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Bree Vanovalicht, the girl that will unintentionally watch the world burn. [Finished and ready for approval]

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Lucina Exalton
Enrollment Form


   Basic info
   Name: Ambre "Bree" Ahno Brimstone Vanovalicht  (AMMM-BURR AH-no BRIM-stownVah-NOH-vah-LIHKT)
   Age: 17
   Birthday: February 17th
   Gender: Female
   Race: Cat Faunus; Specific species unknown as of now
   Height: 5'6"
   Weight: 110 lbs
   Face Claim: Kotori Itsuka - Date-A-Live

   STR: 5
   DEF: 2
   RES: 1
   SPT: 4
   Aura 210|90 HP

   Major: Academic
-Her blanket. Forever, her blanket.
-Cramming herself into small places or hiding under things.
   Dislikes: -Being near people.
-Social interaction.
-Cold weather.
   Fears: -PEEOOPLE.
-Face to face conversation.
-Water. Any amount of water.
   Overall Personality: Bree is your typical anti social shut in, scared to death of other people and finding new and creative ways to hide in even the tiniest spaces. The "Fiery" personality joke is not applicable here. Go away. I know you are going to say it, just don't.

Bree carries around a blanket wherever she goes, which is stored presumably somewheres under her skirt, around the waist area. She is not a very sociable person, but yet doesn't like being alone.
It's painful irony. She doesn't flee from conversation, she just whips out her blanket, finds something to hide under, and speaks from there. The cat speaks in a quiet voice, rarely raising it to anything above a normal volume, until she gets ticked off.

I dunno how you did it, but congratulations, you've triggered the Pyromaniac. This usually only happens in combat, but is also typically activated by her semblance, or seeing fire in general.

   Skillful at: Stealth.
   Lacking skills in: Social Interaction.

   Aura type: Healing
   Aura Color: Amber
   Semblance: Blazing Inferno: Bree, uncontrolled, will combust into a terrifyingly large ball of flames, covering an area of about five meter radius. She can not, in any way, control these flames, for her semblance is literally becoming a blazing inferno.
She can, however, focus these flames to a specific direction via gauntlets connected to a web of thin metallic looking beams scattered throughout her body, made speficially to capture and transport the heat from all over her body to shoot out of these gauntlets, blasting the flames a good eighteen feet, with their widest point being around five feet in width, and the thinnest point being 3/4 of a foot.
   Item 1: Weapon: Bree, being the rather violent type that she sometimes is, likes to remind people just how violent that is by carrying around a rather interesting gun, the Villar Perosa.
Not your typical weapon, no, but its two barrels and two magazines tend to rip through anything and everything in their path.
Villar Perosa:

   Item 2: Armour: Due to Bree's rather.... "Destructive".... Semblance, she has thin strips of metallic material that absorbs the fire that engulfs her entire body and instead channels it through to a set of gauntlets, which do nothing more than release all of this fire in a controlled direction. By themselves they don't work as a weapon, and don't do jack for damage.

   History and Sample
Faunus tended to have hard lives, and Ambre's was no different.

As far as the cat knew, she was the only child her parents ever had.

Bree came out your generic, run of the mill, happy child, running around and being... Well... A kid. She got bullied in school, discriminated against, all that jazz, and being a stupid little girl she never understood any of it. She didn't get why they treated her like she was different. Just another dumb kid.
Of course she later understood the things wrong with the world, and that was especially made painfully clear one specific night of the girl's life.

Some people never turned out right in the world, Bree included. She thought it was always a happy place.
A good example of people who didn't turn out right were the three who decided they would break into Bree's house when she was 15.
With guns.
Because everybody needs guns.
Her parents tied up in chairs, a half asleep Bree stumbled her way down the steps of their two story home to immediately be kicked back first into a wall and have a gun placed to her forehead.

A rude awakening, some might say.

She felt an overwhelming heat build up inside of her, yet she didn't start sweating.
Rather suddenly, her entire vision was engulfed in flames as the man on top of her started emitting a wretched screech, before she felt a dull thump against her chest.
Absentmindedly shoving the charred corpse off of herself, she stood up, confused as to what was happening.

Seeing the fire surrounding her, the girl found herself emitting an uncontrollable giggle, that turned into an extremely disturbing laugh before she spoke a few, simple words.


A few minutes later she felt her body cooling down, and what was once a muffled wail turned into an ear splitting scream as she heard the last cries of the people in the building.
Her vision followed suite a few more minutes later, fixing itself instantaneously on what were once the bodies of her parents, now simply brown bones scattered in a pile of charred ash, presumably the chairs.

The child didn't know what to do with this situation besides sit in a burnt up corner and cry. She cried until she passed out from exhaustion, and the rest of what happened was a blank to her. All she knew is that she had killed her only family and was apparently 16 now. She had been adopted by some family and supposedly blanked from that night until just now.

Anti-social behaviour and hiding from people took over her life, simply avoiding any and all social interaction with people, but always carrying the one thing that remained from her childhood around with her.

Her blanket; Miraculously free of burns.

Seventeenth birthday, and she had been accepted into Syne academy.
She hoped it had a lot of places to hide.
RP Sample:
The small girl known as Ambre could be found hiding under a table this evening, covered in her warm, fuzzy, sky blue blanket and curled into the tinest ball imaginable for someone of her size; Which, to be honest, wasn't that big.

"Bree, why are you under a table again...?"
She could hear the voice of her adoptive parent, a nice old man.
"D-don't m-m-make me come out...."
"But you have to go to your first day of school! Aren't you excited?"
"I-I g-guess...."

The blob of blanket and furr slowly crawled out from under the table like a caterpillar, before standing upright to reveal the girl, looking half asleep.
"I know you don't want to go, but it'll be fine! Trust me!"
"A-re you s-sure...?"
"Sure I'm sure! Now go get dressed, you've gotta go!"

The sleepy looking girl incoherently stumbled her way up the stairs, dragging her blanket across the floor along with her.
A few minutes later she walked down the flight of stairs, looking ever so slightly more excited, and upon making the final step, she was quickly ushered out of the door, and off to her new school.

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