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Accel Anokades [Finished]

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1 Accel Anokades [Finished] on Sun Nov 20, 2016 2:55 am

Accel Anokades
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Accel Erinn Anokades
Age: 23
Birthday: October 29
Gender: Male
Race: Fox Faunus
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 150lbs
Face Claim: Yue - Akaya Akashiya Ayakashi No

Aura120|180 HP

Major: Combat

  • Arcen
  • Amaranth
  • Basketball
  • Spicy food
  • His fox ears being scratched. Don't judge, please.


  • Rascist people who resort to violence
  • His parents
  • Ignorance
  • Misplacing his gloves


  • Being forced to be away from his sisters again
  • Being arrested, forcing him to be separated from his sisters
  • Death, leaving his sisters alone in the cruel world of the living
  • His sisters attracting unwanted attention from men.

Overall Personality: Accel can be considered to be one of those over-protective brothers. The lengths at which he takes for the sake of his dearest sisters measure to the extreme. He is incredibly doting to the two, many often seeing it as him being wrapped around their finger. However, having essentially help raising the two as well as he can, in consideration with their parents, he can be quite stern. When he says his word goes, it goes - no ifs, ands, or buts.

Outside of the family circle, Accel is polite, but distant. While not a recluse, he prefers his space and keeps others at arm-length away. His circle of friends can be considered small, but that is okay to him - quality over quantity. Having moved away during his teenage years, Accel learned to be quite independent, being forced to learn to cook and working a job to pay his rent. This became even more prominent when his youngest sister was sent to live with him.

During battle, he enjoys the rush of adrenaline coursing through his body as blows are traded. The thrill and joy is established by a gleam in his eyes and a confident smirk, thoughts of victory ever present. However, in certain cases, the thrill is suddenly departed. In its wake, a cold Kupo fills the gap and the battle junkie becomes a ruthless killer. While not exactly enjoying it, Accel does not oppose to it and will make calls to end the life of another should they be detrimental to the future, a danger to his sisters, or as revenge for his sisters.

Skillful at: Athleticism
Lacking skills in: Loremaster/Writer

Aura type: Power
Aura Color: Dark blue
Semblance: Asphyxiation: Accel's semblance allows him the control to manipulate the amount of asphyxiant gases within an area of 10 meters. Generally, asphyxiant gases such as nitrogen, argon, helium, butane, and propane, along with trace gases like carbon dioxide and ozone, compose 79% of the world's atmosphere. However, due to the remaining 21% being O2, the atmosphere is harmless and thus, breathable. Accel can increase the amount of asphyxiant gases, displacing the O2 to lower its concentration, and thus making it difficult to breathe. The reverse holds the same truth. By decreasing the amount of asphyxiant gases, thus increasing the concentration of O2, the target runs the risk of oxygen toxicity. However, due to having to be in the same area, Accel is also susceptible to the effect of his semblance, thus limiting him from its usage due to the danger to himself and to his allies.

Item 1: Forged with the idea of complete devastation, Accel wields the hefty double scythe. Sharing a single shaft, a single scythe blade occupies both ends of the shaft. The blades fold into the shaft and the shaft further folds into a pen-sized object that can easily be transported around. He affectionately calls it Mors Cupio, "Death's wish." [tier 1 weapon]
Accel's Scythe.:

Item 2: Accel wears a pair of black gloves, reinforced to take many a-blows and comes on handy when protecting his hands from the occasional grazing of a blade. On the back of each glove, he has the initials of his sisters. On his right glove, there is the initials of Arcen. The left hand has the initials of Amaranth. [tier 1 physical armor]

History and Sample
The life of a faunus is never an easy one. These days, things have mellowed out but the discrimination still lingers. The fear and distrust is still abound, in part due to the actions of the White Fang. Within his family, however, things were quite alright. Mother, Father, Accel, Arcen, Amaranth. These were the five members of the little family. They were an average family, yet, a special one. With Accel as the eldest of three, it was his duty to watch over his siblings when their parents could not. Arcen was the speciality in the family. Being born with Autism, it made caring for her hard, but it was never a burden. He enjoyed lending his help whenever possible to her and was happy the youngest took part to help out as well. All in all, the household of five was decent. They were living, and that was all that mattered.

School life, however, was quite the opposite. Having gone to school where faunus were the minority, the three siblings were subjected to quite a bit of bullying. Arcen got the brunt of it all, with her condition, and that burned Accel to the core. She just took it in, probably thinking it was normal, and the lone male sibling didn't have the heart to tell her otherwise. Amaranth responded by shutting herself in, ditching classes and always returning home. At this point, Accel had lost faith in the educational system. He still went to class, as Arcen still continued to. He was her shield. He came home bruised and scarred, but he never complained. Their parents tried to care as best they can, but it wasn't enough.

Then came that faithful moment in school. Accel had been out that day due to being sick, but he heard the story afterwards. In his frustration, he punched a hole through a wall in his room. His youngest sister, in the act of defending Arcen, had been expelled from the school. Yet, the bullies and the crooks still remained. His faith had been shattered again. He spent that time taking care of his sisters, treating their wounds. He no longer had any reason to go to school, only as an obligation to his parents and to protect his remaining sister.

Later on in life, the youngest was sent away to a local combat school, more than likely to further her talent in combat. Accel was forced to be separated from his family, the burden of raising more than one child, with Arcen's disability, was too much of a burden on their parents. Accel argued and fought, but in the end, it was for naught. Arcen had their parents, Amaranth had the school.

He had no one.

