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Animal Adoption (Private)

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1 Animal Adoption (Private) on Fri Nov 25, 2016 5:19 am

Koko Hanazusaki
It was relatively late in the day, a peaceful air resided in the city as Koko, accompanied by his cat Karla, decided to venture around the city one last time together. Atleast for a while they wouldn't be around eachother, so they were enjoying the moments they had while they could. The ventured through the park, the small black feline perched on his shoulder like a parrot as she usually was, and she had a small little bow red in color around her neck.

They took a moment to stop, taking a seat at a bench to relax for a little bit before continuing their walk to the unavoidable end. They chitchatted like always, the man looking crazy for talking to his cat and the cat looking crazy for seemingly yet silently talking back. They got up, and continued their walk until they got to the destination, a small little dinner. He had yet to see the person he was meeting up with, a good guy who's name he heard around the school for being a literal Saint of a guy.

He'd heard good about him, and contacted him to see if he would be interested in taking care of the small black cat. She of course was interested in meeting him as well, she enjoyed the company of nice people rather than the delinquent she associated with daily. Though, she didn't hate him, and he didn't hate her, so that's why he and she chose this man as the possible new owner of the little obsidian fire starter.

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2 Re: Animal Adoption (Private) on Fri Nov 25, 2016 7:11 am

James Gray
Breathing in the crisp, refreshing, Bellmuse air, James sighed a breath of contentment as he walked around the city, killing some time before his meeting. Prior to his excursion into the lively city, he had been contacted by another student of Syne, asking if he was willing to take ownership of said student's cat. The request was, odd, to say the least; definitely not something that would be considered usual to the faunus. The more he entertained the idea, however, the more he leaned towards accepting the request.

Certainly, having a pet would lively up the increasingly mundane life and would probably make his sister happy.

After a short pause, the young hunter gave his response and the two students set a time and location for the meeting. So now, here he was, in an attire that was quite new to the world. Trading in his kimono and huntsman attire, the fox wore light-grey skinny jeans, a tucked-in plain-white button up, and a grey vest to tie the look together. A small hole was made in the jeans to allow his tail to fit through, and said tail was taking advantage of its freedom to sway lazily in the air. Taking a look at his scroll, he took note of the time, it being close to the appointed meeting. With that, the faunus decided it best to start heading towards his destination.

Sure enough, the meeting place came into view. It was a quaint little diner. Nothing too fancy, yet modern enough to continue attracting customers. A good blend of the old with the new. A figure was also made apparent in his vision and from what he could see, a cat was perched cozily on the figure's shoulder. This detail gave him sufficient insight into determining that this was the student he was to meet.

After all, who would normally take a cat to a diner?

As the distance between the trio closed, the young hunter raised a hand in greeting and waved with a grin. "Hello. You must be Koko, it is a pleasure to meet you. I suppose this little one on your shoulder is the subject of our discussion?" Despite being confident in knowing the answer, he couldn't help but to ask anyways. All the while, his tail still waved lazily behind him, unconcerned by the world around it.

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3 Re: Animal Adoption (Private) on Fri Nov 25, 2016 4:59 pm

Koko Hanazusaki
Though his eyes weren't looking in the direction of the man, James caught Karla's eye and let out a quiet meow to alert Koko of the person approaching them, in which he gave a wave to him. The cute little cat moved from his shoulder to his lap as he turned around to face him, staring at the professional attire then up to his face.

"Yes sir, and I take it you must be James. As for the discussion, yes she is. I'll give you a bit of information before we go into discussion. Her name is Karla, she is an older cat but still full of life. Her semblance is fire, well, a fireball. She likes to talk and be vocal, so don't be too alarmed when she does. She's trained, so it's not like you'll have to deal with any marking of territory. She knows vocal commands so just talk to her like a normal person and it will get you pretty far."

He spoke, brushing the cute cats fur while he spoke. A soft quiet purr coming from her as she enjoyed the attention and positive talk about her, but he was sure that the man would be taken back when she can actually talk rather than just meow. So the two kept that a secret for now, nobody needed to know. Karla looked up at the well dressed man and as Koko extended his arm out towards him she walked across it and leapt onto James shoulder, making sure not to use her claws.

"Seems like she already likes you. I just can't keep an eye on her anymore, gotta go out of Bellmuse, don't want to leave her alone."

