased,  which made for a confusing first impression since all she knew was to find the headmistress and give her this letter of introduction from her still unknown benefactress. Aednat wished she had had the presence of mind to ask for a name, but the desire to get the hell out of Dodge and find this safe haven called Syne had overridden any clear thinking, "something wrong?" Aednat looked up, "no, just lost in thought. have you ever wondered what would've happened if something small had been different? I mean, if the White Fang hadn't forced my semblance,  I might have had proper pyrokinetic powers instead of summoning."
"Sounds right horrible, who would you talk to then?" Aednat smiled, "true, or perhaps I would've had summoning anyway. Now where the hells are we supposed to.go?" She really hoped one of the students would be able to take her to the headmistress office.

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