At the very least, he kept tabs on his sisters. Living alone, he was able to do many of the things his parents did. Cook, clean, even working a job to support himself. He had built a relatively small, but effective information ring in his time away. It was through this, that he had learned of what had happened to his darling sister, Arcen.

His anger peaked.

Storming out of the humble abode he claimed for himself, he stalked his old stomping grounds, searching for the men who had committed the act. It didn't take him long to find them, having heard them boast of their recent conquest of white-haired demon. Considering that his family was the only one with prominent white hair, it was easy to guess who was the target. Accel's eyes saw red and he baited his time, waiting for them to walk to an isolated area for him to take his vengeance for his sister. He would never wish for this on his siblings, and he would more than likely regret it in life, but for now, he did not care.

He had trash to clean.

Finally, after an agonizingly long moment in time, the group of men, drunk off their arse, wandered into an alley. The dark grin on his face widened and he dropped down from his hiding place on the roof, landing without so much of a sound. His desire to make these men suffer was so great, it was the first time his semblance activated. The air started to grow thin, breathing became difficult. The men grasped their throats as they tried to reclaim the sudden loss of oxygen. The eldest of three watched in satisfaction, glad that the men were writhing about, turning blue to the face. While the effects were taking its toll on the boy as well, his rather active lifestyle ensured him a larger lung capacity and so, more breathable air to contain.

Before they passed out from unconsciousness, the air returned to its normal state - the men greedily sucking in large gulps of air. A sinister chuckle rang through the air as the shattering of glass filled their ears. Turning their heads, Accel stood there with a broken bottle, snarling as he went to repay the favor they departed on his precious sister. Unfortunately, as the last man choked on his blood, the group was spotted by a bystander, who immediately called the police. Accel, knowing his work was done, disappeared into the night, having taken his first lives.

That night had taken its toll on Accel's live. While he felt guilty for separating a family, the need for retribution was satisfied in his mind. Still, with the bystander having caught a glimpse of his appearance, he had shied away from public light, now that he was wanted for murder. A fugitive on the run, he spent his time on the road learning the intricacies of his semblance, brushing up on his chemistry as that would prudent to know. In addition to his quest to understand his newfound ability, his naturally high strength and agility allowed him to wield a variation of one of the more deadlier melee weapons: his precious double-ended scythe. With it, he resolved to be his sisters' guardian angel and their enemies' grim reaper.

Years later, the young man, still a fugitive in the eyes of his old home, was contacted by a representative of this school for hunters and huntresses - a place by the name of Syne Academy. Accel was skeptical by the offer to join the school, very much aware of his own status and the likelihood of being captured and turned in. The representative, knowing why he was hesitant assured him that there would be no likelihood of someone finding him. Eyes wide, the young man snarled at the guest, wondering how he knew. Unfazed, the representative kept their gaze and told the tense man that all traces of any evidence that would link him to the crime would be wiped and there would be no consequences. 

To sweeten the deal, the man told him that both his sisters would be attending, as well. Mouth agape, tears fell from widened eyes at the thought of reuniting with his precious girls. Since that night, keeping information on the girls proved difficult and eventually stopped altogether. Without a single word, the eldest brother nodded to the representative before leaving to pack his gear. He didn't have much, but it was enough for a decent living.

It was time for a long-awaited family reunion.

RP Sample:
"Hey~ We really showed that girl what's what, huh~?" The smell of alcohol escaped from the confines of the man's mouth as his words came out slurred, obviously due to the effects of the toxin. The man to his left laughed as he too reeked of the night's drinking binge. With a jaunty tune, he responded to his mate's words.

"Yeah~ We taught that white-haired demon what happens to those that try to be different. Tch, animal freaks." Even in a drunken daze, the man managed to harbor a sneer. The third member of the group said nothing, but no words needed to be exchanged as the trio bursted into laughter, entering the alleyway next to the bar as a shortcut back to their homes.

Unfortunately for them, piercing amber eyes narrowed in distaste as the owner followed them into the alley via rooftops before dropping down behind them - his landing only resulting in silence and a puff of dust rising. Hearing the men once again boast of their attack against his sister, Accel's temper went past its boiling point. The air suddenly got thin and the sounds of choked gags filled the alley. Just as sudden as it came, it vanished and a glass was heard shattering. Turning to the sound, they found Accel standing there with a broken bottle in hand, a vicious snarl overtaking his features.

"Monsters! Trash! Dogs!"

With no time for a response, the boy struck. In the blink of an eye, two of the three laid flat on the floor, their throats slit in a jagged fashion, showing the difficulty in the action and extending the torment of the victims.

The last man cowered in fear as he looked for the teen. Getting on his knees, he spoke, no, pleaded to the heavens above. "Please, have mercy. I'm sorry, it was a mistake. Please.."

No sooner had those words been said, the man was kicked to the ground and a foot was placed squarely on his chest, preventing him from getting up in his drunken stupor. Looking up, he flinched when his eyes met those of amber, those eyes that bore into his with much hate. The figure's facial features were covered by the shadows of his hair, but his words were heard loud and clear.

"Mercy?! Where was this mercy when you attacked my sister?!"

Accel stomped on his chest.

"Where was this mercy when you slashed her eye?!"

He nicked the man's eye with a shard.

"Where was the mercy when you bashed her throat in?!"

He punched the man in the throat, as hard as he can.

"Where was this mercy when you cut off her limbs?!"

He slashed at the man's right leg and left arm, the exact limbs that his sister had lost, so he was told.

He stared down at the beaten man under him, his eyes so cold they could freeze Hell. "Mercy is only given to men. Those with morals. Dogs like you are put down."

His piece said, he pierced the man's neck.

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Accel Anokades

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