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Unknown Family Reunion (Private)

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1 Unknown Family Reunion (Private) on Wed Nov 30, 2016 1:05 am

Kiuka Sunglow
The day was bright and sunny, though a peculiar man didn't seem to think so as he walked through the open streets, a cane in one hand and a red wagon, flowers decorating the sides. This venture through the city however was unlike the others, and the sheer presence of the man, or rather what wasn't around him, caused looks of weary on the civilians faces. Anyone that knew the man knew he never traveled alone for a reason.

There was no pep in his step, as he was missing two critical things that hadn't left his side since the day he left prison. His twins, not children, but androids. He mentally attached himself to these feminine bots as living in a cell in prison for 11 years destroyed his mind. They suffered an explosion as he was doing business in one of the warehouses, and a rat tipped the forces off about their location. Though, it wasn't the forces that caused damage to his beautiful twins.

It was an idiot member of the fang who got jumpy with his semblance and blew them up. The faunes civilians would normally wave to him, as he provided protection for them, but they turned their heads as he walked by. His eyes blacked out with sadness, no hope or happiness looking to break their way through. He carted the wagon around, the same routine as always when he'd take them out, and the longer the walked the more the pit in his stomach grew.

He wasn't a violent man, no he was incredibly peaceful, and several of the civilians knew that. He provided protection under the White Fang to the faunes people who ran their little mom and pop stores, and word traveled. He even would go so far as to take his payments to the hospital and pay the medical bills for those who couldn't. But kindness only got people so far, and he had already committed horrific crimes. His father was an example of the spawns malice, and how hellish one could be to a person without killing them.

A few dozens things ran through his head as he shook while walking, his anxiety taking over his whole body and causing a severe jitter. He wondered about his pen pal, the one he commonly wrote to in prison. A man by the name of James, from the way he wrote he could tell the man was peaceful at heart, and he wanted to meet him. Though, he never went to the academy, he had yet to meet the man or James's younger sister. Hell, he hadn't even met his own sister since his dad rid the family of her.

He was mentally prepping himself to do so, for even he feared what she would think of him. What became of his sister, who exactly was his pen pal, and how the girl he adopted who transferred to syne was doing. But they would have to wait, he was on his way to deal with insubordination, more specifically, the one that harmed his company. He walked for quite some time, ending up from the city to the docks of Bellmuse. He pulled the wagon to one of the many warehouses used for storage, knocking on the doors of one.

He was answered by a group and they welcomed him in. Nobody of course knew what he was going to do, they had no clue. He spotted the man, the one who harmed his beloved children. He made his presence known, and within the span of 5 seconds a freight container's doors flew open, and the man who had been sitting in a chair was ripped from his spot and pulled into the darkness, followed by the sounds of electricity crackling like lightning and screams then suddenly, silence.

Kiuka held a handkerchief to his mouth to violently cough up blood from using semblance, all while his expression never changed. He got looks alternating from the freight container to him, and his eyes looked the same. They did nothing to respond to it, and from there he left quietly and silently, carting the wagon back to Bellmuse. He got a phone call as he hit the inner city, it was the location of someone. Someone important him, his dearest sister.

The call of her location was an attempt to pull him out of this mood, as he wasn't one to get mad but one to get even, and tended to make an excessive force example every time he had to get even. He answered the call, his eyes perking slightly up as he was being given a good time to see her for the first time in forever, he pondered for a while what she would think of him. Would she hate him? She probably would, he was a vile person, his smiles sugar coated by the underlying mental dysfunctions a long term service at a mental institute held along with deep rooted hatred constantly being pushed back to the darkest parts of his brain, aside from such he was normal.

What happened at the docks was one of his very rare snapping points, though he did such most the time with utter silence from his position. He exploded silently, he built this creepy way of blowing up for his sister, he never wanted to get mad at her or let her know she was mad at him, so he held that same smile that either refreshed or haunted the lives of the civilians. He still carted the wagon around, discussing on the phone the location of where his beautiful sibling was, getting a solid destination.

He was on track to meet her, all while hoping in the back of his mind she wouldn't resent him for not being around, but instead placing her under a solid roof with meals every single day, as that was the best he could do for her.

