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Hide-and-seek [Private, Bree and Spring]

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1 Hide-and-seek [Private, Bree and Spring] on Tue Nov 22, 2016 10:12 pm

Lucina Exalton
Bree was in the large open space that was the Syne academy courtyard, scared stiff of the overwhelmingly large number of people.
She didn't like that number.

A slow descent down to an agile running stance, her eyes darting around rapidly and her heart rate increasing before she bolted across the courtyard, dive-rolling to a crouched position under a small table.
"Uh... You alright girl..?"

A voice rang through the air and the cat's eyes widened, ears and tail standing up straight before she booked it once more, swinging herself around a light pole and landing back first against a wall.
Rinse and repeat.

The girl was freaking out now. Everywhere she went there was another person standing there , and the poor Faunus just couldn't seem to catch a break...
Her amber gaze snapped to a tree, and a risky idea popped into her head.
Bree flicked her tail off to the side, before she made a B-line to the plant, throwing herself up the leafy floraform and perching on a relatively low branch, one plausible to access via a mere jump and grab.

She essentially laid down on the wooden branch, her heart rate slowing down a fair amount as she felt she was alone at last...

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2 Re: Hide-and-seek [Private, Bree and Spring] on Tue Nov 22, 2016 10:58 pm

Spring Plumb
This was bad… very very bad. The courtyard was packed, absolutely filled with people. It seemed like right now every single student and teacher was packed into this one area of the school. Based on the time it was probably lunch for most people. People walked to and from the cafeteria, or between buildings or even just stood still. And of course who better to be trapped in the middle of this than Spring? The bandaged girl did her best to make herself as small as possible and yet she still bumped into people. Even more the better in this case her semblance wouldn’t do a whole lot as it only filtered their sight and hearing meaning they could still bump into her. Heck, in this case it would make things worse, after all if a person saw what they thought was an opening in this crowd they would go for it.

Now the obvious solution to this was to find a spot where there were less people, but right now it appeared that everywhere people could go they did. Even parts of the courtyard that were awkward to get through were being used for travel. Spring did her best to find somewhere that no one else was willing to go, but it seemed that this crowd was desperate.

Looking around once again an idea popped into Spring’s head. If everyone else was on the ground then the obvious option was to go up. Last she checked no one here could just fly. Scanning nearby for a source of up she quickly eliminated several options for their… openness. There! That is it! Spring made her way, as best she could, to a nearby tree. She hadn’t noticed the person who had just gone up on the other side and as such she jumped for one of the low hanging branches. Just barely she was able to get a grip on it. Though her left hand, covered in a glove, had a bit of trouble staying that way. It felt like it took a century for her to pull herself up to the branch due to her less than agile nature, but she got there. Only to find that she wasn’t exactly alone.

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3 Re: Hide-and-seek [Private, Bree and Spring] on Wed Nov 23, 2016 6:09 pm

Lucina Exalton
Somehow oblivious to the sound of the girl climbing up, Bree was given a rude awakening as she slowly sat up, before her Amber gaze met with another girl in the tree.
The girl opened her jaw, seemingly to say something, but instead her mouth just hung there, loosely.
"I- Ah- A-a-ah- I......."
One incoherent sturrering session later and Bree stood up incomprehendably fast, throwing herself back against the wall, or rather, tree.

The poor girl looked like she was hyperventilating, her chest expanding and contracting, breathing heavily through her mouth. The Faunus's eyes were wide, terrified looking, and constantly darting around. Her arms, pushed against the tree, patted around the bark, her legs shifting. Bree's heart rate skyrocketed as her eyes, upon not finding anything, fixated themselves back on the girl.

She simply decided to leap off of the branch, twisting around as if to not land on somebody.
A few random direction changes later and she found a large group of shrubs, quickly throwing herself through the bush and landing back first against the wall, falling to the ground with a *thud*.
Bree swiftly sat up, huddling into the corner and pushing her knees into her chest, wrapping her arms around her legs. The little cat started to shudder, uncaring of her skirt being lifted up by her knees; She wore spats anyways.

People were scary. The poor little girl was scared to death of people, and this place was just full of them.

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4 Re: Hide-and-seek [Private, Bree and Spring] on Thu Nov 24, 2016 10:35 pm

Spring Plumb
Spring froze when she saw the other person in the tree. It was less of a fear of people in general as it was being taken totally off guard by someone else being up here. For about half a second Spring just stayed as she was, motionless until the other person jumped up. The sudden motion caused her to jolt out of her frozen state and loose her footing. In a cartoon like almost comical scene she began to slip out of the tree incredibly slow. But once gravity had a hold on her she plummeted from the branches towards the small patch of dirt below.

Landing directly on her back Spring felt the wind get knocked out of her sending her into a quick panic. Several people stopped and looked over at the girl as she gasped for air on the ground. Not thinking straight she turned herself over and did her best to get up into a run. She didn’t know where she was going but soon her mind fixated on a group of shrubs. Darting towards it she went headfirst into the plants, only to hit a hard wall with her head, dazing the girl even more.