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4 Re: Animal Adoption (Private) on Fri Nov 25, 2016 9:37 pm

James Gray
The faunus nodded as he received confirmation on his question. The cat, Karla as it were, was certainly quite interesting to him. It was the first time he had heard of an animal with a semblance - though, he figured it was in the realm of possibility. All living creatures, besides Grimm, carried Aura so the cat having a semblance would not be too far-fetched. Semblances are the physical manifestations of a living creature's soul, after all, and he could hazard a guess that the cat was quite the fireball, so to speak. Once more, he nodded in appreciation upon knowing that the cat is trained, easing a weight of his shoulders.

A slight chuckle escaped the young man's lips as he watched Karla emit a soft purr upon receiving attention from his fellow schoolmate. When said schoolmate extended a hand towards him, he had full intent on reciprocating; instead, he attention was drawn towards the feline making her way across Koko's arm, much like one crossing a bridge, and leaping onto his own shoulder. The action caused a brow to be raised as Karla settled into a comfortable position. The faunus was glad that no claws was used in her perching. Turning his attention back to Koko, he shook the man's outstretched hand.

"Karla is certainly spry for an older feline. Cute too." With his off-hand, he reached over to lightly scratch behind Karla's ear. As a fox faunus, having his ears scratched was certainly a weak point of his, and he assumed that the same could be said for Karla. "I have to say though, I never figured that animals could use semblances. I thought only we were capable of doing such. Though, I suppose it's not that farfetched to think that Karla here can do so. Still, a fireball? She must be quite the firecracker for that." The young man smiled lightly as a soft laugh escaped at his own little joke. "I'm glad that she does like me, as I can see myself liking her as well. However, I do have to address this: I will not question your reasons. I admire that you are willing to give her to someone, a stranger no less, to watch over her when you, yourself, cannot. I just need to know if this is a permanent stay or would I be expecting for you to return?"

The man had no qualms with either situation. Karla seemed that she would fit right into the household and having an addition to the family was always welcomed.

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5 Re: Animal Adoption (Private) on Sat Nov 26, 2016 3:44 pm

Koko Hanazusaki
"Yeah she has quite the amount of energy for her age, but she's pretty peaceful when you ask her to be. I used to have her sit in my lap whenever I'd eat or go to classes, so she shouldn't be a hassle on you if you have to go places. And to use her semblance, just brush her fur. You get a black dot on your hand, and bam, fire. Though I never used it in combat I'm sure it'll be pretty helpful if you wanna take her out to fight Grimm."

He chuckled softly at the mans joke, nodding his head. She was a little ball of fire and fun, and he would certainly miss the company of his dear companion, but she needed a better home and environment than he could provide. He was honestly glad she took to him fairly well, and that he did like her. Was a bit of a weight off his shoulders at the site and knowing that she would be in a better place.

"She is quite the little ball of life. And... Yeah, it's a permanent thing. I don't know how long I'll be gone, and I think she will be happier with you even if I were to come back. I'm a bit of a problem child and the lifestyle I take part of is a little much for pets, so she is all yours. Do take good care of her alright?"

He spoke, extending his left hand, his human hand, to shake the mans hand if he were to accept. He looked at his feline friend and rubbed her head one last time, keeping his hand out for the handshake as the hand he used to brush her fur fell to his side.

(Koko Hanazusaki has given up his pet to James Gray, you may now control the black cat Karla to the fullest extent of your writings. Do remember to have a member of staff, preferably Richard since he made it, to redo her stats since I lost the original app for her.)

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6 Re: Animal Adoption (Private) on Sun Nov 27, 2016 4:44 am

James Gray
There was a brief silence after the man spoke his words. The information processed quickly, but the young hunter did not want to voice his thoughts just yet. His eyes flickered over to the two long-time partners sharing their last moment together and a small smile graced his face, a small hint of sadness laying itself over his lips. The scene was bittersweet and he felt like he was intruding on an intimate moment. It was also sad giving up anyone to someone they believed could treat them better. Be it an owner and their pets, or parents and their children. The bond that was once shared would still be there, but the idea of it no longer fostering and growing was a somber point.

Realizing that the scene had ended, for how long he did not know, and nodded his head while shaking the offered hand. "I see. Again, I admire that you care enough to give her away. I can sense the love and appreciation the two of you share for each other. I won't pry into your personal life, so we'll leave it at that. I swear on my honor as a huntsman of Syne Academy that Karla will be taken care of to the best of my abilities."

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7 Re: Animal Adoption (Private) on Mon Dec 12, 2016 10:13 pm

osaku andere
(hi i am new here may i please join this rp?)

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8 Re: Animal Adoption (Private) on Tue Dec 13, 2016 2:50 pm

Koko Hanazusaki
(It's already finished, plus you need to get approved before you can make IC posts, just an fyi.)

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