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2 Re: Unknown Family Reunion (Private) on Wed Nov 30, 2016 1:50 am

Raziel Mirandale
“Yeah I’m doing fine…. Everything went well in Atlas… It’s been mostly quiet here, not a whole lot going on. Well there had been a few things here and there but I didn’t get called in for them,” Raziel said with her scroll held up to her head. She didn’t know how, with the Vale tower being down and all, but somehow Julyet had gotten a hold of her. Right now she sat on top of one of Bellmuse’s many buildings, dangling her legs over the edge. It had been a long time since she talked with her mentor, and it was good to hear from her. “My classes? They’re not too bad. You should see some of the students here, they remind me of myself when I was younger… full of themselves and overconfident. I mean at least it’s better that they get past that here then out in the real world.”

“Okay. Well I’ll talk to you later. Yeah. Good luck out there. Bye,” Raziel smiled as she closed her scroll and placed it back in her pocket. She sat there with her legs dangling over the edge of the rooftop, and simply watched the people below. Most of them were humans going about their daily business. She knew a lot of White Fang members hated all humans, but Raziel was different. She knew that most humans were… prejudiced against Faunus even if only a little bit, but they weren’t the problem. The problem was that those in power let their prejudice control their doctrine.

Raziel killed people, she knew that what she did was wrong. She knew that she was an evil person for doing what she did, but it was all for the greater good. In the end peaceful protests can only do so much. Those who had enough power would only listen to force. Sure you could organize a rally or a protest, but then the riot squads show up and you get arrested at best, or killed at worst. No peaceful protests can only happen when the authorities have a reason not to attack, because lord knows they don’t need one to do otherwise.

Raziel shifted sideways. No matter how cool it looked this roof was not very comfortable. But she had to stay here, she didn’t know why, but Julyet had told her to stay put and wait. For what, she didn’t know. But if Julyet said to do it then it was probably important. Tapping her left hand on the sheath of Aka’Ken she wondered what she was supposed to be waiting for. Her best guess was that she had another mission for the Fang. Though working in broad daylight like this wasn’t exactly the norm for her. One of the perks of being nocturnal was doing her hits at night meant that most people were asleep.

Well whatever it was she would do was she was told and wait. On a whim she opened her mouth and Sang

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3 Re: Unknown Family Reunion (Private) on Wed Nov 30, 2016 2:59 pm

Kiuka Sunglow
Kiuka dropped by his studio style apartment and left the wagon in the room, hung up on the wall as to not take up space. He didn't need much room, he was living alone for a while after his adoptive daughter left, so as some would think the room was too tiny, he thought it was just perfect. He sprayed a bit of cologne on himself, brushed his hair, and took a minute to mentally prepare himself. He left the little apartment and walked through the streets, checking his phone as he received another call about her location.

She hadn't moved, and he followed the directions until he came to the street that held the building she was on. He looked around, spotting her sitting on a rooftop. His heart fluttered for a moment, and he shook slightly upon seeing her. She was beautiful, just as beautiful as he imagined she would be. Though his eyes weren't the greatest, he could see her. She was close enough to be in his sight, and he made his way into the building.

He had no trouble making his way up, step after step as if his legs were moving on their own. Before he knew it he was at the door, the door leading outside to the rooftop. He breathed heavily, and quietly grasped and turned the handle, opening the door. She was close, he could hear her voice. She was singing, a divine voice that cussed his heart to skip a beat. He was nervous, and approached her as silent as a ghost. He was less than eight feet from her, and as his heart and mind couldn't bear it anymore, he spoke.


He muttered, moving within six feet of her. He held his hands out, but brought them back to his sides. He wanted to touch her, to make sure he wasn't just hallucinating. He grew even closer, putting himself within arms reach, and hesitantly reached out, patting her head softly. Her head was soft, fluffy, her blonde hair popping out in color as he brushed the top of her head with his hand, actually being able to touch her for the first time in years.

"Absolutely beautiful, Raziel Mirandale."

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4 Re: Unknown Family Reunion (Private) on Wed Nov 30, 2016 5:41 pm

Raziel Mirandale
As she sang Raziel’s massive ears picked up the sound of a door opening not too far behind her. Her best guess was that it was the access to the rooftop. Despite this interruption she didn’t stop her song. If whoever this person was had planned to attack her she would hear them coming… or maybe not. Even as she heard the door shut and latch she couldn’t make out the sound of footsteps. Was there even anyone there, or were they just that good? Even though she showed no signs of it on the outside she readied herself for a fight should it come to that. Though someone who moves this silently wouldn’t have been so obvious with the door. When she stopped it was silent for a few seconds. A few seconds that seemed like an eternity, and just as she was about to turn around a voice spoke. Well it was more of a muttering, but it was something.

