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Languages and helping

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1 Languages and helping on Mon Nov 21, 2016 5:19 pm


Hi guys!
I've made this topic, mostly because I'm sure the case I'm going to describe... Is special. Not to sound snobby or trying-to-get-attention or anything...
The language native for me isn't English. I've been studying it for many years now, I feel pretty confident about my skills, yet I've never wrote anything like role-play in English. We always did essays...
I don't know if my grammar and vocabulary is good enough. Even if in my language I regularly do write on role-playing sites, I'm not sure I can do it on the same level in other language.

My questions are:
- Would stuff members and other users kindly be understanding enough for my level of writing? (I know, when I see myself misspelled word or grammar mistake I feel like correcting it all)
- Would, if my mistakes are so awful they scream from screen, point them to me in normal way? (Believe me, I know sometimes obvious mistake makes people snap and be sarcastic)
- Would you, if I don't understand what's written or what character means by saying something - kindly explain it to me?

I know it may not seem much, but can take some time. If in any trouble, could I "trouble" others to explain/help me?

2 Re: Languages and helping on Mon Nov 21, 2016 10:19 pm

No probelm at all! You aren't the first ESL member and you will not be the last. Rule number one is to respect all members, after all.

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