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Yozora Katsumada - Assassin in Training [Finished]

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Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Yozora Katsumada
Age: 22
Birthday: May 21st
Gender: Female
Race: Faunus
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 110 Lbs
Face Claim: Noir VinoCacao from Dog Days

Aura 180|120 HP

Major: Combat Major
Likes: New Weaponry, working solo, a drink after a long day
Dislikes: Dishonesty, running low on cash, assumptions from strangers
Fears: Being completely alone, large bodies of water (such as oceans), Losing her loved ones
Overall Personality: Yozora relies heavily on her intuition, although some think she’s insane for it. Taking her intuition over her perception of the situation has led her to many different, yet interesting problems, though nothing she felt she couldn’t handle solo. When she finds herself in over her head, she has no problems asking for help. Though she loves to be the center of attention, she is far from being considered an extrovert, still enjoying her time alone usually spent training. Her basic demeanor is calm, yet collected, generally coming off with a rather cocky, and intimidating vibe without often meaning to. While alone, she’s relaxed and abrasive often allowing her to let slip things she probably shouldn’t. In public however, her extrovert side shows. Often leaning into a personality more suited to that of a people’s person. She’s happy-go-lucky when in a crowd, holding the ability to keep many conversations at once while keeping her head above the crowd and a formal heir in her way of speaking. With friends, she tries to keep relaxed, yet withheld enough as to where she won’t openly offend anyone who matters to her. She holds many personalities befitting different situations, but overall, she’s just working to be calm and collected in any situation she finds herself in, so long as her temporary insanity doesn’t slip out. Her only disability, that she openly sees as a disability is her quickness to anger. She tends to “lose control” as she describes it, and nothing good comes of it in terms of attitude or actions.

Skillful at: Weaponsmithing
Lacking skills in: Fine Art

Aura type: Spirit
Aura Color: Pink
Semblance: Utility Semblance - When triggered, this semblance gives the user a temporary stealth. during the stealth, the users footsteps and breathing can still be heard and tracked. Per 10 aura, the effect lasts 10 seconds.
Item 1: 2 custom made black steel daggers in a dust sheathe. The dagger blades are changed by the dust in the sheathe to suit whatever the selected dust is. The dust needs to be manually refilled after 3 uses of each dust. The weapon can be upgraded over time. (Reference: Yang's mothers sheathe.)
Item 2: 1 Vial of Fire Dust, one vial of Water Dust

History and Sample
Yozora grew up in a military family. Her father always being stationed in different bases, and her mother a mercenary for hire, often used by the same military force her father had been employed by. Her early childhood life is a blur, though she remembers never staying in the same place for more than a year, even with deployment orders. If her father wasn't around, her mother was and vice versa. It wouldn't be true to say she'd always gotten everything she wanted, but she had a contented childhood, free from general worry and with the added excitement of always seeing a new place she lived a much more interesting life than most children, always having stories to tell when she had to transfer to a new school.

Entering her adolescent life, she was pushed into learning martial combat from her parents. They said it was so she could defend herself if ever found in a situation she otherwise couldn't handle, but as she grew, she became increasingly more aware of the way the world worked. Her father's military job, her mother always gone on missions untold with her mercenary work. They were small pieces that pointed to the constant struggle with the Grimm. Not to mention any criminals that decided to stir up more trouble. Since the age of 12, she had always found herself practicing some form of combat, but she grew fond of the double dagger. She grew fond of being able to move while still being able to strike out with not one, but two weapons. Upon entering her 13th year, she was taken out of school to be homeschooled. Her father had been deployed, so Yozora and her mother took to staying in areas where she had mercenary work to do. Though Yozora didn't mind, she still had to take precautions when leaving wherever they were staying, and finding places to practice her combat techniques where there weren't any monsters or light foot traffic. This continued for years until the two of them had gotten news that Yozora's father had fallen on the battlefield. There would be no body, as it had been devoured by the Grimm. Yozora sat down with her mother and they discussed sending Yozora to an Academy to learn from professional Hunters and Huntresses. All she could do is nod her head. She wanted revenge on the Grimm, so they sent in the application. Upon hearing news of Yozora's acceptance, they went out as a sort of celebration. Her mother had taken her to her favorite weaponry shop. A custom metalworks that the family dealt with on the downlow. Yozora was allowed to commission her own blades. Being able to enter the academy with custom made weapons was a dream come true for her, as she honestly believed she'd be going in with the same weaponry that she had trained with. Unspecialized, mostly useless with Dust, and unfortunately pointless to upgrade. However, when she finally got to the academy, she hadn't expected so much learning. Yes, she expected to train, as she was taught to be specialized in combat, but to properly learn about Grimm, histories with Dust, and the like and to still be able to go to school like a somewhat normal person? That was all new to her, though her academy years did fly by. On graduation day, she had the chance to go to Syne Academy. This wasn't something she was going to pass up. She felt relieved to get in, but it was a new place, and she hated moving, however it was necessary for this new step in her life.
RP Sample:
A new start. That's what she needed. Though, it didn't exactly come as a shock when she arrived at Vytal after she'd gotten approval, it was different upon arrival. She had been many places before, but this was to be her home for the next while so she'd have to get used to the sights and sounds of the Academy. Perhaps make some friends which would be good for her. Not many actually wanted to get into a friendship with her after they'd learned of her constant moving. No one ever wanted the heart ache. However, this was different. As she departed the craft that brought her to the Academy, she took in a deep breath before taking a look around. "Breathtaking. Absolutely breathtaking. Though, it'll be nice to finally have a place to call home for a while..." It took her a moment before she finally got herself moving toward the Academy entrance, and though she was absolutely enthralled to be there, she felt it was going to be a bumpy, but interesting ride.

She pushed her way into the Academy. Though you could see students walking about, brandishing their weapons of all different styles, and some even wearing some amazing looking armor, you could definitely tell the atmosphere inside the main hall was much more relaxed than what Quinn had expected. She shook it off, and tapped the first person she seen on the shoulder. After all, she wasn't sure of where to go in order to get to the dorms, so asking for help wasn't exactly something she was against doing. "Excuse me, might you know the way to the dorms? I'm new here, so I kind of don't know my way around this place." As she awaited the response, she leaned against the nearest wall, smiling.

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Hey there Katsumada Yozora! I realize you've been waiting for a while, and I apologize about that wait. I've been promoted to moderator just recently, and going through apps I noticed yours is basically done, only needing three small edits.

The first is that you need to specify what type of faunus you are. It may be obvious to you, but not everyone will know. You could technically pass for a cat or dog faunus with that picture...technically. :P

Second, Syne already has a system when it comes to semblances that have a continuous use. Instead of paying aura every 10 seconds, just change that to '10 Aura every post.'

Lastly, sadly you can only start with one type of dust. As could as it would be, you will have to pick between Fire or Water. It's pretty easy to get enough Lien to buy whichever you don't start with though.

If you see this and make these changes, I will come back and approve you shortly thereafter! ^_^

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