Uppon hearing the sound she lifted her legs up and twirled around, now sitting inward on the ledge. There a man stood, well dressed and clean. Though he looked rather nervous. Focusing in on the sound of his heartbeat it was faster than it should be, unless he has some sort of condition. As he closed her eyes stayed on his hands. She didn't know who he was or what he was doing here, but if she wanted to know if he was a threat or not his hands were the things to pay attention to. Which is why she was a little surprised when he reached out to touch her head. His movements hadn’t been decisive and his hand was empty… so what was his angle?

“So you know my name,” Raziel said in a cheery way without a hint of suspicion in her questioning statement, “which means either you’re here to kill me or you’re the reason I was told to wait here.”

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5 Re: Unknown Family Reunion (Private) on Wed Nov 30, 2016 6:19 pm

Kiuka Sunglow
Kiuka's heart stopped beating entirely when he saw her face, absolutely gorgeous. He didn't remove his hand from her head, instead he scratched the base of her ears before hesitantly pulling his hand away from her, nodding softly when she spoke. He felt as though he could die happy any moment, she could throw him off the roof and it wouldn't remove the smile on his face that he had plastered on there at the encounter.

"Oh very much so, I know your name, your guardian Julyet Mirandale, your age, I know all about you my dear little Raziel. But, as fate would have it, you seem to not remember who I am. It hurts my heart ever so slightly, you were orphaned so young.... that bastard. I know your real father, your real mother, your real sibling. And oh heavens no Raziel, I couldn't bring myself to harm a single hair on your lovely head. I'd rather take my own life before doing such a hellacious thing."

He spoke in a gentlemen a tone, a few tears in his eyes that were wiped away. He definitely wasn't prepared for this moment. Not at all, but he wouldn't deny that with the circumstances and events of the recent time, it was needed. He dropped down to one never breaking eye contact with her. He could only watch her now, his body hurt to move.

"I've been watching you for a long time now, ever since I scheduled your adoption I've been watching over you. Long, late night phone calls with your guardian on how you were doing. I spent countless hours at night, rotting away in a prison cell, learning as much as I could about you as you grew up. But it's not fair that I know your name and you don't have the slightest hint of mine. My name, dear Raziel, is Kiuka Sunglow. I don't want to come off as a creep... but... would that name happen to.... ring any bells for you?"

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6 Re: Unknown Family Reunion (Private) on Wed Nov 30, 2016 10:41 pm

Raziel Mirandale
It was odd, the vibe she was getting from this man was off. Normally she would have broken his arm for simply touching her, yet the impulse to do so wasn’t there. Even as he scratched her ears she didn’t feel like snapping his wrist. She didn’t exactly hate men, she just didn’t like them in most cases. The way he spoke was… weird. Almost creepy, but no… there was something else. Something she couldn’t put her finger on. For the first time since ten months ago she felt emotionally confused. She didn’t know why she was feeling or hell even what she was feeling. Her eyes followed him as he dropped down to level with her.

Maybe she would have thought he was a creep, maybe she would have made a quip about it all while keeping a smile. But that name…. That name meant something. She didn’t know what. All she could remember was pain, nights crying alone. Screaming, fighting, leaving. None of it made any sense to her. She didn’t even notice as her smile faded and her eyes began to tear up. Her normally chipper attitude suddenly overwhelmed by sadness. Why… why did that name do this to her? What did it mean? Who was he? “I… I… don’t know…” She said reaching a hand up to wipe away tears as they began to flow.

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7 Re: Unknown Family Reunion (Private) on Thu Dec 01, 2016 4:21 am

Kiuka Sunglow
As the tears started flowing from her eyes he reached out and brushed his sleeve against the trails of tears, allowing them to soak up into the fabric. He didn't care about material possessions when it came to Raziel. Hell, there was nothing that was more important to him, and as she cried he lowered his head softly, she didn't remember. But, she was a child when she was orphaned, he could blame her whatsoever. Kiuka reached his hand forward, brushing her hair with his hands while petting her with the other, trying his hardest to get the tears to stop as it was breaking his heart.

"Please don't cry, you'll shatter what sanity I have left if I have to see your beautiful face riddled with tears... It pains me. But I see the name doesn't ring any bells. Raziel, I'm one of the people you serve under for the white fang, I thought that you'd say something along those lines but you didn't."