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5 Re: Hide-and-seek [Private, Bree and Spring] on Sat Nov 26, 2016 4:30 pm

Lucina Exalton
A decently volumed rustle was followed by a girl crashing head first into a wall, causing the small Faunus's heart rate to sky rocket again as she glared, wide eyed at her. Upon closer inspection of the Human's body, however, it seemed like the girl was in quite a heavy daze.
Slowly, the little cat shakily crawled her way over to this stranger, extending her right hand out to poke her in the side.
"A-a-are you ok-kay...?"

An overwhelmingly innocent and adorable head tilt as she retracted her arm, her bright red ears and fluffy tail perking up as her heart beat slowed itself; Her amber eyes began to fill out, as well. Another outstretching of her arm to place it on the stranger's head, slowly rubbing it back and forth. An instinctual reaction, maybe, but she felt genuinely concerned about the blow she had just took from an inanimate yet oh so dangerous object, known as a wall.
"You aren't hurt, a-are y-y-y-you...? It looked like you hit y-your head r-r-really hard...."
She continued to gently rub the girl's head. She was well aware that as soon as the girl moved even the slightest amount, she would freak out and probably run off again, but until then, she just sat there, slowly rubbing the Human's head. It wouldn't last, but it at least felt good.

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6 Re: Hide-and-seek [Private, Bree and Spring] on Mon Nov 28, 2016 10:52 pm

Spring Plumb
The world spun. Spring saw only stars and bright flashes in her view as her hearing was as though she were at the bottom of a pool. At the same time her thoughts slowed in her mind, thoughts requiring significantly more effort. A small whine came from her as she lay limp on the ground. When a hand was placed on her head she barely even noticed, as most of the attention she could muster was focused on trying to breath as she was still suffering from the effects of having the wind knocked out of her.

“ooowwwwwww...” Spring managed to utter between her gasps for breath, though it was less a conscious effort than it was a simple reaction to the pain. Suddenly her eye shot open to look up at the person who was rubbing her head. With some of her mental clarity returning she realized now that someone was touching her. This time she was the first one to run. Suddenly sent into another panic she scampered out from the bushes as best she could. Once again she didn’t have a direction in mind when she ran and just went for whatever was closest. This time it was a small alcove behind a fountain, when she arrived there she slammed sideways into the wall, dislocating her right shoulder. Due to her winded state she couldn’t call out in pain as she joint popped out of it’s socket and instead resorted to quiet gasping cries as tears rolled down her face and she slumped to the ground.

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7 Re: Hide-and-seek [Private, Bree and Spring] on Mon Dec 12, 2016 8:27 pm

Lucina Exalton
Round Three.

Bree watched the girl dash off. Her natural instinct told her to go find the girl and see if she was okay, so she cautiously poked her head out of the bush.
She winced as the branches and leaves got all up in her face and eyes, but as she she broke the flora's confinements, her eyes went wide and darted around frantically, immediately regretting her decision as she took note of the absurd amount of people. Her mouth hung open, and she took a deep breath.
'Oh god damnit why am I doing this!? This is a horrible idea! I don't even know where she went!!
Why do I even care anyways!!??'

The girl shook her head, tensing her muscles up before she took off.

Running at an impeccably fast speed, her cat like reflexes aided in swiftly dodging around each amd every person or obstacle in the way, before she once again shot up the tree, perching on a slightly higher branch and looking around.
She caught a brief glimpse of the girl, hidden away in an alcove behind some form of fountain.
Slowly swishing her fluffy tail back and forth, she took yet another deep breath as her heart raced, taking a leap of faith and jumping off of the branch, aiming for a less populated spot.
Pain shot through her body as she tucked into a roll to soften the blow from the ground, and she kind of half hopped to the alcove.
Reaching her destination, Bree bumped her right shoulder into the fountain. She stumbled a few steps, before her left leg buckled and she collapsed, sliding roughly against the floor into the alcove.

Skidding to a halt, she slowly opened her heterochromatic eyes to set her gaze upon the girl, slumped to the ground.
She slowly and shakily crawled closer; half because she was scared, and half because most of her joints were sore from the multiple hits she had taken from inanimate objects.
As she drew closer to the stranger's face, she could see the tears streaming down her cheeks and frowned slightly at the quiet cries.
"U-uhmm... Miss...? Are you... Are you okay...? It looks li-"
She cut herself short as she stared, horrified, at the girl's arm.
Her pupils got real small as she slowly reached her arm out to place her hand on the girl's flank.
"Oh my god! Your arm! I-it's not.. It's in the wrong spot! A-are you... Are you alright!?"

She got closer still, gently caressing her side as if trying to comfort her.
"You need help..."

As if that wasn't already obvious...

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