He spoke, trying to move the conversation off. Maybe it wasn't time to tell her, maybe it was time to get the hell out of there and start another time. There were too many maybes running through his head, and as his thoughts were rampaging around he handed her a handkerchief, one not coated with his blood. He grew closer now, within distance of her being able to punch him and possibly break any bones she hit, but he stuck his hands under her armpits and picked her up onto her feet, his eyes cloudy and lacking life, until he made eye contact.

When he made eye contact with her once again, the cloudiness went away and he had a faint smile on his face. He brought her in and hugged her head to his chest. He combed through her hair with his fingers, burying his face into the hair on her head before he broke down and started crying.

"I've waited eleven years in prison thinking about this moment, another two plotting it. I always wondered how it would turn out, meeting you again. You grew up to be such a beautiful girl, but I guess it's time to tell you the truth. The truth is, I know your father, I know your mother, and but its hard for me to know your brother when... I am... your brother... You were orphaned so young, I had barely thought about what happened to you until I heard him speak of it, how he sold you and you ended up in an orphanage.

It made me sick, and filled me with hatred. I missed you, all those years sitting in a god damn cell for what I did to that bloody bastard, getting into the Fang so that I could arrange your adoption, managing every single god damn thing so that you could live easy, not go hungry, so that you could go to school. But I got to see you again. Ive killed.... so many people... Just to hear that you smiled for just a moment, Raziel.... Sunglow.... My beloved little sister."

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8 Re: Unknown Family Reunion (Private) on Fri Dec 02, 2016 10:56 am

Raziel Mirandale
Raziel was sad. She couldn’t tell why. There was something there that she knew was the cause but there wasn’t enough to tell exactly why. It worried her. If she didn’t know what was causing this then she couldn’t find a way to fix it, to make it better. Even as the man before her, Kiuka, wiped her tears she didn’t respond. When he spoke, told her that she worked under him she only stared and silently cried.

Though when handed the handkerchief she accepted it and brought it up to her face to do her best. With a deep breath she did what she could to stop the tears. Suddenly she was lifted and stood. Had this been any other circumstance she probably would have broken some bones for touching her like that without permission, but something in her kept it from even being an urge. Something in her didn’t want to hurt him, and so when he wrapped his arms around her she didn’t immediately push him away.

Year in prison? Years spent waiting? Who exactly is he? As the word “brother” left Kiuka’s lips Raziel was washed over with sadness. More memories now. Of when she first was put into the orphanage. Endless nights of sitting alone, curled up into a ball and crying, begging for not her mother or her father, but her big brother.

Raziel looked up, looked at her brother. Her memories weren’t all there, she didn’t remember anything specific from before the orphanage. She didn’t have any proof that this was her brother, but it felt right. Something beyond reason, beyond rational thought, told her that this person was her older brother. Once again tears flowed from her emerald eyes as a smile came across her face and she spoke. “Big brother.”

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9 Re: Unknown Family Reunion (Private) on Sun Dec 04, 2016 6:44 am

Kiuka Sunglow
He met her face with a smile, the words escaping her lips touched his heart. It was as if it were before then, before she was taken away. It... hurt slightly, remembering the long nights wondering where she had gone. It haunted him, to the point of nightmares that felt all too real, but what was truly real was the fact that she was here. She was standing right infront of him, not shattering him to pieces like he knew she could. He kissed her forehead, and patted her to comfort her.

"Yes dearest sister, that is who I am. I've been... prolonging this day for a long time now. I wasn't sure how you'd react to me yet, I was certain you'd snap me in half like a pencil before I managed to speak, but you caught me off guard. You grew up so much, I can't believe how big you've gotten. About the man, that disgusting abomination that put you in that place, I got him back for you."

He spoke, a smile still on his face as he had feared the worst that never came to be. It brightened up his heart, and he couldn't keep a peaceful smile off his face. He picked her up and backed away from the edge, and spun around laughing with her in his arms. He had so many things to think about now, like bonding time that had been all too delayed. He knew she liked sweets, so possibly a candy shop to start? That sounded like a good idea.

"I would like to take you to a candy store, or possibly an ice cream place where you can get to know me better. I'm sure you have plenty of questions, I'll also have to thank Julyet for making this all possible, if it weren't for her I'd have to figure out a different adopter for you, she made all this easier. But all that can wait, it's been a long time coming so I wish to enjoy this moment as much as possible."

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